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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Hull is missed off plans for a high speed rail link connecting cities


across the North. What next for Grimsby's ice rink


If you just deal with the Ldas and Manchester route, that will not deal


with the regeneration we nedd in the North.


Councillors say they cannot give any guarantees about the future of


Grimsby ice rink. It will returns to a field where she


was trampled by cows. I am frightened of the memories.


And I'm a Wimbledon to see how local tennis players have fared.


And the weekend forecast in 15 minutes.


Hull has been missed off ambitious plans to connect cities in the North


on a high speed rail link. The Chancellor, George Osborne, says HS3


could be built between Manchester and Leeds to create a "northern


global powerhouse." It's an extension of the existing plan to


build a high speed link between London and Birmingham. It comes just


a week after doubt was raisdd over the future of direct trains between


Manchester and Cleethorpes. Tolu Adeoye reports.


It's deja vu for Hull when ht comes to high speed rail


announcements. Once again it's been missed off an ambition by the


Government to improve links across the country.


We need to think big. We nedd an ambitious plan to make the cities


and towns in this northern belt radically well`connected from east


to west. Today, I want us to start thinking about whether to start


building that connection from East to West.


a high speed link between London and Birmingham. A second phase hs


planned up to Manchester and Leeds. Today the Chancellor discussed


extending the project to link the east and west ` so far Hull isn t


The journey from Harle is about two hours. With high`speed rail, this


could be It's a great planet with those from


Hull to Liverpool. Otherwisd it s half baked. It has to be right


across from the ease with that of the East Coast of the West Coast


building in the four Graves' disease.


Earlier this year local polhticians and businesses successfully lobbied


the Government to consider hncluding Hull in a plan to electrify the


transpennine line. They say rail links


to the city must be addressdd urgently.


I asked him if it was anothdr case of Harle missing out. Not at all. We


are looking at all suggestions from the wider community. What the


Chancellor was doing was floating the idea of having an HS three,


getting the delay going. But also making this argument that the cities


of the North. Are part of a northern powerhouse. But he said Manchester


to Leeds. Did he mean hull`lacro as well? What she clearly set out was


that it was clearly too difficult to get from Manchester to get from from


Liverpool to Hull. But does he mean that the new link should go from


Manchester to how or from M`nchester to Leeds. He says we should look at


the idea that goes from east to west and then he raised a series of


different options in talking about how long it takes to get from east


to west. The central point hs that we should look at having an east


whence link. Dashing east`wdst link. But is how in all out? He s`id we


should have a debate about where it goes. Do you think it should" Mac


eye of a huge fan because I grew up in Chester and I grew up in Hull.


The link is many years away. We are not electrified here. Are we


the poor relation these days? I would not say that. I would say that


there is a lot of work that has to happen. The city of culture will


help with that. There is a direct line to London, which there is not


from all parts of the country. But clearly, then it's to be improved


infrastructure. Could you gdt the finalising the electrificathon plans


in time for city of culture? Those sorts of issue 's are exactly what


we need to work on to get this northern powerhouse going. The point


about the Chancellor was saxing today is that there is a problem in


that there has been a huge `mount of investment in London and it is a


connected city but across the north, there are cities that can bd


connected to make sure that we have the same sort of impact. Good to


have your the programme, Mr Hancock. Is this a way that is this Hull


missing out. What you make what you just heard.


In a moment... As alleged patient mistreatlent is


investigated, accusations that health bosses in Northern


Lincolnshire failed to work together.


Humberside Police are continuing to question a man and a woman `fter a


newborn baby was found dead in Hull. A member of the public calldd the


police after finding the baby girl on Saturday evening. Her body was


found near a cycle path in Dast Hull, close to Rockford Avenue.


The first gay British clergxman to get married has had his perlission


to lead some services revokdd. Canon Jeremy Pemberton, who's a hospital


chaplain in Lincoln, married his long`term partner in April. This was


in defiance of guidance by Church of England bishops. He'll no longer be


allowed to operate as a pridst in Nottinghamshire, but will continue


It's been closed for the last two weeks and now, people who use


Grimsby's ice rink have been told there are no guarantees that it will


re`open. The rink's been closed because there's a problem whth the


cooling system in the buildhng and angry ice hockey players and skaters


will meet this evening to ahr their concerns. Senior councillors say


they can't promise it will dver re`open. Emma Massey reports.


This ice rink in Grimsby has been closed for over two weeks dte to


problems with the cooling sxstem. Today as fears grow over thd future


of the facility a meeting w`s held by some users to find out what's


Going on. They have not told us what is going on. What are your concerns?


I think they are shutting down by stealth.


Social media is now being used in a bid to get the rink reopened. Since


a Facebook page to save it launched a few days ago nearly 2,500


people have joined the group. There's also two other online


north east Lincolnshire?s ldisure facilities ` last year Scartho Baths


was shut for weeks due to asbestos ` and Cleethorpes Leisure Centre has


closed twice since refurbishment to replace anti`slip floors.


But the council says there `re no guarantees that Grimsby ice rink


will reopen. We are looking at options. It will always be whether


we can afford it or not. Wh`t the best value for money is. Thdn we


will make a final decision. cancelled which means travelling


elsewhere at great expense. The The kids are devastated. Our kids


are going to a tournament in Sheffield and because they have not


been able to train, we rentdd a yesterday one and a half hotrs of


time. Those affected by a possible closure here way that this could be


the start of many other sports facilities closing in the town.


It is another one you might want to comment on. Should the council be


considering their options or should it be reopened come what max. Get in


touch. There is a lot of interest in this story at the moment. A little


bit later on, I will be talking to the deputy leader of the cotncil


about the future of the ice rink. So don't miss that one.


Lincoln's Dan Cox has gone out of Wimbledon in the first round today.


He was beaten by a player r`nked number 42 in the world. But


Beverley's Kyle Edmund is ctrrently on court in his first round match,


How is Kyle Dalling? He is hanging on by a thread. The Austrian took


the third is `` first set 6`3, that there was a tie`breaker in the


second. That was won by the Austrian. Kyle could face another


tie`breaker because he is for`2 down. Let's talk about Dan Cox. He


is on court 18, which once had the longest tennis match in history


This was him in action. His `` he secured a fantastic break. The crowd


right behind him and he could then see it out to win that set.


Marvellous news for him but in the end, the man he was playing was just


too strong. He prevailed ovdr all. But Dan says that his experhence at


Wimbledon has taught him a lot. The first set was very tough. I did not


find my feet at all to begin with. He doesn't give you any rhythm. That


first set went gritty Greg. Then I found my feet and started playing


pretty well. `` the first sdt went pretty well. `` went pretty quick.


The Austrian is now serving for the match against Carl Edmund of


Beverley. Thank you very much.


Still ahead tonight ` she spent two weeks in intensive care ` and now a


woman who was trampled by cows returns to the field where ht


Happened. Keep your pictures coming in. What did the BBC but all that


they claim to keep him out of beer tent?


I wish I could get a good Whmbledon! The weather headlines are there is a


risk of a showers and a cold front. Some bundled phones are heading


southwards into Cambridgeshhre. Elsewhere in the North it is mostly


fine with some sunshine. Ond or two macro showers following frol the


North. Most of us should become dry. This sunrise is at these tiles. So


we will get to a mostly dry and bright start. Overnight showers


cannot be ruled out. The cold front figures cloud late in the morning


bringing it band of patchy light rain southwards. From mid`afternoon,


skies will brighten and the sun should make another appearance. The


best of tomorrow's weather `t first and then again later with a cloudy


spell in between. Let's look at the top two bridges. Cooler along the


coast. `` let's look at the top temperatures. Wednesday looks dry


with some sunshine. Mostly fine Do you remember when you were hn the


beer tent all afternoon at ` Yorkshire show? I think that the


cast is on tape sometime. It's a classic!


Thanks! Take care.


that Grimsby and Scunthorpe hospitals were being investhgated


for ten cases of alleged brdaches in patient care. Look North's health


correspondent Vicky Johnson was there ` what concerns were raised at


Representatives from both shdes were brought to the meeting and they were


asked whether every patient was getting the best possible c`re? They


each said they could not have complete confidence because that was


impossible for any hospital to achieve. They then asked `` they


were then asked whether the hospital had the correct procedures to


identify failings. They said they would only know what the current


investigation was completed. Senior representatives from the hospital's


trust arriving to put their views before the North Lincoln scrutiny


group. It has been a diffictlt few months. In October 2012, high


mortality rates in hospitals in North Lincolnshire make the


headlines. Then Scunthorpe `nd Grimsby hospitals were put hn


special medal `` special me`sures. Then the Clinical Commissioning


Group made concerns public `fter allegations of poor care. Standards


of care have dropped and vulnerable patients are being deprived of


adequate food and fluids. The hospital trust chief nurse told the


health scrutiny panel that they had known about every single ond of the


incidents because their own staff had reported them. She went on to


say that an investigation process had been agreed with the Clhnical


Commissioning Group and othdr partners and she added that it was


very disappointing that othdrs have stepped outside of that


investigation process. Hosphtal officials told the health scrutiny


panel that they did not know the CCG whether you make the incidents


public at a meeting last wedk. The CCG insisted they had told


hospitals. I know that the CCG are not putting their full trust into


the North Lincolnshire hosphtals group. I am worried. Busy, scrutiny


are interested in the public. We represent the public. It is insisted


that staff and patients are very good at reporting incidents. They


receive thousands of alerts but most amount to nothing. This way,


Scunthorpe Hospital was givdn a tentative vote of confidencd. I


would be happy to be treated at this hospital and so would my falily But


the issues that were raised last year, `` last week, if they are


real, they are of concern. The chief nurse said that she had every


confidence in her staff and revealed that her own young son was currently


a patient in Scunthorpe Gendral So when will we know what h`s


happened? The investigation and review should be conceited sometime


early next month so we should find out then. July is shaping up to be a


very busy month for the trust. They will also find that the latdst


findings from the Care Qualhty Commission about what they found in


their visit in April. They will also find out towards the end of the


month whether they are going to be taken out a special measures.


A section of Hull City centre is closed off as the emergency services


deal with an industrial inchdent. Five fire engines and a number of


police vehicles are at the scene on paragon Street near the Citx Hall.


A woman who was trampled by cows after going on a treasure htnt in


Lincolnshire has revisited the area for the first time. Sarah Ldonard


was in intensive care for two and a half weeks and almost died. She


survived because she managed to call 999 even though she now remdmbers


nothing about the attack. Shmon Spark reports.


Seven months ago, Sarah Leonard was in Lincolnshire feels, geoc`ching.


But it all went horribly wrong when she was trampled by cows. Police


emergency? Hello, you are through. I'm been trampled by cows, H can


hardly move! Despite a brokdn jaw, collarbone, two broken arms and


broken ribs, Sarah managed to grow the emergency services. But because


she did not know exactly whdre she was, it took 40 minutes for them to


reach. We will find you. Sarah spent two and a half weeks in intdnsive


care and five weeks overall in Lincoln County Hospital. Her dog,


which was on a lease, was found cowering under a hedge 24 hours


later. I can remember seeing them, I can remember them coming towards


me. How fast, I don't know. I remember I shouted, but exactly what


I shouted or did, I don't know. And then I can't remember anythhng else.


When asked to describe how would you feel to walk towards the next style,


that was something she could not do. I am frightened of getting the


memories back. It might not happen, but I would rather not. Last time we


were filming year, we got an idea of how fast an inquisitive `` how fast


and inquisitive cows can be. We were filming with cows to feel the way


but we had to take shelter behind but we had to take shelter behind


this style. Recent cases like Sarah 's are on the rise. Between 200 and


nine, there were five reported capital attacks. This rose to eight


in the following year and" hs 1 in 2010 to 2011. Stephen Ireland is a


farmer. He says that people need to know what to do. If they have a dog


with them, they should keep it under close control. And no way should


they pick that dog up. The calcium the dog is the threat `` thd cow


sees the dog as the threat, and will go for both of you is that hs the


situation. It could be a ye`r before Sarah recovers fully. She is


geocaching again, just not on her own.


Relatives of the air crews that survived `` were killed when


equities were killed in a L`ncaster bomber crash visited the site.


Implant was unveiled in Lincolnshire.


A memorial service for their relatives. Killed when two Lancaster


is collided midair 70 years ago Among the congregation, Marhe


pollard, who never knew her father. She was 11 months old and lhving in


Australia when he died in the crash. It is a big, black hole. I didn t


know much about him. I found out a lot in the last 18 months or two


years. This has put some fldsh on the bones. The crash happendd here


in the sky over Cronin. Vishtors at a nearby fair said they saw six


Lancaster is in a training dxercise when two collided in midair. They


span out of control and crashed It was a similar dated today. These


aircraft touched and there were screams from people in the crowd.


Only one man got out. His son Chris Only one man got out. His son Chris


returned to the crash site. Just to be here and think that my poor dad


was coming down in a parachtte and all his friends had been killed in


the two planes came down, not too far from here, very emotion`l. Very


emotional indeed. The crews were part of the Pathfinder Forcd. Their


job was to guide aircraft and their target in the Second World War. But


when the two Lancaster is collided, they were practising flying in


formation. People would concentrate on the operational losses btt many


were lost during training mhssions. They were hazardous. The heritage is


on display at the Lincolnshhre aviation centre after a grotp of


local enthusiasts spent years researching the clerk `` thd crash.


The wreckage is part of Lincolnshire's history. It tells the


story of what these lads did. They were just glad. This to noon, a plot


was unveiled here. It `` thhs afternoon, a Placa was unvehled


here. A permanent reminder. A recap of the national


and regional headlines. An international outcry as three Al


Jazeera journalists are sentenced to seven years in jail in Egypt on


terrorism`related charges. And disappointment as Hull hs missed


off plans for connecting cities in the north.


And the weather...cloudy with the risk of a few showers first


And then backing up later on. On the subject of the North, Hull is


that of a city of culture, we should have trains to reach all parts of


the North. Janet says, regarding ages three, the nobody talks about


Lincoln. We don't even have a direct link. We were also talking `bout the


ice rink. Sarah on Facebook says that we need


this ring. It has been with us all these years and we have depdnding on


it. We do not deserve to lose it. We will be talking at 10:25pm to the


deputy leader of North East Lincolnshire Council. See you later.




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