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in advance of the general election. That is all from the BBC News


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The ?100 parking charge ` now there are calls tighter controls


You can't afford to lay out ?10 for 20 minutes.


Just 12 hours to prepare ` the full scale of December's tidal


In December this area was under water ` the council said it did what


it could to save people and their properties.


the vital role played by Lincolnshire's air crews


A Royal welcome for a futurd King ` Prince William drops in


It has been a lively afternoon. Funnel clouds have been reported.


The latest coming up shortlx. There are calls for tighter controls


over parking penalties being charged by private companies after `n


East Yorkshire pensioner was ordered to pay ?100 when HE says he was


only three minutes over timd. Norman Hunt says he won't p`y


the parking charge In a moment we'll be hearing


from a consumer expert who says the penalties although perfdctly


legal are excessive. But first Crispin Rolfe


has this report. Over time at a private`run car park


in Hessle, providing free spaces But Norman Hunt


from Hull was shocked to be given a charge of ?100 for parking longer


than he was allowed to. It's just not on cos if it's


a car park, car park for wh`t? Because you can't do nothing


in 20 minutes. And to be stung ?100 for it,


with leniency of them saying, "Well, if you pay it in such`and`stch


a time, make it 60." But what happened to


Norman's not unusual. He received not a penalty,


but a private parking chargd notice for what amounts to trespass


as long the charge is reasonable, compensates the landowner,


and doesn't penalise the drhver It all dates back to


the 2012 Protection of Freedoms Act, which stopped private companies from


wheel clamping, but made it easier to pursue a vehicle's owner for


costs, of which there's no laximum. So whereas councils might issue


a notice for ?50, or ?25 if paid within 14 daxs, for


private parking charges, it's more They'll make it ?40


if I'll pay it within 14 daxs, In a statement,


the British Parking Association The British Parking Association s


guidelines are that After that, the only thing left


for the gentleman to question would be the proportionality,


bearing in mind he's only gone over But in Hessle, a local hairdressers


says that fear of these charges is I get clients coming in


and I have to say to them, and they say, "Yeah," and I say


"Well, you're going to be more than They've maybe come out


and moved the car, But Autosec, which manages the Plaza


Car Park, insists it's a fahr deal. 20 minutes free,


and clear signage warning of Earlier I spoke to Guy Anker who


writes articles giving advice on what to do if you get a parking


charge like this. I began bx asking him whether Mr Hunt's case hs


unusual. Unfortunately, this is the sort of


story we hear about quite a bit motorists hit with excessivd unfair


fines. The message to anyond caught by any fine is do not autom`tically


paying. First, way up your options because there can be a way out. Mr


Hunt was three minutes over the limit and he got a ?100 find. Is


that proportionate? I can think anybody could argue that. Anyone in


this sort of position should not automatically pay. Where thdy


options. In this sort of situation where it is a private firm, there


are a few options. You could ignore it and hope it goes away. It sounds


childish but it sometimes works But they can take you to court. That is


the only way ultimately thex can enforce it. It might be better to go


down the official route, whhch is to make a formal appeal. If yot stay


longer than you are allowed and there is a clear sign, it is your


own fault. You said if therd is a clear sign. Often, signs ard not


clear. There might be the shgn that it is very clear in one corner. If


there is a sign, should you still active? If somebody blocks the


traffic, they deserve to be fined. However, we heard too many dxamples


of unfair fines, and that is why it is important people know thdir


rights and fighting if they truly believe it is unfair. Thank you


Do you agree that the penalties being charged by private colpanies


are excessive or should drivers just pay up when they are c`ught?


Have you been in a similar situation?


A tax on plastic bags and the right to sack MPs. But what more did


A tax on plastic bags and the right to sack MPs. But what more did


the Queen's speech have for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire?


A man has died following an assault in North Somercotes, 43 year old


Wayne Mark Jennings was takdn to hospital in Grimsby after the attack


in the early hours of Sundax Morning.


grievous bodily harm and released on bail, the crown prosecution service


A coroner says failings at Lincoln County Hospital contributed


Robbert Goddard died two daxs after being born at the hospital


A series of mistakes meant his mother's pregnancy wasn't


In a statement ` the Trust, which runs the hospital, has apologised


and says new procedures havd been introduced to reduce the risk of


A new report into December's floods shows that Lincolnshhre had


only 12 hours notice that the tidal surge was going to be so high.


It's almost six months to the day since water overwhelmed parts


More than ?8 million worth of damage was done to flood defences, roads


In total, 607 homes were flooded ` the majority were in Boston.


44 people had to be rescued from flood waters and 203 pdople


What's the background to this report?


December 's tidal surge was a major emergency. The police, fire


brigade, the ambulance, the Environment Agency, and county


councils all spent time planning for something that this. It was the


largest storm surge that hit the east coast since 1953. Boston's


flood defences were overcomd. Hundreds of homes were inundated.


Six homes ago, these gardens were full of carpet and sofas as families


wedged to repair the flood damage. Emergency services have looked at


how they dealt with the flooding and have come together to compile this


report, and to see what lessons can be learned for the future. One thing


that has emerged is due to hts geography, Lincolnshire onlx had 12


hours warning of the severity of the floods, while other areas knew much


any how bad it was likely to get. It appeared that those impacts might be


minimum. The forecast is suddenly changed. Our response was still


flexible. David Philpott saxs the extent of the flooding came as a


surprise. I don't think we realised how dangerous it would have been and


how high the tide would havd been. The report makes several


recommendations, including: Jarrod Parker is still without


carpets. She feels more shotld have been done in the aftermath to help


flood victims. I don't think much to the council that. There havd never


been round, never not on my door. On the whole, emergency planners say


the county is better protected than it has ever been in the past, but


that will come as little colfort to those who were affected. Wh`t are


the plans to avoid similar flooding in the future?


The biggest scheme is the Boston tidal barrier. It is like a smaller


version of the barrier on the Thames. The scheme is expected to be


complete by 2019. The local MP says he wants to see building work begin


on it as soon as possible. Thank you. We will continue to


follow that. Prince William spent


the morning meeting pupils from an East Yorkshire school in


his first ever visit to the county. Crowds of hundreds waited


in the rain to see him arrive He was there to launch


a new award for primary school children to help them prepare for


the step up to secondary school wasn't going to deter these die`hard


fans. Well, the future king, I maxbe won't


see him again. It's lovely. I just wish the weather had been bdtter. A


little bit wet, but it's not too cold so it's OK. I'll wait. How long


would you wait in the rain for Prince William? Oh, about fhve


hours. But the rain did mean no helicopter


arrival. The Prince had to journey from Doncaster airport by c`r. And


when he arrived, he was gredted like a rockstar. SCREAMING. This is


Prince William's first visit to East Yorkshire, so it's no wonder crowds


of hundreds have waited to see him. After a performance from thd school


band, it was time to meet the pupils, and the Prince was lodest


about his own musical talent. I used to play the piano, trumpet


and drums when I was about xour age, but I couldn't read music. There's


only so much you can remembdr! The Prince was also given a


bridge`building demonstration by local primary school pupils. They're


taking part in the new Junior Prince's award he was here to


launch. And his visit was cdrtainly appreciated.


This means so much. It means the world to me, and I'm going to


remember it all my life. I never thought he would come to Goole. It's


such a small time. He asked what was the best thing we'd done in it.


Everyone has had a chance to see him. For the town and this `rea


it's lifted us. Despite the weather, we're on cloud nine. It's bden


brilliant. After a school tour there w`s just


enough time to meet the crowds. And thanks to better weather, he


could make a truly royal exht. Still ahead: The Lincolnshire RAF


teams who played a vital part in the D`Day landings. The Germans knew we


were coming. Lots of picturds this afternoon.


Here is one of the funnel cloud Is it a funnel cloud?


I think it is, actually. It is basically what you get before it


touches down to a tornado, so it is really exciting. Somebody asked if


there were more common thesd days, but it is just because everxone has


cameras on their mobile phones. Is the same one that moves `re


different ones? Different ones develop. We have had


them in market brazen, Howddn, Scunthorpe. There have developed as


part of the same weather system Thank you for pictures.


Every lively conditions indded. I have never seen so many pictures of


funnel cloud in one afternoon. Tomorrow, a cloudy jump`start with


sunny spells later. This is the system that brought these ftnnel


clouds. Friday looks a beautiful day. One with some sunshine. More


incivility at the weekend mdan a risk of them is astonished. You can


see the atmosphere spinning around. Patchy outbreaks of rain, some


funnel clouds, but graduallx things will stabilise overnight. Still


patchy rain, the damage is coming in at 11 Celsius. That is 52


Fahrenheit. A great, damp starts Thursday. Still a bit of patchy rain


in places. That will fizzle through the day. Skies will brighten. The


afternoon, mostly dry with sunshine. An improving trend. The bredze will


be moderate. Top temperaturds, 6 in Hull. Friday looks a beautiful day


across all parts of our reghon. Dry and warm with a good deal of


sunshine. Over the weekend, that one will bring a risk of thunderstorms,


particularly on Saturday, when the Met office have a yellow warning in


place. At least the forecast. Last night, people were leg`lised.


Somebody said, the forecast was so bad, Paul, put his name to ht. Has


the BBC forgotten his name, he has taken so many days off.


Thank you for highlighting that My pleasure. So you tomorrow.


A five pence "tax" on plastic bags and plans to give


voters the right to sack thdir MP were two of the measures announced


Our Political Editor Tim Iredale is in Westminster .


Are East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's MPs really going


to support a bill that would give voters more


So we are told in cases where MPs commit an act of serious wrongdoing,


people in their constituencx would be able to start a petition with a


view to getting rid of that naughty MP. This is something that has been


backed by MPs including Andrew Percy. He has given a cautious


welcome to the proposal. He said they do not go far enough.


This'll be the first government that's put


something in place to allow the public to recall their MPs hf they


It's not quite as far as I'd've liked it to have gone,


but this is probably the only show in town for now, so


let's get this on the statute books, then we can see whether in future


But giving people the power to recall is a good start.


Labour says it has been abott what hasn't been in the Queen's Speech


rather than what has been in it particularly immigration, something


which dominated the recent Duropean election campaign in Yorkshhre and


Lincolnshire. Yvette Cooper said the government should have done more to


deal with many of the issues surrounding migrant workers. I think


people are worried about employers who are exploiting cheap migrant


labour to undercut local wages. They may be pushing people onto zero


hours contracts, employing people illegally. It has to be stopped and


dealt with. The Queen's Spedch could have done that.


reduced the number of plasthc bags there. We asked shoppers in Hull


would they still pay 5p for a plastic bag?


I think they should charge 40 pence for carrier bags, all of thdm,


How can people afford to pax for carrier bags all the tile?


I mean, really, what do you do with them ` tse them


It's a necessity, so if I nded it, I'll have to buy it.


But it was also a massive operation in the `ir.


In the second of our special reports for


the 70th anniversary, we look at the part Lincolnshire air crews played.


And the man who was one of the few to know exactly where


And the German defences needed to be weakened.


A job often undertaken by the Lincolnshire`based bombers.


It was vital we gained their superiority over France, supremacy


even. Without that, the inv`sion could not have gone ahead bdcause


the casualties would have bden too great. In the six months up to


D`Day, we destroyed the infrastructure, railways, bridges


and so on. In that six months, the Allied air forces through `` flew


2000 sorties. Despite this build`up,


it was vital to keep the ex`ct plans One of the few who was privx to


the secret was Robert Johnson I was told to prepare some laps


showing the landing area, which were highly secret. It was cruci`l


information. The Germans kndw we were coming but didn't know where or


when. In that little book, ht was in there. I spent the week toing and


froing. I didn't have a drink all that time. To protect the plans even


further, there where decepthon schemes,


schemes including on the evd of D`Day Operation Taxable carried out


it was a vital operation. It is one of the most important things they


did. They flew an incrediblx precision navigation exercise. Only


18 ships under them. The whole effect was to look like a great


convoy going towards this p`rt of France at eight knots. Therd was


another operation further e`st. The Germans were faced with three


different apparent invasions. It confised


and divided their defences. Within hours the real armad` of


planes and ships was at Norlandy. A football`mad teenager frol Hull


and her friend are heading to Brazil to carry the flag for England


at the World Cup. 16`year`old Emily Escreet's mum won


the trip for her daughter after But the parents will be left


behind when the Hull teenagdrs leave exams behind and head to thd


Amazon Rainforest. are the is a Hull girl has been


chosen to carry the flag for their heroes. I got a call from mx mum,


and she was screaming and shouting down the phone. I thought something


was the matter. She said, you have won a trip to Brazil. Me and my


friend were jumping around like lunatics. It happened after her mum


entered a competition to describe her footy mad teenager. Sattrday


morning, play football, Sattrday afternoon, she goes to watch Hull


city. So in the mornings, she does refereeing. Emily is heading to


Brazil, where she will lead out England to face Italy in thdir


opening match. Her friend J`mie is going with her.


In the end, it all comes down to the match day. We also go on a trip down


the Amazon, so that should be interesting, seeing the tribes and


wildlife that Brazil has to offer. Seeing Hull city at Wembley was a


dream come true for Emily. She has been following the Tigers and she


was three. She now gets to be strolled to shoulder with hdr


international heroes at the World Cup. I am extremely lucky. Ht is


going to be magnificent. It is an unbelievable opportunity. There is


only six of is going from the UK. It is amazing.


Especially as to Hull teenagers will be in the thick of a party like this


one (at home in has her tie`macro. Good luck to Emily.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


The government sets out 11 new bills.


?100 parking charge. There `re calls for tighter controls other


penalties. Response on the subject of parking charges. Stuart says I


am sick of hearing motorists bleating about the costs of parking


penalties. They do have an alternative, sell it and trx


walking. Laura says, the latest in the parking area was perfectly


clear, he was part of parking land, although it seems excessive, the


charges are clearly stated. Not much simpler there. , I on the stand this


gentleman was only three minutes overtime but when I got findd for


speeding I was only a few mhles over the limit but I still had to pay the


fine. Thank you for those. @nd for watching. Have a good evening. See


you tomorrow. When the first travellers crossed


America, they were faced with this - The very nature of


the American personality was defined. Ray Mears explores


the land behind the Hollywood legend and discovers the wild


that made the West.


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