02/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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city council in whole clashes with the unions over plans to cut opening


hours in the museums and libraries. Once you start taking one hour here


and one another the, it is the beginning of the end. If we want a


successful high Street, we need to have businesses in the, shops and


the other that cater for the community. And the criminal, the


Grimsby sea captain who had an agonising choice during World War I.


And the noisy peacocks that have divided and Yorkshire village. The


very latest weather forecast coming up later.


Good evening. In two and a half years Hull time, will be the City of


Culture. But today, museum workers are being asked to take industrial


action over cuts to services across the city. The council saving it to


find ?150,000 of savings from the culture budget, but unions argue it


is an area which needs to be protected ahead of the City of


Culture year. Museums are all free in the city. There is a wide`ranging


offer, bringing people into the city. At the moment, the council


spends ?2.5 million on heritage. They say they have to cut back


?150,000. That means reductions to some of the cultural services. The


unions say it is worrying for a place which will soon call itself


the City of Culture. Once you start taking a few hours here, half a day


here, it is the beginning of the end. We want the ?150,000 to be


found. We believe it can be found. The Heritage Museum is now only


opening once a fortnight for four hours. The consultancy they have had


to make difficult decisions to keep all museums free. It does not look


good, because we are the City of Culture inner couple of years time


and we are having to cut hours. The factors, the government are


insisting that the bag. So, how does the city compare with others? It


invests 44p per person per week in arts and culture in fourth place


with regard to that all over England. People in the city said


cutting opening times was bad news for visitors. If they are open for


longer, you will attract more people. I would rather pay in a


better be a better experience than not pay and how to worry about the


times. This should be keeping them open longer. Union members will


receive ballot papers early next month. The council say they have


done all they can to minimise cuts and strike action will make no


difference. I spoke to the trade union representative earlier. I'd


ask them if reducing the opening times for the history museum was a


sensible move. No, it is not. People are prepared to take industrial


action to save their jobs and keep the museums open. A high take action


over such a small issue? It may be a small issue to some people, but not


to others. Are you fighting over jobs because you feel the museum


should stay open, despite the fact very few people use it? We want to


keep museums open. We will be the city of culture in three years time.


We have one of the higher spends on museums and the country. The council


has to makes savings and surely it is clear that every area takes the


Ayrshire? Yes, we understand that. But we believe they could find the


?150,000 needed to keep it open. The museum is not that we'll used. We


will of people coming to the city and people will want to see the


culture of the city. If you had a choice between keeping a purely used


museum open and cuts to front line services, for which you choose? That


is for the council to decide, not for me. But that is the choice,


isn't it? That is the surgeon. We have got to make a lot of cuts. They


have got cuts from central government and we affect understand


that. Our members have taken cuts in the terms and conditions. But surely


they need you to back them? You are not doing that, you are making an


awkward. We are not making an awkward. We are there to support our


members in their hour of need. The museum members of the museum members


of said it will the museum opened and we will back them doing that.


Would you stop free museums and make people to pay into them? That is not


our decision. Our reunions right. Should the city be protecting its


cultural heritage onto these cuts need to be made to balance the


budget? Should museums be protected at whatever cost. Here are the


contact details: I look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment, a former television dragon who has raised money for


sport relief and today he shared some of his business secrets.


Shoppers in Scunthorpe same morning needs to be done to save stores from


closing down in the town centre. The comments come as the more shops are


closing. North Lincolnshire Council said it has responded by providing


free parking and bringing new investment to the town. It is busy


on the high street, but some shops are shouting and struggling in


Scunthorpe. Marks Spencer left the tone and others are no closing. A


local farmers also set to join the list. 50% of the outlets are either


empty or about to be empty. The head of the chamber of trade thinks


things will get worse. There are virtually 50% empty here. We have


not got it right. The intimate and people shopping out of town, it is


the final nail in the Coffin. Walking around the town centre,


there are many empty premises ready to be let, but it is not all bad


news. There are still shop owners who will take the risk on the high


Street. Ella opened her shop three weeks ago and said, so far, business


has been good. A lot of businesses have been complaining, but we have


is future plan in place to be flexor flexible, to address many of our


trains are coming in. High Street shops are always about addressing


the needs of the community. You need to have businesses in the catering


for the community because of the convenience. The council say they


are helping the town centre, with free parking at certain times in new


investment in the area. Old town centres are having difficulty. But


we are doing a lot in Scunthorpe. We want a vibrant town centre. We


wanted to offer something different and unique.


want a vibrant town centre. We wanted to offer And the landlords


have to encourage more businesses to stay open. It seems only the


strongest will survive, with more challenges to come when this new


out`of`town development opens its doors. The council is remaining


optimistic about the future? Is that she had both people and the tone? As


you say, the council say they are trying to get people into Scunthorpe


spending. But this is the next big challenge. This huge new development


on the Scott and Scots of the town is attracting big names into the


town, but probably are coming to Scunthorpe, they are staying on the


outskirts. One shop owner said they are not worried because the high


Street offer something different for people without cars, for example.


But they know they will have to get the shoppers who come here into the


town centre and spending on the high street if it is to survive. Another


issue you might wish to comment on. Just a reminder of the contact


details. Some more news now. Police are continuing to question a


25`year`old man in connection with an incident in North Somercotes. And


manners been treated for a head injury. Officers were called in the


early hours of Sunday morning. The official reopening of the Roman arch


to place this afternoon. The meal of Lincoln cut the regiment, with


renovation starting last year, with more than half the stones needing


replaced. They say it is an important landmark to the city. The


whole Kingston Rovers centre has been forced to retire at the age of


26. He was forced to retire after suffering an eye injury after an


incident outside the nightclub. On the field, his club came back to


earth with a bump when they lost to Castleford. Hull Have finally won


away from home. Hull Kingston Rovers had been moving along quite nicely


this season until Castleford get in the way. This season 's surprise


team were at it again. Time after time, the men in blue had


no and so to the running and finishing of the Yorkshire side. A


couple of tries were mere consolation in the 54`12 defeat. How


Kingston Rovers were not help by a red card for the centre. A qualified


civil engineer, he has been out with the show to see one of the great


Yorkshire projects, the Humber Bridge. It is an amazing project. It


is something I look forward to being a part of when I finish. I wanted to


go and have a look at it. Means well, neighbours Hull said they


would put right the waveform Andy Murray as good as their word.


Without a win away from home all season, they were expected to win


and in this game against London, they did so with plenty to spear.


They racked up 50 points. Youngster Calum Lancaster get two of the


tries. There is more of the action for the look out events off the


field at 11:30pm on BBC One tonight. Thank you for your company tonight.


Still ahead: The unusual garden visitors whose call is dividing a


community. They eat certain flowers and make that awful noise.


Yes, a high`pitched whine still to come, and also the peacocks! .


Here are some photographs taken. Thank you very much for these. Good


evening, young man. How did the core school? It was really good. I got a


message saying, we were in Torquay last week and met Paul. We were


doing the Jurassic Coast fossil hunting, which made me think of you,


finally enough! Tomorrow's forecast this stunning


rather bad after a bright start. We can see the shower is beginning to


move in this evening into western areas. We had high temperatures of


20 degrees, but the showers while meandering north east. Quite a


showery night to come. Here are the sunrise times. The next time what


time is about quarter past ten. I suspect it will be quite a cloudy


and damp start across all parts, with patchy rain appealing. This guy


gradually brightening up, with some sunshine breaking through in the


afternoon. It could trigger some sharp showers. Nevertheless, there


should be some dire conditions around. Very pleasant in the


sunshine. High temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow


evening, it is looking fine, with some sunshine and scattered showers


moving out that way. On Wednesday, there is a bit of uncertainty about


the positioning of varying, but potentially it could be very way,


with persistent and heavy local rain. But Thursday looks dry and


warm, afraid it much the same, with the odd bit of patchy rain later in


the day. Fossil hunting in Devon! The joy of it.


The great`grandson of the trawler captain from Grimsby left a German


to to die at sea has left apologise for his grandfather 's actions. He


did not want to rescue the crewmen because he was worried that the meat


over power his own crew. The story is now being told in a documentary.


Visiting the grave of his great`grandfather, there is no


headstone, just flowers planted a hundred years after his death. It is


believed he wanted to remain anonymous. He had a story to tell


which divided opinion. I think he was the man in the wrong place at


the wrong time and effort to tap into someone else, for with the have


done? William Martin was the skipper of a Grimsby troller and on the 2nd


of February 1916, he was involved in one the most notorious incidents of


the First World War. The stroller came across the remains of a cached


German airship. He could either CVE in our leave them to dive. He


refused to rescue them and the old Rome. Now, the family want to know


why he did what he did. His great`grandson a journey to find out


more about the man who is called a war criminal by some. You can


imagine the slimming up in front of you receive. You know it has brought


a lot of destruction on towns across Britain. You are confronted by the


people operating this killing machine. Do you let them aboard your


vessel? This is where the Zeppelin was based, end it will jump. He has


come to find out more about the men who lost their lives. The captain of


the Zeppelin gave his word of honour, as an officer, that he would


not do anything to have tricked the man. That should be enough, but of


course we cannot prove that now. The historian made me realise that there


are one or two things that are quite upsetting. Whatever his


great`grandson 's father 's reasons, that still feels an apology should


be made. If I could make amends, I would. All I can do is offer my


sincere apologies to the family. William died a year later, said to


be a broken man. He made an agonising decision at the time of


war. His family hope he can now finally be at peace. There is more


in the story later on at 7:30 p.m.. And you rode on a housing


development in Lincolnshire has been named after a former worker at the


site. It commemorates Steve, who passed away in 2009 after battling


skin cancer. His family visited the site for the ceremony. It is a


massive fauna run a real privilege. We are extremely grateful for the


brilliant gesture they have shown to our family. Steve was a former


employee and worked here for four years. He was a conscientious


hard`working member of the team and what we have decided to do, very


uniquely, is mainly a road after him, to keep the his memory going.


One of Britain's most successful businessmen has been on a sharing


his knowledge with local companies. He started the 10th annual conger


week. Theo Is best known for his judging on dried Spain.


Good to meet you. What is your name? Good to meet you. How old are you,


Amelia? Eight. I am a lot older than you. You saw poverty first`hand


earlier this year and that must have been quite an eye opener. Do you


agree with experts who say we are out of recession? We have been out


of recession for years, but the figures take a foil to catch up.


Businesses have grown and we have Sean profits coming through. The


great thing about this particular recession is that we managed to keep


unemployment down and interest rates down. What we have not been able to


do is reduce the and that still hangs over is.


own shops, you could not need to hire people to open them. That would


be a good idea. But I time off to concentrate on my businesses. But I


am doing a monthly slot on television. How about going on


strictly come dancing? I do not think


sleep, because they are very noisy. They eat certain flowers and make


that awful noise. Who could complain about these beautiful creatures is


ridiculous. I want long gone, but I do not want any more than we have


got. They are dividing the community. A human show registers at


70 decibels, all these sounds and clock sounds 115 decibels, rate at


the threshold of what anyone can put up with. So what is the solution?


The birds are not protected, so could be culled, but that is not an


option the parish council want to take. Especially since the peacocks


have the supporters. Yes, they make a noise and the mess, but they are


beautiful. If someone can come up with a sensible solution, the parish


council would be very interested in hearing from them. One stately home


that is nearest is up to its size in peacocks. Most daily homes also have


gardens only one kept in good condition and the peacocks


unfortunately do have a tendency to trash the gardens. Unfortunately,


the birds can also live until they are about 40, so it would be a


long`term problem. It is now five minutes to seven. Here are the main


headlines. Reports of alleged abuse by Jimmy Savile no total 500. Whole


city council clashes with the museums over plans to cut opening


hours. Tomorrow, brightening up with sunny spells, with high temperatures


in the afternoon of 18 Celsius. No, a big response with regard to the


museums. Andrew says, if the council looked after the finances better,


they would not have to make these cuts. The museums are great. Another


says, either charge for entry and the museums over to private


enterprise. Another says, if people come to the city, we want them to


spend money. In Holland, Amsterdam has a ticket which you buy for


museums. It gives you an incentive to buy and also to see all of the


museums. Thank you very much for these and thank you for watching. I


will be back tonight just after the ten o'clock national news. Goodbye


for now.


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