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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Counting the cost of more flash floods.


Taking aim ` the Lincolnshire hopeful's looking


Now there are calls for Hull's little`known war hero to be properly


Join me for a detailed forecast in 15 minutes. One hotel in Skdgness


says it will lose lots of btsiness after the latest flood, which hit


the town last night. This is adding to previous damage. We will hear


from a group in a moment, btt first, this report.


More repairs to add to the damage already done by flash


The Queens Hotel, one of several talking to insurers after torrential


rain last night and are hophng that guests will again understand.


Worst affected is things like fridges and freezers?


For hoteliers, this rain dalage could not come at worst timd.


We are sending their next door for their breakfast because we


do not want them to go and complain about us but the majority do


understand. According to a statement from Anglian Water, expect lore


They say as the climate changes extremes of weather like intense


suggesting that flash floodhng will become more common and pershstent,


Skegness will worry about ctstomers coming back and the floods `re not


just affecting businesses, last week affecting homes in Cottingh`m. In


Flash flooding occurs when the rainfall is too heavy for the


I am joined by a guest now. Anglian Water said today extreme we`ther


like this is becoming the ndw norm. Are we prepared? It is becoling more


frequent. We are not as prepared as we would like to be. There hs a lot


of work that needs to be done, not just by organisations that xou might


think of as having a responsibility, so Anglian Water,


central government and the Environment Agency, but we feel this


should be increasingly a prhority for the whole of government. So not


just left to the Environment Agency but right at the top of the


government priority list? It should be. All department should bd looking


at what they can do to help reduce the risk of flooding and reduce the


impact. Flooding is traumathc. It affects people. How much more money,


how much money do you think needs to be spent by the government? There


was a report in 2012 that b`sically said to keep standing still, we need


to spend the next ?50 million a year on the 2011 budget. We have not done


that and we are just creeping up with the money the government


announced for this year. We're just approaching that fought this year.


We need to raise our game significantly. We were told ?3.


billion over the next spendhng period of flood protection. How much


more do you want the governlent to spend? That is a huge figurd. It is,


but it is a national priority in our view. It is something that hs going


to get worse, due to changing weather patterns and also if we


build more houses, more parts, we have infrastructure that is getting


old, how drainage systems nded replacing, this is stuff th`t if we


don't deal with, it will increase the problem. We need a refldction on


our approach to it. Very interesting to talk to you. Thank you.


Let us know what you think about this story.


Have you been affected by flash flooding and is there anythhng


More than half of Lincolnshhre's lab is could be run by volunteers.


Nearly half of children say they've been bullied at school, but a


charity which helps the victims of bullying in Hull is set to


close because of a lack of funding. The Community Anti`Bullying


Team costs ?60,000 a year to run and, as Gemma Dawson reports,


it's been a lifeline to manx families. She's been speaking to one


She was a happy and confident little girl but her family say aftdr months


of bullying at school she bdcame frightened and withdrawn.


We've changed her voice to protect her identity.


She was like bringing my friends away from me and I was


a bit worried every morning because I didn't know what H was


The family have since been supported by the Community Anti`Bullyhng Team.


The little girl's mum told le they really struggled to find anxone


I honestly don't know what would have happened if we hadn't have


had that support, because I don t even know whether she'd be `t


It'd become that serious, it was affecting everything.


It was affecting her eating, her sleeping, everything, and it


wasn't just her, it was everyone in the family that was affected


This is the thing she's worrying about.


At their offices in Hull, staff discuss how to help another


But the Community Anti`Bullxing Team has run out of money, and


without further funding will have to close at the end of August.


We still get people ringing up and trying to make referrals and we are


having to turn them away, which makes it very difficult for the


staff, in terms of they're lanning the phones


people being bullied and the effects it is having


on the child, or the young person and, also, on parents and c`rers.


They just help us calm down and teach us how to overcome our anger.


The children at this school have also worked with the team,


encouraging them to talk about their feelings.


Since I've been to anti`bullying I'm just, like, real calm.


In Year 5 I got angry loads of times, and in Year 6


Is it something you can pick up in school and do that work yourself?


It would be very hard to do that without the support of the


Unless further funding is found soon, the charity will


The game on Saturday took place at Central bank. Eight men werd


arrested on suspicion of affray To have been charged. One person has


been charged after a smoke bomb was left off at the ground. This is a


first I have seen this at a friendly match. It is unheard`of. People who


are involved were allegedly involved, we will continue down and


arrest you and put you throtgh the court. If you like football, you


will potentially be banned for `` banned from Lincoln city football


games for the rest of your life Two men were rescued after they got into


trouble on the River Humber. The Humber lifeboat was called tp to


help them. The vessel was b`iled out and towed into Grimsby so rdpairs


could take place. An East Yorkshire company involved


in the salvage operation of a wrecked Italian cruise liner


says it's proud the ship has been The Costa Concordia capsized


off the Italian coast in January Dalby Offshore from Beverlex has


been working on the two year The ship will now be towed to


its home port a vital service, but the wax


libraries in North East Lincolnshire The council will this afternoon


consider plans to transfer the running


of more than half its libraries to The local authority says it's to


help them save half Leanne Brown has been to ond of the


libraries that could be affdcted. At Grant Thorald library thhs


morning, there was no short`ge of As you can see,


I get the large print books. I rely on, especially this


little library, because it's I come every day to go online


and look at my e`mails. A lot of people rely, well,


especially communities, to be able How important is it


for you to have this servicd? The local councillor for


the area says the service is vital. It's very important in an area like


this where you've got deprivation People don't just it as an ordinary


library. One of the proposals includd


maintaining the area's four core libraries in Grimsby, Cleethorpes,


Immingham and Waltham, with the remaining six libr`ries


being taken on by community groups. This would save the council


around ?500,000. There's been a limited enquhry, to


be fair. We've got one strong group that wants to run potentially two of


our libraries, and one parish A public consultation has


already taken place, as the council say it doesn't want a


repeat of what happened in nearby Lincolnshire, where there h`ve been


protests over the county concil s move to hand 30 libraries over to


volunteers. It's not just the buildings ` it's


the people who work in them, too. The idea was put before mord than 40


councillors during a meeting here at the town hall this afternoon and


they voted in favour of the changes. The council will now have to find


suitable groups to take over the running of the libraries, opening up


a new chapter for services. This is another story we'd


like your thoughts on. Re`organising the libraries


in this way will save Do you use the libraries in


North East Lincolnshire? two world wars who survived a


mid`air collision. Now therd are calls for Hull's Sydney Carlin


to be properly remembered. He is one of the bravest men you are


ever likely to encounter. Kay Archer took this from Branston


towards Lincoln Cathedral. Good evening.


Simon Cowell would be proud of that fake tan, Peter.


Have you finished? Somebody says, why then do `


documentary on poor like thd East Yorkshire motor services? That was a


cracking programme. Was it? I will have to watch it We


cannot the headlines now. The headline is not a bad one. Find with


sunshine. A ridge of high pressure pushing in from the west. There is


the weather from that will bring patchy rain tonight. The he`t builds


from the south and on Thursday afternoon, temperatures will be


nudging 80 Fahrenheit. Something for some of us to look forward to. There


is a clerk that been pushing through from the West. It will bring some


patchy outbreaks of rain through the course of the night, but much will


be small and there will be ` clear and later. Lowest temperatures, 14


Celsius. We can look at the sunrise times. A lovely day to come. Quite


breezy at first, but a day of bright sunny spells. Skies will be partly


cloudy, with plenty of sunshine to come, especially towards thd coastal


strip. The breeze will ease to some very pleasant weather conditions.


Top afternoon temperatures, around 20 or 21 degrees across the East


Riding. Further south, 22, possibly 20 three. `` possibly 23. Wddnesday


looks fine and warm. 24 degrees The risk of an isolated shower later.


Very warm and humid on Thursday but the risk of thunderstorms breaking


out later on Friday. I can't believe you sometimds. I


will get my own back. You s`id it was a difficult week for thd


forecast. You mean it is difficult to get it right. I will be watching


you, sunshine, watching you like a hawk.


There are just nine days to go now until the Commonwealth Games


open in Glasgow and England's medal hopefuls in the Shooting


Competition have been trainhng in East Yorkshire. Gold medal


holder Aaron Heading from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire was `mong


those using the range at Chdrry Burton. Jill Archbold went to


Ever since he felt, while gold around his neck, Lincolnshire's


Aaron Heading has set his shghts on more medals. He travelled to


Scotland as the reigning ch`mpion in the Olympic track event.


To be honest, I am not a natural shot, I have to work at it. There


are many people who it comes naturally to them, but I can't do


that. I have two really work at it. All shooters have a routine. Dave


has his own technique for c`lming nerves.


Think about things other th`n shooting. It could be anythhng.


Sometimes I think to myself. Anything.


You will not be able to practice on fast targets.


Head coach John Robinson saxs the backdrop in Beverley providdd the


perfect practice for his te`m. You can go anywhere in the dra of


and in the world and you won't get better training facilities `nd we


have here for Olympic disciplines. Excellent.


Some proof there isn't a typical shooter. 16`year`old Amber Hill was


crowned last year's Sports Personality of the Year, after


winning seven international medals. I am just doing it my way. H love


the sport, so I don't see why people don't just give it a go. John's team


have been given a target of four medals. Hopes remain high some could


make their way home to Lincolnshire. Thanks to everyone who got hn touch


after we talked to David North Lincolnshire Council says it


thinks it's got strong publhc support in its effort to bux a North


Lincolnshire airfield.it's working with a local gliding club to


arrange the purchase of the airstrip, at this former RAF base at


Kirton in Lindsey. An open day was held yesterday to r`ise


support. The MOD says the l`nd is surplus to requirements, and it


could be sold as farmland. What discussions have the MoD had


with Lincolnshire airfields to ensure the disposal of Kirton


Lindsey takes place in the way that benefits the community rathdr than


damages it? As he knows because we corrdsponded


on this matter, the discusshons are ongoing with the authority. The


intention is to make sure this site have a use that accords with our


needs for disposals but also is in a way that the local communitx will


appreciate, and that is our intention.


A disappointing weekend in the Super League means both of Hull's


rugby league clubs face a struggle if they're to reach the end of


season play`offs. Hull Kingston Rovers are still in contenthon


but Hull FC need a minor miracle if they're to finish in the top


It is worth every club aspires to be. The grand final. In nearly 0


years of super league, Hull has provided just one finalist. After


the weekend, it does not look like changing any time soon. Hull


Kingston Rovers worth picked off by having the. They went down by 3 `6.


According to their former coach they have home.


I think they will end up six or seven. It is a big jump, but I think


they are capable of getting there. Hull FC lost a high`scoring


encounter to one of their ndarest rivals in the table, Salford. Could


this have cost them a play`off chance? The league table dods not


make great reading. I think most people would not have


anticipated Hull and Rovers to be around that six, seven, eight spot.


To see them outside heading into the final stretch is a surprise.


They both aspiring to get into the top places. Six games to go, and the


experts agree that Hull's shde both need a change.


from both matches on tonight's Superleague Show, which is on BBC


Beverley's Kyle Edmund has risen nearly 40 places in the world


rankings following his semi`final appearance at the Slovenian Open.


Kyle, who appeared at the Wimbledon Championships last month,


Meanwhile, Lincoln's Dan Cox is 231st after making the quarter final


He flew in both world wars `nd on one occasion he even survivdd a


mid air collision at 10,000 feet. What's more he did all this


having lost a leg while fighting in the trenches in 1916. His


name was Sydney Carlin and he was from Hull. Not much is known


about him in his home City but one local historian has now


written a book about his exploits. Emma Massey reports.


100 years ago, Sydney Carlin was on the Western Front fighting for his


country. He was a long away from his roots ` Spring Bank in Hull, where


he was born, one of seven and son of a local businessman. He fought in


both World Wars, and military historian Don Chester says he's an


authentic local hero who should be remembered.


He is undoubtedly one of thd bravest men you are ever likely to


encounter. He served from d`y one of the First World War right through to


the end. He suffered for wotnds He was decorated three times for


gallantry. fighter that Pilot Officer Sydney


Carlin would have flow during the first world war. It's hard to


imagine that this plane, made of wood and linen, would have been one


of Britain's frontline fighters It's been descibed as the Spitfire


of WW1, capable of dealing with any opposition at that time. And it was


in one of these that Sydney fought ten victories and won the


distinguished flying cross `s part of 74 Squadron. Here's Ian Reed from


the Yorkshire Air Museum. You cannot underestimate thd heroism


of some of these men who went up in the skies, mostly without


parachutes. Over 9000 airmen were killed in the First World W`r,


mostly in terrible circumst`nces. When Sydney lost his leg during a


dog fight. his colleagues nhcknamed him Timbertoes. He's thought to be


the RAF's only pilot with a wooden I would like to see something like a


street named after him are ` plaque on his birthplace, something of that


nature, maybe a school named after him. There are lots of ways in which


local communities can celebrate such people.


With the centenary years of the First World War upon us, it could be


that now is the right time to remember this local hero.


The Church of England over ten centres of tradition by vothng to


allow women bishops. Hotel owners say the heavy rain is costing


thousands in lost business. Talking about libraries, Terry


says, the library is as we know them were fine as they were set tp years


ago, more people now use colputers. Ray pointed out that today's


libraries decision was made by the north`east Lincolnshire cabhnet of


eight councillors. On the stbject of flooding, somebody says, thd rivers


drains need to be clear and she says, has the money to find


solutions but would rather send it overseas. But if the reference to


overseas aid which we talked about last week.


That says, wouldn't it make sense for the water supplies to m`intain


the drains? It is not like they don't make a profit. Thank xou for


those and for watching. Havd a nice evening. Join me later. Goodbye


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