17/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Three people are found guilty of murdering a man beaten to death


Campaigners celebrate after planned cuts to Lincolnshire's


It is a brilliant verdict. Stephen has got justice.


library service are blocked by a High Court judge.


The political posturing starts in Grimsby after Austin Mitchell's


decision to step down as the town's MP.


And the Titanic musician who led the band as they "played on"


He was a father of two out dnjoying himself on New Year's Eve


when he was beaten to death in an unprovoked attack in Hull


Tonight, three people are in prison having been convicted


22`year`olds Samuel Jordan `nd Soul Humphries, and 23`year`old


Tiffany Clark, had denied mtrder but were today found guilty.


Leanne Brown was at Hull Crown Court.


Described as a gentle giant and one of a kind, father


of two Stephen Herbert was beaten to death during an unprovocked attack


Today, the wait for justice for his huge group of friends


We are so pleased by the verdict. Stephen has got justice.


After a two`and`a`half week trial, 22`year`old Soul Humpries,


22`year`old Samual Jordan and 23`year`old Tiffany Calrk wdre all


found guilty of murder buy ` jury consisting of ten women and two men.


There were cries and tears of jubilation in the public gallery


But the three defendents showed no emotion whatsoever.


Judge Michael Metyer will now call them back to be sentenced


on the 11th august, when they will face life in prison.


The moments leading up to the attack were caught on CCTV. The three had


been partying and drinking `ll might before the attack, leaving Stephen


with 12 injuries to his head, face and neck. If you go around


assaulting people, sometimes they can get up and walk away and think


nothing of it, but this is ` clear example of what can happen `nd


people engage in violent crhme. It is unnecessary. The consequdnces can


be devastating, not only for the victims but for the defendants and


their families. It is seven months in fear tactic place here, `nd


although the verdicts have offered some comfort to the family, they say


they are still struggling to come to terms with what happened here. A New


Year celebration that turned into a nightmare.


A student from Hull brings her campaign for peace in the


Campaigners have forced a council in Lincolnshire to go back to


the drawing board with its plans to cut library services.


A High Court judge today ruled that Lincolnshire County Council's


decision to restructure the way libraries are run w`s


The plans were supposed to save ?2 million


but now the authority is facing a hefty bill to start all over again.


Save Lincolnshire Libraries who forced the legal challenge `re


After months of campaigning, today was a time for celebr`tions.


Deepings Library was one of 30 Lincolnshire County Council


wanted to be run by volunteers or face closure.


Today, a judge described th`t plan as legally flawed and said


Queue jubilation. We have been trying to point out we


need the services for our children, for older people, for students, for


all aspects of the communitx. Everybody needs libraries, like this


The ruling follows months of protests.


In June last year, the council said it would be "reviewing"


how library services were rtn in an effort to save ?2 million


Three months later, and 20,000 people had signed a petition


In November, the council revealed 30 libraries could be saved if


In December, the council voted through the plans.


Campaigners challenged that decision, and today won.


This is a great victory for people in Lincolnshire and all over the


country who use their libraries regularly, who need their l`b is and


who depend upon them. It is a historic decision for the


people of Lincolnshire. It hs time they listened to the people of


Lincolnshire and delivered what they want.


The judge said there were shortcomings


Today's decision doesn't me`n the libraries are saved for ever, but it


means the council must look again at its proposals and ask people


And for now,that's victory dnough for those who opposed the changes.


I'm joined now from Lincoln by Richard Wells from


So this was unlawful. I guess you need to apologise? We got one aspect


of the proceedings wrong, btt there are helpful signs for those. The


amount of money we had to s`ve was accepted by the judge, the fact we


had a proper statutory servhce was accepted and the impact on community


rights. But you misjudged the strength of feeling of the people in


the county. We've misjudged Greenwich leisure, and that should


have been at more closely as an expression of community intdrest.


Why didn't you? We anticipated the legislation was really meant for


local people to express intdrest, which we were seeking, but the judge


took the view that because they were trust, even though they operate from


Greenwich, they... So you dhsmiss them? Well, we did look at them but


he thinks we did not look at them closely enough. How much has the


consultation and case cost the council so far? The consult`tion was


about 100,000 under review `bout ?60,000. So it is taxpayers money,


gone down the drain. Not all the consultation is invalid. It is money


down the drain. If you had got your facts right, you would not be in


this pickle. I think it is right that people are allowed to challenge


the local authority. It is not money spent as we would like to. Ht is a


process that we should follow. So you are going to start all over


again but you want the outcome to be the same. We must look more closely


at the Greenwich leisure offer. It may mean going out for proctrement.


Greenwich leisure are not necessarily likely to win. We're


going to look at the whole judgement. Has it been embarrassing


for the council? I think it is unfortunate when things likd this in


Dublin court. Very good to talk with you.


We would like your views on this story.


What's your reaction to the high court's ruling tod`y?


Do you think the council should allow Greenwich leisure to run them?


A police investigation has begun after a two`year`old boy didd


He was taken from an address on Tunnard Street in the town to


Diana Princess of Wales Hospital yesterday afternoon where hd died.


An inquest has opened into the death of an elderly couple, who wdre hit


The court was told Peter Smhth and his wife Betty stood


on the tracks even though the driver sounded the train's horn


The hearing was adjourned while further investigations are


?10 million of additional ftnding is being given to schools in the area.


The money for North Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire and


the East Riding is to help support education in the worst`funddd


North Kesteven has been namdd as the safest place to live in England


The district council says l`test figures


from the Home Office show there were fewer crimes recorded there than


A senior Labour politician has defended the party's decision to


select its General Election candidate in Grimsby


The Shadow Transport Secret`ry Mary Cray says it's important to promote


But the move has been criticised by some who say candidates should


be selected on merit, whethdr they happen to be a man or a wom`n.


If you live in North East Lincolnshire, then you run the risk


of bumping into a lot of politicians over the next few months.


The constituencies of Cleethorpes and Great Grimsby will be hotly


contested in next year's General Election, and that means thd parties


will be sending their big gtns to the area to set out their policies.


Today, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh pledgdd to


fight proposals which could see direct rail services between


It is a vital economic link for this area, and also that people hn


Manchester should be able to jump on a train and come on holiday to this


Grimsby's current MP Austin Mitchell will be stepping down next xear


and the Labour has decided that the party's candidate in


The shortlist includes the former Cleethorpes MP Shona McIsaac, North


East Lincolnshire councillor Ros Jones, Melanie Onn, who's a regional


organiser for UNISON Katie Ghose a laywer turned political campaigner.


But Labour's decision to implement at all`women shortlist in Grimsby


Former Tory minister Neil H`milton and


his wife Christine have been touring Lincolnshire this week in the role


Great Grimsby is one of UKIP's target seats.


One of the great things abott the UKIP candidate is that she was


chosen in her own right, not part of the long women short lists, because


UKIP don't have anything like that. I think this insulting and


demeaning. The Labour Party candidate will have been a result of


this ludicrous process, which I think is wrong. Women should be


there on the merit. As Christine Hamilton have a point? Well, she is


only famous because she is larried to Neil Hamilton, who is falous


because he was disgraced. Women short lists show the Labour Party is


serious about equality. Offhcially, the general election campaign begins


in eight months time, but the war of words is still underway alrdady


You might have a view on this story as well.


Should parties be using all`women shortlists to select


The new ?42 million events venue could be built in Hull.


Tim Scott sent this photo in. Thank you for bad. `` thank you for that.


The flower festival at West Bank have been entered to say ard you


going to love this weekend `` wet while?


I might go if there are fredbies. Julie says, from Victoria Dock, I


saw Peter topping up his tile on his balcony at lunch time. Peter, your


time will be an even if you keep your shirt on.


Right, the weather. Inland areas will become hot


tomorrow and cooler towards the coast as an easterly breeze


develops. 26 to Greece todax. That heat is likely to generate some


scattered thunderstorms as we had through Saturday, but it looks like


there will be some dry and bright spells in between. There is a


warning in place, it may le`d to some localised surface flooding You


can see the first plume of thunderstorm coming into thd


south`west. This may bring the risk of an isolated shower. Beautiful


this evening. One with lots of sunshine. Quite a bit of high cloud


streaming from south later. Those in the range of 13 and 16. `` Loews in


the range of 13 to 16. An isolated thundery showers possible in the


morning. Variable cloud with sunshine. The sunshine quitd lengthy


at times. We will look at the maximum temperatures. In sole parts,


it will be the hottest placd of the year. Look at Lincoln. 30. Born May


get 31 degrees. That of 88 Fahrenheit. Still warm and humid on


Saturday. Not that busy in the weather


department if you can make things up like that.


Our producer said that over half an hour ago, thank you.


Thank you. A Palestinian student


from Hull is bringing her c`mpaign for peace in the Middle East to


the city centre this weekend. Amina Sadik hopes hundreds will


attend her demonstration against civilian deaths aftdr


fighting between Hamas and Hsrael. Many of the 18`year`old's


family still live in Gaza. A friend's video from Gaza `nd why


Hull student, Amina, is org`nising a demonstration against ongoing


violence in the Middle East. Now you will see


the big bombs coming. As you can see,


the person who was filming ht, phone The person who was filming


it got injured, as well. As a Palestinian national this is


what she will be campaigning against A violent conflict between Hsraelis


and Palestinians. Gaza officials say Israeli


raids have left 227 dead. Israel claims terrorists ard being


sheltered but United Nations argues that those


killed have mostly been civhlians. We always try to support thd country


to give support. We're having a demonstration on Sunday. It is to


show the Hull people how thdy are suffering in Gaza. I am frol Gaza


and my family are all over there. I watch every single day in fdar.


Don't the Israelis have a good idea `` a good reason for doing that


Hamas is just a group that hs saying that they want their freedol now,


Hopefully this war is the end of everything.


Right now talk of a cease`fhre agreement but she hopes her campaign


will keep up the international pressure for a long`term pe`ceful


solution. I will tell them about what is going on. Showing


Peace could mean speaking to friends in person and to falilies


trips home ended in 2011 but she still hopes that Gazza will one day


You've been sending us your thoughts on plans to reintroduce


free school meals for all primary school children in Hull.


The city council is looking first at halving the cost


But critics says there's no evidence the plans will improve


It's hoped that more big`nale bands will come to Hull, if plans for


a new ?42 million events venue in the city centre get the go``head.


The city council's planning a specially designed centre


for concerts and conferences ` and a four star hotel ` to be built


It also hopes it will creatd 50 new jobs, as Anne`Marie Tasker reports.


At the moment it's wasteland surrounded by unkempt buildhngs


But Hull City Council wants to turn it into something like this,


a purpose`built conference `nd concert venue with the city centre's


It hopes it will attract big touring performers that currently


There are lots of people who are going to other cities and we are


Hull already has a venue of this capacity at the Ice Arena.


But the council says promotdrs say a custom built venue,


with better technical facilhties, will attract the big name b`nds that


The ?42 million development is in addition to


the ?25 million plan to rev`mp Hull City Centre announced last week


And like that, this new centre will be funded with money that c`n only


The plans should be a reality by 2018, just after Hull's City


That has got to be a platform from which the city continues to rise.


They are a global brand, market leader in their sector.


Hometown`macro is a very progressive club that seem to have a grdat deal


of ambition. They had a fantastic season. The manager is great. The


huge amount of experience. A plaque to honour the bandlaster


who died on the Titanic has been unveiled in East Yorkshire today.


It's on The Spa in Bridlington where Wallace Hartley performed in the


early 1900s. He became famous after his death for laking


sure his orchestra kept plaxing to keep passengers calm as the ship


went down. Amanda White is live in Bridlington, how close were


Wallace's ties with the town? It was a


moment immortalised on the big screen. It's the end, boys. We have


done our duty. We can go now. The band on the Titanic had plaxed on to


the bitter end. Its leader, Wallace The summer season brought the crowd


flooding to the seaside. Th`t is what brought Wallace Hartlex here. A


plaque has been unveiled to remember the three summer seasons he spent


here. He was a brilliant musician. His career was to go from strength


to strength. It took him onto the ocean liners and to his fin`l job,


It was a moment immortalised on the big


screen. It's the end, boys. We have done our duty. We can go now. The


band on the Titanic had plaxed on to the bitter end. Its leader, Wallace


Hartley, had given up his lhfe first and sank with the ship and his


violin. This is the real Wallace Hartley. Born in Lancashire, he was


a resident musician in Edwardian Bridlington. He went on to join the


famous White Star line but was reluctant to board the Titanic after


becoming engaged. He never returned to his love, or to Bridlington but a


His filing returns to Bridlhngton. Recovered from the North Atlantic,


it was given to the Salvation Army in Bridlington and itself sold for


?900,000 last year. His mushc is remembered at the Bridlington spa.


He is rendered for the nobldst act of his life, continuing to play as


the ship sank. `` B is remelbered. We are commemorating his life. He


played here. Wallace was one of countless that


lost their lives in the Tit`nic With his violin, he remained an


entertainer to the last. 110 years since he played hhs last


summer season here, there is a band that can kick off the summer season.


As well as Wallace Hartley's filing coming back to the town where he


spent three summers, the tile's mayor might actually be rel`ted to


Wallace Hartley. We will let you know if that is proven.


Thank you. A recap of the hdadlines: Malaysia airlines passenger plane


carrying nearly 300 people has crashed in Ukraine. Ukraine and


Russia both deny they shot ht down. Three people found guilty of


measuring a man found beaten to death in Hull on New Year's Day


`` murdering a man. Response on the subject of


libraries. Stan says, where`t elected councillors in this


fortnight, none of them dead show their faces after ignoring the


electorate. Lindsay says, for Mr Wills, having to come and jtstify


incompetence, whereat the sdnior cancer? Chris says, I hope


councillors will meet the additional bill are not taxpayers.


Thank you for watching. I whll be about more `` I will be back with


more It took less than 90 seconds for the


eight-storey building to collapse. Imagine the number of women


this industry supports. This World investigates


the true cost of fashion. It took less than 90 seconds for the


eight-storey building to collapse.


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