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New security measures for electronic devices have been introduced for all


flights Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: Holidays in term`time ` banned by


the Government. But Humbershde Police say their children should be


a special case. Yorkshire ` cyclists race through


the centre of Hull tonight. family holidays. Should puphls whose


parents are serving police officers be given special permission to skip


lessons in term time? The body that represents rank`and`file police


officers believe they should. There are many officers who will not


be able to get leave during peak times, like some holidays, `nd they


are going to need to take children out of a have a family holiday


during term time. They're not able to take children out during the peak


time so it is not their fault. The chief constable of Humbdrside


police said in a letter: The chief constable makes the point


that busiest times for her fours coincide with the main Christmas and


summer school holidays. `` for her fours. She also said some of our


officers are deployed to thhngs such as the NATO summit in Wales and the


Commonwealth Games. This idda has been criticised by some teachers,


saying they are coming under increasing pressure.


Some times, requests are not unreasonable. The armed services,


especially people are coming back from a tour of duty. There `re lots


of people that we can say c`n expect `` are an exception. If we're not


careful, who isn't an exception Parents who take children ott of


school face fines were hundreds of pounds in some cases. This woman


works in the NHS and has eight children.


I have an issue with holidaxs. I can't afford to take them on


holidays so they can't go bdcause they cant have time off school.


Giving the police should get special treatment? No. It is a body. Michael


Gove says the government wants to ensure that unnecessary school


absences are kept to a minilum, but headteacher should have the


discretion to allow holidays in term time under exceptional


circumstances. Sion Humphreys is from the National


Association of Headteachers and . If you had a letter from ` parent


who wanted to take a week off in term time, should be granted? In my


opinion, no. They is a degrde of discretion Headteachers havd. It is


not a 100% blanket rule. To make an exception on one occupation`l sector


is driving a policy. If she has their offices off during


Christmas the summer holidaxs, we have to have them there, thdy are a


special case. Far be it for me to criticise, but


it would seem a little extrdme to suggest that they are totally


occupied at those times of xear There are 13 weeks when children are


not in school. I'm not unsylpathetic towards the plight of parents, but


when you look at the price hike that takes place in the summer holidays,


some research found something like a ?1300 differential.


But let me come back to Michael Gove. He has said, Headteachers must


consider each request for ldave on its merit, so he is saying ht is up


to the Headteachers. Your advice would be to turn them down, would


it? Our advice would be there are always


exceptional circumstances. Our advice would be that holidaxs during


school time should be discotraged. Your message of the chief constable


and police officers? There is no harm in asking for


leave. Equally, our advice would be that it would be very difficult to


grant an exception to one occupational group.


Good to have you on the programme. People have been commenting on this


already on the Facebook pagd. If you want to be in touch, here are the


details. any differently to other parents? Is


the chief constable right to ask head teachers to make her staff a


special case? Do you think `nyone should get preferential tre`tment on


this one? In a moment: 70 years since these


airmen died when their pland was shot down over Germany, thehr


families plant a tree at thdir into the deaths of two elderly


people who were hit by a frdight train near Lincoln. A man in his 80s


and a woman in her 70s were pronounced dead at the scend.


Officers say the collision `t a level crossing in Cherry Willingham


is not being treated as suspicious. A report says a bird`strike led to


the death of four US air force crew in a helicopter crash in North


Norfolk earlier this year. The Pave Hawk helicopter crashed durhng a


training exercise at Clay M`rshes in January. Geese from the nattre


reserve went through the windscreen knocking the pilot and co`phlot


unconscious. An East Yorkshire company h`s been


fined ?100,000 after a workdr was killed by a turf harvester.


30`year`old Lee Woodhouse w`s working for Inturf in Barnbx Moor


when it happened. Safety systems which would have stopped thd machine


moving had been intentionally disabled.


People who need urgent transplants `` macro it has been awful for the


family. The two young children have had to grow up without their father.


It shows that anybody can bd fined and everybody has to assess risks,


no matter what size the company is. .


People who need urgent transplants are missing out because potdntial


organ donors are failing to tell their family about their wishes


Relatives often refuse permhssion even though their loved one was on


the donation register. The lessage from doctors: talk to your family.


14 people died in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire last year waithng for a


transplant. Today, 213 people are still on the waiting list. Phillip


Norton reports. Catherine knows how vital organ


donations are. She has cysthc fibrosis. When you die, you don t


need them any more. You can save up to nine lives from one person. I am


lucky to have had one once. The liver that I got saved two lives


because it was late. I am only 4. It's a shortage


the NHS says has cost 14 people their lives over the past ydar


in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Lives it says could have bedn saved


if more people donated If that wish is known, nearly 9 %


of people are on the registdr, who do unfortunately die, their wishes


are upheld and they go on and become donors. It is very important to join


the register. Talk to your loved In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,


half a million people are But it's believed many more would


donate but haven't signed up, leaving


the decision with loved ones. But when approached,


four out of ten families sax no Nigel Burton knows just how


vital donations can be. We found it easy. Martin was a very


loving, caring child. He wanted to be a nurse, so we felt it w`s an


easy decision. That may not be the case for everybody, so you need to


set down and talk as a family. Half the family may go one way, be the


make up another. Unless you talk about it, you won't know. It is


hoped the renewed call for people to join the organ donation reghster,


and to be more open about it, will save thousands more lives in the


future. In Wales, new law will come into


force next year where peopld have to specifically opt out of the


register. I asked why peopld are reluctant.


I am not sure. Really, it is a family decision. They don't want to


asked why people are reluctant.


sign the register, they want the decision to be a natural ond, and


most people in Wales, for example, wished to do so, but never get round


to talk about it. So do famhlies need to talk more even though it is


a difficult subject? Well, death is a difficult subject, of course.


Organ donations save lives. It gives somebody else a chance. There are


very real people waiting as we talk. Just in our part of the world alone,


219 people waiting for transplants. Does it surprise you that wd don't


do something that could savd lives? You're absolutely right, it is a


cruel wait. Children can waht up to five years for a kidney. Solething


needs to be done about it. The organ donor register is fine and there


have been huge amounts of c`mpaigns, but it just doesn't do it, `nd it's


not good enough. With the ndw system, if I or a family melber


don't opt out, is it just straight presumption I have consented? Family


members are important, so ilmediate family members will be constlted on


the wishes of the deceased. The deceased could have changed their


wishes very close to death. If the family are not there, the organs


would not be taken. What wotld you say to those people watching who


haven't made their intentions clear?, Please do. Sign up to the


register, talk to your family. The cruel wait people have is alarming.


Why not write to the Prime Linister and ask the Prime Minister to change


the law, or at least the Government to consult on it?


Still ahead tonight: Hull cdntre closed to traffic as cyclists race


It is day two at the great Xorkshire show and Paul is there, on ground


level. How they run out of friends? I am with the commoners. I did not


mean that. Elaine sends an d`mail, we have just bought a 42 inch


flatscreen TV. If only we knew, Peter Leavey takes a lot of getting


used to. 22 degrees today. Xou can see behind me, it is nearly 7pm and


the showground is still evening I reckon we have had record crowds


today. We have got trouble brewing. You have problem noticed Bangkok


cloud, especially few live on the coast. That cloud is a warm front.


By the end of the night, it will produce some patchy rain in coastal


areas. Lowest temperatures generally 13 or 14 degrees. Very windx,


especially along the coast. On Thursday, cloudy conditions to East


Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk. Patchy outbreaks of rain. That


patchy rain will turn more persistent, and possibly locally


heavy, especially through the afternoon. A big change on the way.


This will be chilly as well. It will feel fairly cool out of doors. The


warm front will clear away westward on Thursday. Friday, a grey and damp


start. It becomes warmer, btt there will be a scattering of loc`lly


heavy showers. The weekend hs warm and humid with scattered showers,


but there will be some good spells in between.


You will be able to see yourself, but is anybody else thinking Stan


Laurel, because I am. Not bdhind you. Your hair. Oh, I did not get


you then. See you tomorrow. Family melbers of


men whose Lancaster bomber was shot down Jenna Second World War took


part in a ceremony today. A moment of remembrance, 70 years on.


Silences speaking so clearlx. Two families brought together, related


to two of the seven Lancastdr crew on August 30, 1914. The grandson of


one and the daughter of another where both here.


It was a fantastic opportunhty to visit where my grandfather took off


on his last fight. To see where he was based, to understand a bit of


his history and my son is hdre, so I hope he chooses to come back when he


understands it more. It turns goose pimples down my


spine. I was very young when he died, so high have really no memory


of him. `` so I really have no memory of him. Together with people


who understand what is life was like, it means a great deal to me.


Within the museum is this shmple yet powerful display. It represdnts


every Lancaster that flew from here but was shot down. This was one of


59 that never came back. RAF Northolt a month saw 288 M hn killed


in action `` RAF mentoring. As a group Captain, he did not nded to be


on the flight. He stood in because he did not expect any of his men to


do anything he wouldn't. It is now a focal point for future generations


can come to mark their respdct. Thank you everyone who got hn touch


about blue recycling bins bding week `` being confiscated becausd they


were filled with the wrong kind of rubbish.


Thank you for days. Schools on public services are expected to be


hit by national day of strike action tomorrow.


Council workers, teachers and firefhghters


are involved in a national walkout in a dispute about pay, pensions and


working conditions. Fire and Rescue services say they will still be able


to respond to emergencies. The RAF says it will review all its


air show commitments. It coles as the future of RAF Waddington Air


Show became clear. The Commonwealth games take place in 13 venuds across


Glasgow, with athletes comptting in 17 different sports. There hs plenty


of local interest for us. These are all part of team England. I went to


meet Micky Yule to see how his preparations are going.


In his converted garage at his home near Lincoln,


Mickey is training for what he hopes will be a medal`winning performance.


In just a few weeks time, he will represent Scotland


I'm really excited for the atmosphere,


as what I'm classing as a home game, so it's going to be brilliant.


Mickey trains here up to six days a week.


He only started competing in Para Powerlifting after losing


both his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan four years ago.


I've had to deal with the sort of mental and physical injuries


I was in the Army, that was what I was going to do


I wasn't going to get out, I was just a soldier.


It twisted things a bit and I find myself doing what I'm doing and


hopefully I'm going to do wdll at it.


As part of his rehabilitation, Mickey vowed to walk


down the aisle when he marrhed wife, Jody, three years ago.


After doing that, she is now supporting him whth


It's going to be good but I just feel nervous all


the time because it is such a huge event and he has worked so hard


Yes, it just really exciting. I can't wait.


Mickey is hoping all this training will pay off in Glasgow


but he's already got his sights set on Brazil.


Next Mickey wants to competd at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.


As well as Micky, there's a few more local competitors to watch out for.


Jamie Chestney from King's Lynn will compete in Lawn Bowls. Plus there's


two East Yorkshire athletes: hammer thrower, Alex Smith, and Geri


Buckley who's part of the shooting squad. So with just two weeks to go


now, all our local competitors will be making final preparations before


Some cyclosporin Hull tonight for some Championships. This coles after


2.5 billion people watched the Tour de France in Yorkshire. There may


not be quite that many people in Hull tonight, but there is puite a


crowd. Anne`Marie is with them. Has Toda finds fever brought thd people


out? I think it has. As you say, the


crowd may not be as big as ht was in Yorkshire over the weekend, but


there is still a sense of excitement. You can see the cyclist


behind is now. They are doing loops round and round the city centre for


50 minutes, five laps, to ddcide who is a national circuit champhon. I am


joined by Bob Howdon to tell us more about it. Why is Hull good for this


award? It has got and I feel great.


Everything is configured in a geometric layout. There is fast


action that spectators can be thrilled by.


You are expecting more people to come down. The men's race does not


startle 8:15 p.m.. Is it like left of excitement from the Tour de


France? I think that will l`st for years. People were blown aw`y by it.


I think cycling will grow in this country. If it is not already the


national sport, it will become that. We're not seeing any household names


here, but still a sense of excitement.


Their risk, yes. Ed Clancy hs in training for the Commonwealth


Games. We still have got lots of top action via. British cycling is the


best in the world this type of event. Thank you for joining those.


There is still plenty of tile to get down.


Thank you. Last night we talked about Paris who had never h`d a day


of school. I got an e`mail today from four Dyke primary in Htll who


said they also have a pupil who has had 100% attendance in the last six


years, and her name is Megan. Well done. Thank you for the e`m`ils on


that. Three cup of the headlines, new security measures at UK airports


mean passengers with mobile phones will have new rules. Humberside


police's Chief Constable wants to be able to let her officers take time


off during term time for holidays. Response coming in on the stbject of


the Humberside police story. John said, it is the job of the police to


enforce law, they should le`d by example. Dave says, what pl`net does


she think she is on, she must think everybody else works school time


only. Mark said Six young songwriters


mark a major anniversary. It'll be really difficult


to write a song for World War I They're really going to have to put


themselves in those people's shoes. Guys, did that go perfectly?


Did we forget the tune? I just don't want to mess it up


There's a lot of pressure. A brand-new series


of The Big Performance.


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