12/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hundreds of protestors have turned out in Beverley to call


for an end to wind turbines being built in East Yorkshire.


The Government says they are needed to reduce carbon emissions


But protestors at the march say the area already has enough.


Enough is enough. No more wind turbines. These campaigners in


Beverley took their message to the council this morning. We have said


we are in favour of wind turbines, but there must be a balance. We


don't want to industrialise the region. There are representatives


from 32 villages here today. The council says they RM ally to the


cause and not an enemy. Whichever way you look at it, this policy...


David Davis says his government is doing what it can to give local


people more of a say. Until last year, five out of six wind farms


were allowed an appeal. Know it is about half which is much more


sensible. That means if you go to appeal with a reasonable argument,


you have a chaps. Protesters say they expect their council to keep


fighting those who submit applications.


And they will be taking an in`depth look at the issue of onshore wind


It is the first housing complex of its kind in the East Riding and


But finally ten people with special needs have moved


into their own purpose built apartments so they can live


This 42`year`old man has always been looked after by his parents. Now in


their late 60s, they admit that caring for someone with his level of


special needs is getting much harder. His needs are many and


faded. It is fair to say that if somebody is not within 24 hours a


day, his life would be in danger. The dream has always been friendly


to live independently but with support. I couldn't bear the thought


of him being in a home. He is a quiet person. He needs lots of


space. It has been a seven`year SLORC. This 1's muddy field has been


transformed into ten purpose`built flats for adults with special needs.


While he will be encouraged to do as much as possible for himself, he


will still get round`the`clock support from a team of carers.


Families like the Watsons have been the driving force backing the


project. And they have had a lot of support and advice from the council.


This is the only one in the East Riding at the moment. There are


others in West Yorkshire. At the moment, we are looking at scene we


can replicate this system elsewhere in East Riding. It might have taken


seven years to get this arrangement in place, but Lee says it is very


worthwhile. I am happy. Like Mac now it is hoped that this level of care


can be replicated elsewhere in the region.


Hundreds of people have turned out to see the emergency services


The Rescue Day event features simulated emergencies like these,


and organisers say it serves a number of different purposes.


Today is the biggest safety event of its type in the world. This is about


people having a fantastic day but taking away the key safety messages


to allow families to survive certain incident types.


Beverley's Kyle Edmund has been knocked out of the


Kyle ` nearest the camera ` lost to Luxembourg's Gilles Muller 7`6, 3`6,


After what had been a fine day, more in the rush hours this afternoon. We


have had a yellow weather warning in force for showers. They will


continue over the next couple of hours. The showers could be sundry


in nature. We will see the return of sea fog and mist for the coast and


the hills. It will be humid. Cloudy start tomorrow. And improving


picture by the afternoon. Sunny spells in store Monday.


We are back tomorrow afternoon at 5:50pm. Have a good night.


We are seeing thunderstorms developing. Some of these will stay


with us well on into the evening to be replaced with outbreaks of rain


later in the night. The rain we had heading into western Scotland and


Northern Ireland and spreading east across the UK. There are some


heavier bursts. Coast and hill fog around and a warm muggy night to


come. Tomorrow we start with cloud. Damp in places. Many of us will see


brighter skies arrive. There will be showers around. Light ones for Wales


West earn England.


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