10/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Two weeks of rain in 20 minttes ` exceptional downfalls are blamed


Dummies not allowed ` the fhght against tooth decay in toddlers


As I was watching last night, basically the drains were not


capable of taking it. They were not man enough.


Near Gainsborough, 22 milliletres of rain fell in less than half an hour.


Also tonight: Dummies not allowed ` the fhght


against tooth decay in toddlers Hull prepares for the arriv`l


of the Queen's Commonwealth Baton. And the strange knitted objdcts


appearing on one city's strdets And that the recent thunderstorms,


settled weather is on the w`y. The latest coming up shortly.


People living in parts of Lincolnshire affected


by flash flooding have been told that drains were overwhelmed


Two weeks' worth of rain fell in just twenty minutes.


Gainsborough, Horncastle and Blyton were `mong the


areas hit following the torrential downpour yesterday afternoon.


Lincolnshire County Council say they will investigate what happened.


We will hear from them in a moment, but first, Crispin Rolfe is live


Is the clean`up operation still going on now? Peter, in


Gainsborough, there is still an effort going on at this yard and


that some people's homes. L`rgely, it is over. But the problem is


people cannot relax. The latest studies suggest we will see more and


more some flash flooding, and that in itself could be a problel for


people in terms of knowing when the clean`up operation is compldte.


There is a drain and there that is not working. It is just not taking


the quantity of water. Flash floods in Gainsborough, which left John's


ground floor sopping wet. Today he and others are looking to the


authorities to improve drainage on the estate. Was devastating. There


was water running literally in the front door, in the back door. It was


seeping under the side of the house from a layman's view. While I was


watching it last night, bashcally, the drains were not capable of


taking it. Further down the road, Lorraine claims it is not jtst freak


weather at fault, but outdated drains. That was full right to the


top of the drain, where we couldn't use it once we had washed up last


night. It all flooded back. Yesterday, this train simplx did not


do its job, as you can see from the grass around. The water company say


this is because of the extr`ordinary amount of rain, meaning its sewers


could not cope, but insist that it is treating sewage as a priority.


Last night, I had to clean ` lot of sludge and human faeces awax from


the car so my kids could get in this morning. Today, it has also been a


clean`up for some shops at Marshall's Yard, but despitd the


council describing the rainfall is exceptional, latest research from


The Met Office and Newcastld University says we should all expect


more some flash flooding. Ydsterday, the air had its origins frol all the


way over North Africa, a lot of instability, and you can sed the


result on yesterday afternoon's radar sequence. Look at these vivid


greens that went through Lincoln and Gainsborough, and then throtgh


eastern part of the county `nd out into the North Sea. With totals like


two weeks' worth of rainfall in half an hour, flash flooding in these


situations is almost inevit`ble For Gainsborough, which


situations is almost inevit`ble For proper to develop in areas that


might already face a signifhcant flash flooding problems.


Mark Welsh is from Lincolnshire County Council,


an event that beats the drahnage system. I think systems in


Gainsborough will be similar to those elsewhere in the areas.


Gainsborough is growing raphdly The number of homes is expected to


double in the next 20 years. One councillor has said the drahnage and


infrastructure needs to be `ddressed before any more homes are btilt


there. Do you agree with th`t Councillor? I think that is true of


anywhere in the country. Thd way we have built hitherto is changing and


we will develop in very different ways in the future in terms of


sustainable drainage. A verx different way of building, very much


more green and open way than we do at the moment. What is the council


going to do, simply, in a sdntence, so that people watching tonhght who


are screaming at the television can have their fears allayed? Whenever


flooding takes place, we will always investigate, and we will investigate


what happened in terms of the particular event in Gainsborough,


and publish the recommendathons of what we find, and if there `re


actions to be taken, we will carry them out. Good to talk to you. Thank


you. We want to hear from you


on this story. should be able to cope with summer


storms like we saw yesterdax? A great loss ` the debate over


the proposed demolition of one Parents know that using


a dummy or bottle can somethmes to decay is caused by sugarx


drinks, while dummies can affect speech. Now, help teams are advising


parents to stop using them once their child reaches 12 months old.


Mums and dads with little ones will Mums and dads with little ones will


know they love putting things into their mouths. But at this


parents are being encouraged to parents are being encouraged to


think carefully about what they give think carefully about what they give


to their children. We do sed children drinking juice frol a


bottle, which is really bad from their teeth. Also, the use of a


dummy as well, the dummy should really be gone by the age of one.


Jennifer has four children, and has had trouble getting hurt oldest to


giving up the dummies. We g`ve him a dummy when he was first born,


because it could not sleep. He only has it now when he goes to bed, not


during the day. But my other children, we struggled to gdt the


dummies at them. But while parents and carers know that bottles and


dummies can soothe their chhldren, they may not realise about the


bigger health issues, like delaying speech and causing dental problems.


The latest figures show that more than a quarter of five`year`olds


across England have experienced to decay. In the East Midlands,


including Lincolnshire, the figure is slightly higher, with more than


29%. In Yorkshire and the Htmber, it is higher still. One third of


five`year`olds here have experienced DK. There are suites available, and


they all jumped for them, don't they, nowadays? I don't agrde with


my granddaughter having a bottle with Jews in, but it is the only


thing she will have. It is the frequency which they have these


drinks. Some organisations would now like to impose a tax on fizzy


drinks, using the money raised to improve children's health. The staff


here at the centre is safe parents are listening to their advice and


dumping the dummies and bottles This is a debate you have bden


having on our Facebook page. Don't forget to go online


and 'like' our page. Sarah says, "Just limit


the amount of sugar children have! "If they're thirsty, give them water


or sugar`free juice, not fizzy pop!" Diane says, "It's up to pardnts to


stop buying sugary drinks "and encourage healthier options,


not the government taxing the "product. Both of my girls will


happily drink water rather than Thank you very much for those.


A man has been found dead in a ditch in Lincolnshire. The 55`year`old was


discovered close to a golf club near Spalding and last night. Police have


described the death as unexplained, and are now trying to piece together


the man's final hours. A teenager from Lincolnshird who


suffered brain damage when he was knocked off his bike has bedn told


he can continue to stay at ` rehab centre in Surrey for now. Rxan Smith


from Skegness had been living at the centre run by the children's trust,


but his funding ran out. His father said transferring Ryan before his


family home was modified wotld have been unsettling.


Direct trains from Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Scunthorpe to


Manchester could end, according to the Cleethorpes MP Martin Vhckers.


Mr Vickers says he's seen documents suggesting


the journeys would stop at Sheffield or Doncaster if changes go `head.


The operator of the route, Trans`Pennine Express,


The president of the Hull`b`sed business Arco will chair


an independent panel that whll look at plans to expand


the city's boundaries into other parts of East Yorkshire.


Hull City Council says the city needs to expand


into areas like Hedon to improve the area's economic prospects.


People in the East Riding who live near Hull will get a vote on


whether they want to join the city or stay in a separate area.


The leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants things


Actually, this is a completd waste of time and effort on behalf of the


City Council. The public and welcome it, and we need to prove th`t beyond


doubt. It has proven to be the case with Siemens investment. If you look


at statistics, it is no different to many other cities throughout the


country. It is frankly a non`argument. Joining me in the


studio is the Deputy Leader of Hull City Council, Darren Hale. Good


evening. And much will this enquiry costs? At ?235,000, which p`id from


by the Council's kilowatts L dividend, its own in`house company,


so there is no taxpayer mondy involved. Is whole macro behng held


back by the current boundarhes, which don't take in the leafy,


wealthier suburbs? This is the reason for the enquiry. We share the


view that that might be the case. The centre for cities nationally has


published some evidence in the future the city 's world nedd to be


bigger to compete with areas like London, which are becoming like


monsters. Don't you know thd answer before you can start? You c`n't wait


to get your hands on places like Willoughby and Kirk Ella. Your Mac


are the reason for the independent commission, with what most people


recognise our independent pdople, is to look at this issue and sde


whether there is a case. Thdy will consider the evidence. If there is


no case, they will tell us that What about my comment about you not


being able to wait to keep the hands of these areas? And not surd that's


the case. That is why we have an independent commission to look at


the facts. You know the answer, don't you? This is what the body


will do, to see whether there is the case to take that the next level.


You can have all the and thhnk tanks in the world, but east riding a not


interested. You heard what the council leader said that, and we


have had messages from people. I heard what the leader said, yes But


people were writing in about this. I think the council leader possibly


has a vested interest. But H am talking about real people who wrote


in. They are not interested will stop as I say, there are a lot of


people in the East Riding, one e`mail to night said that there was


a strong case for extended boundaries. I think if we h`ve an


independent enquiry to look at the Kays and see if that is proven, and


to give us the evidence, cldarly, the sense of the cities are saying


that cities are being held back If you go to York, eight miles outside,


that is the city boundary. What you say to these riding person watching


now he doesn't want to be p`rt of Hull, a snob if you like, what is in


it for this person to be part of Hull? If you're in a band D


property, you would be paying hundreds of pounds less livhng in


Hull than in the East Riding. White so the answer is more counchl tax? I


think it would potentially tnleash economic development in this area.


We have had a good year with Siemens and City of Culture, but we could


unleash extra business and profit for this area. Lets see what the


people think. Thank you for coming in. If you have a view on this,


particularly if you live in the East riding or whole, the screen. `` the


contact details are on the screen. Thank you for watching. Still I


tonight: The Queen's Commonwealth Baton is


on its way to East Yorkshird and Northern Lincolnshire


as it heads to Scotland. And following the herring `


the unusual celebration Here is tonight's picture. Ht is


Bigby. Then he very much for that, Jimmy. Another picture to lhke at


about the same time. How yot? No schema less clout, there. A


correspondent says, why did Peter Leavey not do the ten K? Shd said,


he does not look fit enough to do ten feet, which just about sums it


up! I can't breathe, can I? A lot of people would prefer I didn't! Let's


look at the next 24 hours. Good news, settled weather on thd way.


Tomorrow will be one with some sunshine, is still some instability


out there, and a big thunderstorm currently in the Beverley area which


will move out towards the E`st Yorkshire coast, but this is what we


like to see. High pressure on Wednesday, and it should re`lly be


with us for the next few daxs, perhaps a few showers late on


Friday, but as we head into next week, high`pressure should lore or


less be with us, so I think a spell of settled weather is on thd way.


You can see thunderstorm is pushing up from the south`west, much more


scattered than they were yesterday. One across the south bank of the


Humber, however, goes through Beverley. They will continud to go


north`eastward, and all parts become dry, with clear spells overnight.


Lowest temperatures coming hn at about 11 or 12 Celsius. The sun will


rise in the morning at 4:31 a.m . The next high water time is in


Bridlington at 3:41am in thdir word. Wednesday looks set to be a lovely


day. Plenty of sunshine first thing, the chance of an isolate it light


shower in the West, but verx much the exception to the rule. @bout all


parts of the region will be dry and bright, partly cloudy skies and


spells of sunshine. A moder`te south`west Brazil first, falling


like later, and we are lookhng at a very pleasant temperature, 20 or 21


degrees in Hull and Lincoln. That is 68 Fahrenheit. Beautiful on


Thursday, fine and one, lots of sunshine around. Cloudy latdr, but


mostly it should stay dry into the weekend. A little bit cooler by


then, with a bit more in thd way of cloud.


A lady of impeccable taste. That has gone to your head! See you tomorrow.


The demolition of a Victori`n building in Hull has been ddscribed


as a great loss to the city if it goes ahead.


Wellington House is due to be knocked down amid fears it could


collapse because of structural damage, but that will mean one of


the few remaining buildings designed by the city's most celebratdd


Behind this scaffolding, thd broken windows, the warnings and the


general state of disrepair. The Wellington Hotel Normal, Told Is


Believed To Be one of the chty's most important buildings, bdcause of


the architect who designed ht. Hull born Cuthbert Broderick found his


fame in his designs of the Leeds Town Hall and the grand Hotdl in


Scarborough. His origins were in Hull, and it is where he st`yed


throughout his architectural career. Is too great buildings, Leeds Town


Hall and the grand hotel, stand as the most well`known among Vhctorian


architect. What his two findst in Hull gone. The Royal institttion was


destroyed in the war, and the Town Hall was replaced by the Guhldhall.


Some of the remains of the old town Hall can be found here need to the


children's playground in Pe`rson Park. This almost oriental looking


down would have formed part of the roof, but other than this, there is


very little that remains of Brodrick's more grand work within


Hull itself. Because of concern over structural safety, the Wellhngton is


next in line to go. We did want to keep the whole facade, and take the


rear out. The facade will effectively come down and crumble,


however. It is not in a gre`t condition, and we can't takd it down


slowly. Has real structural issues that won't allow that, so instead,


we have done the full digit`l copy and we will be building new


duplicate of the existing btilding. If somebody in the council said


stop, let's think about agahn, that would be the ideal, and it hs


something that is never too late, while the building is still


standing. English Heritage say they h`ve had


to reluctantly agree with the council's stance on this, so it


looks like another piece of Brodrick history will be lost, beaten by


time. Tomorrow morning,


the Queen's Baton Relay will arrive in East Yorkshire and


North East Lincolnshire on hts way to the opening of the Commonwealth


Games next month in Glasgow. Five people have been chosen


as "baton bearers" in Hull. They were nominated for


their involvement in communhty and work in sport throughout thd city.


Tolu Adeoye reports. The Queen's Baton has been


on the move since October last year, containing


a sealed message from Her M`jesty. Tomorrow,


it reaches Hull on its journey to People get so much enjoyment


out of it. Patrick Revel will be the fhrst to


carry it in the city. He was chosen for his voluntary work getthng


people, involved in sport. It was lhke,


"What? Me? No! It can't be." I was really, really, reallx


impressed that I had been chosen. Worried about doing something silly,


falling over with it! But I'll get through it,


I'm sure I will. 14`year`old Siobhan Eyre is


the youngest to be picked. It was a shock for her


and her family. When we saw it on the website,


we were like, "Oh!" We were very happy.


I've helped around my youth club. They're redecorating it, so I'm just


helping them paint the walls and I kind of look after the kids


a couple of years younger than me. The baton arrives in Hull


tomorrow morning at The Deep. From there, it will visit shx


schools from across East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire before


returning to Hull, where from 4 45, it will be shown off at


a public event in the city centre. Julie Williams will carry


the baton to the top of The Deep. Her fans aren't just the babies


in this group. She's been chosen for her work


developing trampolining in Hull I'm taking it up to the pinnacle


of The Deep. It's quite exciting,


because I've been to The Dedp a number of times, but I've don t


think I've ever been up there. I can't remember being up there


anyway. Andy Train will be the baton


bearer at the evening event. He's been picked for his work


for the lesbian, gay, bisextal I was always one of those khds


at school that never got picked for the team, and I think this is


what it's about, and it's jtst so wonderful to be actually selected


to be part of the team, to be given Organisers hope


the relay will replicate sole of the success of the Olympic torch, which


travelled through our area hn 2 12. The journey ends in Glasgow


on the 23rd of July, when the Queen will read the message that's being


carried by community and sporting heroes from across the world,


including those from here in Hull. Planes from RAF Waddington have


been rehearsing ahead of thdir Spectators waited to catch


a glimpse of the practise sdssion near the A15 between Sleaford


and Lincoln at lunch time. The procession of aircrafts and jets


will take part in the festivities you have got to be proud of them,


haven't you? The fact that they can do that with


such precision, yes. Unbelidvable, yes. It takes a lot of skill to fly


like that! The century hang`r will be like Buckingham Palace. @ good


day for it as well. A full scale knitted boat


and hundreds of fish, many made by people in Hull, are at


the centre of a unique celebration Follow The Herring is a touring


exhibition visiting coastal communities, which started hn


Scotland, and is currently hn Hull. 600 people and school


children have knitted items. Jill Archbold has been to sde


the exhibition before it opdns. In each to East Coast area time


history, knitted together. @nd it is all a bit more elaborate th`n a


fisherman's Tanzeem. Inspirdd by the work of the Herring Girls, this


exhibition is the hard work of millions of knitters, many of them


from Hull. People normally knit clothes, baby clothes, that sort of


thing, but to actually be p`rt of something that is unique, they won't


ever have done anything likd that before. I love the enthusiasm.


Follow The Herring was trained at two years ago, but it is not just


about knitting. Hull Truck will host performances of the fishing inspired


play Get Up And Tie Your Fingers. It means people can get involvdd in


something which is part of the unique national tour, bringhng


together the theatre, knitthng, crafts and community singing and


storytelling, and bringing them all together in a way that celebrates


our fishing heritage. Just like the Herring Girls, this exhibithon


started in Scotland and madd its way down the East Coast. In Hull, 6 0


people lent their handiwork knitting these herring who will join the


shoulder tour the rest of the country. The free exhibition on the


set of their cityopens tomorrow and just in case you forget, thdre have


been young bombing of the chty's landmarks.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The energy regulator asks the big six energy firms while a he`ven drop


their prices. Lincolnshire County Council say they


will investigate the flash floods into the drains were overwhdlmed by


exceptional rainfall. Tomorrow, the weather: Dry `nd fine.


Some spells in the afternoon. Feeling very warm, temperattres


getting up to 2140 is in thd afternoon.


Your response on the flooding: Tiff says if you have ridiculously large


amount of rainfall short tile, this means devastating effect of the


drains were properly it shotld clear up the straight time. I think the


council needs to clear out the drains more often.


Dave says, early our solar system can no longer cope with the changes


to our rainfall. Audrey has e`mailed, saying the problel is the


increasing building and hard standing roads. Planners insisting


that the drains are increasdd to take up the extra run`off. We were


also to be about boundary changes. Kristin Cottingham said no, no, no.


We want to stay in the East Riding. Get these jokers in Hull City


Council away from our area. And the e`mail says, I live in Kirk


Ella, and I would not wish that the boundaries the change. I wotld have


concerns about my house price coming down. I think that the Hull City


Council are wanting us becatse they know we pay our council tax.


We have had a few people in favour, saying what is an inane? If it means


saving money, put me down for some. Have a nice evening. Thank xou for


watching. I will be back later. Goodbye.


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