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That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me. On


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Campaigners say they'll fight new plans to breed dogs for animal


"Refer a friend" bonuses to help recruit nurses at a Lincolnshire


The development that's splitting a town `


mixed emotions as a supermarket for Louth moves a step closer.


The student from Hull who became one of the most important secret


A company that wants to breed hundreds of dogs for animal research


in East Yorkshire is challenging a decision which means they can't


broadcast secret messages to France came from man here at the University


Councillors rejected the plans from B and K Universal,


despite advice from officers that they should accept them.


The company currently buys in puppies and rears them on site.


Over 40,000 people signed a petition against their plans last year.


Our Rural Affairs correspondent Paul Murphy reports.


Once again the battle lines are being drawn. Many here are concerned


about what they say is an industrial development in a peaceful, rural


area. It is inappropriate, if you look at all of the times that the


applications have been turned down, it is pretty much always about the


appropriateness of an industrial place in a tiny hamlet like this.


Six months ago East Riding Council rejected the expansion plans to


breed animals on site. Under law it could only consider planning issues


such as potential noise and not the ethics of animal testing. Many do


have concerns about the use of dogs in medical research. I am surprised


that they have appealed and I am glad they have appealed because it


has put the company once again in this hot plate and they have shot


themselves in the foot. `` in the spotlight. In essence, the planning


application is for a facility which will allow the company to reach dogs


one time. The company says that the one time. The company says that the


animals that supplies are used in vital research at that the new


facility will not increase local traffic or noise. They say that


without it the future of the operation will be put in doubt. The


third option would be to go to a more progressive local authority. A


lot of work for local contractors. The planning issues in this appeal


will now go before the planning expect it.


I'm joined by Wendy Jarrett who's from the group


Do you except that if we want to use animals for research then we need to


use animals that we are less emotional about. There is a lot of


work in `` being done to find alternatives to using animals. It is


legal in the UK to do research on animals if that is not deal the


option. Is enough being done to explore the alternatives? Millions


of pounds are being invested every year. The number of dogs used in


research has dropped by 40% since 2001, so there is a lot happening


but we are still not there yet. We have not found every alternative for


every use of every animal. It is an emotive issue. Do you understand why


animal lovers do not want animals to suffer in pain. Absolutely. There


are not kept in isolation, they are always group to when it is possible,


they are not hurt, anaesthetics and painkillers are used whenever


are already bred in the UK, is there are already bred in the UK, is there


a demand for more? Does that mean that we will not look at turn it as


if we're just able to bring more dogs on. At the moment the dogs that


are used in the UK are used for a regulatory requirements, it is the


law that any new medicine has to be tested on at least two species of


animal, I wouldn't and a larger non`rodent animal, in the UK that is


usually a dog. At the moment the UK does not breed enough dogs to be


used for all that I needed. A quarter are still being imported


from abroad and that involves long plane journeys from the USA or other


places. I would like to throw this one open, let me know what you think


about it. A health trust which covers parts


of Lincolnshire is offering cash incentives to staff to attract more


nurses. Hospital managers at Peterborough


and Stamford NHS Trust say if employees can successfully


recruit a nurse they'll get three There are currently more than 140


vacancies to fill, but The Royal College of Nursing


says it shows desperation. Leanne Brown is here.


How is this going to work? The trust which runs the hospital is


struggling to attract nurses, like many across the UK. In the past they


have gone to Italy, Romania and Spain to try to find recruits. But


the latest idea is to offer cash incentives to current staff to see


if they can help. It will work like this. If you were a permanent member


of staff and you introduce someone as a nurse you will get ?200 if they


are taken on. If they stay for 12 months then you will get another


?150 and the recruit will also get 100 pounds. But the Royal College of


Nursing is not convinced and says that there are better ways of doing


things. This looks like a gimmick to me. If we look at the real reasons


that will attract staff nurses to a hospital people want to see that


they will have good employment conditions, flexibility in their


working, investment in their career development, opportunity for


training. An organisation that listens to them, those are the key


sorts of factors which both keep hold of the staff that you have got


but will also attract people in. The hospital has defended the plan and


said that it is a creative way of maintaining staffing levels. It may


appear to be desperate but in the context of the situation as far as


qualified nurses are concerned, every hospital has vacancies, we


want the best standard. There was a mixed response to the news on the


streets today. There is not enough money to do that sort of thing.


Given that we're supposed to be so poor and sold short of funds


publicly, where are we going? If they are struggling to find people


then exposed gives them a bit of incentive that you have to make


Humberside Police underwater search unit removed the body of a man


from the water in Queens Gardens this afternoon.


an incident in North Somercotes in the early hours of Sunday morning.


He appeared before magistrates in Skegness this morning.


Senior councillors have approved the sale and redevelopment of Louth


Cattle Market. The land is owned by East Lindsey District Council which


has received 15 bids for the site, all from supermarkets. Earlier I


spoke to Leslie Harrison Wiseman, who is in favour of a supermarket,


and Anne McDonald from the Keep Louth Special group, and started by


asking Anne whether they were going to give up their fight to stop a


We could've just look at the decision today and decided to sell


it. We have not done that. We have decided to take it to cancel to be


fully debated. It is not that clear yet. The executive board has said


that they want the supermarket... The site to be sold to supermarket,


but we are still waiting for the scrutiny committee to report to the


council and that is not until the end of July. Those are against it


can afford to shop in the independent shops, those who cannot


afford it have to go to Grimsby. I do not know about you, but in a big


supermarket I spend more than I should do. I have to watch my


pennies as well. You cannot assume that certain people can afford and


others cannot. White ash max. Why do you think that people are in favour?


This is a massive site. It has potential for a larger supermarket


for the people of this town who can then link their shopping habits and


go into for the people of this town who can


then town and super `` and shop at the other retailers. You worried


that the town will lose its distinctive appeal? Not in the


slightest. Lots of the shops are closing and we do not even have a


larger supermarket at the moment. If we do not get something then Louth


is going downhill fast. Louth is going downhill fast, that is a fair


point, isn't it? Not really. I looked at the empty shops as well


and what people do not realise is that when a


looked at the empty shops as well and shop comes empty before it can


be fitted for the other person they have to sort rarely said, that could


be a three`month delay. A while ago there were a few fair shops but they


have now been taken over. be a three`month delay. A while ago


there were a few fair shops I cannot see anybody banging on the gates of


Louth to say, let us come in and open up an independent


see anybody banging on the gates of Louth shop. Until we do something to


make people realise that they can come into Louth and open an


individual shop they are not going to. And personally I think that a


large supermarket will make able thing, yes, Louth's economic 's is


good, let us try to open a shop there as well. Want to do is open,


people will use the supermarket. Some people will use it. I am on a


budget and I think that shopping in a supermarket ends up being more


expensive. The local retailers sell good produce and it is good value


for money. You must be celebrating tonight. We are very happy,


definitely. We have to make for the final vote `` wait for the final


vote. Thank you. Still ahead: The whole she couldn't


whose work was vital to the D`day landings.


Keep your pictures coming in. This is from one of her viewers...


One viewer has said that they went to see Katherine Jenkins, she was


fantastic, but they spotted Peter trying to take a photograph, peering


over the fence! It will be cloudy and cool with rain


at times. So much for the hot weather.


With the warmth is the risk of scattered thundershowers. Some sunny


spells, especially across Lincolnshire. That seems to have


triggered one or two sharp downpours. The shower is pushing


across Lincolnshire and then cloud thickening from the south. Patchy


By the end of the native looks quite By the end of the native looks quite


damp, with the lowest temperature around you. The sun rises in the


morning at 4:35am. These are the next high water times. Tomorrow is a


cloudy day, a cool day compared with recent days, there will be outbreaks


of rain, some of that rain could turn out to be persistent and heavy


with some mistiness over the tops of the hills and along the coast, so


really not a pleasant prospect. Let us take a look at the highest


temperatures we are expecting, only around 13 or 14 Celsius. Well below


average for June. That rain will continue into Wednesday evening and


Wednesday nights. First thing on Thursday morning the rain will be


out of the way. Temperatures rise into the weekend, but Saturday in


particular sees a risk of scattered rain.


I am sorry I thought that the yellows and oranges meant hot.


From your skin colour prospect of! A man, recently diagnosed with a


muscle`wasting disease has completed his 215`mile coast`to`coast


wheelchair challenge in Hornsea. Roy Taylor,


who works on RSPB sites around the Humber, has been highlighting


access problems in the countryside He's travelled through


East Yorkshire this week I will get through... For Roy


Taylor, this was one journey that one year ago he would never have


expected to make. Diagnosed with watery neurone disease insert


timber, he is now largely I am alive when I am outdoors, my


accesses restrict it. Everyone should have the right to be


outdoors. Ten days ago he set off from Southport and began to make his


way along the Pennine Trail. Nothing compared to the blisters my


colleagues have got. It is getting to lunchtime. When we get round the


corner we will see the Humber Bridge. It has been an eye`opener,


you just walk around, you do not think about it. It is great to have


somebody showing you what the problems are. He has done really


well. He has great stamina and energy and I am just overwhelmed by


him. He is a fantastic man. Even the dog is along for the raid, he had to


go in there support fan for a while due to blistered paws. Good


camaraderie and atmosphere. Just hope the weather holds up. Roy


Taylor's journey came to an end. I started this because I could not do


what I could do the day before as an able`bodied person and it was


incredibly frustrating not to be able to go where I had been with my


dog and my wife and my friends. It has been really worthwhile.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after our story about


council workers who are threatening industrial action over proposed cuts


Lots of response from you on this story.


John in Brough says, "City of Culture closing museums `


Why not have a token charge of 50p or ?1."


"People would rather pay a reasonable fee to keep museums open


than see workers lose jobs and facilities close.


At least give them a chance to try charging for admission."


But David in Market Rasen thinks, "Money the council has should be


spent on services that affect people's


Museums are way down the list, like libraries."


Their man TT rider Karl Harris has been killed.


An 80`year`old man has suffered serious injuries after stepping


in to save a woman who was being attacked by a dog in Boston.


It happened yesterday afternoon, on Margaret Drive in the town.


Both people have been treated in hospital and the Staffordshire


Today the pensioner has been described as a hero.


We just did not know what to do. It was full. The children were with us


and everything. Then a man came out of the house from across the road


and kicked up my dog. And he just helped us, really.


Cleethorpes Leisure Centre will close again this summer over safety


The pool has already been closed twice


since multimillion`pound repairs were completed six months ago.


It's the second time the floor has been replaced.


It'll take six weeks and work will start at the middle of this month.


He'd been a young student in Hull, coming to the city to learn English


But when war broke out Georges Begay became a secret agent.


And he devised a plan which proved vital to the D`Day


A French pawn broadcast on the BBC. For many listening it would have


been merely entertainment. For those in the French resistance it was


vital. It signalled the start of the D`day invasion. The idea of using


the BBC to broadcast messages to secret agents in France came from a


man who studied here at the University of Hull. His family say


that the skills he learned from the city influenced his career. George


Baget was a student here, he learned English and met his wife. He was


cold up and was involved with liaison with the British because his


English was so good. He served with the French until, after escaping at


Dunkirk, he joined the British Army. He was recruited to a new


clandestinely British organisation his role, Churchill said, was to set


Europe ablaze. The men and women who joined it did not know what it was


for. There were people from MI6 and MI5 and a lot of new people who were


involved in creating this new form of warfare. George Baget's role as a


radio operator was both frustrating and exciting. He was struck by the


incredible slowness of getting messages to France and then getting


a reply. He had come up with this idea of using the BBC, a special


programme in the evening, The French Speak To The French, and what they


realised was that they could use the BBC to actually communicate with


secret agents in the field. Preagreed coded messages were mixed


with fake ones to confuse the Germans who were also listening in.


As the Allies prepared for D`day the number of messages intensified. On


the evening of the 5th of June messages were read out which


indicated that the landings would take place the next day. The French


resistance had to prepare to support the Allied troops and to try to


disrupt the German movement in this bond is to D`day. From a young man


studying in Hull, George Baget grew into an agent worthy of the military


Cross, and his idea proved vital to the success of the D`day landings.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A BBC investigation reveals new evidence


of widespread sexual abuse at Knowl View boys' school in Rochdale.


An animal research lab says it'll fight a decision to stop it


Cool and cloudy with outbreaks of rain in most areas, locally heavy.


The response on the results of animal testing. One viewer asks why


they need to expand? Can this research be Another viewer says that


they should not be allowed to expand. More pressure should be put


on animal research is to find alternatives. Favela another


comment, they should not be allowed to expand.


That is it from us. I will be back at 10:25pm. Join me then.


Find out what life's really like in the favelas.


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