11/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hitting the buffers ` train passengers face reduced services


Train connections are vital, not just to Manchester but two lore


major cities. Hoping to be jobless in futtre,


UKIP's MEPs take up their sdats Lincoln City Council say


the Christmas Market cost them more The Queen's Baton relay arrhves


ahead of next month's We live in Hull where crowds have


gathered. From Scunthorpe to Sao Paulo ` just


24 hours to go until the World Cup. How long will the fine, sunny


weather last? Join me for all the details?


Train passengers in parts of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire fear


that they could get a slower and less`frequent service across the


The Government has promised to spend ?1 billion on the rail network


in the North of England, yet some parts of East Yorkshire and


Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers says the plans could see


the direct route from Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport scrapped


and that would be damaging for business and put off totrists.


As more of us are using the railways to get around, the Government's


pledge is faster journeys and better connections across the North.


There are concerns the direct link from Cleethorpes to


Manchester Airport could be scrapped when contracts are renewed hn 2 16.


It could mean that you use xour car to go to Manchester Airport, instead


of the train. It is quite p`cked in the holidays. We do get a r`w deal.


Transpenine Express currently runs 15 direct trains a day from


Manchester Airport to Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.


The Government is consulting on plans to termintate


the Transpennine service from Manchester at Doncaster, replacing


it with a Sheffield to Cleethorpes service run by Northern Rail.


That could leave passengers bound for the North West with


We are on the verge of an economic renaissance for the area. Transport


connections are vital, not just to Manchester but two more major


cities. We should be extendhng the services, not restricting them.


That leds to claims this arda is missing out at the expense


The HS2 project doesn't include the electricfication


Transpennine is set to lose nine of its train units ` prompthng


worries about the number of services from Hull to Manchester.


The Government is investing ?1 billion over the next five xears to


improve rail travel across the North of England, but it says it lust


match that investment with the journeys passengers want to make,


and evidence shows that those travelling from Cleethorpes do not


cross the Pennines. They often stop at Doncaster and travel elsdwhere,


hence these proposals. That is a decision for the transport


Department and the future franchisee. Certainly at thd moment


there is a good market on those routes.


And commuters and tourists `like told me today they want a f`ir share


I spoke to the head of First Transpenine Express and askdd him if


he could guarantee that dirdct trains from Cleethorpes and Hull to


Manchester would continue after 2016. I cannot, that is for a


franchise specification isste, so it is for the department to answer that


question. In the immediate, yes it will absolutely continue. Wd are


expecting to run this franchise until debris 2016, and thosd


services to run throughout our ten year franchise. But having to change


when you travel from Hull to Manchester is a definite downgrade?


Yes, it would be and I think it would be a shame for those trains to


come off and we recognise significant market between Hull and


Manchester. We will be sharhng all of the numbers of passengers that


travel on that route with the Department of Transport to help them


in their decision`making. It is a difficult one for people watching


tonight in Cleethorpes, Grilsby Scunthorpe and Hull. Should they be


worried or not? I am not quhte sure I understand. I would urge people to


look at the consultation th`t the Department for Transport... People


are not interested in the consultation. They want to know


whether their trend will continue or not. Certainly to February 2016 ..


What about afterwards? After 20 6 the franchise is up for Read letting


so it is really a decision for the Department of Transport and the


future franchisee. Certainlx there is a good market on those routes and


we continue to support that market. And if you had those franchhse,


those direct trains would continue, would they? We certainly have


continued to operate them and I think we have to respond to the


specification from the department went that is issued, and we are


expecting that later this ydar. Do you think there will be dirdct


trains between Hull and Manchester between 2017, the year of chty and


culture? I would be very surprised if there were not. But you cannot


give a direct guarantee? Not at the moment. But I would be surprised.


With the same and to be between Cleethorpes and Manchester `s well?


Certainly there is a strong market there, about 25,000 journeys per


year operating between Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Manchester Airport.


Clearly that is an area of hnterest for the Department of Transport for


looking at that part of the specifications in relation to the


future franchise. Thank you. We would like to hear from you on that


issue. They'll be picking up more than


?10,000 a month in salary and expenses but today


UKIP's new MEPs insisted thdy hope The three newly elected polhticians


for Yorkshire and the Humber took up their seats


in Brussels for the first thme. UKIP says it wants to force


Britain's withdrawal from the Our political editor, Tim Iredale,


reports from the For UKIP MPs arriving in Brtssels


for the first time, they sax they are committed to Britain le`ving the


EU at the earliest opportunhty. I'm going to do my best to be the eyes


and ears and to push for Grdat Britain to come out of the T. As


UKIP's third choice candidate in the Yorkshire and Humber region, Hull's


Mike Hookem said he was surprised to be elected. I will be in thdre


fighting hard. Some may question why an antique party should turn up in


Brussels at all and take thd generous salary and expenses package


that the European Parliament has to offer. Critics say former UKIP MEP


Godfrey Bloom attended fewer than one in four votes in the European


Parliament. Their history so far has been not to attend, not to do very


much, leave it to the rest of us to do the hard work that represents the


best interests of Yorkshire and the Humber. The new members will receive


a salary of more than ?6,500 a month, plus a monthly allow`nce of


almost ?3500 to cover expenses. They also receive a travel allow`nce and


a daily allowance for hotels and meals. UKIP have accused other


parties of jumping on the Brussels gravy train on you now riding on


that same train? Far from it. We are the turkeys voting for Christmas. We


would rather get out. But one of the ways of doing it is by being here


and making representations to our constituents back home, sayhng what


the European Parliament is doing, or what isn't doing. So, unlikd most


jobs where people hope for ` long career, these newly elected MEPs are


already looking for the exit. Tim is in Brussels at the moment. We


heard about the salary and allowances. How does that compare


with MPs at home in Westminster If you are looking for a career change,


I can tell you that Europe hs the most lucrative option. MEPs earn


more than ?10,000 a year more than their Westminster colleagues. They


get day just for turning up here, so they can certainly afford to buy


their own lunches. Of coursd, we are told it is hard work. They have to


scrutinise a lot of complic`ted legislation, but I think UKHP have


to be careful they do not bdcome accused of being poachers ttrned


gamekeepers. The MEPs are there in Brussels saying they want to get out


of Europe and that is why they are turkeys voting for Christmas and all


that. How realistic is that? Let me run you through all the polhtical


parties was back positions. The Lib Dems want us to remain part of


Europe. The Conservatives h`ve promised an incorrect referdndum by


2017. Labour have not ruled out a referendum in the future. `` the


Conservatives have promised an in` out referendum. Today we have heard


about Turkey, Brussels, the gravy train. It sounds like the


ingredients of a Christmas dinner, so I can probably some of UKIP's


position in regards to the DU as two words per get stuffed. Thank you! ``


two words, get stuffed. There's been a large fall


in unemployment in East Yorkshire The number of people out of work


and claiming benefits in Yorkshire That's 12,000 fewer


people than last month. In the East Midlands,


which includes Lincolnshire, 14 ,000 A cyclist has died


in a crash with a lorry in Grimsby. The man, who was in his 20s,


was cycling through the centre Roads were closed through


the morning and officers ard asking Ten weeks ago, the green endrgy


giant Siemens announced that they'd Now, over the next two days


at a conference in Scotland, efforts are being made to attract other


companies to the area as well. The Siemens investment means there


are opportunities for firms to Our Environment correspondent


Paul Murphy is in Glasgow to see what interest there is


in bringing jobs to our are`. This conference is taking place on


the banks of the River Clydd, but the estuary many are talking about


here is 200 miles South. Sidmens' recent announcement that it is to


build a wind turbine factorx on the Humber is giving the region and even


bigger profile. It intends to make the most of it. We can demonstrate


well to the industry that wd have available land for developmdnt,


incentives for companies to move to our region, and we also hear to


maximise the potential of l`rge investments like Siemens our local


supply chain but also... Of course, there are many more suits hdre than


Southall wrote, but these mdetings and the frenzy of networking within


the conference hall are all about creating jobs. It has allowdd others


in the industry to put their own plans into place. We were all


waiting, everybody was hesitating, waiting for somebody else to make


the first move. Siemens has done it and now other people are putting


their investment plans into place, so we are looking forward to more


announcements later. Building wind turbines is technically verx


complicated and involves hundreds of different companies. This event


gives them a chance to get together. It is perhaps best described as


corporate speed dating. Deals are being done here, the future of the


industry is being mapped out. An event like this draws together all


the players... Robert's cos one of those considering investment in the


Humber as a result of this evening's investment announcement.


We are looking for someone that has a good skilled workforce and


specific facilities, for ex`mple a good heliport, and we see one there.


The waters around the UK have more investment in offshore wind than


anywhere else on earth. This event over the next two days is an


important shop window for the economy of the Humber.


Last year it cost half a million pounds to host


Lincoln's Christmas Market, and left council tax payers ?80 000


Now traders at this year's larket could face a 12% increase


It's hoped the increased ch`rges will help the event to break even.


We do not like price increases but it is inevitable. It is esthmated


that the market is worth ?12 million to the local economy but last year


it still cost the council ?80,0 0. Given that it is a commerci`l event,


it seems to us reasonable that the city will stand to benefit from the


event, to contribute to the cost of the overheads and the remaining of


the market. Why does it makd a loss? A big public event held in `


restricted area of an historic city said the challenges in terms of


public safety are immense and none of that comes cheap. That the


council insist it is not just about money. Every year the market


attracts up to 300,000 people to the city and it is hoped many of them


will return here throughout the rest of the year. And that is good news


for local businesses, but some still think the market needs a revamp We


have got to create that wonderful wow factor and make people want to


come back. I wonder if incrdasing the stores by 12%, it could have a


potentially damaging effect. A decision on whether to incrdase


stall fees will be made next week. We would like your thoughts on this


story. As the Christmas Market lost some of its sparkle or is it money


well spent by the city of Lhncoln Council? Let us know your thoughts.


The Queen's Baton arrives in Hull as it makes its journey to the


And getting in the World Cup spirit. The fans prepare for the


kick`off in Brazil. You are standing up. I use suffering


from piles or something? Just read the weather! The headline


for the next 24 hours is a lovely one, high pressure in chargd. Warm


with a good deal of sunshind. It has been a good day. 72 Fahrenhdit, 22


Celsius in Hull this afternoon. Just a bit of a hiccup on Friday, patchy


rain perhaps inching down from the North. A bit cooler and mord cloudy


at the weekend. So a largelx settled spell of weather on the way.


Although cloud did build for a time during the middle of today, it has


melted away, so it is a lovdly sunny evening across most parts of our


region and overnight it is dry with clear periods and we will sde


temperatures coming in at around ten or 11 degrees. 11 Celsius is 52


Fahrenheit. A light westerlx wind. So really, it will be a beattiful


start to the day. Lots of blue sky. Temperatures rise. Some patchy cloud


in places but I do not think that will spoil things, as there will be


good spells of sunshine through the morning and afternoon. The breeze


will be light. General onshore breezes developing on the coast


Beautiful conditions. 22 Celsius is 72 Fahrenheit. Some strong


ultraviolet levels. Friday, fine and warm and first but a risk of showers


developing later and the wedkend, cooler, cloudy, but mostly dry with


some sunny intervals. That hs the forecast. You will be repaid! I need


danger money for doing this programme!


The Queen's Baton has spent the day in East Yorkshire


and Northern Lincolnshire on its way to Glasgow for the start of


It's spent the day at schools in Hull and Grimsby,


The baton relay is a featurd of every Commonwealth Games and so far


it's visited 63 Commonwealth nations and territories in seven months


By the end of its journey, thousands of people will have


It contains a message from Her Majesty the Queen


which will be read out at the Games' opening ceremony on July 23rd.


This evening, the baton has been carried around Hull city centre


How is the baton being recehved in Hull this evening?


Very well, both by the sports people here and the crowd who have been


gathering to take a photo of it They are waiting to try out around a


dozen Commonwealth sports for themselves. It centres around the


city centre but today we have been following the baton on its tour


around the region. The Deep in Hull,


and an early start. It was just after 7.30 this morning


when the Queen's baton arrived for its day in East Yorkshire


and North East Lincolnshire. It has been a great honour. Just a


fantastic honour to be here today to do this.


Children from Victoria Dock Primary School in the


It is a once`in`a`lifetime opportunity.


The fish and penguins seemed unfazed by all the fuss as the baton was


Julie Williams carried it to the top of the Hull landmark.


It was an honour but it was frightening making sure it xou did


not drop it. over the Humber Bridge to the South


bank ` and to Humberston Ac`demy A short while later, the baton moved


on to Edward Heneage Primarx School in Grimsby, welcomed by the sound


of drums and a Commonwealth song. We had to practice at every break


time, every dinner time, to get it perfect. It is an honour for it to


come to our school. A short journey later, and ` rousing


welcome at another Grimsby @cademy. This afternoon it was anothdr trip


across the Humber ` It is a great day. I have bden


moved. A great day for the kids and fantastic smiles and enthushasm on


their faces and that has bedn wonderful.


This afternoon it was anothdr trip across the Humber `


I did not get to touch it btt it was just that far away from us so it was


awesome. A carnival theme welcomed


the baton to Wold Primary Academy. And the final school stop w`s


at Ainthorpe Primary School ` It has been absolutely fant`stic. We


have had a full day looking at its meaning and looking at what the


Commonwealth is. With an introduction to


the public late this afternoon, Anne Marie is still in


Hull's Queen Victoria Squard. This is it, the one and onlx. I am


not allowed to hold it myself. It has been under the ocean, to


Australia, around the world and now it is here in Hull. It is close to


the end of its journey. Onlx a few more days before it heads to


Scotland. Thank you. The World Cup is coming but it was diffictlt to


find any evidence of excitelent in our towns and cities today. We were


on the hunt for the elusive World Cup spirit. The build`up has


started. Just one day to go before Rio hosts one of the world's biggest


events. Get ready for a World Cup full of football. This is a Lincoln


Street but it is typical of many streets are have seen across the


county today. Distinctive void of any decoration or patria te`rs and


towards the English team. It is as if we were not even in the World


Cup. `` patriotism. I do not think anyone is bothered about it. We re


just enjoying the nice weather. Not excited at all. Not everyond in


Lincoln likes the World Cup. If you look in the right places, you will


find people supporting Engl`nd. At this point I would like to say,


thank you very much for the people of Blighty. Not just for thhs little


display but this street celdbration for the covering of one massive


flight on a house. I would like to see more flags up, on houses and


cars. In the past we have sden thousands of cars with flags. It


just is not happening this xear but maybe it will. The first gale is not


until tomorrow! Thank goodndss for the Lincoln flickers and thdir World


Cup Subbuteo competition. Players from all over the country are


converging on Lincoln. Each will represent one of the teams taking


part in Brazil. Who will yot represent?


Despite a ?1 billion investlent in the North of England network, train


Response coming in on the Lhncoln frequent


Response coming in on the Lhncoln Christmas Market. It gets us in the


spirit. Andy says, too much tact, not enough parking. It has had its


day. Jane says, surely if stallholders were down last year, a


12% increase in charges is only going to put more people off


coming, not encourage them. Neville says, the city of Lincoln Council is


making too many cutbacks. Then it puts rents up for the market. Kate


says, lower the rent, get rhd of the red tape and attract more


independent traders. Use thd halls and the empty shops. Total


mismanagement if they cannot make a profit. Thank you for all of those.


Have a nice evening. Join md later if you can for the late look North


at 10:25pm. Good night.


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