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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


?200 million from the Government to boost the economy here. A quarter


will go on flood defences. The four`year`old waiting for eczema


treatment as doctors debate the price of it.


For me to have two say you can't have it, she doesn't understand it.


It is not fair. I will be back with the details of the forecast.


Millions of pounds is to be spent on flood defences on the banks


of the Humber to protect more than 60,000 properties.


The announcement is part of a ?200 million spending package


for this area to attract investment and create jobs.


Tonight one of Hull's biggest private sector employers which


suffered millions of pounds worth of damage during the tidal surge says


Sarah Corker has been looking at the figures.


The Humber is getting ?103 million of government money for 12 projects.


And it's estimated that will help to safeguard or


Now almost half of that money, ?48 million,


December's tidal surge exposed Hull's vulnerability to coastal


flooding, inundating businesses and homes along the Humber.


Today, the port director told me improved


flood defences protecting 68,000 properties will help to attract news


It's very important for the multi`million pound businesses, many


businesses up and down the estuary, and those who are about to relocate


here that they feel confident that the Government understand that we


And smaller businesses like this seafood company are now


We can look at a new fleet and vehicles. It is very welcome. It has


been difficult. Improved defences also means


thousands of homes in North There's money too to support


the electricifcation of the Hull to Selby line and


for an enhanced footbridge over Lincolnshire will share ?111 million


between 15 projects focusing It'll be used to build up to 2,000


new homes Lincolnshire has so many transport


bottlenecks, such an extensive road network, so we've really focused


on some of those key bottlenecks and making sure government


understands the need to put money Economic development comes


from that. The biggest share of that money,


?16 million, will be spent on the long`awaited Grantham relief


road to cut congestion in the town. Each local enterprise partnership `


made up of businesses and councils ` has had to bid


for the money from the Government. These growth deals are


a massive transfer of money, of power from Whitehall to local areas


like this so that they can build The idea is that local people know


best about how and where investment is needed


helping businesses to flourish. There's a real focus on skills


and training too. In Lincolnshire they'll be


a new science and technology park at University


of Lincoln, an agricultural college is to be built at Lincolnshire


showground and a business park Three colleges in Grimsby and Goole


will get money for specialist training


for the renewables industry. All these projects set


to start next year. Earlier I spoke with Noel Waters


from Smith and Nephew, a leading medical product manufacturer in Hull


who were flooded during December's He told me about


the impact it had on the business. There was major damage to the site.


All our head offices were flooded. It had a major impact on our ability


to continue to supply from this site. How much it cost the business


in total? We are still going through that, but


it is many, many millions. In excess of $20 million. Good grief. Did it


make you consider your position at the side of the Humber? Would you


move? It was a great concern, particularly when we realised the


flood defences were in such a poor state. The levels were considerably


below where we had, where it grows to. What about today, with this use


of ?3 million going to the Albert Dock? Does that make you feel


differently? It is excellent news, for the city of Hull and all the


businesses in this area. Quite clearly, it makes us feel more


secure that we will be protected from the scene, but we are taking


some of our own precautions as well. Can you make a firm commitment that


you are staying? Yes, well, we are committed to Hull. We have a


long`term commitment Hull. The business started eliminating 56. We


have got this business back up and running. `` the business started


back in 1856. Thank you very much. In a moment: How this driver turned


the tables on the parking warden, using CCTV to prove the authorities


wrong. A four`year`old girl with severe


eczema is having to wait to get access to medication, even though


it's been prescribed by a hospital consultant. The girl's mother


believes the drugs are being withheld because of the price, and


says if she lived elsewhere they would be available. A national


patients' group says cases like this are becoming more common since local


doctors were given more power over This, what we're looking at now,


is quite good. When she starts scratching,


it bleeds, Her feet, her hands,


and all over her body. Four`year`old Kacey suffers


from severe eczema. It's only her face


which is clear from the condition. It's there all the time,


it never goes away. For Kacey, I can't begin to


imagine what this is like for her. According to Katylee,


Kacey was prescribed special bandages and steroid creams


on 3rd June by her consultant On 5th June,


her GP surgery refused to issue it. Her case was reviewed last week


on 3rd July by the local Clinical Commissioning Group,


which overseas GP care. But the following day, the GP


practice told her they'd have to wait for confirmation in writing,


which could take up to ten days and then it would then be another


week before her medication arrives. It makes me angry, it makes me


upset and it's disheartening. For me to come out


of that surgery and say you can't have it, which she can't understand,


it's not good enough. Hull Royal Infirmary says it hasn't


prescribed anything out of the ordinary, body bandages


and topical creams, suitable To make matters worse, Katylee


believes it's because she lives here in Hedon in East Yorkshire that her


daughter didn't automatically get But if she lived a few miles


down the road in Hull, it would have been a more positive


outcome from the start. Ruth Marsden from patient group


Healthwatch says cases like these aren't unusual now that decisions


are made at a very local level. Most people assume that their


relationship with their GP, because of the personal nature of that,


means that their GP can pull out of his clinical hat whatever they


may require for their condition. Now unfortunately


a GP is not entirely a free agent, he is governed and,


in many ways restricted, both Kacey's mother says she's worried


about how much longer she'll have to wait to get the medication her


daughter so desperately needs. We want to hear from you on this


story. Have you had a similar experience to Kacey? Do you think


some drugs and treatments should be A former Humberside police constable


has appeared in court and `` and pleaded guilty to a number of sexual


assaults. He pleaded guilty to misconduct by engaging in sexual


activity while on duty and admitted misconduct by carrying out sexual


assault while working as a police officer. He has been bailed to


appear at Sheffield Crown Court for sentencing on August 27.


A man accused of starting a fire on a North Sea ferry


off the coast of Bridlington which led to six people being winched off


the ship and airlifted to hospital has pleaded guilty to arson.


26`year`old Boden George Hughes from Sunderland admitted committing


arson but he still denies arson with intent to endanger life.


The prosecution said he was very drunk and under the influence


of drugs when he set fire to bedding in the cabin with a lighter.


A driver from Lincolnshire has had a parking ticket cancelled after it


was wrongly issued. Ron Best received the ticket for leaving his


car on a street in Horncastle for more than two hours, in a one`hour


bay. But he had his own CCTV footage showing he had actually moved his


car in that time. Lincolnshire County Council has now said the


member of the staff will go through further training. Jessica Lane


Ron Best keeps a CCTV camera in his car in case he's in an accident.


But he used it when he was given a parking ticket


And accused of staying for over two hours in a one`hour space.


According to the officer, my wheels were in the same position. In the


meantime, not only was the car parked in a different position, it


was part it different way down the road and I had driven several miles.


Ron says this video shows that journey.


So he appealed. After investigating, the council


sent this letter saying he shouldn't have been given the ticket at all


Lincolnshire County Council has apologised. In a statement, it said:


Without the CCTV footage, I would've been struggling to prove it. They


tell a negative effect on the town. That it has a negative effect on the


town. The council says if other people


think they've been wrongly given a ncolnshire's Red Arrows meet one


of their number one fans. Storm cloud over New Ellerby,


sent in by Chris Clark. If Paul was here, I think tomorrow


night we will do a feature on part`time work. As he cannot get


there? I think so. Not sure many people are


complaining. It is quieter in the office.


I am not complaining. Thank you. Some very heavy showers


out there at the moment across northern part of Lincolnshire,


heading into part of East Yorkshire. Another batch pushing from the


South. Tomorrow, there will be sunshine and heavy showers as well.


We have a warning from the Met office for some torrential


downpours. We have a friend coming in from the east. I think it will


affect those late on Wednesday. We have some very heavy showers out


there at the moment. Temperatures dropping back to 14 or 15. By late


morning we will begin to see showers bubbling up. Might see some lines of


showers. Some could be very heavy. Not everywhere is getting them. It


could be a beautiful day along the coast. The bridges in land, up to


about 20 degrees. The great Yorkshire show this week. Wednesday


looks like most of the day will be dry. Outbreaks of rain on Thursday.


That was not meant to be there. I was just going to say, nice and


professional, then used by late at the last minute.


Don't tell him. See you tomorrow.


Yorkshire is celebrating what's been described by the boss of the Tour de


France as the best Grand Depart ever.


Millions of people turned out at the weekend to get a glimpse of the


riders. It cost millions of pounds to stage the event but in return


it's hoped it will bring ?100 million into the regional economy.


The man who brought the Tour de France to Yorkshire says it's been a


I always knew it would be big, I knew it would be good. I never


expected in my wildest expectations we would get the millions and


millions of people we have had. The skies of Yorkshire were buzzing


with helicopters relaying live pictures of the Tour de France


on Saturday and Sunday. Among them, the Yorkshire Air


Ambulance had its busiest ever weekend, and at one point during


the race was given priority when it A bird's`eye view of one of


Yorkshire's proudest moments. By mid`morning on Saturday, calls


for help were coming in thick and A patient has fallen through a roof,


some 20 feet. We are unsure exactly


of their injuries at the moment. Around two million spectators


watched and there were miles It's difficult to transport


patients to hospital. This is the easiest way


to save lives this weekend. So much so, the Yorkshire Air


Ambulance has brought in a third Just a few miles from the start,


as the Tour passes through Skipton, Sally Hartley's effort to get a


better view landed her in trouble. She landed on her leg


and then twisted and then her head There is a wound at the back


of her head. My mum owns a salon at the Corn Mill


and we have got a corrugated roof. There was a load of people up there


and me and my mum decided to go up She just took one step out,


fell 20 foot. The paramedics have been fantastic


to get there as soon as they could. Sally was kept


in hospital overnight and released. Other patients included


a schoolboy who fell off the chair, While the incline,


rather than the crowds, proved too As he started up here,


which is a pretty big hill. He started to get some chest pain


and started to get out of breath. In total 20 patients were airlifted


to hospital and in what was a successful weekend for Yorkshire


on the ground and in the air. Humberside police say they don't


need any more money to police anti`fracking demonstrations in East


Yorkshire. And via mental test is accused of fossil been heavy`handed.


`` environmentalists force of being heavy`handed.


We are not spending much and we're not using much of our resources. I


hope we can continue to keep it in the way it is now and manage it at a


low level. Hull Arena will close later this


month because of changes to EU rules. The venue's refrigeration


system needs to be replaced to meet new regulations and it's expected to


remain shut until early September. Hull City Council are talking to


Hull Stingrays Ice Hockey team to find an alternative venue for their


pre`season preparations. "Grimsby", Sacha Baron Cohen won't


be coming to the town for any filming. The comedian, who's best


known for characters such as Ali G and Borat, did visit the town before


filming started. But the action`comedy is instead being shot


on a closed set in London, before Hull City have completed the signing


of Tom Ince. He signed a two`year deal with the Tigers. Negotiations


are continuing between the Tigers and black `` and Blackpool.


The chairman of Hull Kingston Rovers says he hopes the newly appointed


coach Chris Chester will be in the role for the long term. In his first


game in charge, Chester saw Rovers beat Superleague leaders St Helens


by 40 points to ten. Speaking after the match Neil Hudgell said it was


the right time for a change at the club.


We will do what is the best for the team, and we think the best is a


change. Chris is very well thought of in the club. We hope we can talk


long time. It is a great opportunity. I am looking forward to


the next eight games. I reckon we need another four to get in the


play`offs. Who knows what happened after that. Lee Radford says he is


still hopeful of reaching the play`offs despite losing to


Warrington. And you'll be able to see the


highlights from both games on the Superleague show tonight. It's on at


11.35 on BBC One. One of Lincolnshire's Red Arrows is


out of action for the foreseeable future after being hit during a


display at Waddington after being badly damaged by a bird


strike during the show. with one of their biggest fans.


Ten`year`old Tahnee was among the crowds at the Waddington Air Show.


She made the news last year when she wrote to the Arrows, but forgot to


include her address. They tracked her down and at the weekend her


dream of meeting the team came true. Flying in for a VIP meeting with


one of their biggest fans. How are you feeling today? Very


excited, I can't wait. Because I get to meet Red 1 and


yeah, it's going to be really fun. Is one of those going to be your


plane? We first met Tahnee last December


after she wrote to Red 1. "I really want to be a Red Arrows


pilot when I grow up. "I have been working really hard


at school." Without a return address,


he couldn't write back. Eventually, the team tracked


her down and invited her here to It has just been really,


really exciting and we've been We have been


around to the stalls to see the RAF stalls and she can't help but tell


everybody what she's doing today. It's been really fun. I've looked at


all the stalls and everything. I'm going to buy some stuff from the


Red Arrows stall later. This is the moment that


Tahnee has been waiting for. She is about to meet Red 1 and


get the opportunity to ask him what For ten minutes,


this ten`year`old quizzed her hero What's your favourite plane apart


from the Hawk? F`14, Tomcat. I just love it. It's a


brute, isn't it? It was amazing,


one minute I was just sitting there and then they all came out. It was


just brilliant. It's been a long time


since she wrote in. No return address, and we tracked


her down, so that's brilliant. She is a lovely, sweet, little


girl and she is really desperate To end this memorable day,


a chance for Tahnee to watch her favourite


team perform for the crowds. You can see a gallery of photos,


many sent in by you of the Waddington airshow, by going on to


our Facebook page. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The Government launches extensive new


inquiries into child sex abuse involving politicians and promises


to expose any failures. A warning of doctors making more


tough choices prescribing drugs as one girl from East Yorkshire is


caught in a row over eczema We were talking about that story of


the patient unable to get medication for eczema who lives in Headon.


Somebody says, people being thrown off doctors registered, children


waiting for medicines, extremely long waiting list, what is happening


in the NHS? Utter mismanagement. Chris says, how could any doctor


allow a child to suffer such a horrible skin problem? A condition


like this should be a top priority whatever the price. Ali says, if the


hospital put her on the medication, they should prescribe it, and the


doctors should give it as a repeat prescription. Somebody else's, it


should not be to do with where you live. Somebody else says, if she was


a drug object, they would pay whatever it costs to get her romp


methadrone and let her stay on it `` drug addict. Thank you for those and


for watching. Enjoy your evening. I will be back later at 10:25 p.m..


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