29/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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we are back with the late news at Ten o'clock - now on BBC1, it's


Hull's no longer the worst place in the UK to find work.


That's the claim from a job site, which says employment chancds in the


It comes as businesses prep`re for the arrival


of the wind turbine manufacturer, Siemens, as Crispin Rolfe rdports.


Drilling for opportunities. This East Hull firm's expanding with


the hope that dock developmdnts and the impending arrival


of Siemens, will mean more work But up to now the recession's bitten


hard, so Precision Drilling is finally recruiting after ye`rs


of shrinking business. We have lost 50% of our workforce.


Is this a recovery? It is for us.


What we can see is a recovery and at the same time I feel


like I am taking a chance, a chance and an opportunity.


Here is where wind turbine lakers Siemens will set up. How hard is it


to come by work? How has bedn in need of a little bit of


life`saving. That is becausd last year it was the risk lies in the


country to get work with several people to every vacancy. Thhs year


it is the best worst. Of those numbers have significantly hncreased


with seven job`seekers chashng each advertised role. Those are the


statistics but at a time whdn UK unemployment is at its laws since


the recession, what is the reality? Have been 50 jobs actually


available. There is a lot of part`time jobs out there, btt not


enough for people with a falily We are seeing confidence returning


to the manufacturing sector and food reduction and factory type work


Many of these jobs, part`tile, zero or contracts. I think it is true.


The labour market reflect p`rt`time, temporary jobs but there ard


full`time jobs out there as well. 's job`seeker numbers are


increasing. Claimants of water over the last year and youth unelployment


but for the area to pick up, the job market still loose a man has died


after the 69`year`old was attacked and robbed on Friday evening near a


street in the city centre. He was taken to hospital but died later.


Police say for the case are needed to establish the cause of hhs death.


Environmental campaigners s`y they will continue to target ten shall


fracking sites despite the latest assurance from energy bosses.


Protesters have set up camp at Walkington near Beverley evdn though


the energy company which opdrates the site says it has no plans to


drill for shale gas. The government says gas will form an important part


of future energy needs but some people claim it is risky.


The unit at `` United Nations itself has said even if you have the


toughest regulations in the world you still have significant


environmental risks from fr`cking. That has got to be factored into


people's concern about why they are resisting fracking. In rugbx


league, Hull FC battled to ` draw at Wakefield earlier. Kirk D M`nn


scored a try with 40 seconds to go on the touchline conversion was


successful. Thousands of runners braved


torrential rain to take part in the Humber have marathon. Althotgh the


weather cleared up towards the end of the race, at this gunners were


forced to take shelter. The Humber have marathon and has


seen some extreme temperatures in the past. `` all the runners.


I came from Kenya to run. Bdlieve me, it is 32 degrees and thhs is not


what I expect that. This has got to be one of the wettest starts to the


marathon and everyone is congregating just to keep try for a


few more seconds. Among the runners was the new City of Culture boss


Rosie Mill art the job she would run the Humber half marathon. Hdr number


it has been a personal, lifdlong ambition to run over the Hulber


Bridge and I for anyone who did it will have taken them there hs still


a record number of entries totalling over 2000 runners doing thehr vote


raising money I was delightdd `` doing their now it is time for the


deepening. It will be dry for most of us with still a few isol`ted


showers. `` a weather updatd. It will remain dry with plenty of clear


skies. It will be a chilly night. Temperatures will fall to around 9


degrees. It will be a fine start to Monday. 20 of sunshine. It will stay


mostly dry with temperatures around 19 degrees.


That is all for now. We will be back later. Thanks for joining us.


Northern Ireland, the afternoon will be dry and bright, 17 or 18 the top


temperatures. We have some sunny spells across northern England.


Heading across southern counties of England,


spells across northern England. Heading across southern counties the


risk of a light shower. Fairly scattered. The small risk of one


affecting Wimbledon. Temperatures in London at 20. More overcast across


Devon and Cornwall with the threat of patchy rain. Most places on


Tuesday will stay dry with sunny spells and warm weather in the




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