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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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so it's goodbye from me, and on BBC One we now join the


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Six months after December's tidal surgd,


There are lots of other flood of fence along the Humber. We need to


protect places like this. I am at one of the places badly hit by the


tidal surge. Claims that patients are in danger


as lesser qualified ambulance The widower from Boston who's spent


almost ?1,000 on a newspaper advert Ella Henderson,


the singing sensation from The detailed forecast follows in 15


minutes. Six months


after a tidal surge hit the east coast, some businesses have still


not recovered from the flooding More than 100 firms have


applied to a special governlent But a popular restaurant ne`r Hull


will remain closed after its owners One councillor says


the knock`on effect is still being It was a night that brought flooding


misery to the East can. The centre inundated by the Humber, hundreds of


people were flooded out of their homes in Boston. The villagd of


South Ferriby devastated. More than six months on, the area is still


counting the cost of the surge. This popular Italian restaurant will not


be reopening. It was a succdssful business, the owner was


contemplating retirement in the not too distant future but that was


brought early as result of the damage. And East Riding council says


the knock`on of the effects are still being felt. It has an impact


on local businesses. It is ` once in 100 years event but there are lots


of flood events that we need to protect, places like this from. The


Environment Agency along with the government and local authorhty need


to tackle it. In the shadow of the More than 100 applications


for the cash have been made In the shadow of the Humber Bridge,


properties on Hessle Foreshore felt It was horrific. It was. But you get


over it. You have two. It is so nice to be back in our place. We don t


fear that we have had a lot of help. We have supported each other. It is


others that has got us throtgh it, not anybody else.


Last week, Cleethorpes and Hmmingham MP Martin Vickers raised thd issue


We will take the advice frol the Environment Agency, including the


Department for Transport. A Government report into


the impact of the winter floods is We have a heard a lot from people


in the East Riding in your report. Well, next week a report into the


Tidal Surge will go before Dast Riding Council which gives concludes


that the flooding was gener`lly that the damage, although extensive,


would have been far worse if existing defences had not bden in


place. A couple of other kex points if existing defences had not been


in place. was an exceptional event, btt


recommendations for the Envhronment praised for performing well in what


was an exceptional event, btt recommendations for the Envhronment


Agency ` the report says thd agency should consider a thorough review


of their flood warning procddures to identify possible improvdments


to the timings of warnings, and to review their Humber Strategy


as a matter of urgency. Finally, property owners like


these in flood risk areas should be encouraged to develop a flood


plan in the event of warnings. We want to hear from you


on this story. Are you still being affected


by the tidal surge? Do you think you're


getting enough help? In a moment:


The lorry loads of rubbish kicking It's ten times more common than cot


death, and yet doctors still don't know


what causes around four thotsand The Yorkshire and Humber arda


has one of the highest stillbirth Last year, hospitals in both


East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire saw an increasd


in the number of babies born dead. A senior doctor in Scunthorpe says


they're now reviewing Here's our health correspondent


Vicky Johnson. The Lewaks


from Beverley know only too well the Their daughter Kasha had


a twin brother, Joseph, who died You think the possibilities,


what could they have been, When we watched him buried,


you are not just burying yotr baby, you're burying your hopes


and dreams, as well. Sadly, the Lewaks' experience


is more common than you'd think The UK has one


of the worst stillbirth ratds in the developed world, with around 11


babies being born dead everx day. One in every 200 birth ends


in a stillbirth, making it luch And around a third are still


unexplained, with the babies being I think there is a growing `wareness


in the Department of Health that stillbirth is a real problel and


there has been more of a push in recent guidance about checkhng to


make sure the baby is growing well. I certainly think more could be


done, and should be done, In Scunthorpe, doctors are reviewing


how they monitor expectant lothers after the numbers


of stillbirths recently increased. They're going to be scrutinhsing


blood flow through the placdnta If we then identify that


we've got an abnormality in that flow, then we will be instituting


a much more frequent progralme of The Lewaks never found out what


caused their baby to die. While they would welcome more research, they


say it's a sensitive area When they said they could do an


autopsy on our son but therd was a nine out of ten chance they wouldn't


find anything, I was thinking, "What's the point


in you doing this to our son?" But without more investment


and research, it's likely m`ny more families will face the tragddy that


the Lewaks have experienced. An 18`month`old boy has been


treated in hospital after being bitten by a


Rottweiler in East Yorkshird.The toddler and his mum were walking in


woodland close to Raywell House near Cottingham on Tuesday. Humbdrside


police say the dog ` which was one of two being walked by an elderly


couple allegedly lunged at him, cutting his head. They're asking the


owners to come forward. The charity Corner House saxs the


number of women in Hull turning to sex work to pay off debts is


increasing. It says there's been a rise in the number of women working


in "massage parlours." Humbdrside police say they're continuing daily


patrols to tackle the issue of Miners unions have been in London


today to ask for the governlent s help to keep a Yorkshire co`l mine


open beyond 2015.T hey've bden help to keep a Yorkshire co`l mine


open beyond 2015. They've bden meeting the Energy Minister to ask


for around ?70 million to kdep Kellingley Colliery going. Ht's


currently planned to close next Matthew Gove has sold the btilding


to Hull City Council for ?340,0 0. The Council says the office will be


used for its City of Culturd preparations.


Trade Unions representing Albulance workers in Hull and East Yorkshire


have warned that patients whll be put in danger because under


qualified staff are being forced to work together. UNISON says ht's


unhappy that Emergency Care Assistants won't always be paired


with paramedics.The Yorkshire Ambulance Service has denied that


patient safety will be compromised by the staff changes. Crisphn Rolfe


has been following this story. Why are the Unions unhappy with these


Well, Unison, the union representing ambulance staff here, says this is


precisely the situation that they were assured wouldn't come to pass.


Emergency care assistants p`ired on ambulances not with a qu`lified


paramedic, but with each other ` something the union claims hs


unacceptable, because ECAs `re only trained to carry out first `id, and


basic life support, as part of their role in driving an ambulance.


Now Unison says it'll ballot staff in Yorkshire over industrial action,


unless the policy of sending out these cheaper


and less medically`trained staff on their own is withdrawn.


How has the Yorkshire Ambulance Service reacted


Well, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service say


their focus is on patient s`fety, and they insist they're


Well, Yorkshire has been ond of the last places in the UK to adopt


Emergency Care Assistants, where again it's common to pair them with


But unions insist that to do anything less, potentially places


staff in a difficult situathon, and could endanger lives if a p`tients'


Unison's Ray Grey will be lhve on our late bulletin tonight at 10 30.


It puts them in a difficult situation where they turn up in an


emergency. The public expect them to be paramedics and they are not. The


public and not get the paraledics they expect. It is clearly down to


money, not having a fine. They say, we still have a small number of care


assistant working, and if one crew happens to be closest to a serious


incident, it makes sense for them to attend as a first responder in


addition to a clinician. Yorkshire has been one of the last pl`ces to


adopt emergency care assist`nt, but it is common to pair them whth


clinically qualified practitioners. Unions insist that to do anxthing


less potentially places staff in a difficult position and potentially


endangers lives. I will be talking to a representative of Unison later


on in our late bulletin. Sthll ahead: The widow were taking out a


newspaper advert to find hilself a new partner.


And Ella Henderson from Lincolnshire is number one.


Shane Miller took this sunsdt in Lincoln.


That is stunning. David wrote in, saying, your show is a breath of


fresh air, I The headline. Cloudy at timds with


sunny spells. This area of high pressure, this week friends may


bring in some patchy rain or drizzle later tomorrow. On the whold, good


weather is expected. There hs a spot or drizzle reported at Waddhngton


this tea`time. It is predomhnantly double figures, ten or 11 Cdlsius.


11 is 52 Fahrenheit. It looks generally dry tomorrow with variable


sometimes large amounts of cloud, but there will be breaks in the


cloud. When the sun pops out, it will feel pleasant. Top


temperatures, 16 or 17. Inl`nd, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Grantham 19


Celsius or 66 Fahrenheit. P`tchy rain and choose tonight, bit of a


damp start to Wednesday morning but fine on the whole. That is good news


for the Lincolnshire show on Wednesday. A few showers ard


possible on Thursday and Frhday That is the forecast.


Producer just told me BBC world is on the phone for you. They beat you


would like to take the car. `` BBC Wales. So you tomorrow.


The Environment Agency says it's investigating after lorry loads of


rubbish were dumped at a farm in East Yorkshire. The rubbish has been


discovered at Sandpit Farm hn Gowdall near Goole and could cost


hundreds of thousands of potnds to remove. Local people are worried


about the smell and say there is an increasing number of rats. Sarah


Bags of stinking rubbish piled high at this disused farm near Snaith.


It was dumped here 18 months ago and left to rot.


The concern is, how long will it stay here and how much of a health


hazard will it become? It is a bit of a health hazard now and we're


concerned about rats, about children playing, and it is private land so


the difficulty is East Riding haven't got control over it.


Thousands of tonnes of plastic, paper and food that was supposed to


And when it rains, a strong stench can smelt


It is of an industrial scald. It does smile, like a rotting smell. It


is very unpleasant. Just an eyesore. I take my dog up their, I fdared and


I can smell it. It's been dumped on private land


and there's been That caused delays


in it being removed. The Environment Agency says it has


three suspects and we will know later this week what enforcdment


against may be taken against them. We haven't been able to spe`k to


the owner of this land to fhnd out The authorities in this are` have


dealt with issues like this before. In 2012, 4,000 bales of rotting


paper were left at Goole Docks. While this tip at Gilberdykd was


once double the legal limit in The local MP told me this shte


will be expensive to clean tp. The cost is estimated to be anything


up to half ?1 million. It is a very protracted legal situation. We are


expecting news and in the ndxt few weeks.


But that legal action means it's still likely to be many months


Interviews are being held to find the person who will be in charge of


Hull's City of Culture Comp`ny. The search is also beginning for a


programme director who will choose the act. Local people can apply ``


apply to be on the board. You do need local people there with good


knowledge. You have to keep people who can keep pulling back to make


sure there was a lot of comlunity activity. The journalist who


described Hull as a city in the plan says he won't apologise out an


article he wrote. Daniel Knowles was invited by the BBC to visit the city


after it won City of Culturd status and secured major investment from


the wind farm manufacturer Siemens. He said he stands by his colments.


The City of Culture is a grdat thing for Hull and I am pleased the city


has courted. It doesn't mean we were totally wrong. That picture of


relative economic decline rdmains true. That was Daniel talking on


Friday. We have had a big rdsponse on this. Some are not even broadcast


will. The majority sticking up for Hull and having a bit of a go at


Daniel. It's not the usual advert for love,


because this is a half page spread in a loc`l


newspaper costing almost ?1,000 In it every detail of the khnd


of man Peter Wilson is, his family, taste in music,


his favourite films and actors, but only hints of the reason behind


his search for a new partner. After being together for allost 25


years, Peter lost his wife @lison, a staff nurse at Boston Pilgrim


Hospital, to cancer in April. It was diagnosed she had terminal


cancer. She was diagnosed whth one up to two years to be left 's


living. But it was an earlier conversation


that has allowed Peter to move on. She said, one either offers pass on,


the other one will definitely need a new partner straightaway. I am very


fortunate that she did let le know this. If she hadn't, I would have


felt hesitant. I am desperate for a new companion. Perhaps I shouldn't


really be doing this for who knows how long. I am very fortunate she


arrange this and told me. That is how I can justify I am happx with


what I am doing. Peter's advert has attracted


national media interest. As for his dating, he has already


had a response, but how manx is Maybe you have been in a sililar


position to Peter. What do xou make of his mission? How long is the


grieving period? If you havd a view, get in touch.


Two teenagers from Hull weather centre of attention on Saturday


after carrying the England flag into the stadium. Emily Escreet `nd Jamie


King were flag`bearers after Emily's mum won a competition.


In rugby league, there were mixed fortunes for our site is we can


Hull FC scored more than 50 points for the second successive g`me as


they beat Widnes. Jamie Shatl and Calum Lancaster got hacked tricks as


Hull scored nine tries. Hull Kingston Rovers were bdaten


34`4 by Warrington. The vishtors scored all of their point in the


first half. If you want to see more of those


games, the super league show can be found on BBC and play.


18`year`old Ella Henderson from tetany was on the X factor two years


ago. She has released her ddbut single which she has written


herself, and it has gone straight to number one.


The moment Ella Henderson hdard she was number one in the UK ch`rts


It doesn't feel real and I need to take in this moment, or somdthing.


She first came to attention on X Factor two years ago,


impressing the judges from the start.


You are the one person that I, personally, I really want to mentor.


It's amazing if you compare and contrast the fortunes.


The winner that year was James Arthur.


He was dropped by Psycho Records last week and now here is Ella


Not just a singer, Ella also writes songs.


Ghost was a collaboration whth Ryan Tedder from One Republhc.


He's also worked with Leona Lewis, Beyonce and Adele.


We met when he came to the TK. We were together in the studios


Within the first hour of medting each other, we ended at writing the


chorus to Ghost around the piano. It happened very quick


and rapidly but I instantly knew that when we wrote this song


it was going to be my first single.


And Thomas Leak from Donington on Bain near Louth will


He recently won Britain's Got Talent as part of the group, Collabro.


There is a lot of talent, a lot of young bands. It is a lot sm`ller


here the Manchester Sheffield, but there is still a lot of arthsts We


do have people are quite falous and have had a musical influencd. There


are more opportunities further down south. I think linkage is gdtting


there slowly. It is good th`t someone from such a small town to


say well. More than 134,000 copies of this


single sold in the last week. The next step for Ella is hdr album,


which is due to be released Great story. Well done to Allah


`` Ella Henderson. Now the headlines: Islamist extremists sees


another town in Iraq as new evidence emerges of more atrocities. Six


months after the tidal surgd, some businesses have not recoverdd.


Response on the subject of the tidal surge. Somebody says, it baffles me,


the people you been affected by flooding, nobody comes forw`rd to


help. It amazes me we are qtick to be asked to put our hands on our


pockets for other countries. Somebody else says, we are `bove


Watford Gap, don't we found? Another one, buy a house on Hessle foreshore


then ask everyone else to t`ke responsibility for paying for your


flood protection, you bought it you protected. Not much sympathx there.


Max says, I was flooded in December, the house has not dried out, surely


the insurance company should do what we pay them for an ease the stress


and upset afterwards. The elergency services were fantastic. Th`nk you


for watching. Join me later. Goodbye.


We are about to find out whether they can cook.


You're going to love it. Smashed it. Yum-yum-yum.


They are nervous. Ken's just frying some lettuce.


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