01/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's it for us. More than 100 people have attended


a service in North Lincolnshire to remember


those who died in one the biggest Prayers were said for the 28 people


who died in the Flixborough Disaster Remembering the 28 men who lost


their lives just a short distance It was 40 years ago today


when the Nypro chemical works The blast so devastating, almost


2,000 homes nearby were damaged. So loud, it was heard 30


miles away in Grimsby. For those who lost family,


friends and colleagues, A policeman stopped me, gave me ID,


let me through. Anything you had seen


during the war was nothing compared And all the way coming, I said to


my husband, I can't do this. You can do it.


But I miss him. When you hear the names read out,


you can't help but be affected I think it has been really nice.


It is nice for the families. They put on a lovely,


lovely service. And it brought back


all those memories. Around 150 people attended today's


service, which offered prayers Remembering one of north


Lincolnshire's darkest days. A man's in a critical condition


in hospital after being found with head injuries in North Somercotes


in the early hours of this morning. The 43`year`old is being treated


in hospital in Grimsby A 25`year`old man has been arrested


and police are appealing Farmers say more people are choosing


to breed traditional Lincolnshire The Lincoln Red Cattle Society says


it has seen numbers massively increase in recent years,


as people discover how cheap and easy the cows are to keep.


Jessica Lane has more. Alan has been breeding Lincoln


red cattle for 11 years. It is the traditional breed which is


seeing an increase in popularity. These big Continental breeds,


they are expensive to run. The native breeds are durable, they


will produce 10 or more calfs in a lifetime and you can feed them on


grass all summer and silage and hay They need


a little more than that really. 10 years ago, the


Lincoln Red Cattle Society had 45 Last year, the society had 240


members and there were 4000 animals. Some say that could partly be


because people are more keen to buy local meat after tests last year


found horse in a number of products We saw a great resurgence


of people going much more local for their food and perhaps shunning


more processed and frozen foods We have seen the resurgence


of the Hereford Breed for example and Aberdeen Angus, which are


ubiquitous in our supermarkets. What we need to see more of is named


breeds so that people actually know they are buying Lincoln red,


or Aberdeen Angus or Hereford. The Lincoln Red Cattle Society say


the breed has a strong history locally


and this renewed interest could mean Time for the weather now with


Keeley Donovan. I hope you have enjoyed


the sunshine today. A lot more cloud


around this coming week and we are going to start to see it


edging eastwards through the course A largely dry night to come,


not a cold one, temperatures dropping back to 12 or


13 degrees, 13 is 55 Fahrenheit. You may start


off the day with some early brightness, things going downhill,


thicker cloud spreads from the west and gradually through the day the


cloud will produce patchy rain and Temperatures tomorrow reaching


16 degrees, 61 Fahrenheit. We're back in the morning


at 6:25am. Good night. Hope you had a nice weekend, it was


a warm and sunny one across central and eastern areas. A different story


out west with signs of change. It will be a different week this week


with some rain around. Some sunshine too. For a time, it will feel a good


deal cooler. There is a complicated cold front


producing patchy rain in the west right now. Sharp bursts in the


northern half of the UK. A drier night further east. The front will




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