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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Three men die after being taken ill on a ship at an East Yorkshire dock.


I can hardly remember accident at all. It is surprising and


upsetting. It is not a regular occurrence. Police say it could be


weeks before we know what core the deaths of these people.


UKIP targets Westminster gains in Lincolnshire ` as


a senior Conservative in the county says his own MP must do more.


My message to mark is get Boston back.


Another wind farm planned for East Yorkshire `


campaigners say turbines ruin the landscape and damage tourism.


And the Lincolnshire singer through to


Some unsettled weather to come in the next 48 hours and a warning by


heavy rain. I'm back later in the programme.


Three men working on board a ship in Goole Docks have now died


Humberside Police, who are working with marine accident


investigators, say it could be several weeks before the actual


Our reporter Kate Sweeting is live at the Docks for us this evening.


We know the men were unloading a cargo of wood from this ship


yesterday morning when they became ill. They were taken to hospital but


all died. Two other members of the crew were unaffected. Police today


confirmed the men were taken ill. They were not injured by falling


cargo as was first speculated but they say it is too early to say what


caused the become ill until the result of postmortem examinations,


which will be carried out in the next few days.


Searching for clues as to what killed three members


of this ship's crew. The men were a 60`year`old


from Germany and a 33 and 38`year`old from the Philippines.


At the moment the cause of their death is unknown.


All we know is they've been working on the ship.


As a result of that they've taken ill and they


have been taken to hospital. It is early days for us to be able


to say what is the cause of death. For those who know the port well,


what happened has come as a shock. I think a lot of people will be


frightened and scared and want to know what has happened.


People have worked in the docks in dangerous situations for years.


I can hardly remember an accident at all over the years.


It is really surprising and upsetting.


It is sad news. I'm from Goole and all my family


have worked on the docks all lives. It is not a regular occurrence


and it is sad. In a statement, Associated British


Ports, which runs this dock, said, we are continuing to work with


the relevant authorities. Our thoughts are with those affected


by this tragic shipboard accident. The fact is accident levels have


gone down, thankfully, but nevertheless,


despite all that work, everyone acknowledges it is a dangerous


environment and I suspect seafaring will always have a significant


element of danger and risk. The police and marine accident


investigation branch are now trying to establish what happened,


but we are told it could be weeks before we have any answers.


How common are accidents like this? They are rare but not unheard of and


figures from the health and safety executive showed 15 people in


Yorkshire and seven in the East Midlands were killed in industrial


accidents in the last year. 1000 people are killed worldwide in


maritime accidents every year, so it can be a risky business. The aim of


this investigation now will to the establish what happens and also how


to prevent it happening again. We'll let you know if we do hear anything.


The man travelling 200 miles in his wheelchair to help improve


A senior Lincolnshire MP has been told he must do more to help


The leader of Boston Borough Council told BBC Look North that local


Tory MP Mark Simmonds should "get Boston back as his priority".


The warning follows UKIP's success in the European elections.


The UKIP leader Nigel Farage has earmarked Boston Skegness as one


of the seats the party could win in next year's general election.


More from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


Died testing `` digests the news, this woman claims her party can


repeat the success in the general election in just over 11 months


time. We will target seats and target the seeds where we have a


fantastic support at local level with local councillors in place.


UKIP are targeting Grimsby currently held by Labour who is stepping down


next year and Boston which is represented by Conservative


ministers. In Boston alone, UKIP polled more than 50% of the boat in


the European elections. They are the only parties who will do something


about the problems we have got in Lincolnshire. That is with migration


and the way the town has been spoiled. I am not racist but there


are too many foreign people in this country, and in Boston. I hope they


don't create tensions here. We have had it already and the situation is


a little bit under control. As a foreign minister his work is


overseas, but the leader of his Conservative council says he needs


to reconnect with people closer to home. Mark has been doing an awful


lot of work in Boston but he has not been the best communicate in that


work. He spent a lot of time out of the country. My message to him is


that you need to get Boston back first as your priority. Marco wasn't


available for interview today. UKIP's ultimate aim is to see


Britain leave the European Union but they know they can only achieve that


if they have a power base at Westminster. One of Lincolnshire's


MEPs was back on the campaign trail. He is UKIP's candidate in the


election team place next week. That'll be a test of how the world


of Westminster politics has changed following the events of the past few


days. Well you saw her there in Tim's


report ` and now Jane Collins, one of UKIP's newest MEPs


for Yorkshire and the Humber, is It all started by you sitting at


home on the survey shouting at the TV. Are you going to stay on the


sober or get out? I am going to be the eyes and ears of people. And MEP


on ?80,000 a year, when he don't think we should be in Europe. It is


strange. It is an ironic situation. You are in a job you hope you lose


because we want to come out of the EU. You are happy to take the


?80,000 salary? We don't look at it at that way. I don't think the


voters are. We are going to represent the people that will


upload photos, who had a mistress of the European Union and Parliament


and we will represent them and do our job. But there is like David


Cameron who have called you races in the past, how insulting is that? ``


racist. It is insulting. They live in a bubble. What message does


leaving the EU centre companies like Siemens? They would run a mile from


Hull. I don't agree with that comment. They said they were


concerned with our membership but let me make it clear. Business and


trade is not based on the back part of a political union. It is based on


supply and demand. Is Siemens wasn't yet those jobs would go and we would


lose it. You are saying we should be out of Europe. I am delighted for


the people in Hull he'll get the jobs with Siemens, but you have to


as yourself why they are laid out 15,000 of their own workers in


Jimmy, gone back to Jimmy `` Germany, to use offshore wind farms.


You work of Godfrey Bloom. Has he given you any advice on how not to


put your foot in it? I don't think he need to give me any advice. We


may find out. I don't think we can advise each other on that. I have my


own special way of doing things and he had his. Very good to seeing you.


What would you like to see. Would you like to see UKIP representing


you? You can e`mail us. You can text us as well.


Thousands more army reservists are needed in the next four years to


make up for redundancies among full`time soldiers.


A recruitment drive is falling short of its ambitious targets.


Here the 4th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment is a third`empty with room


I don't think it is overly optimistic.


I think we need to make sure we give ourselves enough time to achieve


There's always a desire to do it right now


and we have to keep concentrating on the fact we have given ourselves a


target of six years to achieve that and we have to get on with it, get


Six firefighters from Lincolnshire have rescued more than 100 people


from floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


They were part of a British flood response team helping


in the aftermath of last week?s unprecedented heavy rain ` and also


Anti`windfarm campaigners in East Yorkshire say plans to build


12 turbines the height of the Humber Bridge will


industrialise the Yorkshire Wolds and damage tourism in the area.


This latest proposal is for a new wind farm near Driffield on land


In the East Riding, 16 wind farms have already been


approved or built, and five others are still to be decided on.


To some wind turbines offer cheaper, cleaner energy.


To others an eyesore invading the countryside.


In Yorkshire, campaigners say they are already changing the skyline.


You will be able to see this as far north as Scarborough.


This farmland has become the latest battle ground.


The proposed site for a new wind farm.


It will decimate the landscape and ruin the entire area.


Tourism is a big thing and we need to generate more


Would you be happy if this was somewhere else


We've got plenty of wind farms and it is time to say no.


The plan would see 12 turbines stretch along the brow of this hill,


That is more than twice the height of Beverley Minster,


but they would produce enough energy to power nearly 13,000 homes.


We do need to generate more electricity from renewable sources


and so it is a difficult exercise to try balance that but we believe


Highwood is one of those sites which we think can meet those targets.


By 2020 the government must generate 15%


By then it is predicted wind power will provide


But ministers say from 2015 they will cut support


for onshore wind because wind power targets will already have been met.


The turbines at Highwood would be similar


Opposition in the village is growing.


This wind farm is effectively an industrialisation.


We are going to get these monsters built on our doorstep.


Just last week plans for turbines near Burton Agnes Hall


were thrown out by the Secretary of State after a lengthy enquiry.


But supporters of wind power say it offers greater value for money.


It's easier to install at the top in this region.


We have wide open space for onshore wind power.


It may be a prime spot for the energy companies but tonight


villages here are holding an action meeting, determined, they say,


Fears of a Hull FC relegation fight as the club prepares for five


The Lincolnshire singer showing his talent on a national TV show.


Tonight?s photo is looking over the Isle of Axholme.


Taken from Flixborough Hill by Nigel Pennington.


If you have a picture send it in. Paul was away the other day. The


course is being held in Spain, which makes me suspect. He goes on a lot


of these courses. It may or may not be reciprocated. In the rain to come


in next 24 hours. Some very heavy rain so we have a warning from the


Met office stop some spot having a significant amounts of rain. It is


all down to this front which will stick around the ages. It will


fizzle through Thursday, so a lot of rain to come. You can see all the


cloud. It has brought rain. It is now starting to clear from far


eastern parts and spreading westwards, so a dry spell for a time


but further spells of rain setting in on the night. Tomorrow morning


will be north, so a wet and miserable day to


come and temperatures really suppress as a result. We should be


at around 70 degrees so it will feel cruel but the breeze from the North


east `` 17 degrees so it will feel improvement on Friday, not


completely dry but drier. Thank you very much. It is one thing being


told to be nice but being threatened on there. My grandmother will be


onto you. A nature reserve manager recently


diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease has embarked on a coast to


coast challenge in his wheelchair. Roy Taylor, who is responsible for


RSPB sites around the Humber, wants to highlight access problems in


the countryside, and raise thousands Roy Taylor, who is responsible for


RSPB sites around the Humber, wants to highlight access problems in


the countryside, and raise thousands From those of his life Roy Taylor


has taken like an outdoors were granted as reserve manager. After


being diagnosed with motoneuron disease last year, leaving him


needing a wheelchair, he has become familiar with access problems in the


countryside. Using get along the path but not pass gates, kissing


gate as well. It is depriving a lot of people, elderly people, people


with disabilities and prams, access to the countryside. Here set out to


raise awareness, covering more than two miles in a coast`to`coast


challenge. All the money I raised will help the changes. I can't


change the countryside like can change the size I work for. Those


sites include here which already prides itself on taking wheelchairs


into account. This is one of our points. It is safe and secure and it


is completely accessible. Those Les Mobile appreciate the efforts but


say there is still much that can be done. `` less mobile. They can be a


crusher eyeliner and make it difficult to see. Attention to that


is welcome. It underpins everything we tried to do. Not only be trying


to protect these birds, we want people to enjoy them and experience


them, so making it accessible is one of our ultimate goals with around


140,000 miles of footpaths and right away nationwide, the country land


and business association says it is a difficult task but landowners are


taking an increasing responsibility. We would encourage people to


consider how they can make access more easy, to all the various things


which disabled people can enjoy in the countryside. Roy's challenge for


help with that. He has raised ?13,000 already. It makes you think.


Where are the best places for wheelchair users. You can get in


touch with us by e`mail. Former Hull FC player


and coach Johnny Whiteley says he's very concerned


about the club's away form. Hull have failed win on


the road this season and are not due Johnny still gave


his backing to coach Lee Radford. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark has been to meet him. He's one of Hull and rugby


league's most decorated stars. Even at 83,


Johnny Whiteley retains his youthful enthusiasm for the game he loves


and club who defined his career. He was at Headingley on Friday when


Hull lost their latest game on road, You hope something happens and that


somebody lights of the game. Very few times this season have we really


got our bottoms off the seats and stood up.


Hull have won just five games all season and if they're not quite


in the relegation scrap with London and Bradford


The issues are not being fixed in a week. They will take a while but we


are doing it. That is right from the bottom.


Analysing the game as he did for Radio Humberside,


commentaor and former player Craig Murdock sees grounds for optimism.


Lee has been left with a lot card he doesn't want and it will take him


time to shovel them out. He can't just buy a new side. It is a work in


progress. It will take a couple of years to sort out but I am certain


he is right for the job. It is important to find your halfbacks and


keep them for a run of games. They have my sympathies because it is a


hard job. Especially when the crowd are helping you along.


Due to this work at the KC, Hull who've not won away all season


will not return here until July ` making Saturday's game at London


The Lincolnshire based Red Arrows have released footage taken


inside the cockpit of one of its aircrafts during


It was filmed by the passenger travelling with


The aerobatic team has been given approval to display this year.


And if you want to see the whole of this footage,


go to our Facebook page ` BBC Look North ` and while you're there


"like" the page as well to receive regular news updates from us.


That's what the mum of a singer from Lincolnshire says


after her son reached the final of Britain's Got Talent.


24`year`old Thomas Leak, from Donington`on`Bain near Louth,


is part of the musical theatre group Collabro.


Last night they won the first semi final of the ITV talent show `


to keep alive their hopes of performing in front of the Queen.


They certainly have the luck of a boy band but it was their sound


which surprised the judging panel on one of the world's talent shows and


last night the boy band, including Thomas Leak, made it to the live


finals after the public voted them the best of the night. I think we


could be looking at the winners. We are proud. The boys are quite young


this is all they wanted to do. They love musical theatre. Thomas is in


the first person problem engage are hoping to launch his career. Matt


Smith from Grimsby finished runner`up and went on to release a


number one album. Back home, the neighbours of Thomas reminisce about


his performance. It was fantastic, it really was. In a nearby village


shop, evident music is in his jeans. His mum sings in the church choir.


They are a musical family. It runs in the family and they all like


singing. It is quite appropriate for him to be doing it. Tom learned his


craft here, performing on stage from the age of ten. We are very proud


because we promote an enormous amount of youth in this society and


in this theatre, and for youngsters. Tom was part of us but all of them,


it is wonderful they produce this quality of music. It was at this


theatre 12 years ago that Tom took the lead in Oliver, starting his


passion for musical theatre and many who watched him in the audience then


watching with interest now to see what he can achieve on a national


stage. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. Crucial talks in Brussels


as European leaders gather to work out how to respond to the shock


of the anti EU election results. Investigations continue to try to


work out what caused the deaths A cloudy and wet start with


some heavy spells of rain. A response on the subject of UKIP.


Sandra says it was OK for them to give us a wake of gold but them


running the country would be suicidal. Another says they want to


cut maternity leave. Tony says, well done UKIP. The other parties didn't


contact my area. Smug, arrogant and lazy. Now they are not so smug. Dave


says Nigel Farage has said things about immigration that all other


parties dare not say. Join me tomorrow lunchtime. Have a good




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