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weather. Not a wash-out but stay tuned for the details.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


"Still not good enough" ` Lincolnshire's underperformhng


hospitals are told they must remain in special measures.


It is disappointing. We are surprised at the recommendation The


team have really worked hard. The impact of public sector strikes


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire ` It is a really hard decision, but as


a teaching assistant, I just want to be paid a fair day's pay. These


strikes hurt people who use the services.


Plans for a memorial to honour Hull's celebrities `


but can people elsewhere nale anyone famous from the city?


And I talk to Strictly Come Dancing's Kevhn


from Grimsby and his fianced about their big homecoming this wdekend.


Further rain to come, the vdry latest coming up shortly.


Hospitals in Lincolnshire h`ve been told the standard of care is still


The health watchdog the Card Quality Commission has published thd results


of a detailed inspection into the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.


They say Lincoln County, Boston Pilgrim, Grantham and Louth


hospitals have made some improvements, but not enough to


In a moment we will hear from the trust's chief execttive,


but first here's our health correspondent Vicky Johnson.


Last year inspectors said Lincolnshire's main hospitals


were failing to meet any national care standards.


Since then, especially here in Boston, there have beenl


improvements, but not enough to lift them out of special measures.


We were very surprised that that's the recommendation that we wouldn't


come out of special measures, and the team have really worked hard,


they've worked their socks off in order to show the improvements that


they can make to care. And the fact that we've come across as


caring overall, as an organhsation, shows how far that journey hs.


When the inspection team from the Care Quality Commission vishted the


four main hospital sites, they were all found to require improvdment.


Among the major challenges being faced are


staffing, there are still unfilled vacancies in certain servicds.


Seven day services, only limited progress has


so far been made and the outpatients department at Lhncoln


These findings prompted somd concerns from visitors to Lhncoln


County today. I am very concerned. My wife is an intense care. My dad


has been here a week, and wd haven't had any problems. If it needs


special measures, it should stay there until it gets to wherd it


should be. In 2011, Fiona Allinson from the CQC insists


that the trust is now getting the support it needs.


They have an improvement manager and a buddy trust that will help them to


make the improvements. Progress has been made in some areas. Inspectors


have given the trust a good ratings are caring, and says the high


dependency unit at Lincoln hs outstanding. Plus mortality rates


are now within expected levdls. But patients' groups concede more time


is needed to make other improvements. It can't be ttrned


around in six or 12 months. It takes time. And it is important that that


not only is improvement measured, but it stays improved.


The inspectors will return hn six months to decide whether or not


these hospitals can emerge from their special measures.


Earlier I spoke to the chief executive of the


United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, Jane Lewington, I asked her why the


Certainly the CQC have identified some areas where we need to make


further small improvements. They have also identified a couple where


we have more major work to do, and one of those is outpatients at


Lincoln. Have the CQC got this right? Do you agree that yot should


Dobbie in special measures? That is a difficult question to answer. What


they have certainly got right is that when they started their visit,


I did a presentation to thel and outline the progress we had made,


and where I felt we needed to do more work. Should you still be in


special measures? One of thd things you get through special measures is


help all full top we have h`d support through our buddy trust at


Sheffield. Why are you struggling with staff? In July last ye`r, you


said you were going to sort out the staffing levels, but there hs still


a problem. We have recruited 35 nurses, but we are just now leading


a review of staffing in somd of ours is areas like A, paediatrhcs, and


we will be moving to a new nurse template in those areas. St`ffing is


a constant challenge becausd it is a national problem. There is `


national shortage of nursing, and although we will continue to rely on


international recruitment. @s far as patients are concerned, manx will be


watching and worried. How s`fe are Lincolnshire's hospitals? On one to


ten, where ten is perfectly safe, where I you? 9.5, at least. We were


included in special measures because of our higher mortality, but our


mortality rates are now at or below the national average, and wd are


constantly monitoring. In special measures `` six months, will you be


at a special measures? Our staff are confident that they will be. Thank


you very much indeed. Do you work at one of the hospitals,


or are you a patient? The cancer sufferer from


North Lincolnshire calling It was billed as the biggest public


sector strike in a generation. In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


today more than 60 schools were closed as teachers joined council


workers, firefighters The unions say they were protesting


against a pay freeze and ch`nges to But the Government has crithcised


today's day of action, and ministers claim support


for the strike has been poor. More from our political editor


Tim Iredale. Firefighters, council workers


and teachers march shoulder to In Lincoln workers took to


the streets as part of a National It is a hard decision but


as a teaching assistant I w`nt a fair day's pay for a fair d`y's


work. We've had these shocking pax offers


for the last three years Householders put their bins out as


normal that they were not elptied. It is not that good,


we have that much rubbish in one If they leave it for another half


a week, it will really smell. In East Hull the park gate stayed


locked and this school was one of more than 60 in the area to


close, prompting this reacthon. I do think they should get fair pay


but I do not agree they shotld do it when the children are at school


and need education. People are allowed to fight


for the rights. It is a pain when you're working


and you have to find childc`re. The Government has singled out


the National Union of Teachdrs for criticism and ministers say it


is wrong for schools to close. The NUT, the only union to call a


strike today, is relying on a mandate, on balance, that they had


in September 2012, nearly two years ago, so they haven't consulted their


members and since then on whether they actually want to go on strike.


The strike brought one benefit from motorists who were waved across the


Humber Bridge for free, due to a lack of toll booth operators. Even


some public toilets were closed on a day when workers said thex had to


carry on at their inconvenidnce Some strong words


from the Government Is it possible to say who is has


the upper hand? The Government claims that lore than


90% of council workers turndd up for work today as normal, and more than


80% of schools remained fully open. But the unions say there was a


strong turnout on the picket lines, and public support for their day of


action was also strong. But the big scrap the night is over the


legitimacy of these strikes. The Government claims in some areas


barely 20% of workers voted in favour of strike action, and


ministers want tougher laws to make sure that more union members have


devoted favour of strike action in future. The Hull North MP s`id that


in recent Police and Crime Commissioners lectures, the turnout


was 15%, and the Government isn t questioning that legitimacy, so the


arguing continues. Some mord news in brief:


An investigation is continuhng into the deaths of two elderly


people who were struck by a train at a level crossing near Lincoln.


Peter Smith, who was 80, and Betty Evelyn Smith, who was 79,


were hit by the train on Croft Lane in Cherry Willingham yesterday.


Police are treating their ddaths as non`suspicious.


Their family said they're still trying to come to terls


An Indian court has told a lan from Hull he can go home nine


Ray Tindall was working for a security company provhding


anti`piracy protection when he was detained with the rest


of the crew because of concdrns about paperwork for their wdapons.


He's expected to return home later this month.


A terminal cancer sufferer from North Lincolnshire says he


wants to see a nationwide b`n on sunbeds before he dies.


Mark Carter from Messingham has stage IV


melanoma, and although he's never used a sunbed himself, he s`ys that


Mark Carter developed skin cancer after a career in the Merch`nt Navy


left his fair skin exposed to the hot sun.


Since being diagnosed with lelanoma he's discovered many of his fellow


sufferers blame sunbed use for their life`threatening condhtion.


I was shocked at how many, particularly young ladies,


have got melanoma because of their previous sunbed usd.


More than 13,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year.


This is four times higher than 30 years ago.


It is one of the most common cancers in younger people.


Cancer Research UK says using sunbeds will definitely


But the Sunbed Association has told us no definite


Before you even step into the booth, you get changed out here, and the


walls are covered in public information warnings, espechally if


you have fair hair and freckly skin. Used responsibly, a sunbed hs safe.


We used tubes that have less UVB. The current Miss Hull is


a sunbed user. I follow the rules and guiddlines,


and I don't see a problem at all. And while they aren't seeking a ban,


they want tighter regulations. We would like to see the Government


going further in England to bring us in line with Scotland and W`les to


have a ban on unstaffed booths, and making sure that people are provided


with information. Mark is lhving proof that you can get melanoma


without ever using a sunbed. You could end up dead at the agd of 29


if you use a sunbed. You have your whole life ahead of you. Thd risk of


melanoma is just too great. Mark Carter ending that report


by Amanda White. I'm joined now by Gary Lipm`n,


who is the chairman of the Sunbed Association,


who represents the industry. Mark says UI dicing with de`th if


you use a sunbed. Is that true? It is overuse. What you have to avoid


is burning. Look at anybody on a beach on the Mediterranean,


overexposing themselves. Our members follow a strict and robust code of


practice to make sure that `ny members of the public to cole in are


properly screened. Cancer rdsearch, the NHS, the world health


organisation, they all say there is a link between melanoma and sunbed


sumac. Why do you think thex are wrong? They said there is a relative


risk. That is not an absolute risk. Quite frankly, when you takd the


word risk, there is absolutdly no risk when you are sunbathing on a


sunbed with responsibility. Any of our members will make sure that


people don't burn. Tanning hs an entirely natural process, it is


burning we have to avoid. It is the burning that gives the risk, not the


tanning. Geni published in the British


medical Journal says that 100 deaths a year are attributed to sunbed use.


What the report says is that relatively few people are affected


by sunbed, and there is no reason to ban them. We have also been in touch


today with the Leeds University report, and they say to us that you


are using misleading quote, using it out of context. Do you accept that?


What we are doing is reading from their own report, and their own


conclusions. They say you are misleading people is taking it out


of context. I take their conclusion and I read it in its entirety. You


can't take a conclusion that they gave out of context. It is their own


words, Peter. We will leave it there. Thank you.


You might also have a view on this story.


Do you think sunbeds should be banned?


Plans for a Hollywood`style "walk of fame" in Hull to honour the


And I talk to Strictly Come Dancing's Kevhn


from Grimsby and his fianced about their big homecoming this wdekend.


Tonight's photo is by June Holmes. Paul is back after his two`week tour


of every show that has been going. Nice job if you can get it, isn t


it? Nothing was going to tonight, seeing as you are here! I whll read


you an e`mail about your hahr in a moment for.


I shall look forward to that. A rotten day along the coast. That


rain extending inland, so tomorrow is an improving picture, th`t is the


good news. After a cloudy, damp start, conditions will turn brighter


from the West. That is the warm fronts that has brought all the rain


in coastal areas today, it `ges inland and fizzles out as it does


so. There will be a lot of cloud associated with it, but it will


brighten up. It is bringing a lot of rain along the coast, so wet and


windy deceiving towards the coast. That rain will gradually extend


inland overnight. As it does so the weather front. To fizzle out. So as


it pushes westwards, no mord than a little patchy rain by the thme it


gets to Gainsborough, for example. And it should dry up a little bit on


the coast later. Temperaturds, 3 or 14 Celsius.


The sun rises at 4.45. Your next time of high water in Skegndss, 5.45


in the morning. The weather front will fizzle out,


leaving us with brighter skhes in the afternoon, and hopefullx some


bridal sunny intervals around. That afternoon temperatures, a good deal


better than today. Saturday looks a good deal brighter, and warler with


some sunshine. The risk of ` few sharp showers later in the day. And


once so if you'd like to become an honorary member of the standard oral


club because of your hair. @nother fine mess, Peter!


Don't even say it! Go away! Famous names like Amy Johnson,


William Wilberforce and Maureen But there are dozens more pdople


from the city with household names, or who made world`changing


discoveries, who you might not know So a campaign's under way to change


that before city of culture year Here's our culture correspondent,


Anne`Marie Tasker. Walk around Hull and you'll see some


of the city's most famous sons and The objective is to try to create a


way to recognise many more. The objective is to try to create a


lasting memorial for the pioneers of our city.


Hull Civic Society wants to transform this into the Fountain


of Fame, with the names of 40 of the city's highest`achievers


In many ways, we have been hiding our light under a bushel for so many


years, and now there is an opportunity to actually start to


show it off and brag about ht. Some


of Hull's alumni are well`known Anti`slavery campaigner William


Wilberforce, pioneering pilot Amy But did you know John Venn,


the mathematician who invented And J Arthur Rank,


father of the modern film industry, who opened the cinema chain


and produced scores of films. That's


because Don Suddaby developdd the TB suppose. I know a lot about Philip


Larkin, a great poet who cale from Hull.


David Bowie's guitarist Mick Ronson was from Hull, too.


The City Council wants to rdcognise him with something more than


The money is part of a First World War centenary ftnd set


?5 million has been given out nationally.


It's believed the money will be used to rdstore


Hull Kingston Rovers are to press ahead with a statue to remelber


their former player Peter "Flash" Flanagan who died in 20 7.


Flanagan starred for the Robins during the 1960s.


The news comes just weeks after the club renamed their north


stand in honour of club president and former chairman Colin Httton.


Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton will be in


his hometown of Grimsby on Saturday to dance for local supporters.


He made it to the show's final last year with


former BBC presenter Susann` Reid, and he'll be dancing again when the


His fiancee Karen Hauer will also be back, and his world champion


ballroom`dancing sister Joanne has joined the line`up, too.


Kevin told me how much he'd enjoyed his first series


It was a great first series for me. It was terrific, especially dancing


with Susanna. Did you keep him in order? I try my best to be strict


with him, but he is a rebel. You owe it to Sir Bruce Forsyth, because he


made you famous by calling xou Kevin from Grimsby. Yes, it just got to


the end of the list, and he said, here is one I can pronounce, all the


way from Grimsby, it is Kevhn. So now everybody calls me Kevin from


Grimsby, and I have lost my second name.


New series is coming back, xou are both going to be in it, and your


sister is going to be in it? Yes, a Joanne from Grimsby, as well! And


when we get married, I will be Karen from Grimsby! But you won't be


living in Grimsby, don't tell me. I am trying. There is nothing wrong


with it! We get free fish and chips. That is good enough reason for me.


And you are doing a show on Saturday. We were originallx doing a


different show, and for whatever reason, ticket sales in certain


regions, it wasn't selling well so the producers decided not to


continue with it, but we were looking forward to coming to perform


in Grimsby, which was go into beta Saturday, so we just said whth about


two weeks to go, shall we jtst put on a show anyway? We can't let


Grimsby down. That is what hs happening. Good luck. Remind me


briefly how he proposed to xou. We were in London doing a show in the


West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre, and at the end of the show,


he got down on one knee and proposed to me. Nauseating! And it w`s funny,


because he was dancing really weird the whole day. No change thdre,


then! I am really happy. Move to Grimsby! Nice to see you both, good


luck for Saturday. A lovely couple, Karen and Kevin.


That show is at Grimsby Audhtorium on Saturday night. It is just before


seven o'clock. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes Public sector workers go out


on strike in what's thought to be the biggest day of industri`l action


for three years. Lincolnshire's underperformhng


hospitals are told they must Tomorrow's whether: Cloudy, damp in


places, brightening up as the day goes along. 20 Celsius, arotnd 8


Fahrenheit. Now, response coming in on linkage


hospitals still being in spdcial measures, which we were talking


about a few minutes ago. Thhs is anonymous. I am health care


assistant at the pilgrim, and staff shortages the main issue. A lot is


expected of us, with not enough time to do it in. If they want bdtter


care, they should increase staff on all wards. It is ridiculous.


And Victoria from Sleaford says my son was born 12 weeks premature at


And Victoria from Sleaford says my son was born 12 weeks Lincoln County


Hospital, and the treatment we received at the hospital has been


second to none. Thank you for those. Thank you for watching. Join me for


the late look North at 10.24. Good night.


with some new adventures to share with YOUR little ones.


Please, double please. We're going to Dad's office today.


These look really yummy. I'm so excited about going to school.


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