29/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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it's goodbye are from me, on BBC One we


The man who wants to turn the world upside


passionate about them. Sadly, she passed away last year. I can't


believe somebody has done this to me. Just team believes it was a


targeted break`in. I live in a very isolated area. I am surrounded by


fields. We are very difficult to find. I am here almost all the time.


At this animal re`homing centre, they are not surprised by this. They


have to take security seriously because stealing dogs is a lucrative


business. Some animals reach up to ?500, but his crossbreeds. Even a


Jack Russell can be bred with anything to make a new breed that


will sell. According to the latest figures from an organisation that


keeps a database of stolen dogs, in 2012, just over 6000 dogs were


reported missing. In 2013, that figure doubled. 3000 of those were


believed to have been stolen. Lincolnshire police say theft of


this nature are unusual. Whilst it is rare, it is a serious incident.


We are left with a distraught owner going out of their mind with worry


for the dog. Police appealed for anybody who might have information


to contact them. Earlier I spoke to Jayne Hayes,


the founder of Dog Lost. I asked her why these


dog thefts happen. It's a way of making money,


and there is a demand Also, people leave them out


in their gardens, outside shops, And are they looking out for homes


and dogs and targeting them? They're getting more and more


forward in stealing your dogs. Half of this is


because they know the police aren't really taking it seriously, and it's


a good quick way of making money. You don't think


the police take it seriously? In all fairness,


owners are usually so distressed, A lot of the time,


it's hard for the police, even if they catch someone red`handed with


your dog to prove it was stolen. People will say,


it walked up to me. We keep being told how important


micro chipping is, but it appears It's for identification of your dog,


so if it gets stolen and escapes and is found and is


scanned, we know who it belongs to. That is a deterrent


because it's visual. Once these dogs are taken,


what do they do with them? They usually sell them on


in small ads on the Internet, If you see a dog going cheap,


get onto us, let us know. If you have got pedigree dogs,


and you are watching this tonight, valuable dogs,


your best advice to people? You have got to start thinking


about the security of your dogs. Don't leave them tied


up outside shops. It is an open invitation


for them to be stolen. What's your experience of this? Have


you ever had a dog that's been stolen? What do you think needs


to happen to reduce the In a moment: The robot built in


Lincoln which could keep people There are plans to demolish the high


rise flats in Grimsby. Philip Norton is in Grimsby at the moment. Could


the skyline change fire ever? These tower blocks are as much a part of


the skyline as the famous tower. Under these new proposals, they


could disappear within the next few years. Residents and staff have only


been told of these clowns in the last 24 hours. There is a state of


shock. 400 of Grimsby people, these are


more than just local landmarks `` for hundreds of Grimsby people. By


the end of the year, many could be moving out under plans to demolish


these flats. Where are they going to put as? Where are we going to go?


The oldest one is 95. My neighbour is 87. There is a lady upstairs on


crutches. The social landlord says it would be too costly to renovate


the tower blocks. It wants to relocate residents to other parts of


northern and North East Lincolnshire. Blocks of been there


for the best part 15 years. They are at a point when the need millions


investing in them. If we spend that money, we will be able to continue


to let them. In actual fact, the demand for those properties has


dropped quite dramatically. High`rise living was popular when


first introduced in the UK, seen as a futuristic way of life. In recent


years, it has fallen out of fashion. Many, like these in Hull,


have already been pulled down. Bricks and mortar. I look at each


one of these as a street. We have got six Street here, and it is a


community. I will be listening to the residents over the next few


years to see what they want. I think it is shocking and they should not


do it. Why should we move? Why should we be demolished? The left


are always breaking down. The housing company are keen to stress


no decisions have yet been made. Tennant says they are already


worried they have lost their rooms with a view.


As well as these blocks, a number of other buildings will also be


demolished under these plans, and will create a huge open space in the


town centre. The housing company says it Will liars with the council


to see what they could do with the space `` it will liaise with the


council. If the plans are approved, all this could be levelled by 2018.


If you are in one of those blocks, or another one, you might have a


view. A road in an East Yorkshire village


is currently closed while police investigate what is


thought to be an explosive device. West Green in Pocklington shown here


has been cordoned off by Humberside Police who advise people


to avoid the area until the device Police say they've finished


their investigation into the deaths of three ship workers


in East Yorkshire on Monday. Officers say there were no


suspicious circumstances to the incident in


which the men died at Goole Docks. The case has now been passed to


the Marine Accident Investigation A decision will be made next week on


the future of Louth's cattle market. The land is owned by


East Lindsey District Council and senior councillors have


recommended selling it. All bids to buy


the cattle market have included plans for a supermarket on the site,


which campaigners say would damage The funeral has been held today for


one of Hull's oldest residents. Lily Harland was 107 when


she passed away last week. Sarah Walton has been to meet her


family. Family and friends gathered together


to say goodbye to Lily Harland. Born in Hull over a century ago,


she became one Up to her being about 98,


she wouldn't tell nobody her age. She didn't even


like you to mention it! When she got to 100, nearly 100,


she wasn't bothered. Born in 1907,


she was five when the Titanic sank. She remembered her father


and brothers going off to fight She lived through the reigns


of four monarchs, and was already in her late forties


when the Queen came to the thrown. And that Queen sent her not one


but four birthday telegrams, marking her 100th birthday, 105th


and every birthday since then. She never had children,


but leaves a big family. It's really nice because I hadn't


seen someone so old before, and I was just really grateful to


see someone so old like that. Family say her long life was


down to never smoking or drinking, and say today's ceremony was


a chance to remember and celebrate An important milestone has been


reached in the ?20`million restoration of Lincoln Castle. The


roof of the vault that will hold the city's original copy


of Magna Carta has been completed, and a topping out


ceremony was held earlier today. Next year is the 800th anniversary


of Magna Carta, the document which for the first time set out


some of the basic rights we still enjoy today. Jake Zuckerman


reports. Throughout its 1,000`year history,


Lincoln Castle has undergone n many Today is the latest ` a major


landmark in the ongoing building work ` with the topping out ceremony


for the new Magna Carta Centre. It's where Lincoln's precious


original copy of Magna Carta, one of only four in existence,


will be stored in a new climate`controlled security


vault where visitors can view it. It is state of the art. It has been


designed to fit into an area without intruding in the building. It might


not look like much now, but by next summer, this damp basement will be a


state`of`the`art cinema, where visitors will get full


interpretation of the history of the castle, and the Magna Carta. It is


about improving tourism for visitors on what it has been. It is a great


story. We want to be able to tell it.


Issued by King John in 1215, Magna Carta is a legal document


that played a key role in bristish, and even world history.


The people told the king his power was not limitless, that he had to


govern in accordance with the law. That has been the case ever since.


The work includes a new walkway and a refurbishment of the Victorian


prison. During the work new discoveries have


been made on site, including a Saxon This weekend the public will be able


to see for the first time some of the conservation work being


carried out on the prison. It's hoped that


the refurbishment will attract thousands of extra visitors to


the city, boosting the local economy The Lincolnshire inventor who says


his latest creation has turned Keep your pictures coming in. Chris


Robinson sent this one. Thank you for that. Another gloomy day. We can


get the forecast with Keely. I hope you have been missed into the


forecast. An e`mail, I saw Peter walking down Beverly Road in


appalling rain with no coat on, does he just look at Keely and pay no


attention? I think the answer is yes.


I got shouted out as well through the car window.


He told me last night that my sleeves were too short, so I paid


attention. The good news is, it will improve


tomorrow. After a dismal few days, it will be brighter and drier


tomorrow. It is all down to a bridge of high pressure, which will


dominate the weather, probably only Friday and Saturday before it is


more unsettled again. A lot of cloud about today. It is still producing


some pockets of light rain and drizzle, but the theme is things do


become drier. A largely dry nights to come but it will remain cloudy.


It will not be particularly cold. Temperatures staying mostly in


double figures. Ten is 50 Fahrenheit. I think the coast will


do best tomorrow. I largely dry day. A lot of cloud about. There


will be brighter spells. Hopefully some sunny spells, particularly


along the coastal strip. The good news is, it will feel milder. It has


been quite chilly over the last few days. Hopefully, it will be up to 15


or 16. 16 is 61 Fahrenheit. Further ahead into the weekend, Saturday


variable, large amounts of cloud. There will be the odd bright spell,


but these will spark of a fuel showers. Hopefully, we will get the


odd sunny spell. The, not a bad day but there will be some rain by the


end of the day. Next week, unsettled. Peter, you will need your


code. Somebody says, clearly none of that


is the highlight of the show. `` Keely is the highlight of the show.


We were swamped with responses from you on the issue of all women


shortlists. This followed last night's news that Austin Mitchell's


replacement as Labour Candidate in Grimsby will be a woman. There


has been criticism locally, but it's been defended by supporters.


There has been criticism locally, but it's been defended


The fact is, we've effectively had all`male


I recognise that some individual men may suffer as a result of this,


the same way many, many individual women suffered before that.


What I'd like to see is a situation where you twin constituencies,


That would bring women's representation up to 50%,


and that's much more than what we're currently doing.


Why did Labour introduce the short list? Well, the house of parliament


said `` the house of parliament was male dominated for many years. Some


people would say it still is. Labour thought of they could guarantee some


of their MPs were winning, it would lead to more women in Parliament.


That is what happened in 1997, the Blair babes. You can see them there,


record number of women MPs. It included the likes of people in


Lincolnshire, our region. The Conservatives and against all women


short lists. They say their selection process is based purely on


merit, whether you are a man or a woman, it should be the best person.


Any Tories point of example of Margaret Thatcher, who famously


handbags `` many Tories pointed to the example of Margaret Thatcher.


Liberal Democrats have said they might look at it if they fail to get


enough women MPs in the next election.


Thank you. It did not go down too well with many people last night.


Thank you for the e`mails and messages.


One of Scunthorpe United's promotion winning side has signed


Niall Canavan, here celebrating promotion, has agreed


He's hoping to make an impact next season which will be on League One.


Hull Kingston Rovers coach Craig Sandercock says it's too early


to say when Sean Gleeson will be cleared to play again.


Gleeson suffered a serious eye injury outside this


He remains under treatment at a hospital in the Wigan area.


Until we hear otherwise, we have to keep going the way we are.


Is he still in treatment in the hospital over there?


He's got a couple of significant appointments coming up and hopefully


Most of the tree carvings in the Avenues area


of Hull are to be removed because the wood is beginning to rot.They


were created by an artist in the year 2000


Now Hull City Council says woodworm has damaged the base


of the sculptures and they need to be cut down for safety.


One will remain and the local residents association


hopes the others can be preserved and sold at auction.


Scientists at the University of Lincoln say a robot they're


developing could act as a companion for people in the future.


MARC's been built using a 3D printer and cost ?1,000 to print.


He's being used to help scientists understand how relationships might


be developed between humans and robots in the future.


We have had a lot of reaction, people saying it looks like


terminator. Other people don't want to go near it. People can print one


of these themselves. The printer cost around ?400. Reprinted in cost


less than ?1000. You can have a fully autonomous companion.


And if you'd like to see a full report about MARC


then go to our Facebook page and follow the link to the story `


and while you're there "like" the page to receive regular news


He's an inventor from Stamford, and now an internet sensation.


Colin Furze currently holds the record for the world's fastest


And now he's created shoes which allow him impersonate


Crispin Rolfe has been taking a look at his handy work.


No, I can't move metal with my mind, but I could stick to it.


A plumber with world records to his name, including


But now he's out to impersonate super`heroes...not


with magic or mutancy, but with science.


I've seen people try and recreate Wolverine's claws.


So I thought I'd have a go at a couple of the characters.


walking on the ceiling! So how has Colin defied gravity?


I wanted to do Magneto cos he's one of my favourites.


strong enough to hold 80 kilograms?


I can't do that so I thought this idea of a magnetic shoes, so I could


It's interesting, cos being hung from your feet is very strange.


I can't do that so I thought this idea of a magnetic shoes, so I could


It's interesting, cos being hung from your feet is very strange.


Well, magnets, obviously, but in this case, how do you make one


I've seen on the internet someone make


I thought, that looks quite good, and from a little AA battery,


I could lift 50 pounds, so I went to the scrap yard,


picked some microwaves up, stripped them down, whacked


a car battery on them and couldn't pull it off this bit of metal.


So I just hung off it, and I'm like, there we go, there's the magnet's


So, as with every super`hero story, there's a moral.


Firstly, don't eat crisps upside down.


But probably more importantly, don't let anyone near your microwave


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


Letters letters between Tony Blair and George W Bush in the run`up to


the Iraq war will never be published in full. A warning for dog owners in


Lincolnshire as for animals as stolen. Tomorrow's weather:


a response on the subject of stolen dogs. Sue in Withernsea said, I had


a dog stolen by somebody walking into my house a few years ago.


since. It is heartbreaking. Sally says, alt. Should be microchip


and is now intact with the owner's telephone number on it. Tim says to


steal an animal is the same as taking a member of your family, the


people who do this are lowlife. Patricia says, I am the owner of a


problem that was stolen, it is not a brand like police say, what we have


to do to keep our pets safe? Thank you for both and for the stories


about how blocks. Thank you for


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