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stand firm, dismissing talk of a leadership challenge,


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Labour spark a row after saying only a woman can replace Austin Mitchell.


It is discriminating between men and women. That is not what women want.


It is sexist. Caught at over 100 miles an hour. Calls for tougher


penalties for speeding. Some people ignore penalties. We have to make


sure they are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Also: The


couple arrested after Nancy fracking protest. And, this six`year`old


relives his big day at Wembley. More rain to come. I will be back


with the forecast. The local party say its views were ignored. The


majority said they would like to see a female selected from an open short


list. The worry is that you are restricting across other types of


people and characteristics. All`female selection led to the


so`called Blair's babes. Labour is the only party to use this system.


Figures show they do have the highest percentage of female MPs


today. Opponents to all`female candidness


argued that they don't address the real reasons why Deraa not more


women that want to `` why there are not more women that want to be MPs.


It is discriminating between men and women. That is not why women want to


be in politics anyway. There has to be some reason behind it. I have no


problems with it. I think it is a good idea. Why not? They are both


equal. So discount men is a sexist thing. Labour is standing by its


decision, saying it is increased `` it is committed to increasing the


number of women in parliament. Labour's next Parliamentary


candidate for Grimsby will be chosen in the next few months. We can


already say that it will be a woman. The former high`profile Labour MP


Aramis King was elected from an all woman short list in 1997 `` Baroness


King. I asked if it was a good move for Grimsby. I think it is important


overall that we have as many women as men going into Parliament. We are


very short of that pain. We need to change it. I do think it is a good


thing. Some are saying it is artificial and create an illusion


that there was a change when their recent. The change depends on the M


E. The candidate becoming an MP. People talking about it being


illusory. I have sat for many years in Parliament, and the fact is, only


one in five overs there are women. It depends if you want women in


politics. A Conservative MP, a female, said, I disagree with


tokenistic initiatives like Labour's all women short lists.


Shouldn't it be the best person for the job? I absolutely agree, it


should be the best person for the job, and women are quite capable of


doing that job, but the system and the institutional bias against women


locked them out. We have effectively had all male short lists for the


last 500 years. That is not fair on women. I recognise some individual


men might suffer, the same as many women suffered. I would like to see


twin constituencies, with one man and one woman. In Grimsby, you could


end up with a not so good female MP when perhaps there was affecting my


candidate. `` a better male candidate. I don't agree. That


implies there was not enough talent at that across both sexes across the


tree. There are more than enough capable women there. He getting a


lot of mediocre men, Deraa say, in parliament, nobody says a word about


it. Very good to have you on the programme.


Do you support all women short lists? Do you think it is


discrimination against men? In a moment: The rivalry between


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire been settled on a German army camp.


Tougher penalties are being demanded for drivers who are being caught


doing more than three times the speed limit.


Police have revealed that a driver was caught doing more than


90 close to a school near Boston in Lincolnshire.


Another was clocked at 113 miles per hour in a 40 zone on the A17.


The justice system only allows magistrates and judges to impose a


their own lives at risk, but putting at risk the lives of everybody


around them. On the A1 near Grantham,


with a 70 limit, And in a 40 zone on the A17


near Boston, two people were caught driving over 100,


one clocked at 113, another at 108. While in North East Lincolnshire,


one motorist was doing double the speed limit on the A18


near Grimsby, again, over 100. While it may be a 40 zone here,


this camera has recorded some of the You're always going


to have lunatics. The camera's been there a long time,


you're coming up to a level crossing and a really busy


junction, I'm surprised anyone's There should be another


camera this side, I think. Since they introduced


the 40mph speed limit, it has Just a few miles away, on this 30mph


road near a primary school, There are a minority of drivers who


are reckless, and even with the penalties we have, there are


some people ignoring them. When that happens, we have to make


sure they are punished to The man in the Porsche was fined


and banned for six months, but road safety campaigners say


there must be tougher punishments to People are getting in touch with


this already. Carroll says, should be a total driving ban for life,


there is no excuse. Ian says, with such disregard for others, it should


be a life ban. Trevor is an HGV driver and says he has a speed


limiter at 56 mph. He says, fixed speed limiter to cars.


You can go to our Facebook page. If you like our page, you can receive


regular updates. A man has appeared in court charged


with murder following a shooting in East Yorkshire. Jonathan Smith died


of gunshot wounds in Milton last Tuesday. Peter Kite was remanded to


appear in court in August. A 15`year`old boy also appeared,


charged with assault. A couple in their 60s are to go on


trial accused of causing a public disturbance at an anti`fracking


camp in East Yorkshire. John Mager,


who used to be a director at East Riding Council, and his wife Val,


an ex`teacher were arrested last Today they pleaded not guilty to


the charges against them. From Greater Manchester to a village


in West Sussex, campaigners have been protesting against the use of


the shale gas extraction method known as fracking. Protesters set up


camp at this site near Walkington in East Yorkshire. They said they


feared plans for fracking. Two weeks ago, 30 police officers were brought


in to a score to lorries onto the site. John and Valerie Mager were


arrested, accused of obstructing vehicles. In court, they pleaded not


guilty to the charge of preventing the carrying on of lawful business


at the site. The judge set a trial date here for July the 31st. The


couple have been granted unconditional bail. They left court


without making any comment. The placards carried by their supporters


gave a clear message. Thank you for watching. Still ahead:


The six`year`old boy with an incurable heart complaint.


Tim Atkinson took this picture. Thank you very much for bats.


Another picture tomorrow. Good evening. Our regular weather


forecaster is away on a course, and that happens to be in Spain. Paul


says `` Frank says, Paul doesn't do a bad job but he should be given a


permanent job and not just Keeley's standing.


He has chosen a good day to be away. There is more rain to come then a


gradual improvement through tomorrow. It is all due to this area


of low pressure. It will be more settled for Friday and the weekend.


You can see all the cloud pulling in from the North Sea. Outbreaks of


rain. It started heavy this morning. It could be heavy at times.


Tomorrow morning, heavy rain to start with. There will be further


outbreaks of rain and drizzle. It will tend to fizzle out and we may


get some sunny spells. Temperatures got up to 11 or 12 today. Across


parts of Lincolnshire, it could get up to 15 or 16 degrees. After the


rain fizzles out, more settled conditions for Friday and the


weekend. It would be completely dry. There might be a few showers around.


Hopefully, there will be some sunshine.


I thought there was a lot of arm on display, but I had better be nice to


you. Wattage hole and?


I have to be nice to you if I want to get an invite to the barbecue.


The historic rivalry between Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is being


settled on an army camp in Germany. Reserve soldiers have been teamed up


with soldiers from Lancashire, part of the reorganisation of the Army.


On an army base in Germany in a tin shed, there is a great tent. It is


hot and cramped, but it is he is here that battles are planned,


side`by`side. It is how the modern army will work in the future. The


regulars and reserve will become a singular, integrated force. The


reserves come and provide a supporting element. There is no


pretence one way or the other. This isn't the first time soldiers from


Yorkshire and Lancashire have worked closely together. On the first day


of the bottom of the Somme in France, men from both sides of the


Pennines died fighting shoulder to shoulder. You could say the War of


the Roses has been mentioned a few times. In the sergeant's mess, when


training is done, the revelry takes place. We were assured that


Yorkshire had a resounding victory. Despite the fact they are from the


wrong side of the border, they are a good set of guys and we have got on


well. The mystery of defence is increasing the number of reserves to


compensate for redundancies in the regular army. That is controversial.


Some people believe spare time soldiers can never be as good. It is


not about being as good, it is about being good enough. We have to make


sure they are competent and can fit in. This was the first joint


training exercise. It will set the standard for the future of the


British Army. Plenty of response following our


interview with UKIP member. They are targeting at least two local seats


in next year's general election. Thank you for the messages.


The Conservative MP for Boston and Skegness, Mark Simmonds,


is fighting back against complaints that he doesn't spend enough time


UKIP won half of the votes in his area


in last week's euro elections, and will target the seat to try to get


Fellow Conservatives are warning Mr Simmonds he will have to work


hard in the area if he wants to get re`elected.


Her Successful maximums. e,


seat in the 2010 General Election, with nearly 50% of the votes.


But four years on, are people in Boston still impressed


He has been good to us personally. He should be representing Boston


instead of gallivanting around the world.


As a foreign office minister, much of Mark Simmonds' work is overseas.


But just yesterday, the leader of his local Conservative


council told Look North he needs to reconnect with people back home.


Mark has been continuing to do a lot of work. He hasn't been the best at


communicating that work. My message is, get Boston back is your


priority. More than 50% of people who voted here in Boston in the


European election that UKIP. Now the party is planning to target this


seat in next year's general election. So maximums could have to


fight to remain MP here. I asked Mark Simmonds if he was


worried about losing his seat at the general election.


Of course I was disappointed with the results of the elections last


week. The conservative vote held up reasonably well. It was the same


across the rest of the country. Of course more work needs to be done.


The government has had to take difficult decisions, to reset the


economy after the shambles we inherited. Is being a Foreign Office


minister advantage it `` an advantage to your career but a


disadvantage to the Boston in Skegness area? I am a committed


member of Parliament as was a committed government minister. I am


proud to be the first MP to be elected to Boston who has ever been


a government minister. I'm very much hope it will continue. Your own


leader of the Council says, get Boston back as your priority. Is it


fair? Of course there will be exchanges of thought. I have been a


committed MP since I was first elected. I am delighted and proud to


be a government minister, and I will continue to represent my


constituency and country as long as people want me to do so. Looking at


these messages, they do not end you are visible enough. Well, I live in


the constituency. I am here every weekend. I have a large


constituency. I do what I can in the context of my ministerial


responsibilities. I hope everyone will continue to support me. Another


message, I would like to see UKIP represent is because the main


parties are ignoring people 's views.


You are in trouble if many people think like that. I don't share


that. The simple choice in the next election will be between putting


David Cameron in Number ten or Ed Miliband. Will you be the Boston MP


after 2015? I hope so. Thank you. There we are. If you are in Boston,


you have heard the response there, you might want to comment on that.


A painting by David Hockney has failed to sell at an auction in


London. The abstract picture called Tiger had a reserve of ?40,000. The


bidding stopped at ?35,000. The wet weather means at Beverley


races will not take place this evening. It has been called off


because the course is waterlogged. For a six`year`old Hull City fan,


leading his team out at Wembley in Freddie has


an incurable heart condition. Today he's been looking back


at the big day and spoke to Reliving the moment Freddie got his


wish, walking onto the Wembley pitch with Curtis Davies for the FA Cup


final is a moment he will never forget. The atmosphere was amazing.


For Freddie to do what he did was wonderful. Brilliant memory.


Six`year`old Freddie as an incurable heart condition which could end his


life at any moment. We don't know how long he's got left. Everything


that he does matters. This is just amazing. Freddie got to meet plenty


of big names, although he didn't realise it at the time. I didn't


know was him. I didn't know was Prince William. What did you think?


I was like, tell me you didn't know who that was, and he said, I just


thought it was a strange man walking by. The exposure has had an


unexpected side`effect. He thinks he's famous. People stop is all the


time, there is Freddie off the television, everywhere we go. I


mean, not everywhere, but just like prior mark. Last time we spoke to


Freddie, his biggest worry was what would be a packed lunch. Well? I


don't like the muffins you gave me. The you like anything? I liked the


Mars bar. His next adventure is riding in a speedboat. The matter


what they are doing, this family enjoys every moment they have


together. Letters hope Prince William isn't


watching. Recap of the headlines. Nick Clegg


tells his supporters to stand firm, dismissing talk of a leadership


challenge. Labour sparked a row after seeing only a woman can


replace Austin Mitchell in Grimsby. Response on the women short lists.


Julie says, I wouldn't want to be elected because I am a woman,


sectors and gone mad. Brian says, if anybody else came up with the idea


of one sex shop was, they would be accused of sexism. `` one sex short


list. Chris says, if I was a potential male Labour candidate for


Grimsby, I would put in a claim of sexual discrimination. Somebody else


says it is patronising to women. Have a good evening. Goodbye.


The very nature of the American personality was defined.


Ray Mears explores the land behind the Hollywood legend


and discovers the wild that made the West.


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