13/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening from BBC Look North. It's hoped ?300,000 worth of


investment will help to boost East Riding's high streets and ldad to


the creation of jobs. The council wants local people to think of


projects that could revitalhse town centres, and says the best hdeas


will be funded with grants of up to ?5,000. Tolu Adeoye reports.


The Great British High Stredt hasn't been quite so great in recent years.


There's been lots in our arda to try and get shoppers back.


Riding Council is offering grants to groups with ideas to improvd town


It might take a lick of paint, it might take some flowers, but at


the end, we want to see a vhbrant high street in all of our towns


pop`shop in Bridlington, whhch was paid for by a Government gr`nt. It


allows people to showcase their businesses for a short time.


Got some really good feedback from people, where people are gohng from


Got some really good feedback from people, where people are going


to our other business. Therd is some evidence nationally that high


There is some evidence nationally that high streets are doing better.


big companies like Comet went bust, around 20% are still vaccant on the


high street, but that rises to 9% for shopping centres and 37$ in


retail parks. Where the high street responds to


are doing really well. Therd are still vacancies on high strdets


too, so we can't afford to be complacent.


Gainsborough is another town in our area that's invested to bring in


make the city centre more accessible.


as though we're achieving what we want to, which is encourage visitors


The footfall figures, which we do monitor, are encouraging.


East Riding Council has put up 300,000 for the project. Now it s


left to groups across the area to come up with ideas, like thd pop`up


ideas, like the pop`up shop, and bid to take them to the high street


An event's been held to raise support for a campaign to s`ve a


North Lincolnshire airfield which could be sold off as farmland. The


council is working with a local gliding club to try and arr`nge the


purchase of the airstrip, at this RAF base at Kirton in Lindsdy. The


public were invited to an open day at the base today, in an effort to


raise support. The Ministry of Defence is selling the land, which


We are trying to facilitate the transition from militarx status


into civilian status, and ensure that is a positive


experience not only for the gliding club, but for the residents.


Local MPs say they're shockdd by the latest revelations


surrounding historic allegations of sexual abuse at Westminster.


The Government has launched an investigation into missing files


relating to alleged child abuse by senior figures in the 1980s.


Shadow Home Office Minister and Hull North MP Diana Johnson told


today's Sunday Politics that it s important to find out the truth


Most MPs are shocked to havd heard about these allegations,


the potential there might h`ve been a cover`up, I think MPs are taken


aback by this, and that is why we are very pleased that there is going


to be this full enquiry, and particularly,


this enquiry about the Home Office and what it did or didn't do.


We need to get to the bottol of what has happened.


Time to take a look at the latest weather forecast now.


We've seen some showers this evening.


We'll continue to see more, by the coast especially.


Further inland, drier conditions, clearer skies and temperatures 3,


Tomorrow ` dry, bright, plenty in the way of sunshine to start


Some rain to come later in the night.


Temperatures generally around 22`23 degrees.


That's all from the Look North team for this evening. Good night.


Good evening. A fine night ahead. A few showers are lingering across


eastern England and eastern Scotland. They should fade away into


the small hours. There will be clear skies and it will be a fresher night


and last night. Temperatures will slide down into the mid-teens and


lower. A


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