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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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degrees. A bit of cloud and the risk of a few showers. That's all from


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Make Hull better, by making it bigger ` why boundary expansion


The hidden health risks facing long`term residents


Paying the price of success ` Hull City season tickets go up


Making music and topping the charts the Lincolnshire school


We started off saying that this is what we are going to come up with.


It has gone to number one. Don't forget that detailed weather


Expanding the city of Hull to take in the suburbs of East Yorkshire


will benefit everyone living there, that's the message tonight from


politicians in Hull who've been outlining their expansion plans.


It's in response to critics from the East Riding who say they


don't want to be part of Hull and see no benefit


However those in support say joining together will boost


In a moment Colin Inglis from Hull city council will join me to explain


more but first Emma Massey has this report.


Hull's been named city of culture for 2017 ` global energy


firm Siemens is investing tens of millions ` But the city's political


leaders say it needs to grow ` and they have a plan which could see the


city's boundaries expand into some neighbouring towns. One


It could be even better. The people who lived in the suburbs and the


dormitory towns around Harle, they depend on the whole's success.


idea Hull City Council wants to consider is expanding its boundary


into the East Riding including Cottingham, Hessle and Hedon.


Another possibility is having a single authority that covers


ultimately it'll be up to the Secretary of State to make


Under the plans the expansion of Hull?s boundary wouldn't just


Separating the city are hundreds of acres of green space. It is land


like this that whole city council wants to develop.


And it's their land to do so but there isn't a lot of support for the


The main concern is a loss of identity. If and when the city


council takes over these villages, all of the money that could those


villages goes to the city which is a bottomless pit.


As well as Hull City Council's independent enquiry into the plans,


the East Riding Authority will be allowing those residents affected by


the proposed expansion to have their say in a referendum in September.


Stay as Headon. It is not a village any more, but we still have that


community. It could be a good thing. I would probably vote in favour. We


have everything here, and we have all of our history. We do not want


to lose it. The evidence gathered


by the council's won't be submitted to the government until the end


of the year. So the decision


on these controversial proposals We heard about the East Riding's


intention to hold a ballot on this issue in last night's programme


and we got a huge response. They use Hull facilities but


disassociate themselves even when Dorothy says


"I live in Swanland and I would like The boundary issue is back


on the political agenda after the Labour Councillor Colin Inglis


raised it at Hull City Council. Do you think that people care


passionately or not? One thing that is an advantage is that there will


be 80% of people who will not take part. If that is the case, and I


think the... Let's leave the politics aside. I e`mail here.


Either Hull... That isn't emotional response. These are independently


minded people. There are some very interesting people, and politicians,


but the most part, they will look at it dispassionately. Or able come up


with something by Christmas. We heard from a former mayor. His


concern is that council tax will be diverted into Hull, which is eight


bottomless pit as far as he is concerned. Eight and the property is


the same price there. Your counsel taxes going up by the maximum


amount. Are they better at their finances? Are you a fan of the


single authority? If you take it, it is too big. I suspect that East


Riding is already too big. That is the biggest unitary authority by


area in the country. It is as much as we would think about. We are


going to wait for the commission to report. How would Hull would


benefit? There is a distortion of the statistics because of the tight


boundaries. People all over the world get an impression. We had were


very hard because they look at statistics in magazines and research


papers and it is not in a particular place.


Have you been convinced by what you've heard from Colin Inglis?


Has he persuaded you that Hull should stretch its boundaries?


Let us know what you think whether you live in one


of the villages affected or whether you live in Hull.


In a moment, in a closely fought race who will come out on top


Doctors are warning that thousands of people who spend most


of the year living in caravans along the Lincolnshire coast could


Many of these temporary residents are not


registered with local GPs and doctors fear they could be missing


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson has been to


Pamela Coupe is typical of many of Lincolnshire's temporary residents.


She's retired, she's diabetic and she's got high blood pressure ` but


she's not registered with a doctor in Mablethorpe ` despite living


I have signed up to eight national database of. My condition is


supposed be on the computer where they can access wherever I am. In


theory, do I need to be registered permanently here?


Yes, say local doctors who estimate there could be 5,000 people `


most of whom are retired ` who aren't registered with a local GP.


If you are a temporary resident, yes, we will see you. But you will


not be on our radar. All of these things that keep you well into the


future. Research is now underway to


assess the scale of the problem. While most are used


by holiday`makers, there are many thousands who call them home


for between nine and 12 months a There are many people that was


suffer health issues. Despite living and working


in Mablethorpe, Margaret is still I just take medication. I just go


home when I had to have more tests and things like that.


But this is far from ideal, say doctors.


They hope the new research will help them plan


both better healthcare for people like pamela and reduce emergency


Police have stepped up patrols at a Hull park after a 14 year old


The incident happened at Pickering Park and the teenager is


39 year old Matthew Grebe from the city has been charged with


attempted murder and has been remanded in custody.


He'll appear at Hull Crown Court later this month.


A new University Technical College could be built in Hull to provide


young people with the skills needed to work for companies like Siemens.


The Endeavour school site has been earmarked as the likely location,


An application for funding is now being put to


If it goes ahead it will be open to pupils from the age of fourteen.


I think that gives a few whole new range of opportunities to young


people and parents. It sends the message out that anyone supplies are


going to give highly paid jobs to this city. We want people from the


city taking advantage of that. There are just two days to go


until this year's local On Thursday, voters in Lincoln will


decide who runs their city council. Not for the first time, Lincoln is


at the centre of a closely`fought More from our


Political Editor Tim Iredale. Elections in Lincoln are often nip


and tuck affairs, where a number of So the main party leaders know


there's much at stake here, where the city council has been controlled


over the past three years by Labour. We have done a lot of work on the


economy. Certainly on housing, we are planning on building 150 new


council houses. We are paying the living wage. Lincoln has a serious


problem with low pay. Meanwhile, the Conservatives will


be hoping to win back votes in a Because of the huge imbalance on the


council, we need to get more Conservatives in place to hold them


to account, and to make the decisions which are more meaningful


to the whole city. City of Lincoln Council sees Labour


in control with 25 seats and the Conservatives


in opposition with 8 seats. UKIP hope they'll benefit from the


local elections taking place on the We are talking about housing,


parking and jobs. These are three areas that people are talking to us


about. We are offering eight strong economy and a fairer society.


UKIP hope they'll benefit from the local elections taking place on the


People say what do we had to do with local politics? People forget that


directives come to Brussels to Whitehall. Everything you do in the


council, everything that happens, is directly linked to Brussels, so I


don't think that local politics is not intertwined with Brussels.


So the political race for Lincoln steps up a gear this Thursday with


a third of the city's 33 council seats up for grabs.


How politically important is the City?


There is a reason why political geeks and anoraks are so obsessed


with this city, and that is because it gives us a big clue


with this city, and that is because it gives us a big clue as to who is


going to be running the country this time next year. At every general


election for the last 40 years, the party who has won Lincoln has gone


on to form the government of the day. That is what is known as a


bellwether constituency. They will carry on fighting on local issues,


but when the polls close on Thursday night, the national party leaders


will be looking closely at the results here in Lincoln, and they


will want to know what voters here are telling them. Thank you for


watching. Making music and topping


the charts the Lincolnshire school I had no idea this is going to


happen. It is hilarious. Paul Benson took this of


The Spurn Lightship in Hull Marina I have just been given this night


Mike. At 30 PM this afternoon, I'd closed the windows and the house and


the book shop. Surprise, surprise, it never came. More fool him. I do


not think that I said four o'clock at all. We will get the tape out. It


is looking like tomorrow will be a really nice day. To enjoy it,


because after that, things turn much more unsettled. There is the


headline for Wednesday. A pleasant day to come. The little ridge of


high pressure. We are going to see some rain from the near continent,


and we have managed 23 degrees in Holt `` Hull. Scattered storms will


come through in the next few hours. It is very hit and miss. Many will


miss them all together. If you catch one, you will know about it. They


will all be out of the way by midnight. It will be dry with clever


spells. The lowest temperatures around ten or 11 Celsius. The sun


rises in the morning at 4:51pm. `` 4:51am. There is the outside chance


of a shower. As you can see from the graphic, just one or two showers


possible. Very much the exception to the rule. A pleasant day with just a


light and variable breeze. It is a couple of days down on why we have


been this afternoon. 18 or 19 Celsius. 19 in Gainsborough. Some


heavy rain at first on Thursday. Clearing later, and then it is


showery on Friday and into the weekend. I don't think Mr Rhodes


will be watching, but I'll will let you deal with him.


Just days since making history by playing in the FA Cup final ` Hull


City has told its fans that ticket prices are going up for next season.


Supporters will have to pay nearly 30 per cent more


Prices will rise above ?500 for the first time.


Tolu, why has the club increased the price of passes?


It really has been a season to remember for Hull City, Peter.


As you say the FA Cup final, another season in the Premier League and a


Now the club says it's looking to the future and it says in order


Next season, the price of an adult season pass will range


from just over ?500 for the South Stand to ?572 in the West Stand.


That's compared to between ?395 and ?450 last season.


The Editor of fan website, Amber Nectar, says it's


The people of the city have not become what wealthy. You have two


price matches properly. There is a real risk that a lot of people are


going to be priced out. That would be a crying shame at a time when


there has been interest in the club. It is a shame. We only watch on the


telly. I will stretch my budget. The club say's it's bringing


its prices in line with other clubs Aston Villa finished just above City


in the league. But you can get a cheaper


season ticket there at ?335. Their most expensive


ticket is pricier though. Just below city in the table was


West Bromwich Albion ` their highest priced season ticket is actually


lower than Hull's cheapest pass. We did approach Hull City


for an interview today ` but no one It is worth pointing out that Hull


City froze its season ticket prices last season ` despite the club's


promotion to the Premier League. This is another story we'd


like your thoughts on. Is the club justified


in raising the season ticket prices Should they have frozen prices for


a second year running or increased Some schools in Lincolnshire say


they might not be ready to provide free hot meals to pupils this


September. All four to seven year olds must be


offered a hot lunch under a new government scheme. Very few primary


schools have kitchens in Lincolnshire, and the council says


seven haven't managed to find a meal supplier. The Department for


Education says the majority of schools are on track and ?150


million has been allocated to help. We are doing lots of finding of new


supplies. We are helping children on site as well. We have made some


funding available as well to schools.


A cancer charity is to set up a new mobile chemotherapy unit


which will travel to rural parts of Lincolnshire to treat patients


It's one of just seven units in the country to be maintained


by the Hope for Tomorrow Charity at a cost of more than ?250,000.


It'll be run by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS


Trust and give treatment to patients living in Grantham, Spalding,


People have two travel such a long way for chemo therapy treatment


here. We are giving them an opportunity to save them lots of


miles and petrol. And to have some time back. When you are ill, quality


of life is very important. Five beaches


across our region have been ranked as some of the best in the country.


In Lincolnshire, Cleethorpes, Skegness,


Sutton on Sea and Mablethorpe have been given blue flag status, which


means their beaches are clean. But Hornsea is the only beach


in East Yorkshire to receive it. Lincolnshire growers and designers


have received a host of awards Stamford based Adam Frost won gold


for the second year running Walkers bulbs are celebrating


a gold medal for their daffodils, Interflora based in Sleaford also


come away with a top prize. Southfield Nursery?s cacti achieved


gold too and the Welcome to Yorkshire team have won Silver


in the Artisan Garden category. Some use Justin, peace `` some new


Justin. There have been calls to the pub lick.


Pupils at a primary school in Deeping St James in Lincolnshire


have reached number one of a chart of downloaded children's


songs, beating 'You've Got a Friend In Me' from the film Toy Story


Linchfield Primary School released the song called 'We Are The Young'


last Friday and it got to the top in just an hour and a half.


Jessica Lane has been to meet some of the stars.


Number one on an iTunes chart of downloaded children's songs.


That means this was the most popular in that particular chart.


Plus more than 6,500 people have watched on YouTube.


This is a picture taken by staff after the song reached


It is really surprising, I had no idea that this was going to happen.


It is... Hilarious. We just started off with two men saying that there


were two men going to come up with this. It has gone to number one. It


is made everyone happy. This is a picture taken


by staff after the song reached number one in an hour and a half on


Friday, beating You've Got A Friend In Me from the Toy Story film,


and the song 'Happy Birthday'! They are talking about going into


music production and singing and playing instruments, and it is made


them realise all of the practice that they do is really worthwhile.


This is the room that Store Van Music turned into a recording


Linchfield is only the second school the company has


worked with to release a single like this in the UK.


Every class is involved in the chorus. There are just under 400


kids in the school. They were all involved in the process of the song.


Half of the money raised by the song goes to the school, and teachers say


the bonus is the joy it brings the children every time they sing it.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The US Coast Guard agrees to resume its search for the British


yachtsman. I'll city council say that extending its boundaries will


help everyone in the area. Tomorrow's weather ` Mostly dry


and bright with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells and just


a small risk of a light shower. More response on the boundaries. Roy


says that East Riding folk want the best of both worlds. They put


nothing back and then turn their noses up. He says that I moved to


the East Riding. Despite the protestation, this council is not as


good as the City Council, whether it is bin collections or potholes. Alan


says he has lived in Nelson. He says the green spaces between the


settlements are fine, and the only benefits from joining is to raise


the standing of Hull is to improve league tables. Jeff says that


politicians only mention what the benefit of Hull will be. Thank you.


Thank you for watching. Have a good evening. Goodbye.


Some people don't think real change in Europe is possible.


Some people don't think real change is necessary.


Some people don't think it's worth fighting for.


But we want to make Europe work for Britain,


and give you the final say with an in-out referendum in 2017.


have made Britain's economy stronger and more competitive.


a record number of people in work. And we're predicted to be


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