19/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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20 degrees. We need to keep a close eye on development is over the next


couple of days. grieving family asking British


officers to investigate the death of their son in Kenyan police custody.


We are calling for what any other family would call for, which is


justice. Merge into Hull or stay in east Yorkshire, the choice facing


people in part of the East Riding. They lost the match but could Hull


still end up as winners after the FA Cup final?


Imagine the global coverage the FA Cup got and the profile that's given


the city, it's been amazing. And tonight, the gardeners looking


for gold at the world's most famous Flower Show. It's been another


beautiful day but what about the rest of the week? Join me for all


the details. Good evening. Two years ago Alex


Monson died after being taken into police custody in Kenya. Today, his


sister and father, who is a Lincolnshire Lord, took a petition


to the Kenyan Embassy to urge authorities to allow British


detectives to investigate. Alex died after a blow to the head. A report


by Kenyan detectives cleared local police of any involvement. Now his


family want the Metropolitan Police to be allowed to open their own


inquiry. Caroline Bilton reports. He died two years ago in police


custody in Kenya. Today, Alex Monson's family took their quest for


answers to the Kenyan Embassy in London. It felt like two years was a


long enough time to have waited and that we would start coming in person


to ask for personal assurance that something was being done. We just


hoped by reaching out to the Kenyan High Commission as Kenya's


representatives here in the UK that they might help us. Alex Monson was


a son of the Lincolnshire peer Lord Monson. He had been living here in


Kenya since 2009. 28`year`old Alex was arrested on drugs charges on


18th May, 2012. In the early hours of the 19th friends visited him in


jail reporting that he was both jovial and normal. By 9. 9.30 that


morning investigators say officers realised he hadn't woken up and


breathing heavily. By 5. 10 he was dead. The family believe the police


have questions to answer. Alexander entered the police station as a


healthy man and he came out in a coma. He was with police the entire


time. From when he was healthy to when he was dead. A investigation by


Kenyan authorities have ruled out police involvement. The family are


today calling for the Kenyan Government to allow Scotland Yard to


investigate. We are calling for what any other family would call for,


which is justice and we are seeking a prosecution of those responsible.


In a statement the Foreign Office says:


His death remains a mystery but his family say they won't give up their


fight for answers. Of course we will follow the story


if there are any developments. In a moment the BBC team that's


transformed the home and the life of a seriously ill girl from Spalding.


People living in areas of east Yorkshire will be asked to vote in


September over whether they want to become part of Hull. East Riding of


Yorkshire council will get the views of people living near the boundary


in a special poll later this year. In a moment we will hear from the


leader of East Riding Council, but first this report.


Hull is a city steeped in maritime history. Last year it won the title


for UK City of Culture for 2017. The city needs to grow and Hull City


Council has a plan, to expand the city's boundaries in to what is now


the East Riding. This September people living in communities near


Hull's existing boundary, will all get a chance to vote on these two


questions: Do they want to remain in the East Riding? Or be part of


Hull's expansion? And, do they want to keep the so`called green space in


between? There's been no significant changes since 1996 when the


boundaries were last redrawn and Humberside County Council was


abolished. Neither council has the power to redraw the boundaries. It


will be used to gauge local opinion and any eventual changes would be


made by the Secretary of State. We are asking for your thoughts on


this in a moment, first I spoke with the leader of East Riding Council


and asked him was the concern about Hull taking over or was it snobbery?


I don't think it's anything to do with snobbery. We get on well with


the city council, they get on well with us. It's about identity. Is it


like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas? I think it pretty much is


actually. I am pretty sure the vote will be overwhelming but we need to


prove that and need to ask people. Why do you need to prove it? We need


to demonstrate this is a waste of time and effort on behalf of the


city council and that actually the public don't want it so we need to


prove that beyond doubt. Hull City council would say they are


disadvantaged by not having leafy suburbs like other cities, do you


agree with that? No, I don't actually. If you look at statistics,


they're no different to many cities throughout the country. It's a


non`argument, frankly. You are just trying to lance the boil and get it


down on paper that we don't want to be part of Hull, that's what you are


trying to do? Let's get it over with and celebrate all the great things


happening in the city and the East Riding and move on. So you want the


city to be down the road so you can come and use the waterfront and


theatres and stuff like that but you don't want to be part of it? No,


they can come and use ` come to East Riding and the Spa in Bridlington.


We welcome people. We are not building brick walls around it. We


want people to live in. If you lived in Cottingham say, what would you


vote? I would be voting to stay exactly as we are, as we have done


for send trees and that's the best place to be `` centuries. Are you


sure it's not snobbery? Absolutely, yeah. There's no snobbery about me,


I am sure you would agree with that and I don't think it is on behalf of


other residents. OK, good to have you on the programme.


There we are, the leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council. We want


to hear from you. Do you agree with the Councillor that it's not


snobbery? The vote is in September. Let me know if you are voting


especially in one of the boundary areas.


We look forward to hearing from you. And we will have some of your


stories and thoughts before we finish tonight.


Some more news. Firefighters from Lincolnshire have flown to Sarajevo


to help victims of severe flooding. It's part of the UK contribution to


efforts. A national emergency has been declared after the floods


caused thousands of people to be moved out of their homes.


A Hull school which has been earmarked for closure will be used


for adult education. It opened in 2003 but was placed in special


measures three times. Hull City council says the site will remain


open for current year ten pupils until 2015 so that they can complete


their GCSEs. It was a match beamed to more than


100 countries and seen by an estimated 500 million people around


the world. Hull City's first ever FA Cup final ended in defeat to Arsenal


on Saturday at Wembley but it's hoped there will be long`term


benefits to the area. Leanne Brown reports on the impact of Hull's


exposure on the world stage. The game may be over, but flags are


still flying in Hull as the legacy of the FA Cup final continues.


It's been absolutely amazing. You can imagine the global coverage that


the FA Cup got and the profile that has given the city, even after


Saturday a lot of the Arsenal supporters were saying they must go


to Hull for things other than football. Hopefully that will be


people coming up at weekends, during the week for city breaks. This is


about really getting Hull on the map as a destination.


A dedicated team went to Wembley at the weekend to promote the city to


anyone who would listen. We brought our iconic white phone boxes, some


dancers. The feedback has been positive. Over the last six months


we have had so much good news that the people of Hull feel it's our


time. This map shows activity on Twitter over the weekend. People


were talking about the FA Cup in places as far away as Malaysia,


Africa, and America. When you get it on the type of scale that you get


for something like the FA Cup final, the power of it is phenomenal, it's


so many people talking about it. It's demonstrated previously in the


City of Culture bid and demonstrated again around the FA Cup as well.


Even in London today at the Chelsea Flower Show people were still


talking about it. I believe in Hull. But I am an Arsenal fan. I realise


the people there have passion. They've got drive and determination.


Lots of Chelsea fans were rooting for Hull because they didn't want


Arsenal to win. We were rooting for them as a Stoke`on`Trent team


associated with Hull because we lost out a few years ago. We wanted you


to win. So although the match ended in defeat, it's looking like Hull


has won in many other ways. We saw pictures there of the Chelsea


Flower Show. We will be live there later in the programme. Still ahead:


The gardeners looking for gold at the world's most famous Flower Show.


And early joy turned to FA Cup despair but Hull City left Wembley


with their heads held high. Tonight the BBC programme D IY


spores SOS features `` SOS features a family from Spalding.


The family home wasn't wheelchair friendly. Now thanks to the team


from the BBC the future for Dakota is much brighter. For Paula and her


daughter every day was a struggle. The family bungalow near Spalding


wasn't suitable for Dakota's needs but major building work was out of


their price range. She was given a life expectancy of 15 years. But we


were told that if we could keep her mobile then we had the potential of


adding another 21 years on to her life expectancy. As a mother, what


else do you want more than that? The family was put forward for the BBC's


D IY SOS. Weeks later an army of builders turned up. You have to be


able to move everything out of the house, move yourself out. We have a


lot of animals here. We had to find places for them to be homed. It was


a marathon task. The ambitious makeover was far from simple. Just


as the crew arrived on site, temperatures dropped well below


freezing. The whole project hung in the balance. It's minus four around


here which means that the concrete won't go off, plaster won't go off,


mortar won't go off. We have bricks delivered today. A bit of a worry.


With nine days to finish the job, builders battled some of the worst


weather in years. And conscious that this could make a huge difference


for Paula's family. This, in terms of Dakota's life is absolutely a


life`saver. There's no question. Could the team beat the British


weather? And would the family's new home be everything they had hoped


for? Well, you will have to tune in tonight to find out.


We look forward to seeing the transformation. It's on BBC1


tonight. That's at 9.00pm. We will tune in later on. Good


evening young man. What a beautiful day again. Yes, you open read it!


No, you make it. Did you enjoy it at Wembley? Yes.


You now know what a football is. It's not a bad one, although it's a


deteriorating picture over the next few days. Tomorrow perhaps a grey


start. Sunny spells, a few thunder storms breaking out. An unsettled


looking chart. The storms will be quite well`scattered. Still a good


deal of fine weather on offer. All the storms have been to the west of


us today. We have had a beautiful day. 24C. Just a chance of an


isolated thundery downpour tonight but hit and miss. Many of us will


stay dry. Low cloud and mistiness for the east Yorkshire coastline


moving inland with lowest temperatures. Another mild one.


The sun will rise in the morning. Some of us waking up to a different


start. A grey start especially across parts of east Yorkshire,


mistiness and the odd shower from the overnight period but skies will


brighten and we will see sunny spells developing but there you can


see a risk of scattered thunderstorms. A few of them again


pushing up the western side but some later tomorrow may push across


central parts of east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Top temperatures,


along the coast temperatures lower at 17C. Inland 22C possibly. A tee


gree or so down on values over `` a degree or so down on values over the


weekend. Wednesday, it turns much cooler and wetter through Thursday.


That's the forecast. My tweet was, he may have written


five books but most are in the charity book shop! Along with John


Kettle's! See you tomorrow. More than 150,000 people will go through


the gates of the Chelsea flour this week. It's an international ``


Chelsea Flower Show this week. It's an international stage for gardeners


to showcase skills and build their businesses. The Queen is there this


evening. Amanda White got there first.


It's the greatest celebration of our British love affair with our


gardens. Chelsea is for the best of the best. Much of it grown in


Lincolnshire. A new daffodil for a young Prince.


This is a good flower. It's a garden variety. We have grown it on


specifically to use in gardens and that's what it's for. This part of


the pavilion is little Lincolnshire. They're going to have to rename it.


It's impressive at how much variety from that part of Britain.


Lincolnshire is everywhere. En Victorian violas from Lincoln.


Lincoln firecracker, it's a lovely two`tone orange.


So much here at Chelsea is sheer decadence but the flowers remain the


star. The planting here was done by a man from Cleethorpes. We started a


couple of weeks ago, Saturday morning, and the place was bare


earth. We turn up, have a look. We design with our client base and


budgets in mind. We could go off easily and design fantastic gardens


but people can't afford to have them so we design real gardens for real


people. In the grandpa victimian Debbie `` in the grand pavilion was


Debbie. Thrilled with the way the garden has turned out. Horticultural


and floristry don't usually come together, we are thrilled.


Lincolnshire really contributes to a show which will amaze and inspire in


equal measure. In Manchester the black and whites


were left a man down after Jason Crooks was sent off after the


half`time break. A try from Hodgson. Hull KR 38, Hull FC 24. The magic


weekend. Back to the FA Cup final and Hull


City hope that this is only the start of a long period of success.


In July, the club will play their first game in Europe before


embarking on another season of Premier League football. Our sports


reporter Simon Clarke looks at the impact of the game on the club.


The eye has watched over the Tigers this year and the eyes of the world


have viewed press coverage which has taken Hull City to another level.


Nobody is prouder than the club's captain from the 80s, Gareth


Roberts. He, like all in amber, enjoyed and endured. We gave them a


great game. The only thing that let us down was the thing that gave the


advantage to Arsenal, their squad, the depth in the squad. The FA Cup


delivered all the pomp and circumstance before The Tigers


decided to rip up the script. It was something nice to look back on that,


not too many people have managed to achieve that. It would have felt


much better had we gone on to get the victory. Yorkshire hearts danced


as the Gunners sank to the volley of Davis. Then a little reality check.


And untimely Tigers injuries. I pulled my groin, unfortunately, I


jumped for a header and I just felt it go. Arsenal struck.


It's gone to the far post. Energy`sapping. It was hard coming


off from exhaustion. I knew we were ready for 120 minutes. You are


playing against a great team. Then an 11th hour dagger through the


heart of east Yorkshire's finest. Sick as a dog to see them lift the


trophy. We started off brilliantly and to lose it late on, really sort


of, a big disappointment. Now Steve Bruce and his players can brush off


defeat because Europe is on its way. The dust is settling on an epic FA


Cup final but for Hull City the journey doesn't end there. You see


on the 31st July they begin their first steps in a European football


competition. These are extraordinary times to be a Hull City supporter.


That is the football part. Our cameras have been capturing stories


of the weekend in Hull and also down in London as thousands of City fans


MUSIC Here are some of the best pictures.


We are proud of you! It was just fantastic, wasn't it? It


was made by the weather, as well. Thank you very much indeed if you


went there. I hope you enjoyed it. If you watched it on the TV, hope


you enjoyed it, as well. You sent loads of pictures, thank you very


much indeed for all of those. We will put them together in a


scrapbook on our Facebook page, thank you for thinking of us and for


all of the photos. If you have a story you think we should know


about, drop us an e`mail with the details.


The main national and regional headlines: AstraZeneca rejects a


final offer from the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. It


would have been the biggest ever foreign takeover of a British firm.


Two years after their son died in police custody in Kenya, a


Lincolnshire family call on Scotland Yard to step in and investigate his


death. Tomorrow's weather: A grey start in


places with low cloud, brightening up with sunny spells developing in


the afternoon but also the risk of thundery showers breaking out, as


well. Top temperatures very warm, up to 21C. East Riding wants to be part


of Hull, and talking about that ballot of the villages, those on the


boundary, a big response on this story.


John says another total waste of money hatched up by council r


councillors wishing to hide failings. How about a vote for us in


Hull. Louise says you are better off staying with East Riding. Paul says


people in East Riding are snobs, that's why they don't want to be


part of us. Nicky tweeted, my friend lives metres past the Cottingham


sign and is horrified if you say she lives in Hull.


Thank you for those. Thank you for watching. Have a nice evening. Look


after yourself. See you tomorrow night. Good night.


'The last two generations have been robbed of an opportunity


'And yet it has greater impact on our everyday lives than anything


'We need to put this issue to bed now,


'and not leave it for another generation.'


I want a Britain that is free to control its own destiny.


'another three million people in Britain by 2020.


'Our public services are already stretched.


'The pressure on schools, housing, hospitals in huge.'


While we stay in the EU, we cannot control who comes into our county.


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