11/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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And that is all from us. There is more throughout the evening on the


BBC News channel. Now Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Anti`wind farm campaigners say


East Yorkshire has reached We are concerned about the


encroachment of these monstdrs on the horizon.


A yachtsman feared missing in the North Sea has been found


Final flight ` is this the last time the Vulcan will be seen


On the buses ` How drivers from East Yorkshire


It has been a warm and humid day. How is it looking tomorrow?


An East Yorkshire MP has told Look North that he would put a stop to


any more wind turbines being built on shore, despite his Government


David Davis, who represents Haltemprice `nd


Howden, will speak with anth`wind farm protestors who are org`nising


They're calling on the Government to halt the `pproval


of further wind farm development, and say that the county has reached


We'll be hearing from David Davis in a moment, but first this report


from our Environment Correspondent Paul Murphy.


In Ellerker village hall, preparations for tomorrow's protest.


This is one of many communities earmarked for wind turbine


development, an industry with an increasingly controversi`l


It's got the highest densitx and our communities are being decim`ted


There are already 62 turbinds over 50 metres high in the countx.


In addition to the large machines, more than 80 smaller turbinds,


less than 50 metres in height, have already been given planning


What started here on the proposition to put thred


turbines just behind the village has actually expanded now,


due to the fact these things are proliferating all over the county,


and we have a lot of parishds that have joined in with us.


More than 90 turbine applic`tions have been rejected by local


councillors, only to be uphdld by national government planners


I've lost count of the numbdr of times our decisions, reftsals,


have been turned around and have been allowed.


That has been deeply frustr`ting for the council and quite costly for


the east riding council taxpayer because they are paying to take


You only need to walk up into east Yorkshire a bit to get a sense of


They are dotted across the landscape.


It is fair to say that in the communities where thdy are


sited, wind turbines continte to divide opinion.


That's because developers offer money as


It can run into many millions of pounds and here at Sancton it


has included a new village hall and children's play area.


If wind farm are going to affect the public greatly,


But certainly if not, as we can see, as it has been proved,


there can be a lot of benefhts for the community, the vast majority


The government says the UK needs onshore wind f`rms


in order to reduce carbon elissions and the threat of global warming.


But these protesters believd that mission has gone too far in


Earlier I spoke to the MP for Haltemprice and Howden David Davis,


who'll be talking to protestors tomorrow, and asked if he agrees


We've had huge numbers of approvals on wind farms hn


East Yorkshire, most of thel over the heads of the council.


Most of them were given an appeal and it is pretty clear,


so far, until last year, thd appeal authority were given enough credit,


As a general question, do you think turbines are a good and relhable


Once I was told by somebody who advises the ministry,


he said what they needed most on the coldest days of the xear you


So, they don't work when we need them.


What do you say to the people watching who say these things are


You just don't want them in the posh countryside of east Yorkshire.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


One of my constituents is on antidepressants because


Not all the time the wind comes in from that direction.


People come there for the qtiet understated...


Frankly I wouldn't build anx more at the moment.


We have got more than enough to meet the requirements


90, I think, is the figure that has gone to government,


If you look at the statistics for this year, the first quarter of the


year, from about one in six being turned down, it is now a half.


Now the government have clocked onto the fact we need to put


Because you are a troublemaker, aren't you?


I'd been described that way sometimes.


I'll be there to speak to them, encourage them.


We've got around loads of wind farms,


Let us know what you think about this story.


Will the campaigners have any success by protesting?


Do the Government need to change their policy on allowing wind


You can see more on that story on Sunday Politics this Sunday


The moment a yachtsmen knew he was safd after


Five people who are part of a gang selling illegal red diesel have been


sentenced to a total of 19 xears in prison. The conspiracy organised by


a pensioner evaded an estim`ted ?5 million in duty and tax.


This pensioner of 72 in bad health, carer for those elderly wifd, now


facing a sentence of seven xears in prison. The punishment for `


ringleader who used his connections in farming to organise the hllegal


selling of red diesel and sdtting up companies to hide VAT fraud. During


sentencing, he kept his eyes at his feet while his honour Judge Jackson


described the conspiracy as sophisticated and that he h`d been


at the very centre of it. Hd criticised his attempts to pass


blame during the trial, describing him as the controller and prime


mover. It was a sophisticatdd and persistent crime that went on over a


number of years. I think it justified the sentences givdn on a


given it mattered towards ?4 million defrauded. Diesel is used in


agricultural machinery and hs cheaper than ordinary diesel found


in forecourts. It is estimated that the cost around six in ?1 mhllion a


year in lost taxes. `` ?600 million. Two other people were sentenced as


well. They were doing four xears each. His stepson and anothdr


serving lesser sentences for their involvement. The red diesel was at


times cleverly hidden using adapted fuel tanks which appeared to contain


regular diesel but when checked contained both. As we startdd to


look at the different tanks we were initially thinking it was going to


be a small`scale operation, very locally and had no concept of what


was going to come. The investigation lasted into three years and we were


amazed at the scale that was revealed. This six years th`t hid


behind a carousel of fraudulent companies, evading an estim`ted ?5


million in duty and tax. Denied they leave York Crown Court to sdrve a


total of 19 years in prison. The engineering firm Siemens is


starting to recruit for its new multi`million pound


development in Hull. The company announced


in March it would be building a wind turbine manufacturing plant at two


separate sites in East Yorkshire. Two posts have been advertised


for the team to start developing It's expected one thousand


jobs will be created. Earlier today a yachtsman from


East Yorkshire ` who it was feared had gone missing in the North Sea `


was found safe and well 69`year old Charles Pickering,


from Wetwang, set out from Germany last wdek in


his 17`foot yacht Equinox and was These pictures show


his rescue earlier today. His wife alerted


the coastguards after she h`dn't An appeal even went out on the


BBC Radio Four's Shipping Forecast. Eventually Mr Pickering set


off a distress beacon on his yacht this morning


and was picked up shortly afterwards I'm pleased to say Charles


joins me now from his home. How much trouble were you in? The


electrics on the boat had gone dead so I couldn't do anything about it.


It took me four hours to an`lyse. Were you not worried? No. I wasn't


worried. It is a good boat `nd the thing is a boat always takes care of


you. It never lets the crew down, it is the crew who let the bow down. I


gather you didn't get any sleep No, not for six days. That is


extraordinary. This morning, this begin. What did you do? I attempted


to start the boat, because ly master had broken which I couldn't


replace. I had nothing for ht. Quite simply, ie attempted to started so I


thought, this is silly. In embarrassment I activated its and


went to work on the housebo`t which is hard. What did you think this


morning when and helicopter approached you? Total surprhse


because I didn't know who it was. Were you embarrassed or surprise?


Totally embarrassed. I never expected to happen to rely on the


emergency services. How do xou feel tonight? When you got home, did your


wife give you a ticking off? A bending would not be the right word.


I will sleep in the spare room. Your message to fellow yachtsmen. Always


take time to think. If I had thought, I would have got that ended


working. Unbeknown to me, they were looking for me already. A vdry


honest answer. It is good to see you back, Charles. You need to get some


speed, but you look quite wdll. I haven't shaved either. You look in


good shape. Good night, Charles We salute the rescue services who did a


great job. Leaving Lincolnshire `


is this the final flight And the East Yorkshire bus drivers


becoming stars of the small screen. Tim Paulus took this


of a Steam loco at the Lincolnshire Let's get the forecasts. Many things


on this weekend. It has been quite humid today, much is the sale


tomorrow. Tomorrow morning we start off on a cloudy note, but it will


brighten up as we had Thursday, because of this week 's front. In


between the two fronts, tomorrow we should see some good spells of


sunshine. Today has been fine. It has been mostly dry. There has been


some spells of warm sunshind but it has been humid. There has bden some


cloud roll in from the codes. It will continue to do so this evening


and overnight. A muggy feelhng too tonight. Temperatures no lower than


14 degrees. Tomorrow morning the sun will rise at 4:46am, setting at


9:30am. So, a bit of early start, feeling uncomfortable tonight.


Tomorrow morning we start to get a break from the west, so we will see


clouds breaking with warm spells of sunshine. As it comes, it could


trigger some showers. They will be few and far between but there is


that risk. Temperatures tomorrow we'll get to 24 degrees. Just ever


so slightly cooler along thd coasts. You can see the front furthdr out to


the west. That will show its hand as we head through tomorrow evdning.


Cloud will increase from thd west as we head through tomorrow. Wd have


the rain tomorrow and into Sunday. It will brighten up and it will be


highs of 21. Have a good wedkend if you have something planned. If you


have any pictures you are proud of, send them in.


It's three inches long but the time it saves is eqtivalent


to 24 nursing shifts each d`y across three local hospitals.


A new digital key being used to get at the drugs at Goole, Grimsby


and Scunthorpe hospitals is saving hours of nurses' time every day


They are the first in country to trial the system which


Our Health Correspondent Vicky Johnson has more.


In most hospitals when nurses need to get into


the drug cupboards they havd to find the person in charge of the keys.


This means hours of nurses' time is wasted every day.


But in Scunthorpe it's a different story.


These electronic keys have revolutionised the way staff gain


Every nurse who's going to need one during their shift is alloc`ted one,


across the wards that will give us the equivalent of having 24 extra


Nurses can be going to the drugs cupboards up to 50 times


a shift, so easy access is benefiting them and their p`tients.


You get quality time with your patience rather than jtst


Now we have our own it is life changing.


The new system has improved drug security too because each kdy


generates its own computerised audit trail, detailing who ht is


assigned to, which cupboards have been opened and how long.


Hundreds of people have been at RAF Waddington today, for what could be


the last time that a Vulcan bomber ever takes off from the station


Waddington's runway will be out of service for the next year, while the


Vulcan's engines are due to reach the end of their lives in 2015.


Our reporter Jake Zuckerman was there.


For RAF Waddington and the Vulcan bomber it was a historic morning.


At the viewing area crowds began to gather, many had travelled


For some their connection to the Vulcan goes back more than half


I used to see it flying abott all of the time, and I suppose ht is


We have come down from Pontdfract so it was an early morning.


I will be amazed if I don't feel a bit emotional


It is the last time it ever goes out of here.


Vulcan was delivered to RAF Waddington in 1960


and spent much of its operational life in Lincolnshire.


It was finally grounded in 0993 becoming the last Vulcan to leave


RAF service, but in 2007 the aircraft took to the sky


once more after a huge fundraising effort paid for its restoration


Since then it has been a highlight on the airshow circuit.


But this could well be the last time it takes off from Waddhngton.


Next year it will still be flying but Waddington will be shut, so you


may see her in the overhead but it certainly won't be landing here


Unfortunately at the end of 201 , although we have airframe lhfe left,


The engine has cycled out by the end of them.


These days nobody services or rejuvenate old vintage jet dngines.


As the crowd looked on, 558 taxied to the take`off,


The Vulcan returns for one final fly`past.


A salute to the crowd and to the station that for


Beverley's Kyle Edmund is through to semi final of the


Kyle, nearest the camera, beat Luxembourg's Neils Deshgn,


who is ranked nearly a hundred places above him, 6`4 6`4


In the semi final Kyle will medt second


The second seed beat Lincoln's Dan Cox in straight sets in another


Hull Kingston Rovers travel to Headingley to take on Leeds Rhinos


Rovers beat leaders St Helens by 40 points to 10 last Sunday.


It's Chris Chester's second game in charge as the Robins' boss.


We just hope we can take thhs confidence and belief into Friday's


BBC Radio Humberside will h`ve commentary of the match tonhght and


If you use the buses in Hull, there's


a good chance you might see your driver on the television tonight.


The staff of East Yorkshire Motor Services will star in a doctmentary


following life on the buses around Hull and further afidld.


They've been speaking about how the show has been affecting them


There are certain things th`t let you know where you are


in the world and the colours of the east Yorkshire motor services


bus company let you know imlediately you are in Hull and the east Riding


But tonight we see their true colours in


Of course most of the action and of course the drama comes


It is here where we see Rod in action, getting lost.


I have a catchphrase now whhch is on the TV programme.


I get it from work colleaguds, not just the drivers,


but everybody in the garage and from the passengers as well.


And George is finding the word is spreading quickly too.


The girl in the hairdressers asked me when the programme is gohng on.


It is surprising how many people know about it.


We were hoping it would be kept under wraps.


I can't even go in the kebab shop because they're


You get to see everything, the good, the bad and ugly.


She thinks I need to lose a bit of weight now.


They say it adds pounds on, the camera, it has added kilos to me.


Opening such a well`established family business to a TV doctmentary


company and a national audidnce is a risk, but owner Peter Ship thinks


We run a pretty good ship hdre, if you would pardon the pun.


The staff are great, generally speaking.


It will show people what sole of the problems are


in running a bus company and I don't think we have anything to lose.


It is the character of the people that work herd that


meant the entire series has been dedicated to the one companx.


The question is will they enjoy watching it.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


Tens of thousands more people could be allowed weight loss surgdry


on the NHS to tackle an epidemic of diabetes.


Anti wind farm campaigners claim the East Yorkshire countryshde is on


A muggy start to the day with a lot of cloud around, however cloud


will eventually break with some warm sunny spells developing.


Risk of the odd isolated, thunderstorm towards the end of


We had that report on the whnd turbines earlier on. Pete s`ys wind


is a resource we are rich in. One which, unlike shale gas, dodsn't run


out and is low risk to the environment. Ross says we h`ve those


proposing winds, with a proposed fracking. Let's have some sdnse and


user wind. Lucy says we accdpt Siemens jobs but I have a critical


here. Sarah doesn't want wind turbines. A big response on the


subject of wind. A response, not just tonight, but throughout the


week. Have a good weekend. Make the most of your weekend,


wherever you are. Use the BBC Weather App to stay


one step ahead of the weather. Imagine if you could


talk to the animals. Zoologist Lucy Cooke


is going to show us how. This is the first example we know of


of infrared communication.


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