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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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start to the weekend, some sunshine filtering through. By Monday feeling


warm for all. Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. The family of a woman from Hull call


for the investigation into her death to be reopened, after a coroner says


it can't be proven it was suicide. She deserves justice. Never should


have to go through what our family went through, nobody should have to


go through what Becky went through. Polling stations open


in local elections across I will be live, looking forward to a


busy night. A film shot in North East


Lincolnshire is shown at the world's And there is some torrential rain at


the moment. The very latest coming up shortly.


The family of a young woman from Hull who suffered years of domestic


abuse are calling on the police to continue investigating her death.


Becky Day, who was 23, was found hanged in her flat in December.


But today Hull's Assistant Coroner recorded an open verdict `


saying their wasn't enough evidence to prove Becky intended to commit


Her boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of her murder, but was


Becky Day ` described as a happy outgoing girl who was fiercely


At her inquest today, her family, supporting one another, heard how


she suffered physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.


Back at home, Becky's father told me he would never believe


Our lives will never be the same again. No parent should ever have to


bury a child. To hear the abuse my daughters suffered breaks my heart,


because it is my job to protect my daughter. That is what you are meant


to do. It is your one job in life, to protect your daughter. Nobody


should have to go through what Becky went through.


Police found Becky critically injured at her home in Peel Place,


Her ex`boyfriend Liam Scott was arrested on suspicion of murder


The physical evidence investigated so far does not suggest anybody else


is responsible for Becky's death. So no evidence to suggest that Liam


Scott murdered Becky? No, there isn't.


The pair started a three`year relationship in 2010.


In September 2013, Scott was sent to prison for breaking Becky's nose.


In the early hours of December 29th, 2013, he told police he found Becky


This system coroner said that was not enough evidence to show that


Becky intended to take her life. I am hoping that more evidence will


Phil is now growing blue flowers, Becky's favourite colour,


to lay on her grave ` in tribute to a much loved and missed daughter.


I spoke to Jane Keeper from the domestic violence charity Refuge.


She told me too many women like Rebecca end up losing their lives.


It is terrible news. Another victim of domestic violence has lost her


life. I would like to send my condolences to her family. Do the


police treat domestic violence seriously enough? No, but they


aren't sufficiently trained to treat domestic violence victims


appropriately and to understand what the risks are and how best to


protect victims. Do as neighbours, friends, acquaintances often turn a


blind eye brother and getting involved when we hear things which


ring alarm bells `` turn a blind eye rather than getting involved. There


was a huge need for public campaigns. Everybody knows the


victim of domestic violence. We should be trained to know who to


turn to and what to do. Why do victims of domestic violence often


put up with it for so long and let that relationship continue? I am not


sure that they do. The most dangerous thing a domestic violence


victim can do is walk out the door. That is when most of the murders


take place. Domestic violence victims call refuge, the domestic


violence charity, all day and every day to get help. Very briefly,


message to anybody who is in a abusive relationship. The messages,


you are not alone, no matter what your abuser is saying. There is life


after domestic violence. Call the National domestic violence


helpline, get help. Very good to talk with you. Thank you so much.


There are calls from teachers to add mental health


We cannot ignore the crisis that is happening all about those. Schools


need to be part of the solution for young people rather than part of the


A gun crime specialist is calling on the government to improve gun


It follows the death of a man in a firearms incident in Melton


Three people, including one man who was stabbed at the scene,


A third day of investigation after a man was fatally shot here at this


Melton Old Road home on Tuesday evening. Today, officers reassuring


the community and pupils at the nearby South Hunsley School that


South Hunsley School that this was an isolated family dispute.


We've been deployed here to conduct high visibility patrol,


an isolated incident and to give people peace of mind. What's been


involved here was licensed, but just how common is gun`related


back to 1995. However, firearms offences themselves are decreasing `


down 50% over the last five years to just over 5,000, with the Humberside


Policing Area reporting just 43 offences last year compared to 387


in Greater Manchester ` the highest figure for England and Wales.


However, firearms offences themselves are decreasing ` down 50%


. When more people have guns, you work in relating weapons in the home


where they are least secure. I think we should invest more time and


effort and energy in the monitoring of the safety of weapons in the


home. That is where they are most likely to be stolen if they are not


kept securely and where they are most likely to be misused by their


legal owners. Three people still remain in custody. The police are


still to identify a man shot dead here, at the heart of this


investigation. In macro Lincolnshire Fire and rescue service said a


number of properties have been flooded in South Lincolnshire in the


last few hours. They started getting calls at about half past four after


heavy showers. This picture shows roads affected their in market


deepening. Polling stations are open


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, for voting


in three local council elections. 11 seats in the European Parliament


are also up for grabs. Tim Iredale is live in the council


chamber at The Guildhall in Hull. When are we likely to get


the results? We expect the results to start


coming in after midnight. A third of the council seats here on


Hull City Council will be decided As well as Hull, elections have been


taking place in Lincoln and The votes will be counted in Lincoln


tonight, but North East Lincolnshire won't begin counting


until tomorrow lunchtime. Voters across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire have also been voting today in the


European Parliament elections. Those ballot papers kept under


lock and key until Sunday and the Polling station are open tonight


until ten o'clock, so there is still plenty of time to


vote if you haven't voted already. There will be


a special results programme tonight We'll have regular updates


from counts across Yorkshire The public are being warned not to


approach a man who has escaped from an institution in Doncaster. Police


believe he may try to travel to family in the Hull area. Police are


if you see him, call 999. A former cinema in Hull which


was bombed during World War 2 has The national picture house has been


derelict for more than 70 years, and, although it's already


a listed heritage site, there has been a longstanding campaign to make


sure it's preserved. But now


its future remains uncertain, For more than 70 Years,


this is how the former picture house has stood.


Since taking a direct hit by the Since taking a direct hit


by the Luftwaffe in the Second World those who died in Hull. But a


long`running campaign wants to turn But a long`running campaign wants to


turn it into a permanent memorial. A bomb blew out a lot of the


building, but still left a lot of the front intact. Campaigners have


had difficulty acquiring the site. It is currently in the hands of a


private owner, who is only selling or leasing certain parts. There were


three bidders battling it out, but the bid tried up at ?57,000. The


auctioneer revealed it was ?1000 away from being able to sell. The


vendors did bring the reserve down a bit. We came very close, within a


couple of thousand pounds. Eddie a deal will be done after the auction.


So more uncertainty. Those who live nearby have mixed views on what the


future should hold for the site. Another is a lot of heritage plans,


and that would be a good idea. Something pretty because it doesn't


look very pretty as you walk past. Somebody was going to make into


museum. Waste of time. The council has previously offered to buy the


site. We have been unable to contact the owner, despite numerous


attempts. Should efforts be made to preserve


the building? If you want to be in touch, here are the details.


A film shot in North East Lincolnshire is shown at the world's


It is overwhelming. I will never get bored of this. It will always be


overwhelming. Ian Lyall's sunset at Brough Haven


as the ship Cemsky makes Thank you for that. Good evening.


How are you? Very well. A couple of e`mails.


Brilliant forecast, I have never seen red blanket.


Self praise is no good. You got the forecast right, we will


make a note of it. The warning is one of very heavy


rain. There have been some torrential downpours working through


Lincolnshire and it has crossed the Humber. There has been heavy rain in


Hull area. It will slowly inched away northwards. Tomorrow, generally


a better day. Low pressure on the scene. A slow improvement expected


with showers becoming more isolated. Bank holiday Monday looks like a


nice day with sunshine. If you like your golf, you probably saw


Wentworth was treated to a monsoon this morning. It is the same rain


that has gone through Lincoln and it is heading north of the Humber. The


rain gradually losing its intensity. Further thundery showers


pushing in from the south. Overnight thundery showers to clear


out of the way but skies should brighten a little bit. The risk of a


few heavy showers, but I think the focus is to the west. A few in


Weston Park but it may be towards the coast. Top temperatures ranging


from 14 in Bridlington to 17 or 18 further south. Heavy downpours on


Saturday but it gradually improves on Sunday.


Is a bit soggy for anybody playing God tomorrow, is it?


I am playing golf tomorrow, you are right.


Traditional academic subjects like maths, creative ones like art,


All seen as part of a well rounded education.


Now one school in Lincolnshire has joined those


calling for mental health education to be added to the list.


They say it's an increasingly important subject with the modern


Others argue the topic should be left out of the classroom.


At Thomas Cowley High School in Donington,


a special assembly for pupils about self esteem and body confidence.


It's part of the school's mental health strategy.


But it's not a mandatory subject on the national curriculum.


Senior management here want the Government to change that.


We need it because we are living through something of a crisis in


towns of mental health teenagers. Schools need to be part of the


solution rather than part of the problem.


Around three children in every class suffer from a


And nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer


I think they ship teach it in school because you can find everything out


on Google but it is not always true. It would be important for some


people but not everyone has the same problems.


The Government says the curriculum gives teachers


the freedom to address issues that meet the needs of pupils,


Campaigners feel that doesnt go far enough.


Others say the subject has no place in school at all.


Schools have a big enough job and a very important job to teach the


children the subject of the curriculum. If schools are concerned


about mental health, of course they have mental health issues, they


should refer to the health service. Is the role of schools just to be


there to pass exams or should it be about more? About developing


character and building resistance and resilience? I think it is


something that is on the radar of the Department of education, but it


For now, it remains down to individual schools like Thomas


Cowley to take the initiative on how or if they teach the subject.


For campaigners the worry is that means some children will miss out.


Councillors have voted in favour of an extension to a drinking ban in


Boston, there has been a partial ban since 2007 but police are only able


to act if there's been a complaint about antisocial behaviour.


New laws next year could allow for a total ban on drinking alcohol


in public with a one thousand pound fine for offenders.


Thank you to everyone who got in contact with us on this story.


It's more than 40 years since steam trains were in regular


service but now at the Tata steel factory in Scunthorpe work has begun


All of the six original P2 class engines were scrapped but a group


of enthusiasts refused to let the story end there.


The construction got under way with the cutting of giant pieces of metal


The torch still burns for the sea of age. It is a slightly nervous time


when you see the finished product begin to appear, there is a great


sense of satisfaction. These steel plate are being cut to form the


friends of a new locomotive. They will hold everything else in place.


In this case, the everything else is really special. The P2 was enormous.


They were scrapped. They were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. It


fell to his grandson to play midwife this morning. He would never have


imagined that 70 years later, someone would start another one,


would he? Absolutely not, but he would be very excited. It indicates


the enormous esteem in which he was held. This process, or something


less mechanised, used to go on opened and a country that still


works, including in Doncaster. The birth of a brand`new steam engine is


a very rare thing. On this scale, it is truly a journey into the unknown.


This is going to be part of a steam engine. This is number 2007 in


existence. That is right. It formally exists, as of now. I can in


newborn, it will be a while before it grows up. It needs an estimated


seven years and ?5 million before it reaches adulthood. Just as well and


that so many people carry a torch. In seven years time, we will show


you the pictures of the finished product.


Hull`born singer Joe Longthorne has been diagnosed with throat cancer.


It's the second time he's been diagnosed with cancer.


On his website the 58`year`old said he was shocked


at the news but was 100% confident he will fight the disease.


He has many family members who still live in the city, and we wish him


all the best. Hull City defender James Chester is


set to make his international debut for Wales


against the Netherlands next month. Chester qualifies through his Welsh


mother and the cup final scorer will line up in Amsterdam alongside


Real Madrid's Gareth Bale. An actor from Scunthorpe is


at the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France,


promoting a feature film which he Ian Sharp's movie, called Pleasure


Island, is being screened as part of the festival, where he hopes it will


be picked up by a major distributor. Tom Brook sent this report


from Cannes, and it does contain Cannes has had the glamour of Nicole


Kidman would also Ian Sharpe from Scunthorpe. He is the star of


pleasure Island, the human drama telling the story of a soldier who


returns home to Grimsby. For Ian Sharpe,


movie. One location where Pleasure Island was being screened, he was


joined by the director, who felt buoyed up by the support he got by


the community in Pleasure Island because it doesn't


have a big`name star. The picture did make a favourable impression on


somebody. I liked it. I stayed until the end. All the Pleasure Island may


leave the festival without a distribution deal, it is still a win


win situation. It will advance the careers of those involved and show


very clearly you can choose a feature film in Grimsby and


Cleethorpes and earn respect. There has never been a movie boasting


Grimsby and Cleethorpes, and we purposefully we did that. I hope


people see it and think, that is a nice beach. The hope is Pleasure


Island will be screened in local cinemas and beyond from September.


Well done to Ian. We wish him well. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. Ukraine's soldiers suffer their


biggest loss of life so far after an pro`Russian separatists.


The family of a woman from Hull call for the police investigation


If you have any photos of the flooding in Lincolnshire, choppers


and e`mail. We were talking about the national picture house in Hull.


Tim says, the site should be made into a memorial for all the people


of England who lost their lives in the Blitz. Somebody else says, the


council should get it bought, do something that counts and have it


ready for 2017. David says, the site should be retained by the


authorities and become an attraction. Margaret says, pull it


down, we have a lot of eyesores. Jack says, if the president 's old,


something should be done with it, it looks scruffy. Thank you for those.


So you tomorrow. When the first travellers crossed


America, they were faced with this - from snow-capped mountains


to arid plains and thick forests. The very nature of the American


personality was defined. Ray Mears explores


the land behind the Hollywood legend and discovers the wild that


made the west.


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