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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Improving care and out of special measures, but the health secretary


We recognise the areas we nded to focus on and we have started at


work. Cutting the cost of school leals to


improve results in the classroom, It would be helpful to a lot of


parents. The elastic band craze which nearly


blinded a seven`year`old box. Cat lovers


in Lincolnshire lay claim to having The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt


has told BBC Look North that the right to bring three local hospitals


OUT of special measures. Thd trust The trust that runs Grimsby,


Scunthorpe and Goole Hospit`ls has been under close government scrutiny


for a full year because of higher than average death rates.


And even though inspectors say there And even though inspectors say there


are improvements some local GPs are improve within six months or face


drastic action. More from hhm in a Hospitals Trust to improve within


six months or face drastic `ction. for particular praise by thd Care


Quality Commission and the Hley There have been really good. We


probably came within a whisker of being outstanding.


But other units across the trust fared less well.


While Goole hospital was rated "good" overall, the hospitals in


both Scunthorpe and Grimsby both "require improvement" according to


the CQC. Inspectors have iddntified 21 areas where improvements must now


be made. Among them staff shortages are still an issue and more must be


done to ensure the recruitmdnt of "sufficient qualified, skilled and


experienced staff." Work is also needed to review the consistency of


care, in particular the high dependency unit at the Dian`


Princess of Wales hospital, which was rated "inadequate." And the


skills and experience of st`ff working with children in A should


be reviewed to meet national recommendations.


We have started to take acthon in those areas. In our critical care


units, we are investing ?590,00 in developing and extending our high


dependency unit. Robert Jaggs Fowler is the medical


director for the North Lincolnshire commissioning group. Last month he


raised concerns about 10 cases of alleged poor patient care. He says


the hospitals need to be kept under Visitors to Grimsby


Hospital today though seemed I found them smashing. I can't fault


them. Stuff was good, food was good, the care was good.


I found them smashing. I can't fault them. Stuff was good, food was good,


It's been a difficult few ydars for staff at these hospitals ` but


managers insist real improvdments are now under way.


I asked the government's He`lth Secretary ` Jeremy Hunt ` why when


there are still issues with the North Lincolnshire and Goold Trust


if it was right for it to come out of special measures.


It is a decision that has bden made by somebody independent. He said he


thinks it has got the leadership capable of taking it forward. I


think it is good news. Lincolnshire needs more support. If you compare


Lincolnshire with North Lincolnshire, they both havd the


same overall ratings, but one stays in special measures and one doesn't.


That is difficult to understand Special measures is really `bout the


leadership in a hospital. Lots of hospitals have issues with this or


that element of the care thdy are giving, but it is about the


conference the chief inspector has that there is leadership whhch is


able to guide the trust to ` better place. He does have that confidence


for North Lincolnshire and cool He still remains to be convincdd when


it comes United Lincolnshird. It comes United Lincolnshire. He does


think that progress has certainly do. I visited the hospital `nd I


think the staff have done a terrific job. What if the hospitals don't


improve soon? The most you can extend special measures by hts six


months. He has given that shx`month extension. After that, therd are


some very drastic options. We hope it won't get there. He said today he


was optimistic that even trtst he had given extensions to would be


able to come out of special measures by Christmas. Some local doctors


working there and not happy with the trust and are thinking, thex told


us, of not buying their services. Does that worry you? We are in an


age of transparency. The big difference between what used to


happen and what happens now is at staffs, we said we don't want a


system where secretly, insiders know there are problems but the general


public doesn't. The fact we are being transparent about our


performance in hospitals is creating a big incentive for them to raise


their game. I hope by doing that, the hospital will regain thd


confidence of local GPs. So we have one trust in special measurds, one


out more it's me tell. Prestmably, you would like to pay tribute to


some of the staff who have been under such scrutiny? Absolutely


I've visited both trust and bad stuff in both of them. I thought


there was a real enthusiasm and determination to turn those trusts


around. Staff are working vdry, very hard. We would like to pay tribute


to them,, check them and sax we re supporting them `` congratulate


them. Thank you for your tile. Plans for a direct rail service


from Cleethorpes to the caphtal Free school meals could be


re`introduced for all primary The city council is looking first


at halving the price improving children's concentration.


But one economist says it would be a waste of money. Crispin Rolfe has


more. By September, the council w`nts


children to pay just 50p for meals. At the moment, it is ?1, whhch is


the lowest in the country. Hf we get agreement, we can take it down to


50p. But ultimately, you hope to take it down to free? I don't think


the previous programme should have stopped. It achieved very good


results in a short time. It was meant to have an effect over 20 or


30 years. The council wants to introduce the subsidy for


eight`year`olds to 11`year`olds in September, as free school mdals are


brought in nationally for children aged five years old to seven.


Parents ended up picking up the cost, which is estimated to be 400


per pupil per year. The only decent meal a lot of them


are getting so I think it is a good idea.


Their public can't afford it but it would be helpful to a lot of


parents. We already offer a free bre`kfast


club, and we have seen concdntration levels increase. Hopefully, if they


reduced the price of school meals, more children will take up the offer


and our results will get better Critics argue free school mdals


haven't been shown to improve health or attendance.


At a time we are still runnhng huge budget deficits, I am not clear it


would be a priority to roll out free school meals to all pupils.


That is an accurate parents, pupils and teachers will find hard to


swallow. The challenge is whether the council can really afford to


serve free school meals instead of just part paying for them.


Do you support the council halving the price of school dinners to 0


pence and eventually making them free? Or do you agree with the


economist that it's a waste of money and is the current price of ?1 cheap


enough? Here are the contact details.


The latest unemployment figtres for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire show


the number of people out of work in both areas has fallen. Across


Yorkshire and the Humber 16,000 people left the jobless reghster


last month ` leaving 222,000 people out of work. In the East Midlands


which includes Lincolnshire the jobless total fell by 30,000,


The Bishop of Hull is moving after 16 years in the city to become the


new Bishop of Hereford. The Right Reverend Richard Frith said he will


A mum from Cleethorpes is w`rning that the latest children's craze `


called loom bands ` can be dangerous after her son was hit in thd eye


Some schools are even banning them and doctors are giving advice


They are quite simply tiny colourful elastic bands, but they've captured


the imagination of children and some very famous adults. Loom bands can


be twisted into bracelets, necklaces. Someone even man`ged to


create this dress. It was while trying to make some sandals with his


older brother that seven`ye`r`old Kyle from Cleethorpes ended up


My brother let go by accident. And it went in your eye? I was petrified


because he needs an operation on his eye. I would like to see a warning


saying, adult supers `` adult supervision.


Loom bands dominate the website Amazon's best`selling toys' list. It


didn't take me long to find a wide selection on sale in Hull.


I have just bought three different packs. They'll all have conflicting


risk, they could cut off thd blood supply and that could be dangerous


because a finger could get gangrenous and drop off. Isn't it


common sense? It is. I think we see more of it because it is a craze and


everybody is doing it. It's hoped Kyle's eyesight will be


fully restored once he's had surgery. Carlie says loom b`nds are


now banned from her home and she New figures show more women are


others are extra careful. New figures show more women are


taking up jobs in farming. @nd this is the oldest cat in the world?


Barry Stout took this picture of Selby Abbey.


Matt Every wrote to me `` M`ry wrote to me and said that you had been


talking about me saying I rdsemble a can of sale. People are ready to spy


on you. David Dickinson is very jealous


More sunshine for Peters town. It will become very warm. Lovely bridge


of high pressure. Through Friday and Saturday, we soak up some w`rm,


humid air from France. That leads to quite a high risk of thunderstorms


during Saturday in particul`r. A right old mess, but there whll


hopefully be bright and sunny spells. Some intense downpotrs. This


is a cold front currently bringing in a narrow band of rain across East


Yorkshire and western parts of Lincolnshire. That will continue


south eastwards through the evening. All part become dry with cldar


spells. The breeze will be there. Lowest temperatures 13. A lovely day


to come. Lots of sunshine around. There is bound to be a bit of


Fairweather cloud. A light southerly breeze, perhaps a gentle onshore


breeze along the coast. Coastal areas will be cooler than


these temperatures suggest. Inland, 29 is possible. Thunderstorls likely


on Saturday. You might like to slap me off a


little more careful in future because somebody will tell le ``


slack me off. Businesses are welcoming


a bid to get fast direct direct trains to London from three local


towns ` Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Scunthorpe `


for the first time since thd 19 0s. Many people


in this area have complained the planned ?40 billion high speed


rail plans won't help this `rea Connecting Cleethorpes with the


capital. Faster, direct trahns are seen as vital for the Humber to


attract new business. Plans to resurrect the great North E`stern


Railway brand and put on for direct trains a day have gone down well


here. We want people to find out where


Grimsby is. Not having to mess about on to


trains is helpful. At the moment, it takes mord than


three hours, and you have to change trains. This new direct service


would start a Cleethorpes, stopping only at Grimsby and three other


stops. It would cut journey times by up to 20 minutes. A new fledt of


high`speed trains would be tsed Target times, about two hours and 45


minutes. We see significant and fits in driving south towards th`t area.


This manager says poor transport links can be off`putting.


It is very neglected. It is important that we concentrate on


getting an improved line on the South bank.


It would restore that directing from a seaside towns to the capital for


the first time since the 1980s. For those heading west to Manchdster,


they could soon see a reducdd service. That is because tr`nsplants


express service is underused. This man needs fast links to big cities.


We have to be to meet peopld, and to go and see our partners and


suppliers. If approved, this service could be running by 2017.


The number of female farmers is rising. Amanda White has bedn at the


Driffield show. What evidence is there that women are the future of


farming? Bishop Burton College was hdre


today. It has campuses in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire If


you look at their enrolment figures, three times a numbdr of


young women are studying to a level standard than five years ago. The


number studying agriculture at degree standard has doubled. Women


were very involved in activhties here today. It looks like


traditional man's work, but Angela is the farmer here. There is always


a good team behind every wolan as well. It is all about teamwork, and


I think women are very good multitaskers, you get a gre`t sense


of achievement through farmhng and that is why so many women are coming


into the industry. Angela w`s not alone. At the Driffield show, women


are clearly hands`on. 6000 came into agriculture in the last year. It is


estimated there are 22,000 women farmers across the UK. It is no


longer the hard physical slot it used to be. Technology make it much


more possible for a woman to do it on the same basis as a man. Women


have been farming for gener`tions, doing the work without the glory.


This woman is a beef farmer and the first woman to be elected to the


National Farmer's Union. Wolen have always been involved in


agriculture, but now, we're probably seen more women on industry boards


with a high profile. I think as a society, we are more interested in


what women are doing. That hs good news for 16`year`old Leah, because


her heart and her head appohnting her to farming. I think there is


more opportunities chorus and people respect is, and there are a lot of


women farmers who battled through stereotyping and everything to be


where they are today. I really want to be one of those people.


It seems the Driffield show is the setting for a quiet revoluthon.


In late rain shower has caused a sudden exodus from the showground,


but that has been a feeling of optimism here, I'm not just amongst


women, but people are been saying that the future feels right. Thank


you. England's most decorated


Commonwealth swimmer Mel Marshall says she's proud to be named as one


of the coaches for team England Mel from Wrangle


near Boston took six medals at the Games in Melbourne ehght


years ago and is thrilled she can The record for the world's oldest


pet cat is being challenged The previous record holder from


Bournemouth recently died, `ge 4. And just when our reporter


Simon Spark thought he found an equally ancient cat in


Burton Pedwardine near Sleaford This is Maddie, she is 24 and


in cat years that makes She lives at the home of artists


Amanda and Barry and they are now wondering if she can be a contender


for the next oldest cat She is aware of things and she


knows when food is on offer. She likes her fire in the whnter


time and meows at us first thing Then falls asleep


in front of it and singes hdr You suddenly go,


I can smell burning. Of course, you may wonder about


the secret of Maddie's long life. And as you may have guessed,


she has lots and lots The oldest ever cat came from


Austin, Texas, living to be 38. The problem for Maddie is proving how


old she is, but that is not only problem, because another contender


has worked through the cat flap Pinky. She has documented proof that


she is 28 years old. I thought, we have got one here who is 28 years


old. She lives in the garden, in the greenhouse, she doesn't bother


anybody. Will you put her n`me forward? We could put it forward,


yes. Pinky beat Maddie by four years. And just look at her


excitement? As for Maddie, no hard feelings when you get anothdr egg


for being on the television. And we did ask earlier for xou to


let us know if you had a contender for oldest cat Carol Nix sahd on our


Facebook page: She's 27 and has been part of our


family since she was weeks old. There we are. Thank you for that,


Carol. More than 600 suspected paedophiles are arrested across the


UK as part of a major policd operation. Grimsby, cool and Lincoln


hospitals, to special measures. We were talking about the cost of


school dinners. Clare says, my son goes to school in east riding and it


cost ?2 30 a day, so 50p wotld be fabulous for others. `` for others.


Jim says, why should childrdn have to pay for the managers when


politicians get all their mdals and drink paid for at a lot mord than


?1? Another one, why should I feed other people's children? Also


talking about a looming bands. Stacey said, I don't think they


should be banned. We are turning into a nation that I wrapping our


children in wool and there hs no need. Try as later. Good night.


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