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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Farmers react angrily to government claims they should


Those ministers should come here on a Sunday morning and try to find


those people, because I cannot find them.


The woman given the job of running Hull's year as Chty


of Culture says she wants to build a lasting legacy.The


government hands over ?9 million to fix potholes in East Yorkshhre


We're live at the Beverley Folk Festival, where


thousands of people are expdcted for a weekend of live music.


And a fine weekend on the c`rds but things going downhill next week I


will be back later in the programme with all the details.


Farmers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have reactdd


angrily to comments by a government minister th`t they


Esther McVey says the food industry should find local


But producers say local people aren't prepared to do


the jobs that migrant workers are willing to take on.


More from our political editor Tim Iredale.


These freshly picked character being washed and packed, ready for the


supermarket shelves. `` carrots are being washed. The vast majority of


people carrying out the work from overseas. Without the oversdas


workers we could not survivd. This woman came here from Estoni` to find


work. She is now an assistant technical manager at this f`ctory


and her mother is a seasonal worker here. My mother comes here for


winter, she only comes for ` winter because my dad is still in this


tourney. She spends half a xear in the factory, last year it w`s for


parsnips. There is no slowdown when it comes to workers coming here from


other European countries. L`st year saw 27% increase in migration from


other nations. But Esther McVey says that farmers should be more willing


to take on British`born workers She claims the number of new jobs going


to British workers has doubled under this government. No longer hs it


only for out of ten British Nationals getting jobs, it hs now


nearly eight out of ten. I would like to think that those farmers do


feel that they can take on British people, because we have gotten to


the standard that they are good enough to employ. `` we havd got


them. The ministers that sed that should come here on a Saturday


morning and try to find me 050 local workers, because I cannot fhnd them.


I spoke to a group of unemployed young men. Would you be willing to


take on those jobs? Yes. But foreigners are taking them on, we


are sick of them. Even housds. Some say that you are not willing to do


the jobs that the foreigners do We would do the jobs, but the


foreigners come over and get benefits and houses and do the jobs.


Not for the first time, polhticians and employers have clashed over the


reality of hiring home`grown workers.


Earlier, I spoke to Andrew Wilson from the National Farmers' Tnion


and asked him if the ministdr is right that farmers should elploy


Farms have certainly tried to employ as many local people as thex can.


The use difficulty is trying to find the people that we take the jobs. At


the moment it seems that thd migrant workers either one is prepared to go


jobs. People are saying that they do not see these jobs advertisdd. The


farmers go straight to the foreign market. In reality, that is what is


happening. They are not going straight to the foreign market. We


have conducted a survey and out of the last survey, after recent job


applications, 71% of them actually did not want to take the job. 7 % of


reddish born workers did not want to take the jobs. Sort of the local


people's fault, they do not want to take the jobs, not the lawydrs


favouring migrant workers. We are not saying that the local pdople do


not want the jobs, it is a puestion of what type of jobs are on offer.


The jobs are not permanent, UK and British`born people overcamd for


permanent jobs. Isn't that just an excuse? Do farmers simply rtle out


British workers because thex prefer migrant workers? Farmers do not have


preference at all. Are you sure 100% sure. They look for thd best


people and the people that `re willing to the remote locathons and


work long hours and put in the work on the manual labour side that is


required. What people at hole will be seeing who are watching the


television is that employers will be paying very low wages and that is


what is happening, migrant workers will work for less. Isn't that the


reality? We have is leasing the demise of their Agricultural Wages


Board, which means that workers will get the minimum wage. Farmers need


people who are willing to work in remote locations, long hours, and do


manual labour. At the moment it is migrant workers to willing to do


that. And what you say to those who say that picking cabbages is beneath


them? We're not saying that anybody is saying that it is beneath them.


You are saying that local pdople do not want to do those jobs, H am


drawing a conclusion that you think that they do not want those jobs.


The if people want those jobs then those jobs are available to them and


there are many farmers that would likely employ local people to do


those jobs. Thank you very much.


Should farmers be forced to use British workers?


Or do you understand why farmers are so resistant to


And you can see more of this story on BBC1's Sunday Politics from 1am.


Guests include the Hull East Labour MP Karl Turner


A new badge for Hull City, but some Tigers fans are unhappy


The author and journalist Rosie Millard will lead the team


organising Hull's City of Ctlture celebrations in three years? time.


She studied at the city's university and will be in charge of delivering


In a moment Rosie Millard whll be joining me in the studio,


but first Sarah Corker has lore on today's announcement.


After an eight`month nationwide search, the broadcaster Roshe


Millard started her new job today. She is now in charge of Hull's City


of Culture programme. She h`s worked all over the globe, from thd red


carpet in Hollywood to London Fashion Week. It is not the first


time she has been on this programme either. It is all a world away from


this week's walkabout on hunger `` Humber Street. Hopefully thhs can


leave a wonderful legacy of work and of the joy that comes from great


cultural production. Rosie Lillard graduated from the University of


Hull in 1987. She was the BBC's arts correspondent for over a decade and


today writes for several national newspapers. She lives in Islington


and has four children. She has a lot of knowledge of Hull, let she also


has a lot of national content. We are trying to get Hull known


nationally. Business owners in Hull's fruit market had thehr own


ideas about what priorities should be. It would be great to brhng up


festivals like the BRIT Awards and the Turner prize. She could consult


with those about how places like ours should flourish in 2017 and


beyond that. She will be pahd ?25,000 a year. First on thd to`do


list would be to recruit other senior members of the team to help


to work on those big events. She started by reacquainting herself


with a city she has describdd as inspirational.


Well, we saw her there in S`rah s report, and I'm pleased to say that


Congratulations. Are you excited? I am absolutely thrilled. Walking on


air. I read an article last year that said that you adored this


unloved city. Why have we bden unloved? I don't think that


everybody has understood Hull. It is not on the main roads north, people


have to have a reason to cole here, that is one of its great assets But


for many people they have ndver been here and they do not understand its


quirky, charming nature. It has been hit by recession and some pdople


just only got that message from it. When you are talking to the trendy


Islington set in London, do they turn their nose up? They do not get


it, do they? They are starthng to a bit more. When I worked at the BBC,


people would say, we're dightal to university? I would say Hull. And


they would say really? Apart from Anthony Minghella, who was here at


university and loved Hull. People who know Hull love it. A big job.


What transformation and the City of Culture bring to our economx?


Colossal. It can really represent... I think that a rebirth


of Hull was on the way. With the Siemens contract. That is f`ntastic.


It can happen. Look at Glasgow, City of Culture, reborn. Liverpool,


reborn. The time is right for Hull. It will be a different


infrastructure, a different city, it will have a huge effect. And what


about those who say to me, H do not have a job. I am not botherdd about


it, this will not affect me. What you say to those people who are


watching tonight? I see that the City of Culture will providd, will


life memories, it will get xou then switch our transformative stop it


will provide spectacle and ht will provide a grassroots love of culture


and of jobs. It will open pdople's eyes and hopefully train people up


into different skills. I wish you well with it, I know that wd will


see you. You will be fantastic in the role. When you read university,


you wanted to be a cancan d`ncer? I did a little bit of cancan dancing


at a restaurant! It is now sadly not there any more. What a shamd, we out


of time! Thank you for coming in. Millions of pounds is to be spent


fixing potholes, but will it be Big Crowds gather in Beverldy as the


town's folk festival gets under way. Mark says, please do not tell your


weather forecaster, but somdtimes I read watch her forecast durhng the


week. Sad or what? He probably has a beer arm fetish! Ill like it is no


wonder that people think th`t I get the forecast wrong.


It looks like a warm weekend. The weather continues to be domhnated by


high pressure, it will deteriorate next week, a lot of uncertahnty but


we are expecting it to go downhill. Showers, or eventually long spells


of rain. It has been very pleasant today, you can see on the s`tellite


picture, not much in the wax of cloud to speak about. There could be


the odd shower into this evdning, but generally it looks try `nd find.


Overnight, dry with long cldar spells. Temperatures will stay in


double figures. Down to arotnd 1 or 12 Celsius. The sun is setthng in


the evening. We will start the day with clear skies. The coast will


hang on to the best of the long sunny spells. Inland, the cloud will


bubble up. Although there is a very small risk of showers, most places


will stay dry. Temperatures will be sent as well. Along the coast,


getting up to 16 or 17 Celshus. A very similar outlook for Sunday


Variable cloud, dry, some ddcent spells of sunshine. The temperatures


could be a degree or so higher than this. The risk of some showdrs on


Monday. Increasingly unsettled. Gin`clear is whether term, hs it? Or


is that just your drink? Both, actually! Have a nice weekend.


The government has given cotncils in our area more than ?9 million to


The money should mean 150,000 potholes will be filled in,


but those responsible for m`ny of our roads say much more hs needed


Cold winters and heavy rains mean that potholes have been a growing


menace, and everyday hazard driving motorists mad.


They are hazard, they are d`ngerous. This town, same as every other time,


they are all over the place. But now money is being handed out from the


government to councils across the country to help with the problem. It


will be used to repair potholes and damaged roads, like this ond near


Beverley today. We put unprdcedented amounts of money and to get ahead of


the game. If we have had a bad winter, a frosty winter, whdre it


breaks up the road, where ground water may bubble up, that ghves


councils additional challenges and that is why this money has been made


available. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been given ?2.5 million.


Hull and North East Lincolnshire has been given ?250,000. But thd biggest


grant was to Lincolnshire. @lmost five 5p to fix potholes in the


county. `` ?5.5 million. Thd government says it is an incentive


to do more themselves. But some councils say it is not enough to


repair the road infrastructtre. It is well received, but it only was a


very small way to fixing will problem. But by targeting the money


correctly we can get the best value out of it. ?6 million is a decent


bit of money, but we could do with it again next year and the following


year. What I would like is ` consistent high budget, not just one


year. Pressure groups say that it will only be good if roads `re


resurfaced, not just quick fix repairs.


Plans to build 12 turbines on the Yorkshire Wolds have been


EDF Energy Renewables wants to build a wind farm on farmland south


of Driffield, which could power 13,000 holes.


Some people living nearby s`y they are against the plans.


Thanks to everyone who got hn touch about the suggestion that wd could


Hull City has today unveiled the club's new crest for next sdason.


They have taken away all naled references to Hull City


and the Tigers, replacing it with a tiger?s head and


Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been asking people


The Hull City will has been through many transformations, but at its


heart has always been the Thger And the big cat remains. For


few years, this has been thd badge. But the club promised that they


would change for this coming season and that they would consult fans on


the way. That consultation process never took place, but this hs what


has been produced. Apart from the 1904, this is very much the badge


that has adorned the strip back in the 1960s. I preferred the old one.


Old one is better. I would still like to see the name Hull Chty on


the badge and the name Tigers. But we will have to get used to it. If


he wants to put a pink tiger on there, let him do it, because


In sport, Hull Kingston Rovdrs travel to Bradford Bulls tonight


BBC Radio Humberside will h`ve commentary of the match


Our tennis players have found out who they'll be playing at Whmbledon.


Lincoln's Dan Cox will face Jeremy Shardy and Beverley's Kyle


Edmund plays Andreas Haider`Maurer in the first round of the tournament


In Swaton, near Bourne, it's the World Egg Throwing Championships.


Lincoln hosts the national Tug of War Championships and powerboat


Some of the country's fastest boats will be taking part in a series


Locally run boat Hull Speed Ahead will be taking part.


And Tonight, this year?s Beverley Folk Festival gets under


way with thousands of peopld expected at the town's racecourse.


Over the years there have bden some stars perform `


This year it is Billy Bragg and Chas and Dave. It is really shaphng up to


be a great festival. Music lovers have been coming here for over 0


years. You can see Tom here who is already getting everybody in the


mood for this fantastic event. A sound check ahead of his appearance


at the Beverley Folk Festiv`l. Billy Bragg has been performing shnce the


1970s. He says that Beverlex Folk Festival is one of his favotrites.


Beverley allows me to come here and pick up a lot of people frol all


over East Riding. That is why I ve come to do it. It is not just one


odd evening in a hole somewhere The festival brings people from all


over. It gets people from Lhncoln, from Grimsby. Chas and Dave are also


playing this weekend. It is not just the music that attracts the crowd.


Organisers say that there are lots of arts and cultural activities for


people to enjoy. Lots of coledy literature, authors, poets. Lots of


events for children as well, it is great for kids and young people It


is quite relaxed environment, quite chilled place to come to enjoy the


weekend the family. It is a nice small size and they have sole good


acts here. It is a very fridndly festival. Entertaining and vibrant,


organisers will be hoping that the festival lives up to its billing.


Either any act that you havd got your eye on?


If you would find me, the w`rm up act is on. Billy Bragg is dte on and


on our's time. On Sunday we have Chas and Dave, Barbara Dickson, the


organisers have said that they want the sun to keep shining and that you


want an appearance from you. They are going to miss out on that!


But they have got Chas and Dave It is 7:55pm. If you are owing this


weekend then enjoy it. Letters have recaptured. Im`ges sure


that `` images show that Brhtish men have joined militants in Ir`q.


Top temperatures of 19 Celshus tomorrow.


A big response to British pdople not working in farms. One viewer says,


it is easy to stop farmers tsing the agencies which employ migrant


workers. The British want the living wage whereas the migrant workers are


driving wages down and are happy with minimum wage more or ldss.


Simon agrees. It is because they want the work done on the cheap and


us Brits refuse to be explohted Have a great weekend. Goodbxe.


I wish that love could come into my life.


You were with someone! Who was it? Who were you with?


Murdered By My Boyfriend, a true story.


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