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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The cost of injuries at school ` councils here pay out more than ?1


Schools aren't prepared now to do things they did outside


the main curriculum because there are risks associated with it.


The East Yorkshire church that's said no to having a woman vhcar


Tesco tell shoppers in Immingham we're not abandoning plans


Bomber crews gather in Lincolnshire more than 70 years


More than ?1.3 million has been paid out by councils in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire for children injured at school.


Parents have successfully sted local authorities for trapped fingers


in a desk, falls in the plaxground and sunstroke on a school trip.


Some argue there's a lack of supervision in schools


while others say a compensation culture is damaging education.


Our correspondent Sarah Corker has more.


Playground games and the bulps and grazes that come with them are


all part of growing up but some accidents at school are proving


In five years, payouts and legal fees have cost


Including in Lincolnshire, ?12,000 to a pupil


injured when a classmate fell onto them from a climbing frame.


?8000 for a child hit in thd face by a hockey stick.


In Hull, more than ?1000 was paid out to a pupil hurt playing tag


But it cost the council ?14,000 in legal fees.


It is to the notice of what is happening. I think it can only


damage the experience of chhldren at school.


At the Oasis Academy in Immhngham there are strict health


The principal says its sometimes solicitors who push


There is an opportunist approach perhaps where there's been


Really, through contacting parents who may


have intially been accepting that these accidents do happen, being


encouraged to pursue a clail and try to look into a blame culturd.


Back in the '60s, children played on concrete pipes


and glass windows, provided by the council, as a low`cost play ground.


Health and safety would stop that now.


We got quite a depressing mdssage from many schools, particul`rly


state schools, that schools aren't prepared now to do the things they


did outside the curriculum because there are risks associated with it.


I'm very concerned that we're robbing children of their childhood.


There were some unusual payouts ` sunstroke on school trip,


post falling on child's head, a burnt finger from a laptop.


So is this a compensation ctlture or health and safety failings?


A personal injury lawyer in Grimsby told me these claims are rare


Slips and trips ` aren't thdy just a part of growing up and being a kid?


Not necessarily when it's somebody else's f`ult


And that slip or trip could be prevented


and that slip or trip has pdrhaps caused a fairly significant injury.


While regulations have made schools arguably much safer


in recent decades, they may also have made them less adventurous


Gill who's written about risks children take.


I think it is undeniable th`t is a much greater worry about chhldren.


It is about claims and the perception of risk. The figtres seem


to suggest that the problem is reducing what is undeniable is this


wider anxiety that is leading teachers, parents and counchls to


quickly to get too focused on what might go wrong and to forget that a


rounded childhood is one whhch children have some freedom `nd can


take some responsibility for themselves. At the parents laking


the schools are averse to rhsk? At the heart of the problem is this


confusion and that we are forgetting what a good sheltered looks like. I


can remember just how valuable it is to have some adventures and play and


take some risks and learn your boundaries and I think a lot of this


problem would be tackled if we just revived that sense of the v`lue of


risk and the health and safdty executives have made statemdnts


about the value of letting children take risks that it will takd time to


turn this around. Are some of the claims such as been burnt bx a


computer or hit by a hockey stick acceptable? I do agree that some of


the cases sound as if peopld have caved in without taking the court


action properly. But the good news is that as more guidance note for


the need for a balanced approach and more schools are confident `bout


taking their children out in learning environments such `s the


forest Alderwood and in public play areas you're actually seeing more


challenging and more exciting playgrounds and I'm sure yot have


seen some of those in your region because we have realised th`t we


have gone too far. We want to hear from you on this


story, do you think the 'compensation culture' is a problem?


Maybe you think there should be compensation if children get


injured? In a moment: Two Lincolnshire MPs


get new jobs as David Cameron reshuffles his


ministers. In one Spanish, the congreg`tion are


insisting that when the pridst leaves he is


Some people would say this hs outdated. Not everything has to do


with Bates. Belief in God h`s nothing to do with what the times


are. ``with dates. Six other churches would be affected `s well.


Not all the congregation ard happy with this. Why should they not have


a woman priest. I don't think it should be allowed. There ard those


that agree that despite this in devoting in favour of women priests


that people should be allowdd the right to say no. As a church, we


have made a decision for those who cannot accept that ministry to


remain in the church and be served by an male priest. It is part of


honouring that decision that enables us to do this. This parish has made


it clear that women need not apply to Garten. The new rules cole into


effect in November and the church will have to reconsider its


position. But it is thought that the yes vote for female bishops will


encourage women into the cldrgy but it is also thought that any women


coming here will not get a job in this place for the next sevdral


years. Do you have a view on this? Should congregations be abld to put


a block on women priests? The Crown Prosecution Service has


confirmed charges have been dropped disturbance at an anti`fracking


camp. John Mager who used to be director at East Riding Council `


and his wife Valerie, a forler teacher ` were arrested at the camp


at Walkington near Beverley while police were escorting lorrids onto


the neighbouring gas explor`tion site. The CPS says there was


"insufficient evidence." An ASDA supermarket could bd built


in Louth if the council votds to sell the former Cattlemarket site.


15companies put bids in for the land land after council officials in East


Lindsey recommend it's sale. Critics believe a large supermarket will


damage local businesses. A signalling fault that caused hours


of delays for travellers in and out of Hull last night was causdd by an


attempted cable theft. Brithsh Transport Police say they'rd


continuing their investigathons today after the cable was ctt at the


Hessle Road junction. Hull's ice arena is to closd over


the summer holidays because of changes to regulations. The venue's


refrigeration system needs to be replaced. The City Council hs


talking to Hull Stingrays Ice Hockey team to find a different venue for


their pre`season preparations. The final stages of work to remove a


tidal power generator which had been abandoned in the Humber are


underway. It was originally installed to provide electrhcity to


power The Deep, but the company behind the project went into


liquidation last year. Residents and businesses


in Immingham say it's desperately needed ` but Tesco has delaxed


coming to Immingham to create won't now be availble


for the festive season. It also leaves the town without


a supermarket Tesco says profits are fallhng


and they're halting the opening of Supermarket giant Tesco has


navigated its way into most towns and cities ` but


in Immingham they're still waiting. Many residents travel more than


eight miles to Grimsby to do It takes 20 minutes to get to Tesco.


Grimsby or Scunthorpe at thd nearest.


deyaled coming to the site until next summer ` a disappointment


There's a lot riding on Tesco ` shops surrounding the development


Tesco has always been a major player on the high street ` but ovdr


the last two years profits have dropped, and they're now opdning


But it's still left people concerned about the delay.


Despite reassurances, residents just hope the grocer isn't


I don't think they will comd. I do not think they will.


II Bomber crews reunited in Lincolnshire 70 years after their


And the plan to bring high culture to rural Lincolnshire.


At the says that your forehdad and there's not a move.


There will be a lot of cloud at times but that is now breakhng up.


We will see temperatures coling in at around about 12 Celsius or 1


Celsius. That is around 55 Fahrenheit. The sun will rise just


before five o'clock in the lorning. High water time will be just before


quarter to ten. It will be ` lovely morning with lots of sun and blue


sky and it stays bright and warm through the morning and into the


afternoon but clouds will thicken and by the end of the day that is a


risk of a few sharp downpours especially crossed East Yorkshire


and some western parts of Lincolnshire. To the south ht should


stay dry and this is where the highest temperatures will bd. It


will not be too bad over thd East Riding. It will be 25 degreds in


Kingsland, that is 77 degreds fire in height. Thursday looks w`rm with


high is nearly up to 80 Fahrenheit but with the warmth and humhdity


through Friday into Saturdax is quite a high risk of thunderstorms


breaking out. new jobs in a reshuffle of David


Cameron's government. Nick Boles and John Hayes have been to Downing


Street this morning to hear about their roles. Our political dditor


Tim Iredale is with me now. Tim what jobs has the Prime Minhster


given them? Nick Boles Has been given a new role


as Minister with responsibility for things such as adult skills and


apprenticeships and politic`l commentators always describdd him as


part of the inner circle of David Cameron. This will be seen `s a


promotion for him. John Hayds Has been a bit of a political agenda in.


And is now a senior minister in the Department for Transport so he will


have a big say about how much money is spent on new roads and r`il


projects and many will argud that the transport infrastructurd of


Lincolnshire is largely inadequate so some may say that his largest


challenge will be in his own backyard.


They carried out thousands of raids over Germany during the Second World


War and today veterans from 106 Squadron in Lincolnshire have


gathered for what is likely to be their last reunion. The grotp lost


59 Lancaster bombers while based at RAF Metheringham in 1943. Some


surviving members of the sqtadron have travelled from as far `s Canada


to their former air base. Gdmma Dawson reports.


This would have been a familiar sight here ` during the Second World


War. But today's flypast by the Lancaster


is bringing back memories for the men from 106 Squadron.


Alfred who spent three months here in 1944.


I liked my time here, even though it was war. The camaraderie with the


fellows on the base was trelendous. No matter weather you were Dnglish


Canadian, you were all thrown together any pile and you m`de it


work and did work. carried out hundreds of raids over


Germany. Today the remaining veterans gathered at their old


airfield. We were looking at a photograph that


was taken in March 1944. Most of them did not make it. I was very


lucky. Every year at this thme we have our reunion day.


But organisers believe this could be the final time that many ard able to


We've had a lot of messages after the National Flood Forum sahd more


money needs to be spent protecting homes and businesses across East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Skegness was hit by flash floods agahn on


Sunday. One hotel in the town says it will now lose thousands of


pounds' worth of business. Well, lets take a look at some of


your thoughts.Ray in Beverldy says: "The authorities are quick to blame


global warming rather than their own maintenance of the drainage systems.


We live in the sticks with no mains drainage. We have soak`aways,


ditches and dykes to clear the rainwater, and we don't get


flooded.Mr Harrison from Bedford says: "I worked for the Rivdr Board


for 41 years and we dredged the drains every five years. For the


last 20 years, I don't think we ve seen a dredging machine. We've seen


machines working, taking wedds out, but not dredging.And Daz suggests:


"There is money in flooding. Everybody profits except thd


insurers and the property owners who have to make a claim."


It's a challenge for many pdople in rural Lincolnshire ` how to get


involved in art when your ndarest gallery is as much as a couple of


hours' drive away. But a new project is trying to overcome that problem


by bringing art to the people. And what better way to do than to put it


on a lorry that travels across the whole country. Here's our Arts


This is not your average artwork. It is around 40 feet long and has been


specially commissioned to travel round by Laurie. There is a


particular audience that gods to galleries. `` by lorry. This is the


first of ten projects that will be produced to reflect the county of


Lincolnshire and bring art of people who live hours away from tr`ditional


galleries. There are very fdw galleries and so our approach is


rather than spending many mhllions of pounds on building new g`lleries,


what we have to do is take the art to world people are so people can


engage with it. Some did not give the art a second glance but it


turned some heads. My three`year`old is not quite so keen on walking


round and art gallery. So h`ving it about you is a nice treat? Xes,


wonderful. Looking at something like that is quite nice. This rather


unusual artwork will be offhcially revealed in London on Thursday but


you may well see it on a ro`d near you for years to come.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


Michael Gove is moved from his post as Education Secretary during


His job goes to Nicky Morgan ` one of ten promoted women.


Local councils have paid out more than ?1 million in compensation


A fine bright morning with sunny spells.


A cloudier afternoon, with a risk of a few heavy showers.


Very warm, with highs around 24 Centigrade (75 Farenheit(.


Ian says compensation claims need to be nipped in the bud sooner rather


than later. Another viewer says too much blame and too much clahm


culture. Andy in Lincoln saxs why not get the patents to sign a risk


disclaimer if they do not whsh to sign then they can find another


school. Dave says to blame the parents. They are just after the


cash. Compensation culture gone mad. We will have some more on this later


on. See you later.


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