31/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


The lowest paid workers at Hull City Council are still not


being paid the living wage more than a year after the authority said it


Senior councillors say unions didn't want the issue included in pay


negotiations, but union officials say it should be introduced.


The GMB union protesting in Hull today, part


of a campaign to encourage retailer Next to pay workers a living wage.


They warned Hull City Council could be next.


The GMB is nationally campaigning against Next,


and local authorities and other multinational companies who are


Some of them are avoiding paying tax and not paying their workface


Employers are obliged by law to pay the minimum wage,


A living wage, which is based on the basic cost


117 local councils have agreed to pay the living wage to


their employees and just over one year ago, Hull City Council said it


The commitment from ourselves as the Labour administration is to uplift


the lowest paid staff in Hull, which is the right thing to do and


14 months on, and with the cost of living


continuing to rise, the authority still hasn't brought in the policy.


The union has asked us to take that particular part of the terms and


conditions proposal off the table and it is not as daft as it sounds


because what they are saying is that most people would have benefited


from that increase that we are proposing.


to lose working family tax credits with a partial implementation


so they have asked us to take it off the table and bring it back


when we are in a position to implement it in full.


The GMB maintain the living wage is needed but accept


That may be an unfortunate situation but that


When you get to a threshold, there are always winners and losers and


that may well be the case but for the vast majority of people, they


Both the unions and the council agree that the


But many of those who work in the lowest paid jobs with


the authority will be wondering just how long it will take.


Campaigners fighting to stop 30 Lincolnshire libraries from being


run by volunteers rather than the council have set up a fighting fund.


Save Our Lincolnshire Libraries Group is going to court in July to


They've received a donation of ?1,000.


Lincolnshire County Council says the changes will save ?2 million


In Rugby League, Hull FC ended a run of four straight


defeats as they won away at the London Broncos this afternoon.


Callum Lancaster and Joe Westerman scored two tries each


It was Hull's first away win for nine months.


Hull Kingston Rovers can move into the top eight in Super League


The Robins are unbeaten in their last three matches and scored nine


tries during last week's win over the London Broncos, but they're


aware how difficult tomorrow's trip to Castleford will be.


They are a little Jack in the box, to be honest.


Fourth at the minute, playing outstanding rugby because they are


playing smart, great completion rates, don't miss many tackles.


Don't give away many penalties and if they have got


the ball all the time, they are going to score and play well.


They have scored some surprise wins and no one can knock them


because they deserve to be where they are and we know it is going to


Lincolnshire rider Guy Martin has finished second in the TT Superbike


race on the Isle of Man this afternoon.


Michael Dunlop from Northern Ireland was the winner of the 226`mile race.


It was Guy Martin's 14th podium finish and he says he has no


complaints after being beaten by his younger rival.


I will go to bed tonight, I could not have done any more.


I was having moments, front end, sliding in the rear,


it is not like, I should have done this, could have done that.


If ifs and buts were pots and pans we would all be scrap


As we head to this evening, a fair bit of cloud, the odd risk of


shower but for most it will be dry and overnight will have variable


Where we have clearer skies, temperatures will drop


There could be a little bit of mist tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow morning has a fine start, dry, bright, plenty of sunshine,


the further towards the coast you are you will hold onto


Hello. So far, so good. Most of us have had a dry start of the weekend.


Some of us will be turning wetter tomorrow. For that change we look to


the far north-west of the UK. Overnight into western Scotland,


thicker cloud. Patchy hybrids of rain moving in. Some of that


reaching Northern Ireland late in the night. Elsewhere, dry. Where you


are clear, you will see some patchy mist and fog developing.


Temperatures just over a single figures. There will be a different


look to the weather across the western side of the UK. Western


coast 's of England and Wales, so much sunshine today. More cloud


around, maybe a hint of drizzle. In the evening we will start to see our


bricks of rain. Central and eastern England will see a fair amount of


morning sunshine. Southern and eastern Scotland, a dry start. For


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, not just goal, but rampant


places to begin the day. Easier when you have rain, the temperature held


down. There will be low is in the rain, especially in Northern


Ireland. In the afternoon we'll see


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