30/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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than 40,000 have made the journey so far this year. -- the number


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The family of a brain damaged teenager says


there needs to be better treatment for patients in Lincolnshire.


I hate to use the term postcode lottery but we are not in


A wet half term holiday leaves many tourist attractions counting


It's been devastating. It really has. It is soul`destroying.


You know, when you wake up in the morning


and the rain is clattering against your window, it's depressing.


While outdoor attractions have fared badly, there's better news


The Scunthorpe actor starring at one of the world's most famous


From the fields to the front line ` the farmers who drove their wagons


And the promise of better weather for the weekend.


It's almost a year since 16`year`old Ryan Smith


from Skegness suffered brain damage after he was knocked from his bike.


He's spent the last six months receiving treatment in Surrey


but now, as he's about to be sent back home, his parents have


criticised the level of care support available in Lincolnshire.


Ryan has been receiving therapy at a centre run by a charity


His family don't yet know what care could be offered closer to home.


Leaning forwards and pushing up on the legs, both of them.


Another huge step in Ryan Smith's progress during therapy sessions


It's hard to believe this was Ryan last December, only just beginning


When he first came to us, he had no head control and he was


Obviously, as you can see today, he has sitting balance.


Ryan was hit by a van last summer when cycling to work.


Six months on, his dad has accumulated 27,000 miles driving


There are a massive number of brain injuries within the county and the


You seem to have to fight for every grain of help, if you like.


Lincolnshire's branch of brain injury charity Headway says


the county is a black hole for these services.


But the Children's Trust say replicating


the Surrey centre would be a major challenge because of the need for


One child will have about 50 professionals, in the end,


So if you could replicate this you would find it incredibly expensive.


After six months here, Ryan is newly ready to leave the Children's Trust


in Surrey but his family home won't be modified until September and in


the meantime his family are worried about where he can be cared for.


There needs to be quick decisions made about Ryan's future


before he goes back to his family home and it's not acceptable that he


is expected to go home before the work has been completed.


Any uncertainty over where Ryan can continue his therapy will be tackled


in the usual positive way by both father and son.


And what position do we always like to come?


That winning attitude is definitely a big testament to Ryan's recovery.


Ryan's dad Mark Smith ending that report by Jill Archbold.


In a brief statement, the Lincolnshire East Clinical


Commissioning Group said they are urgently investigating Ryan's case


to try and find an acceptable solution.


I'm joined this evening by Luke Griggs who's from Headway, a charity


that works with families and their loved ones who have a brain injury.


Local police said the situation is not acceptable. The viral health


professionals failing to get to grips with what is needed? There is


a lack of qualified specialist clinicians to help the ball affected


by brain injuries. Both at the acute stage, where Ryan is, but also when


people have more moderate and minor brain injuries who need help. Those


professionals don't exist in the county. Is this case isolated? I


gather a Lincolnshire is a bit of a black hole. Mark was talking of a


postcode lottery and that is the case not just Lincolnshire at in the


UK. We have made great strides in treating brain injuries, people


getting better, have we not fast enough about the care and help these


recovering people need? Headway was founded in 1979 on those principles.


The 1970s saw a great improvement in neurosurgery but Headway was founded


because a life worth saving is a life worth living. With people


getting better, this will mean long`term and costly care. Should


that money be found by local authorities whatever the cost? It is


a false economy to cut back. It is a false economy not to give people


rehabilitation following brain injury. You enable them to relearn


skills and increase independence. Without the support, people will


need longer state support. Are there some families suffering in silence?


Yes. Charities like Headway are under increasing pressure to support


them. Unless we get help, these people will be cut out of society.


Specialist police officers are still at a building site in Pocklington,


to make sure an unexploded device is safe.


The object was found yesterday on a construction site at West Green.


Officers say there's not thought to be any risk to the public.


Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a Sheffield war


veteran, including servicemen from several RAF bases in Lincolnshire.


George Thompson, who fought in the Second World War,


He had no family but the RAF started a social media campaign to give him


So many people turned up to the funeral that loudspeakers had to


Grimsby's skyline could be changing with the news that six of the town's


700 people still call them home but if the plans go ahead


the first residents could be moving out by the end of the year.


This is a story you contacted us on after last night's programme.


Stewart got in touch ` Grimsby's tower blocks need to come down.


Managers at one of the region's top tourist


attractions say the wet weather during the bank holiday week has had


Levels of rainfall have left many businesses who rely on tourism,


The manager of Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes says they're now


counting the cost of three days of heavy rain.


But there have been some winners too.


The Pleasure Island says this is numbers are down. We have thousands


of people to catch up on compare to do next year. When you wake up and


the brain is clattering against your window, it is depressing. It is


financially and emotionally devastating and it is hard work.


Wins seaside attractions don't bring visitors, local businesses also feel


it. We anticipated lots of business but the rain came and what could we


do? It is not just coastal resorts. Beverley races was called off due to


a waterlogged course. The school half term is an important week for


tourism,. The industry is worth billions. It also employs around


250,000 people. It was nice weather for ducks and fish. We have had a


great week. 42% more than we thought. We have had penguins just


recently and the weather has been wet, which is good for us as an


indoor attraction. Families we spoke to explain how the weather is a


decider when it comes to half term. We went to one place and it was a


wash`out. It has been raining. When the weather is bad, mostly indoor


staff. With a brighter weekend forecast, outdoor attractions will


Phillip is live at one of East Yorkshire's big tourist events


tonight ` the '80s pop star Paul Young is playing in Burton Agnes.


It seems like it has been a mixed picture this week. The sun is


finally shining. But organisers took a gamble especially whether the rain


in the last few days. It looks like it has paid off. A few thousand


visitors tonight and tomorrow. Pleasure Island say they are 4000


visitors down on the same period last year. That impact the amount of


money coming in. The half term holiday is seen as a crucial window


for the tourist industry. Paul Young is on stage tonight. Katherine


Jenkins tomorrow night. Lots of strawberries have been ordered in.


Everything sourced from local suppliers. Events like this are


important for tourism and the local economy.


How do you attract visitors to our area in the rain?


What's your idea of a good day out with the family when it's raining?


If you are correct we will have some tweets before we finish.


The Scunthorpe actor starring at one of the world's most famous


The men who drove their wagons from the farms of East Yorkshire to


The stunning view over Louth town centre from St James Church tower.


You have been nice to me this week. As a reward you can come to my


barbecue this weekend. There is a lady who is looking forward to


seeing you. Things are looking up.


What time should I tell my Gran you will be there?


Did I just walk into a trap? Hopefully the weekend will be nice.


Tomorrow, variable cloud. That is the theme for Saturday and Sunday.


It won't be all sunshine but we should see some sunny spells. We


have high pressure building so some fine conditions. Low pressure will


push in from the west with more unsettled conditions from Monday


onwards. We had quite a lot of cloud today. The coast and eastern areas


have had the best sunny breaks. This evening and overnight will stay


largely drive. The East will have the better breaks in the clouds so


it will be cooler towards the coast. Inland and the cloudier skies will


make it warmer. Tomorrow, variable amounts of cloud. It will be bright


and it will break in places to allow the sun. Hopefully most places will


stay dry but take an umbrella because there could be one or two


white showers throughout the day. Temperatures were they should be for


the time of year. 16 or 17 Celsius. It will feel pleasant end brighter


spells. A better chance of sunshine on Sunday. Unsettled next week.


Your Gran will tell you off for publicly the mill eating me. ``


humiliating. One's set in Bangladesh,


the other in Leeds. But they both star Naj Modak,


an actor from Scunthorpe. He's back in the town


after seeing the films on show at the famous Cannes Film Festival


in the south of France last week. This report does contain


some flash photography. Shongram, a romantic drama based


in Bangladesh in 1971. And Eight, a short film set during


the Tudor period, shot in Leeds. They were both showcased


at the Cannes Film Festival and both He was there promoting


Eight last week. It is amazing being there as a fan


and also as an actor. I got to have meetings with


people like Universal, Fox. I have other meetings


scheduled to go ahead. Naj played a doctor in Shongram


and a character called Lord Carter Which film did you did you enjoy


making the most and One is working with struggling,


up`and`coming actors who are trying The other one is with


established actors. Naj wasn't


the only Scunthorpe actor rubbing Ian Sharp's movie, Pleasure Island,


was also screened as part It was filmed in Cleethorpes


and Grimsby. For a lad from Scunthorpe,


I'll never get bored of this. It will always be overwhelming


the matter how many times, if I'm Naj says his


and Ian's success shows how much He first studied acting at


North Lindsey College. There's local production companies


and it's just fantastic to see people who want to try hard


and aim high and work hard and get the right training and they can


achieve as much as they want to. After its screening


at Cannes, Naj says there's now been some interest in turning Eight


into a feature film. While Shongram will be released


next month in some UK cinemas. The coach of Hull FC, Lee Radford,


has admitted that his team's performances this season


have not been good enough. The Black


and Whites have failed to win away but they'll try again tomorrow with


a trip to bottom club London. Our sports reporter Simon Clark


looks at their prospects and sees if their rivals Hull KR can make it


three wins in a row. Just as he was as a player


Lee Radford took on media questions He's sincere when he says


his team have not been good enough Can you say why you have not won


yet? We haven't taken teams to the sword


when we needed to. Hopefully we will get this right this Saturday.


Hull at least showed signs of a revival when they took


on leaders Leeds especially with the way they scored their


consolation try but the fact remains Hull are outside the play`off zone


Hull FC face tricky weeks ahead given they are largely moving


between their training ground and away fixtures up and down the


country. It is imperative they get their away form sorted out as soon


as possible. From where we are to fifth place, it is six points, it's


nothing. little things in his game. But for


Hull FC it will be a good weekend. The Wagoners were farmers who were


used to bring horse`drawn wagons with supplies of food


and ammunition to the front line. As the BBC's partnership with


the Imperial War Museums continues, Jo Makel reports on the impact


of war here at home. for a training ground for soldiers


yet the men who laboured here were The owner of Sledmere House,


Sir Mark Sykes, could see conflict A veteran of the Boer War,


he knew transport would be vital. The only place


in the country that was still using Sir Mark saw there was a reserve


of skilled drivers that had the kind Sir Mark convinced the War Office


and recruited more than 1000 men Unlike other volunteers,


these men wouldn't need months This was all about the skills


of driving and working with horses and they had trained for that every


day of their lives, working Driving competitions helped


recruitment. Farmhands who signed up


in 1913 were paid a pound a year. Easily earned with


the promise to fight. A lot of it probably would be


for King and country but I also suspect it was something


of an adventure for them. They spend most of their life


in East Yorkshire and focused their life on their work and their horses


and the farms on which they worked. When war was declared,


things moved quickly. We had stories of them being served


their papers in the harvest fields and they left the fields and came


to Sledmere and they would be off. They ceased to become Special


Reservists and they were in the He took barbed wire, provisions,


ammunition to the front. At times he had to sleep


in derelict buildings. Sometimes they wouldn't get the


chance to wash or clean themselves. It really was prevalent,


especially in the trenches. The main priority


for them was to make sure the horses were fed and sometimes that was


at the expense of their own food. They made sure


the horses were well`kept, Ted's grandfather Arthur Brown even


won the Meritorious Service Medal after an attack


which blew him off his wagon. He stayed to calm


the other one down. They were shouting get in,


get in the trench. He didn't. He stayed with his horse for the


next 45 minutes, keeping it calm. His main thought was for his horse,


not his own life. The men from the farms had proved


their worth During the war,


he visited them in France and afterwards designed a special


monument to stand in Sledmere Sadly, Sir Mark Sykes died before


the building work was complete. It must be one of the most


original war memorials we have. Its elaborate design is perhaps


testament to just how highly he regarded the men who served with


the Wolds Wagoners. And BBC Radio Lincolnshire and


BBC Radio Humberside will have more on the impact of the war


at home tomorrow morning And you can find out more


about how the war affected where you Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. The number of migrants reaching


Europe illegally rises genetically. More than 40,000 have made the


journey so far this year, often using people smugglers.


The father of a brain damaged teenager criticises


the level of treatment available for his son in Lincolnshire.


Variable, often large amounts of cloud, though some bright spells.


A light west wind and a highs of 17 Celsius.


That is 63 Fahrenheit. Emma on the spec says of Ryan


Smith's care concerns, I agree with his family. Patricia says the lack


of available caring ligature is down to government funding, not allowing


local councils the cash needed. On the half term wash`out, Chris says


walking through Maplethorpe there were a lot of people about but


places had their shutters up. We remarked that they would moan about


not making money. You have to be open to catch the trade.


Good night.


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