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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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indecent assault against women and children. That's all from the BBC


News. Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. The family


of a teen who killed himself after being threatened online call


for tougher laws on cyber btllying. Kids need to know that this is a


crime. If you commit the crhme there is a punishment.


I'm live in Lincoln where police are hunting for a robber


As the rest of Yorkshire prepares for the Tour


de France, can businesses in the East benefit as well?


The rusty bit of metal kept in a shed that turned out to be


High pressure continues to dominate. Join me in the later at in the


programme for all the details. The family of a teenager who killed


himself after being bullied online say they want tougher laws to deal


with cyberbullying. Callum Moody`Chapman from Holten Ld Clay


was found dead on a beach in Cumbria last December. Cyber bullying is now


being blamed for an increasd in the number of young people being


referred to mental health sdrvices. Sarah Walton has been to medt


Callum's family. He was an amazing lad and hd would


do anything for anybody. Caring genuine. We knew each other so well


and that is what hurts me so much, that I did not see anything and I


have got to live with that. 17`year`old Callum readily tsed


Facebook to post pictures and videos but last year he was sent threats


that he would be beaten and stabbed and he was so troubled by the


messages that he killed himself in Cumbria. Now his mother wants cyber


bullying to be taken more seriously. Kids need to know that


this is a crime and if you commit the crime there is a punishlent At


the moment you get, the lad who cyber bullied camp `` Callul got a


referral order and to me th`t is not justice. There are a number of laws


that can be used to get a conviction for online abuse but at the moment


there is no legal definition of cyber bullying in the UK and no law


to deal with it specificallx. Experts say it can be more harmful


than face`to`face bullying `nd are blaming it for an increase hn young


people being referred to mental health services in Lincolnshire In


the last few years it has bdcome a major issue. The information stored


online means cyber bullies have access to so many more people


because of the way the Internet works. Many social media sites now


include a panic button to rdport abuse so abuse can be reported and


bullies banned. Schools try to teach people about the dangers. I was


cyber bullied and it is really horrible. You feel like you are


trapped and you cannot get out. You feel like everyone is against you


and you cannot confide in anyone. I felt I could not talk to anxone


about it but then I felt I had to because it would get worse. The


worst thing is to bottle it up and not speak to anyone about it. The


death of Callum made headlines across the country and now his


family hope that the story will help other victims of cyber bullxing and


their campaigning to raise awareness. Tell someone. If only


Callum had said something to someone things would have been so dhfferent.


As a family it is something we are going to push for, definitely. It


took a long time to get to this point but we will do it for Callum.


The family of Callum Moody`Chapman ending that report from


Tom McLaren Webb is from the charity Beat Bullying, H asked


him what type of on`line bullying is happening at the moment.


Through social networking shtes children are cyber bullying each


other and that can mean a lot of things. At its worst it is


encouraging children to kill themselves. Does cyber bullxing need


its own law? As far as we are concerned we think it does. The law


that covers cyber bullying hs not fit for purpose. It was written


before the development of social networking sites. Times havd changed


and the way bullying is happening has changed so the law needs to


change to keep pace with th`t. How does apparently know if it teenage


is being bullied online? Max have their own language and


abbreviations. They do but the signs are not that different from other


bullying. You need to look out for changes in the behaviour of the


child, maybe they become withdrawn and moody and they stop enjoying


going to school. They can spend a lot more time online. If those


things are happening you max have a problem and then we would s`y you


have to speak to your child. Some of these abbreviations are verx


frightening, do the parents need to know what they stand for? Everybody


needs so do the teachers and the


government. Bullying is a problem that is everybody's responshbility


to fix. A survey found that nearly one third of 11 to 16`year`olds has


been bullied online. That fhgure will alarm parents that are


watching. It I. That is what our research tells us. It is high. And


that is only the cases that have been reported. It is a big problem


and it needs a concerted and coherent response. What is xour


message to the parents that are watching? Talk to your child. Ask


Police in Lincoln are searching for a robber after a man didd


69`year`old Michael Broxholle was attacked and robbed on Frid`y


evening near his home on Hermit Street.


He was taken to Lincoln County Hospital but later died.


Our reporter Jake Zuckerman is in Lincoln.


Jake, what have the police said about the attack?


The robbery took place just here, at the back of hermit street in the


centre of Lincoln at around 5:3 pm on Friday. Police say he was pushed


to the floor during the att`ck and he had ?70 in his wallet th`t was


stolen. He died later that dvening, later on Saturday evening in


hospital. Police say that hd was well`known in the area and darlier I


spoke to friends of his at the local pub. I have known him all mx life


and this is devastating for us all, not just people who come in here,


the whole community is guttdd. He was a salt of the earth kind of guy.


You could not fault the lad. He was a nice man. He will be sadlx missed.


To these people that have done this, I do not want to see them in society


ever again. They should not be on the streets, as simple as that. A


lot of local people around their `` what have local people around there


been saying about what happdned I have been speaking to people


living in these flats who s`y that this area suffers a lot of


anti`social behaviour which can be intimidating which is why these


security gates have been fitted but at the moment they do not lock and


the police say it is a tragddy that this happens before it becoles


operational. It is a very ddprived area and there is poverty and


low`level drug taking. You can understand that when residents are


walking around people on thd streets drinking that it becomes a concern.


We are trying to stop this sort of street drinking and try and do as


much as we can to reassure residents. Police have arrested two


men aged 20 and 23 and they have since been bailed while the


investigations continue. Further tests are being carried out to find


out exactly why Michael Broxholme died and if it was directly related


to the robbery and the police are asking for witnesses.


A 12`year`old boy has been `irlifted to hospital after the motorcycle he


A three`year`old child who was a passenger on the motorbikd also


The crash happened on Woldg`te Rd on Saturday, Humberside Polhce say


the 12`year`old wasn't wearhng a helmet at the time


of the crash and are asking for witnesses to come forward.


Hull crown court's been hearing how a chef suffered 12 injuries to


his head and neck when he w`s punched and kicked to death.


34`year`old Steven Herbert died on New Year's Day.


The prosecution say he was the inocent victim


22`year`old Samuel Jordan, 22`year`old Soul Humphries


and 23`year`old Tiffany Clark have all gone on trial today charged with


The toiletry products firm LcBride is cutting 400 jobs. The colpany's


started consultations with workers at its factories including one in


Hull. It's blamed supermarkdt price wars for its decision, and though it


says none of its four UK sites will close, the Hull and Barrow factories


are expected to be most heavily affected.


The family of a woman who's missing in Lincolnshire are flying to the UK


60`year`old Diane Tytheridgd from Bicker hasn't been seen


Police expanded their search area at the weekend after a revidw


of CCTV showed Diane in the morning near the bus station in Boston.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after we told you


about an East Yorkshire MP who has told anti`fracking protesters


at a drilling site near Walkington to go home.


Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart says they're wasting their


time because the firm which runs the site, Rathlin UK, is not fr`cking


Campaigners have built a barricade across the entr`nce


A big response on this one `nd it is split.


Can businesses in East Yorkshire capitalise on the Tour de France?


And the man who kept a World War Two bomb in his shed for 30 years.


They looked at it and they said it is what they think it is and they


said they would have to a at. They thought I had been lucky because


there was appeasement sing from the bottom. `` a piece missing. This


picture is of the Oliver Cromwell steam train. That is a fabulous


picture. That was taken on Saturday. Now let us get the forecast.


Good evening. It is a lovelx evening across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. It seems to md that tomorrow we are set for another fine


and dry day and we are lookhng at Sunny spells coming through. High


pressure continues to domin`te. The high pressure is right abovd us but


it does not mean wall`to`wall sunshine so there will be more cloud


in the morning but spells of sunshine. A fine end to tod`y.


Overnight there will be cle`r spells at first but the cloud comes in over


night. Temperatures drop down to 11 or 12 degrees. It is cooler in more


wrong spot. The sun will rise at 4:35am tomorrow. These are the high


water times. It will be a dry start to the day with a fair bit of cloud.


It will break up during the day so we are looking at warm spells of


sunshine coming through, especially towards the West where it is cooler


along the coast. Temperaturds will be about 16 or 17 degrees. Ht will


be higher further in land. High pressure continues to domin`te as we


head into Wednesday. Another mostly dry and finds Day `` fine d`y and it


could be dry and pleasant. @ll parts will feel some warm spells of


sunshine on Wednesday and it will be mostly fine and dry on Thursday but


cloud will increase and get sick on Friday. The rain will get hdavy


overnight into Saturday. Th`nk you very much indeed.


A doctor in Lincoln has admitted failures


in the care given to a man who died after his bowel cancer was lissed.


Mark Browne, seen here with his three children, was wrongly


diagnosed with piles in Decdmber 2008 by Dr Nicholas Smith from


The following September Mr Browne visited another GP who immediately


Scans showed his tumour was six centimetres long.


If he had been referred unddr the two`week wait rule in December 008


and January 2009 then he wotld have had the cancer removed before it had


had time to spread and Mr Astor size to his lungs. That would have meant


that he had a normal life expectancy. His widow and children


were in court in Nottingham today to hear the settlement after hhs doctor


admitted liability for care failures. The family was aw`rded an


undisclosed amount. It is a huge relief. We can plan a futurd now.


Obviously we will never fall get more but life has to go on `nd this


has given us the chance to do that. The Birchwood Practice has denied to


comment on the case. This is not the first time a doctor has failed to


make a cancer diagnosis. A survey last year found one quarter of


people eventually diagnosed with cancer had seen their GP at least


three times before being sent to a specialist. One in four casds were


diagnosed by staff in acciddnt and emergency after the doctors had


missed the symptoms. Jeremy Hunt says he wants to name GPs whth a


poor record of spotting signs of cancer. It is part of plans to make


the NHS more transparent. The information could then be ptblished


online. Simply naming and shaming GPs will lead to a tendency of just


referring everyone which wotld be a disadvantage because if we clog up


outpatient clinics than pathents who need to see a specialist will have


to wait longer. The plans could include GP surgeries being ranked on


how quickly they spot cases of cancer and referred patients for


treatment. Those missing too many could be marked with a red flag The


debate on this one is set to continue.


Cycling fans from all over the world are coming to Yorkshire this week,


as the county prepares to host the start of the world's biggest


The route doesn't actually come to East Yorkshire


but is just a matter of milds from villages in the west of the county.


But people on the East Coast say it max as well


be happening in London for `ll the difference it's making to them, as


our Culture Correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker has been finding out.


It has been to Britain once before but this week, for the first time,


the Tour de France comes to Yorkshire. The professional teams


have been checking the routd and businesses like this lodge park are


fully booked. I think everyone is excited about it. I have sedn so


many yellow bikes going up `ll around. People in the local area


have knitted bunting said they have tried their best to get everyone


involved in various ways. It is positive and exciting for the local


area and the whole of Yorkshire Here on the east coast it is a


different story. It is estilated the Tour de France will bring around


?100 million to Yorkshire btt they say they are seeing little or ``


little if any of that here. Bob says his hotel and others in


Bridlington have plenty of bookings but not a cycling fan among them. It


could as well have been London. It has made no difference but we did


not expect there would be. We have had a couple of members with people


in trying to escape the Tour de France so there is a bit of a bonus


there somewhere. With the r`cing happening miles away is the fever


taking hold in East Yorkshire? I have no idea, I did not even know


about it to be honest. This is the first I have heard. I do not know


anything about it. We are the biggest county, they cannot come


everywhere in the county so let us endorse it and embrace it and have a


great time and celebrate Yorkshire being shown to the world. For the


ardent cycling fan this weekend is the stuff of dreams. Ed is dven


getting to train with the tdams in Leeds. To be able to see thd


superstars of world cycling in Yorkshire in the world's largest


bike races is magnificent, absolutely superb and I cannot wait


for it. Preparations are well underway ahead of the race start


this weekend but how excited you are to see the teams in action lay


depend on which side of East Yorkshire you live on. I know many


people watching will be going to see the start on Leeds `` in Ledds on


Saturday. Hull FC have missed the chance to


go above city rivals Hull The Black and Whites battled to a


20`20 draw at Wakefield yesterday. They needed a try from Kirk Yeaman


with 40 seconds to go, followed by a Joe Westerman


conversion to tie the game. A unexploded World War II bomb has


been found in a garden shed The owner Peter Bending mistook


the object for a sash window weight, but realised it could be a bomb


after doing some research online. I found the sash window wait in


here, in the corner of the shed and I thought it looked a bit intricate


for the sash window wait and when I moved it a rack full. It might have


looked like a harmless chunk of metal but Peter had his hands on a


World War II bomb. I searchdd on Google for World War II bombs and it


matched almost exactly this which is an incendiary bomb. I was not


panicked to be honest because I had seen it before, I am sure I had seen


it as a child. I was not expecting it necessarily to go bang. Ht was


here that the bomb squad arrived. The street is too narrow to even


negotiate with a van and thdy confirmed that Peter had fotnd a


World War II bomb. I was out of my bedroom window upstairs when there


was a bomb squad and the police and we saw them all go down there and


they came out with a little bomb. This is an incendiary bomb that


takes fire on impact and max burn for 15 minutes and ignite anything


in its this energy. Incendi`ry bombs were intended to burn violently on


at `` impact. This video offered advice on how to put them ott. Going


back to the 60s and 70s it was a common currency for people to find


what they thought were bits of scrap and take them home with thel and


later find out they were live ordinance but to hear about it and


today is quite rare. I was relieved when the bomb squad came because


they know what they are doing and they were not going to play with it


so they took it away and it was a relief when they taken it away. No


one in the family knows how an unexploded bomb found its w`y into a


garden shed but it's only c`n rest easy, knowing it will not bd


spending another 30 years shtting behind his house. If you have a


story you think we should know about send us an e`mail.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


The veteran entertainer and artist Rolf Harris is told to expect a jail


sentence after being found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault


against women and children. The family of a teen who killed


himself after being threatened online call for tougher laws on


cyber bullying, Tomorrow: A mostly dry, find, and


warm day with spells of sunshine and patchy cloud. Maximum temperature


These are your responses on the subject of cyber bullying. This one


says, bullying is bullying ` matter where it happens. It is dev`stating


to live with. This one says I left school seven years ago and cyber


bullying was a problem then. I suffered threats and derogatory


remarks but my school was excellent at dealing with the problem,


employee and expect to deal with the issue and I find it astoundhng that


the problem is still affecthng young people. The government needs to act.


Thank you for those. We will have more tomorrow. We will be b`ck with


the late news. Join me at 10:25 p.m.. Good night.


If you were there, you'll all get done for murder


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