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cooler through the weekend, but the weather is looking pretty good for


most Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Children at a disadvantage `


the warning from school inspectors demanding improvements in


North East Lincolnshire. Got a responsibility to enstre all


children are receiving a high standard education.


Anger at plans to charge more for permits.


Prosecution for the seaside caravaners who've stayed


And the ten`year old fan gohng to Brazil to lead out England


And don't forget the detaildd forecast for next weekend, join me


for the details. Inspectors say children in


North East Lincolnshire are being put at a disadvantage because their


local council is not giving enough Ofsted, the government's schools


watchdog, says North East Lincolnshire Council gives `ttention


to the weakest schools while slightly better schools are


not given appropriate attention Ofsted warns that schools in


North East Lincolnshire are only improving marginally, saying parents


and children deserve better. In response, the council,


which is based in Grimsby, says most schools in its area are academies


and are not under its control. They do say every child desdrves


a good education and that most Academy schools in North East


Lincolnshire. These were among seven inspected earlier than planned by


Ofsted Ahmed concerns about the level of support. We inspected the


number of schools because your chances of sending a child to the


good outstanding skill are luch lower than in other parts of


Yorkshire. All secondary schools and many remedies in the north`dast are


run as academies but how do the work and why are they different? Before


they were introduced, money would pass from the Department of


education to local councils who pass it on to schools and oversed how


they are run. What academies the money goes straight from central


government to the skill itsdlf effectively pushing aside dhrect


involvement from local authorities, and they can use money from business


and charities. In extreme circumstances they can go dhrectly


to the Secretary of State and say they are being let down by `cademy


sponsors. The oasis Academy in Grimsby was one of those inspected


and phones to require improvement. The local authority is stuck between


a rock and a hard place bec`use only one hand have a duty to makd sure


skills improve but on the other hand and a hard place because on the one


hand we have a duty to make sure skills improve but on the other hand


no legal power to enforce them to do that. You would hope all schools


want to improve and I cannot imagine there's a school in the country that


does not want to get better at what it does. As long as he is s`fe and


learning loads. I can only go by the progress my daughter is makhng and I


am happy at that. Despite sdveral requests, the council refusdd to


make anybody available for hnterview today but released a statemdnt. It


pointed out 76% of primary schools were judged as good in the `rea but


technology is a particular problem with just 33% meeting the s`me


level. It went on to say schools facing challenges face a higher


level of support but academhes are different because responsibhlity


lies with the Department of education. The government h`s said


tonight the quality of educ`tion in Lincolnshire has been not good


enough for too long. I spoke to Jonathan Simons from


the Think Tank Policy Exchange and started by asking him if a local


authority can wash their hands of a They absolutely cannot and hn fact


the opposite. They have a responsibility to ensure all


children in the area are receiving a higher level of education. Hf a


school is not under local atthority control our Ofsted wrong to point


the finger? They are right because if they are not doing their job


properly and advocating for all children and providing high`quality


services and formerly raising concerns, Ofsted is right to


criticise them. It is interdsting because the local authority does not


have the role of bass but are still expected to monitor the Academy


Some would say that is not puite fair. It is not the boss but it has


the responsibility. It has ` responsibility to advocate on behalf


of those children. Is it fe`r the council gets accused of


underachieving when they ard not in overall responsibility? It has that


they are not doing the things we ought to be doing, providing


high`quality services and advocating for high standards and raishng


concerns before it gets to the stage of a full inspection, it saxs. The


academies here are equally `t fault because F Ofsted says they `re


underperforming they have a responsibility to make that well, so


the system works but we havd an evolving role. Have academids


appeared to quickly? I do not think they have and are responding to pay


rental demand. `` pay rental `` parental.


We want to hear from you on this story, do you think it's


right that the council should monitor academies even though they


Promoting natural births at hospitals where Caesareans are


People who live in parts of Hull are likely to have to pay


Parking permit charges could more than triple


It would bring Hull into line with places including Scunthorpe


and Grimsby, and the council says it will help reduce financi`l


But some residents say they can't afford the increase.


Match speed graphic, states never designed for cars and city centre


parking. Right now these permits are either free or cost ?7 50 btt the


city council is now ready to raise charges. Something pensioner Eric


Hendry says he will struggld to afford. It'll be hard to pax that


every year. We're not even guaranteed our parking. The council


insists it is currently subsidising residential parking zones. How much


does it cost to run a parking zone? Once it is set up, something like


this cost ?9,000 to administer in terms of maintenance and parking


enforcement but the council only brings an end, of ?5,000 whhch means


it is losing ?4000 in this zone alone. Well residents put up with


paying more? If you don't gdt a permit you cannot park in the street


where you live. ?33 works ott at less than a pound a week so it is


not a lot. I would pay it, what can I do? I do not know about v`lue for


money. But that is the test for Eric Pickles who has spoken out `gainst


unfair town parking rules and said increases can only cover costs and


not make a profit. An annual parking permit and Scunthorpe will cost ?50


and in Grimsby it is ?80 whhle in Skegness it will set you back ? 20.


Tonight Hull City Council s`ys no decisions have been made but the


actual reviewing all happen at a time when they still need to find


savings. At the moment, 10,000 permits have been issued and of


those, most are roamed the KC Stadium to cope with match days for


rugby and football crowds. Tp until now many homes have not had to pay


for a permit, however the chty council has never guaranteed that


and it has not been reviewed since 2008. It would make things lore


equitable. I have been speaking to a member of the local governmdnt


information unit, an organisation supported by councils, and `sked him


whether he thought increases of more than 300% is acceptable. I think it


is. It looks like a big increase as a percentage but if you consider the


total figure lower than othdr places places and the Legion. Many will


think it is not fair to be charged to park outside your own hole. The


council has a responsibilitx to manage places and such a wax they


meet the needs of all residdnts keeping traffic moving and reducing


pollution and congestion. Btt you are paying to park and does not even


guarantee you a spot. Many will say the council is acting as a cash


cow? Only one in five counchls report making any form of strplus on


parking, and you have to relember councils cannot make money `nd do


not have shareholders. Any hncome they bring and is spent on other


activities such as looking `fter vulnerable children, protecting the


elderly. 11, not polluted and the local


economy being served. When xou try to make those decisions, sole people


will be unhappy. In Skegness, ? 20 is the figure. That is on a par with


London and does not even gu`rantee you a spot. What is important is


that these decisions are made by democratically elected and


accountable local bodies. and be able to maintain the fitness


levels, so that will mean they are likely to be sacked.


You can hear more of that interview with Richard Walker from thd


Fire Brigades Union on Look North later tonight at 10:25.


Court summons are being handed out to dozens of people who havd been


illegally staying in a car park on the Lincolnshire coast.


The County Council applied to the Secretary of State to ddal with


a long standing issue of people camping overnight at Huttoft


It's claimed thousands of pounds worth of damage has been done


in the area and it's putting other tourists off visiting the bdaches.


With its long`standing beach, Huttoft is a quiet tourist spot It


is a small hard`core that w`nt to live here and create havoc.


Overnight stays here is forbidden but residents say these image she


will a number of people who have lived illegally on this sitd for


weeks and months at a time. The council says it is taking ldgal


action against 40 people. They should not be subjected to `buse or


intimidation from a small group of freeloaders simply here in ten on


not paying for anything. Is it a big issue or are you overreacting? Last


year we had a permanent enc`mpment here all summer. We could not find


any in the area today. Thesd height barriers have been put up to stop


larger mobile homes from ushng these sites, but it has not worked and the


council says they have been cut down three times.


The Turner family have come from Leicester for a holiday and they


same author homeowners are being picked on. They are not catdring for


us at all. Do they want to raise or not? They are not encouraging people


went to the county. Others cannot understand what the fuss is about.


If you try and drive them away you are driving to the Somali. @s long


as they do not make a mess. The council says it expects a grip to


arrive tomorrow to stage a protest about this issue. Some todax were


determined to enjoy the peace while it lasts. Thank you for watching.


Still ahead tonight, the yotng fan from Hull getting ready to lead


Tonight's photograph is frol Ireland with some cumulonimbus on top!


I will talk over your! The next 24 hours is not bad, sunny


spells and more clouds later with some showers unto tomorrow. A bet of


drizzle from Friday night entered Saturday but Saturday afternoon


becomes dry and looking fin`nce settled. `` fine and settled. What a


date has been, in Bridlington it is beautiful right now, warm and sunny


and overnight looks quiet and dry with clear spells and some patchy


cloud floating down from thd North West. The sun will rise in the


morning and the next firewater time for Skegness on screen. A lovely


start to the day, finance bright and a warm morning to come. `` fine and


bright. Clouds will increasd from the Northwest and it is still bright


but one or two showers are possible. A nice day, warm and bright and


temperatures up to 23 Celsits. Just a little patchy light rain to come


and on Saturday, feeling frdsh with a cloudy start but Saturday


afternoon looks dry and bright and variable amounts of cloud on Sunday


and next week looks settled. See you tomorrow. They cost more


than natural birth and can have more complications but the number of


in some of our hospitals, despite recent campaigns to


The United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust's rate has increased over


The current rate for Hull's Women and Children's hospital is 24%,


which is around the national average.


However, Scunthorpe hospital has reduced its rate from 23% to


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson has been lookhng


births by her first baby was born after an emergency Caesarean, and


this time around she has had a natural delivery. I feel like I can


take on the task but before it was my first baby and it was like a new


experience. She had her babx in Scunthorpe which has reduced the


Caesarean rate to around 16$, the second lowest in the countrx. They


have done this by offering women one`to`one support before and during


the Labour. When they comment, we try to keep them as mobile `s


possible, so it is about ushng the birth pool and we also have a coach,


but it is about mobilising them as much as possible. Teamwork has also


proved crucial. The staff work together to recognise the ilportance


of encouraging normal delivdries and reducing intervention. This


consultant is based in Hull and he admits his department could be doing


more. What we should be doing is having a proper discussion with the


ladies right at the very beginning, starting when the goal home after


Caesareans. A shortage of mhdwives is happening some efforts. To be


able to give good care, that entails one`to`one care, providing good


psychological and emotional support. You have to have enough to provide


that model. While some babids will always have to be delivered


surgically, good teamwork could help keep Caesarean sections to `


minimum. New figures show ?300,000 h`s been


paid out in five years to pdople There've been claims for slhpping


on wet floors and from a pupil hit Lincoln Cathedral needs


so much money spent on it to fix all its faults, that it


could eat up nearly all of the The Church of England has admitted


it needs ?87 million over the next five years to keep


its cathedrals open and watdrtight. The Labour MP Helen Goodman told


the Commons that action was needed I went to Lincoln Cathedral recently


and I was told that the backlog of repairs just that Lincoln C`thedral


is ?16.5 million. The honourable gentleman has done well to get money


but Lincoln Cathedral could eat up all the money. What more dods he


think we could do. In response the government says that


there are several pots of money which the Church of England


can use to repair buildings, but is happy to hear any suggestions


for finding extra funds. Thanks for contacting us about plans


to raise prices for stallholders Those of you who have contacted us


have been concerned Eric says "A lot of people now do


not enjoy the Christmas Market. It's crowded, it's expensivd and


what you get is just not worth it." John from Lincoln says, "I `void


the market like the plague. It is too crowded,


too expensive and too short. Many Lincoln people are of `


like mind. It is about time Lincoln took


a good look at other markets Ray also wants to see changds


saying, "The market has lost its wax and is


more of a funfair than a market Perhaps it's time to go back to the


basics that made Lincoln such a good market, and concentrate on laking


the experience enjoyable ag`in. A boy from Hull has more re`son than


most to be excited about thd World Cup which opens in Br`zil


in just a few minutes. England play their first gale


on Saturday Ten`year`old Bryant Cruz will be a


mascot at the team's second match, against Uruguay next week, `fter


his Mum won a competition at work. The eyes of the world are on Brazil


tonight as the World Cup opdns, a chance to see top footballers from


32 nations play the beautiftl game. In a back garden, ten`year`old


Bryant Cruz and his brother practice their skills. A week today he will


be in South America. When mx mum first told me I was so excited and I


was bouncing on my bed. I al looking forward to watching them pl`y live.


His Brazilian mother works `t McDonald's and he was picked when


she won a competition and work but she originally wanted to enter her


older brother. I found out he is a little bit old for this competition


so I applied for his brother instead. Joshua says they are no


hard feelings just as long `s.. I hope he gets some signings `nd I


will be very thrilled. Brazhl are odds`on favourites to win the


tournament. England's chancds are not fancied. Bryant Cruz saxs has


allegiance lies with England but who will his family be supporting? I


will be supporting anyone done Brazil as well. If Brazil plays


against England, Brazil is ` good team and England as well. England's


first matches against Italy this Saturday but keep your eyes peeled


when Bryant Cruz will walk out for the game against Uruguay, and going


by these skills, he may havd some tips for the players.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


Iraqi troops have launched `ir strikes on the city of Tikrht,


which is latest to be seized by Islamist militants.


Inspectors say children in North East Lincolnshire are being


disadvantaged because their local council is not


A fine and bright start with spells of sunshine.


Tending to cloud over later, with the risk of a few showdrs.


Response coming in on the stbject of parking permit charges. I don't know


what they are complaining about but ?33 is nothing over the year.


Another says why does the council not charge people for walking down


the road as it is wailing at the pavements? Typical council loney


grabbing. The way I see yet, the houses were here before the stadium


and if anything the council should pay us for the permits. Thank you


for those, enjoy your evening. Join me tonight. Goodbye.


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