02/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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said it had been bought by an anonymous bidder.


Lawyers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say cuts to legal aid


are having a severe effect on those least able to afford it. Last year


the government stopped providing public funds for some types of


cases, as part of a plan to save ?350 million a year. But opponents


say the policy has left many on lower incomes having to represent


themselves in court. Kate Sweeting reports.


Cuts to legal aid have caused outrage amongst the legal


many say it's the poorest families who are suffering the most.


Carol has spent a year and thousands of pounds fighting through


the courts to get her two grandson's out of care. Under the new rules,


can't afford to fight for their children. I am only fighting for my


grandsons. I have done nothing wrong.


Legal aid uses public funds to pay for court cases. Cuts to civil legal


aid came into effect in April 2013. Since then nearly all family law


advice is exempt from legal aid, meaning people can no longer get


funding for things like child contact.


Hull Solicitor Sarah Clubley says she's seen dozens of families who


can no longer get legal aid. They come in our office and it is a


tragedy what is happening out there. In a statement the Ministry of


Justice told us "Whilst we have had to address the


cost of one of the most expensive legal aid systems in the world we


have also made sure legal aid remains available for the cases


where people most need legal help. This includes where life or liberty


is at stake and where a person is at risk of serious physical harm.' But


some maintain that the new system isn't working. Carol says


she'll fight on. But as the legal bills mount up


she risks losing not only them but also her home. It's about little


Earlier I spoke to the Hull East MP Karl Turner who is


I asked him if he agreed that legal aid bill had to come down.


The efficiencies that have to be made. The government have ignored


that. They are not saving any money at all worthless. A proceeding in


the family court which would normally take an hour is taking a


full day and kids are suffering as a result. Do you accept the greedy


lawyers and barristers have got this in this situation? It is a complete


fallacy that lawyers are earning fortunes. They are ending a huge


amount of money. I suspect that the figures reflect monies paid for five


or six years worked. When you are paid by the public purse, it takes a


very long time to get the money end so the large amounts are probably


over a few years. There is nothing to worry about because the


government says people whose lives of liberty at stake will be covered.


Only 1% has been paid in relation to those cases so it is just not


working and they are not saving any money because proceedings are taking


so much longer. Are you fighting for your legal friends are ordinary


people? I am fighting for access to justice for people and I want


parents and children to be represented in court. I do not mind


admitting I want fairness of access to court.


must make further savings worth ?90 million.


It's already made ?125 million of cuts since 2009. Unions claim the


latest savings could see 500 jobs go.


Police have released CCTV footage of a woman who's missing in


Lincolnshire. 60`year`old Diane Tytheridge from


Bicker hasn't been seen since Wednesday morning. Police expanded


their search area at the weekend after a review of CCTV showed Diane


in the morning near the bus station in Boston.


Hull is to receive more than ?3 million in arts funding.


Venues like Hull Truck Theatre will get a share of the money from the


Arts Council England. There's also cash for the city's Freedom Festival


in the run up to the year as City of Culture.


In whole two out of three organisations are getting investment


which is extremely unusual. There could be a case for investment


in flood defences along the Humber. That's according to one Government


Minister. MPs from the area have been in


Parliament lobbying for more to be spent on protecting communities


after December's tidal surge. The work that they're doing, along


with the technical advice that's being


received, or the work that the local authorities are involved in, will


make a very strong case for a long`term investment plan.


By the end of the night, temperatures should be back in


single figures. Temperatures will remain constant and the cloud will


build but it will stay mainly drive. We will get up to 23 degrees or 24


degrees. 23 degrees is 74 Fahrenheit. There might be the odd


spot of rain on Friday and it will be Saturday before it slowly clears.


more cloud on Friday. None of this survives into the weekend, some rain


around on Saturday. It's certainly been a feast of


football again. The


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