21/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Putin's That's all from the BBC News at Six.


Actions in Ukraine and Nat C Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Plans to ban street drinking


in one Lincolnshire town. Every street corner, corner, people


are drinking. It is threatening. A murder investigation begins


after a man is shot dead Is this the smallest lamb


in the world? Join me for the latest in the


weather. Banning drinking


in public places will criminalise That's the view of one organisation


opposed to a plan for a drinking ban Boston Borough Councillors meet


tonight to talk about introducing the ban which comes after police


figures show crime linked to daytime drinking is far higher in Boston


than the rest of Lincolnshire. In a moment we'll hear


from the Freedom Association about their concerns but first Jake


Zuckerman reports from the town. a public consultation in which 97%


wanted a total ban. Yes, it would be nice in some ways. It is unfortunate


for the decent people who might want a picnic with a glass of wine in the


park. It has got worse over the past few years. Never seen so many drugs


as you see now. Since 2007, Legislation planned for next year


will allow a total ban for all alcohol drinking to be imposed in


public areas. Some councillors want any plan to cover the entire


borough. Helen organises litter patrols, where volunteers constantly


find discarded beer cans. I think the impact of a town centre ban will


send people to the outlying areas and to their villages, and drink


there, on the nature reserves. This police statistics show the scale of


the problem. In 2013, 9.1% of all police incident in Boston were


alcohol`related. That is considerably higher than the


Lincolnshire average of 6.6%. In the last six years, the number of


off`licences in the town has increased by more than two thirds,


from 35 to 59. Police boat and 96 people in the streets drinking, last


year. The older generation sometimes feel it is daunting coming into the


town centre, because if there are groups of individuals that are under


the influence of alcohol, they feel it is difficult for them to feel


secure while there, and shop. While public support for drinking ban in


Boston may be high, the legislation to make it possible is still some


way off. Councillors may vote for this, but


what has been the police response to this? They will have to it.


The police and crime commission, Alan Hardwick, says he supports


tougher measures to try and prevent irresponsible street drinking, which


has a negative impact on society and complete anti`social behaviour. He


says tackling it is a high priority for the police, and he has some


meetings scheduled soon with local MP Matt Simmons and the State


Minister for crime prevention, Norman Baker is, to discuss the


specific issues Boston faces. I spoke to Joe Hart about whether a


ban on drinking in public everywhere is a good way to reduce anti`social


behaviour. Not at all. People are already drink alcohol in public are


not going to be dissuaded by this. If drinking ban would stop the drugs


and bad behaviour, you would welcome it and it has got to be a good thing


hasn't hurt `` stop the drinking and bad behaviour.


Filip says, I cannot see why people should be allowed to drink alcohol


in public anyway. Weren't many people think like that? I don't


think so. When people realise it will restrict their behaviour, they


will not be allowed to do things they enjoy in public, like having a


picnic and a glass of wine, so they will not be fans of this. Although


people do not drink in public like this. It will only affect those who


drink and at Berkeley. Those people are already breaking the law.


Maybe you don't live in one of these areas were drugs in the street at


causing bad behaviour `` where people drinking in the street are


causing bad behaviour. They will not have the time to focus on the small


number of individuals that cause these problems. But I will be taken


up by the somebody having a glass of wine with a picnic in the park,


doing something reasonable. When was the last time you sat in a Park


having a can of lighter? It is a very small number of people. In


summer, I like to have a glass of wine with a picnic in the park. I am


responsible. Why should I be criminalised? Very good to talk to


you. Do you agree with the


Freedom Association that a ban is Or is a blanket ban needed


to solve the problem? Is it fair that this should cover


everyone We will have some of your responses


before the end of the programme. That meeting is tonight and we


should have a decision on that in our late bulletin. Thank you for


watching. In a moment: Senior politicians make


a final scramble for votes ahead of tomorrow's council and Euro


elections. Police remain in the quiet


East Yorkshire village of Melton tonight after a man was killed


there yesterday evening. Officers say he suffered serious


injuries and may have been shot. Three people are in police custody,


two men and a 15`year`old boy. A massive police presence,


road closures in Melton, and last night, extra security


at Hull Royal Infirmary. It follows what neighbours described


as the sound of gun shots at a house on Melton Old Road


at five o'clock yesterday evening. An incident leaving one man dead,


and another in hospital with serious,


but non`life`threatening injuries. There appears to have been a dispute


which has led to these consequences. And we are looking for a firearm? We


believe the injuries are consistent with a firearm being discharged. We


were sitting with friends in the garden having a few glasses of


wine. We heard a bang. It's odd nothing, really. We were just having


a drink and then we had lots of silence. For something like that up


in our doorstep, it is surprisingly. Two men and a 15`year`old boy remain


under arrest. I spoke to the family and mother of the deceased, who came


to pay tribute to a son who is now at the centre of a murder enquiry.


Scenes of crime officers have been trying to determine the chain of


events which led to the injury of one man and the death of another.


Not many people knew them. It has been a family dispute, I understand,


and it got out of hand. Formal identification of the dead man has


still to take place, with police investigations still continuing,


although tonight, a family mourns. Hometown`macro has the highest


number of repossessions. According to a survey, one in 79 homes was


taken back in the last year. Energy companies planning to drill for oil


in the Lincolnshire Wolds said there could be 10 million barrels of oil


per need the services. A spy plane from RAF Waddington


remains grounded after being sent to help search for 200 kidnapped school


girls from Nigeria. The Sentinel left Lincolnshire


on Sunday morning, but had to land in Senegal


because of technical problems. The Ministry of Defence says work to


repair the aircraft is continuing. A Typhoon jet


from RAF Coningsby has been given a make`over to commemorate the 70th


anniversary of D`Day next month. The aircraft has been given


the black stripes that all British planes wore to make them easier to


recognise and avoid friendly fire. The Typhoon showed off


its new paint job this afternoon. The recognisable role of the typhoon


was head above the skies of Lincolnshire today `` the


recognisable roar. It was performing spectacular moves. There was


something different about this fighter. We have put this on for the


anniversary of D`day, invasion stripes. The stripes really make


this unique. The black and white markings replicate those seen on the


Hawker typhoons used in World War II. There are none left in existence


that can still fly. One man who knows the importance of those


printed on stripes is better and John Byrne. It was for recognition.


They fired at anything. By having those on, it was easier to know they


were friendly. This modern Typhoon flew alongside this, and original


Spitfire that took part in the D`day landings. Spitfire are amazing.


They're not difficult fly at all. They were built for careful handling


to could concentrate on fighting and not flying. The pilots say it is an


honour and a privilege to fly these planes, and they will be doing


chateau at eight shows across the country. `` they will be doing so at


air shows across the county. Still to come: The plan to repeat


the success of the Larkin toes that were dotted around Hull. And small,


but not silent. The Lambert could break a record.


Small and not silent, tonight's photograph is of sunrise, taken by


Emma Anderson. Thank you for that. Another one tomorrow. Quite a few


here. Mike in long wrist and said, can you ask your mate what happens


to the rain, I did not water on the strength of his forecasts and have


hundreds of dead plants, is he going to reimburse me?


The forecast was for scattered thunderstorms, and if you look in a


dictionary, scattered means scattered, so some people will get


them and some people want. We got it wrong, then.


Plenty of water tonight for your plans.


Bit late now. Are warning of heavy rain. You don't


have to water up this evening because there is plenty coming.


Tomorrow, the rain is coming a bit more quickly than we thought. There


will be a scattering of thunderstorms tomorrow. Trouble has


been brewing over France today. The rain has jumped across the Channel.


It will move north westwards through the night. Hometown`macro has been


about the warmest place in the country today, with around 22


Celsius. It is very nice but that we will see cloud thickening. There


could be some localised flooding in places. A wet start across these


more western areas. The rain will quickly pull away north westwards.


We will see a scattering of thunder showers. Top afternoon temperatures,


15 or 16. 20 Celsius in Lane. Scattered showers over the weekend.


Mike says, I will continue to watch look North four is informed content.


As for the weather, I will treat you as a guide. He says, and he is not


as pretty as the other presenter. He is not on about you there, is it?


No. Today has seen the last full day


of campaigning in the Local Politicians have been out


in force across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


in a last`minute push for votes. After the welcome from his


conservative opponents, Ed Miliband tot housing in Lincoln. The house he


really wants is the one currently occupied by this man. David Cameron


was campaigning a few miles away in your work with Boris Johnson.


Council elections will take place tomorrow in Hull, Lincoln and


north`east Lincolnshire. A third of council seats in these three


authorities will be up for grabs. Meanwhile, voters everywhere can


take part in European elections to decide who represents them in the


European Parliament. The ballot paper will look something like this.


He will put a cross by the party of your choice, and the number of seats


that party secures depends on the percentage vote they receive


tomorrow. Six MEPs will represent Yorkshire and Humber region. Five


MEPs will represent the East Midlands region, covers


Lincolnshire. Many people have sent in their ballot papers by post, but


I asked some voters in Hull whether they would be making the trip to the


polling station. I always vote because if I don't, it is a vote


wasted. Are you voting tomorrow? Yes. I will fill the form in and I


am ready. Will you be voting tomorrow. No, because I don't


believe in any of the parties. At the minute, I will not vote for any


of them. I you voting tomorrow? Yes. It is important because the


country is going down the pan. It is our democratic right. In order to


have an opinion you have to be able to substantiate it. I think it is


important. Polling stations will be open from 7am until ten p.m..


Thanks for all your comments about the rise in season ticket


Russ Wilcox was selling passes for last budget for next season. The


fans are the life and soul of the football club. It is nice to give


that personal touch. There are some great fixtures look forward to. It


is nice to give a bit back. They were big and bright,


and they brought ?1 million Now those behind the giant toads


that appeared around the city want to repeat their success in time


for City of Culture. Four years ago, Hull experienced


an amphibian takeover. For ten weeks, the city streets


were home to 40 giant toads and visitors loved it, with more than


100,000 people coming to see them. It even inspired a similar project


in Australia, this time with koalas. We were so inspired by this. It was


fun and friendly. It was a family kind of thing. We thought, we will


do something inspired by toad but different. There will be artists


getting involved and they will be around 70 things dotted around Hull.


It is hoped they will be even more successful than the toad 's


upbringing in visitors. One person has come up with the idea of which


shows that can be transferred `` transformed by each artist. They


will move around the place. There is also this concept of caravans. That


is a reflection of an amazing industry locally. I am really taken


by things coming in and out of the port. I came up with a cute


container. The sculpture ideas were on display in Beverley Minster


today, but they will tour the county until August, when the final designs


will be chosen. What do you think of that? Let me know what you would


like to see. I wonder what happened to my toad. I think it went to live


in a garden in Hull. Hull is in the top ten


of the happiest places to live in the country,


according to a survey of 50 thousand Hull came seventh


in the whole country. The survey also shows Hull was


second only to Harrogate as the It is a great place to live,


darling. Very friendly. I came back last week. It is really nice. I love


it here and I love the people. We have always got a smile on our


faces. It helps everybody else smile. Because of Greek culture 2017


and Hull City getting to Wembley, the Derby, it is a fantastic city.


One thing after another at the moment. Great news.


The owners of a lamb born in Lincolnshire six weeks ago say


they think he's the smallest in the world.


"Titch", who weighed less than half a bag of sugar at birth lives


near Spalding and has been adopted by the family dogs.


Six weeks old, Titch is Belinda's little lamb.


There is no official record for the world's smallest lamb, but this


I never thought of worrying him on the first day. I was more concerned


about keeping alive. I decided to wear on day four.


The other lamb is Titch's cousin, and is a week younger.


But Titch prefers the company of the house pets.


He identifies with the dogs more, definitely. It follows them round.


I'm sure he thinks he is a dog. This home video shows


their relationship started early. The dogs licked Titch clean


when he was first born He is such a character and so


funny. It would be ideal doing films.


When he's bigger, Titch will play in the garden, so can eat


Which might stop him nibbling everything else!


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The Home Secretary told the police Federation to carry out reforms of


the government will do it for you. And plans to ban street drinking in


Boston, but opponents say it is the wrong approach.


Has already drink and are badly are already breaking the law and the


police have the powers to deal with them. Adding new rules will not stop


that. Tomorrow's weather:


Response coming in and drinking in public places. Kieren says, they


need to ban the really cheap alcohol sold in shops and supermarkets and


lower the cost of jinxing pods. `` lower the cost of drinks in pubs.


Sunday else says, there is no need to drink in the street. Another


person says, who is going to police it? Sue says, I can see the problem


with people drinking in public as long as they behave responsibly. It


is being discussed tonight I Boston Borough Council and


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