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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Blinded in an attack last ydar `


the religious leader still waiting for justice.


The pain still remains. I still have the pain in my head,


even today. The region's biggest event `


the RAF Waddington airshow has been cancelled next year due to runway


repairs. Inevitably, it was always going to


affect next year?s airshow, but the decision has just bden taken


that in 2015, there won?t bd an airshow at RAF Waddington.


The news comes as organisers prepare


for this year's show which has already seen record ticket sales.


The MP?s claims that anti fracking protestors are wasting police


resources. Warnings of rail delays and


disruption as the Selby swing bridge is to close for six weeks.


And the school science projdct sending pictures back from space.


Join me later for the forec`st. He was partially blinded


in what he says was a racist attack Seven months ago,


the religious leader in charge of Hull's main mosque was ptnched


in the face by a gang who stopped Now his family has criticisdd police


for being slow to investigate. Officers have denied that


and have started a new appe`l Leading prayers at


Hull Central Mosque. Hafiz Rahmat Aziz Salik before his


third operation. Doctors say the attack


on the 61`year`old has left him I can see the only tiny light of the


sunlight, or the electric lhght It sliced his eyeball compldtely


in half and broke the nose bone


in his nose and also fractured The shocking nature of the `ttack,


not only affected the Imam `nd There was a lot


of anger within the community We don't look


for revenge or anything likd that, The Imam was driving here along


Spring Bank West at around 0030 at night on Saturday 30th


of November. Two men and a woman then stopped


the Iman's car, one of the men approached hhm


and punched him in the eye. These are


the only pictures police have of Two men and a woman walking


along Princes Avenue, Police do not believe what


happened was racially motiv`ted At the mosque, that is something the


Iman and his family disagred with. They also believe police took too


long to get hold of the CCTV footage and to take a statelent


from the Imam. I don't think there was


a realisation of the gravit`s of the situation as to what impact


it would have on the communhty. The contact from the local LP,


he spoke to the head of the police and the counchllors


got in touch and the communhty members got in touch and I think


that kind of speeded things up. Humberside Police say they `re still


hopeful of making a breakthrough in the case and do not


accept the families criticisms. At the time the attack


took place we did take that very seriously, as we do all casds of


violent crimes, such as this one. I would say this was a cowardly


and unprovoked attack I would ask any persons who have


information, in respect Officers have since visited the


mosque to reassure the commtnity It's hoped this fresh appeal will


finally lead to answers and justice. 60 years on ` the film comp`ny with


an international reputation which It attracts 150,000 people, brings


in ?12 million to the Lincolnshire economy every year and has raised


millions of pounds for charhty. But today organisers


of the Waddington Airshow s`y next year?s event has been cancelled


and there are no guarantees that it Tonight,


the base is preparing to welcome Many of the aircraft on display this


weekend have to land on the runway. It is getting old and needs to be


rebuilt. That work will not be completed until autumn next year.


That is why organisers have announced there will be no show here


next year. This year will be the 20th show and


record numbers of people ard expected to attend. They'll get to


see displays like the Royal Jordanian Falklands. Today


organisers have confirmed they'll be no RAF Waddington Anjou next year in


2015 because of work that is being done here to rebuild the runway


It is disappointing. To be presented with that news has taken thd weekend


away from those. It brings ` tear to my eye. Quite devastated. Wd were


hoping the Ayrshire would c`rry on. `` we were hoping the show would


carry on. Organisers have rdfused to speculate about what could happen in


future years, or if this cotld be the final airshow clear. Thd event


is worth millions to the local economy. For traders, the


cancellation leaves a hole hn their calendars. There are a lot of shows


around the country from Invdrness to Brighton. Bit upset that solething


so good and prosperous will not be here next year. But it will be back,


and probably just as big as it is now. The Vulcan is always a


favourite among the crowds. One of its pilot told me he is hopdful the


show will return in 2016. W`ddington is very special. We hope it comes


back stronger than ever in 2016 We definitely no show next year, it is


little wonder organisers ard expecting record`breaking crowds


this weekend. Organisers told me that advance ticket sales are rocked


by 20% this year compared to last year. For the first time evdr, there


will be no tickets availabld on the gate on Saturday or Sunday. With no


show next year, if you want to be among the 150,000 expected here this


weekend, you have to purchase an advance ticket before tomorrow


night. Thank you.


done here to rebuild the runway Wing Commander Jim Beldon is from


RAF Waddington I asked him hf the airshow could relocate to ndarby RAF


Scampton. This year's air show is at RAF


Waddington, but next year that has to be cancelled owing to thd


restructuring work to the rtnway. The decision about the venud of a


future show has yet to be determined. Whether there whll be an


event next year of any kind is not yet decided, and for 2016, `


decision will be forthcoming in the future. So it is possible there


could be a Waddington air show next year but somewhere else? Thd


Waddington earth show is cancelled. There has been no information about


any other information. The only information I have is that


regrettably, the show next xear is cancelled. Can you guaranted that in


2016, it will be back at Waddington? I sincerely hope it will, btt we


await a decision on that, which will be forthcoming. So you can't give a


guarantee it will be back? H can give absolute confirmation on that,


no. Operationally, it is very busy there. Is it perhaps in these tight


security times, is it is not a go any more? It is a very busy,


operational station and has been throughout my association hdre,


toilets were smashed and furniture was made into weapons,


just days after the segregation unit on J wing opened last Lay.


Boxing nor the Lincolnshire are to investigate


Hospital, while ear, nose and throat services would be based on the


Grimsby site. If the numbers are not big enough to maintain both sites,


in the same way we have looked at ear and throat and stroke, ht may be


possible to have children sdrvices to mount one of the sites.


The Humberside Police Commissioner says he's prepared to ask the


government for extra money hf anti`fracking protests conthnue in


East Yorkshire. Matthew Grove says the cost of policing the


demonstrations has the potential to become a concern. His comments come


as Humberside Police is criticised for sending too many officers to


police a protest at a gas drilling well. Here's Paul Murphy.


This morning there was a light police presence at the drilling


site. It was in marked contrast to last night when dozens of officers


descended on this remote corner of East Yorkshire as the lorry after


lorry of gas drilling equiplent was driven into the site. Lots of police


along the route. Police werd at quite frequent intervals. It seems


so excessive, the number of police. These people are not violent, they


want to make a peaceful protest This is about a controversi`l method


of gas extraction. There is no fracking taking place here but


protesters believe it is a latter of time before it does. At present


local people seem more concdrned about the nature of the polhce


response. I've never seen so many police. You would not have `s many


lease if you'd had two murddrs. The children videoed it because they had


never seen anything like it before. There is growing frustration. You


My message would be, go homd. We welcome you to demonstrate, but wait


until we have proposals on ht. Costs will also be a concern. The Greater


Manchester force ramped up bills of over ?1 million. It is applxing for


government help now. The Hulberside police Commissioner says if the cost


of policing protest here escalate, he will do the same. I will write to


the Home Secretary if it continues. Was that police say its presence was


to facilitate a peaceful process `` Humberside police. It is a challenge


this force will face again `nd again with these protesters in thd weeks


to come. Who should pick up the cost


of policing the protests? Is it right it comes out


of the general policing budget? Should the Home Office step in


and give Humberside Police dxtra Six weeks of repairs to the Selby


swing bridge ` and a warning of delays and disruption


for rail passengers this sulmer Pictures from space ` captured a


part of a school science experiment. River Hull in Beverley taken by


Robert Bentley. Thank you for that. Paul has gone


part time this week. This week?


Yes, not just this week. A lessage here saying that somebody s`w


clearly Donovan on a bicycld with somebody even older than Peter.


I am not sure handed people would thank me for seen you in cycling


shorts. I think you would look craving them.


John said that you get around. I think he meant cycling.


I will get onto the weekend forecast in a minute. Tomorrow looks largely


dry, but it will be cloudy. Overnight Friday into Saturday, some


heavy spots of rain. We havd had some sunshine today. It has felt


quite humid out there. Tempdratures got to 23 of 24 in some parts of


Lincolnshire, but humid feel, and that will continue overnight. A lot


of cloud overnight, but gendrally fairly overcast, and a mild night


with temperatures falling to 15 or 16. Tomorrow, that cloud cotld be


thick for the hotspot of light rain or drizzle, but for the bulk of the


day, it will be largely dry. His rain spreading tomorrow evening


Temperatures should be quitd warm, getting up into the early 20s. As I


mentioned, cold front from the North. The rain will clear `nd it


will brighten. Sunday, the risk of the odd shower in the afternoon


I suspect you will get some offers of cycling partners are not under.


I wonder if you will get anx request for pictures in lycra.


I doubt it. Every passenger wanting to travel


by train to Leeds or Manchester this summer from Hull will have to


start their journey on a bus. It's because of six weeks of repair


work to a key bridge on the line. It'll add 40 minutes to


the journey with business owners on the East Yorkshire coast saying


that could put people off vhsiting. Work's already started strengthening


sections Selby Swing Bridge. Built in 1889, the ageing structure


has often been the source of delays for passengers getting to and from


East Yorkshire. This ?14 million upgrade


aims to fix that. But it also means It obviously is a problem for


commuters, but the work has to be done. It will make it a bit of a


nightmare. From the 26th July to the 8th


September, First Transpennine Express Northern Rail trahns from


Leeds or York will stop at Selby, divert via Goole, with buses


ferrying passengers to the station It will be significant, and Jenny


Sandell be extended by around 3 minutes. Unfortunately, the road is


not as quick as the trains `` and journey times will be extended.


A landslip on another line last summer


delayed these works. The public got a chance to have a closer look at


The work will mean current weight and speed restrictions on the bridge


will be lifted, which should improve the reliability of services. There


is concern about the timing of these repairs, in the middle of the


tourist season. I am concerned there will be some sort of withdr`wal of


people coming to Bridlington. It will affect people who are coming


certainly for day trips to the seaside, because they will see it


has a disproportionate amount of disruption.


So it may be a short term inconvenience, but these


improvements should mean faster trains for passengers in thd future.


So it may be a short term inconvenience, but these


improvements should mean faster trains for passengers in thd future.


Do you use trains into Leeds or Manchester?


Would it put you off visiting the East Coast


Thanks to everyone who got hn touch about foreign aid.


In the last few minutes, thd opening ceremony for the Tour de Fr`nce


which gets underway in Yorkshire at the weekend, has begun.


Some of the top riders in the world have arrived and are making their


Organisers say they're delighted with the response that


There are yellow bikes everxwhere, French flags everywhere, bunting


everywhere. It is amazing, very special. There is such a passion for


cycling and love for the totr. I am very impressed.


It's 60 years since the famous film company Ealing


Studios came to East Yorkshhre with one of its best loved stars.


Lease Of Life was made on location here in 1954.


It starred Robert Donat and involved many local people as extras.


This is the founder's day sdrmon I was going to preach to you.


Lease of Life tells the story of a country parson,


who gives a controversial sdrmon to a cathedral full of schoolboys.


In 1954, Ealing Studios found the perfect place to be


It was, in fact, Beverley and most of the schoolboys were boys


Mixing with the stars and some rather ill`fitting uniforms.


You were given one that was the nearest size to fit.


One or two of them were rather baggy.


The cloth was rather a poor quality cloth.


We wouldn't have had a blazdr of that cloth.


This lady, with the pale co`t, was Adrienne Corri.


Many of us who were about 14 or 16 thought she was very glamorous.


She had beautiful red, or auburn hair.


The lead was Robert Donat, seen here on the left.


He starred in films like Thd 39 Steps and Goodbye Mr Chips.


His character's country parhsh was really the village of Ltnd.


Claude Hodgson also played a small part.


Named on his official letter from Ealing, as Pot Man.


They had old tramlines right down near me and


People came from miles around to see it.


Choosing an East Yorkshire location would have been


A film company with an international reputation.


I can't think of an Ealing film before this that was actually set


in Yorkshire. They were looking for a Cathedral town and, appardntly,


there was a member of Ealing staff who was the son of


the then Archbishop of Cantdrbury. He said what about Beverley Minster.


The schoolboys couldn't be paid so they each received a book,


as thanks. The school library was also donated a chair.


Small mementos but inspiring great memories of the days when E`ling


They're pictures that could have been taken by a multi billion


But instead, these were takdn 1 miles above Earth


by a ?500 smart phone belonging to schoolchildren in Boston.


All the schools and Lincolnshire want their students to reach for the


skies, but how many have actually touch the edge of space? Yot just


realise, this has been into space. Not only has it been in space, you


have put it into space. Kyle was part of a team that sent an


iPhone into space, capturing this footage.


It gives is a great view. That blue glow of the earth with that backdrop


of space behind it, for me that is what I wanted to achieve. As it


falls, that opens a parachute. You see the balloon that has just burst


above it. Goes, before it starts to fall again. The space balloon and


parachute were created here in this science lab. Maths, physics and


media students all played their part. This is where we put the heat


pad. They chased the parachtte using satellite tracking. When thdy caught


up with it in Norfolk, they had to wonder how I was footage. Creating


such a documentary which has been able to almost broadcast around is


pretty amazing. The crisp qtality of the images are phenomenal. Ht has


done a really good job and hnspiring students. There hasn't been a


student who hasn't had another question about it. You have to


admire the technical skill. My favourite thing is the fact it was a


couple of small pencils that help this together.


This was all achieved by a handful of young minds and Italian teacher.


They have proved what can bd possible, so little wonder they have


inspired the school. This was all achieved by a handful


of young mind and a brilliant teacher.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


Security is stepped up at Britain's airports as America warns


The religious leader who was blinded in an attack last ydar says


Responds on subject of policing the anti`fracking protest. Mike said,


the protesters should pay, they are the reason the police are there


Karl says, these protesters are a drain on a finite money pool and


should retire to their homes until proposals have been put forward


Margaret says, the police wdre protecting the property of the


drilling company, they would not have been there in such force


otherwise. Thank you for those and for watching. We are back at 10 25


p.m.. Goodbye.


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