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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


They're less likely to clail benefits and more likely to work `


why migration is good for the economy.


It's got a very beneficial hmpact in terms of the economy


and it's not just born out of our regional studies but also


the national studies from the Office for Budget Responsibility.


New warnings as one in five cigarettes smoked in the UK


And if you're in the dole and you're on a limited amotnt


Royal approval for the explorer from Lincolnshire who gave @ustralia


And putting old rivalries aside to bring more tourists to the Dast


There is an amber warning in place. Join me for the weather latdr.


Migrants who've come to Lincolnshire are more likely to be in work,


are less likely to claim benefits and pay more into


That's the finding of new rdport into a decade of massive population


changes in southern Lincolnshire ` where tens of thousands of ligrant


The research by councils across the East Midlands concludes


that migration has been gendrally positive.


In a moment I will speak to an MP who says we do not need any more


unschooled migrant workers. Our Rural Affairs Correspondent Paul


Murphy reports from Spalding. Migration is changing


the character of this market town. The people


on their way to work this morning hail not just from Lincolnshire


but from every corner of Europe we work very hard. We want to earn


some money for a better futtre. Were coming here for a better future to


get a better future. Here wd have a chance for that.


Many migrants have come to Lincolnshire from Eastern Etrope


Today's report says the migrant population in parts of Lincolnshire


has grown by more than 400% over the last decade, that migrants are


45% less likely to receive state benefits than non`migrants `nd that


in recent years, the migrant workforce has p`id 4%


more money into the exchequdr than it has taken out.


In fact in Spalding, it's claimed migration is creating


Macro so many others are self`employed. In our littld town we


have 17 shops which drives the locals crazy, but the shops are


here, they are paying their taxes. What is clear that towns such as


this are changing rapidly. What s the report also says is that the


Government needs to underst`nd these changes so funding can be t`rgeted


more accurately. There are pressures on all kinds of places incltding


schools. What we need to do is understand why those pressures are


and to work with Government highlight one needs to be done.


It's an issue that continues to divide opinion here.


I think it is a dam good thhng because we have two bit lazx people


in Britain. They are taking all the jobs, there are youngsters out a


word because they can't get work. For me it is a positive thing. Most


of them are very hard. The report calls


for a better understand But that could be challenging


for an issue which is Paul Murphy, BBC Look North,


Spalding. Will be asking for your thotghts on


this in a moment. Join me now is Margot Parker was recently voted in


as a UKIP member of the European Parliament. Could even in M`rgo You


must be pleased to hear the migration of the past decadd has


been positive, particularly when it comes to the economy? Widendd in


this report is afflicting the real picture. If you look Boston, over


nine years, EU immigration has increased by over 406 2%. That is


huge. There is a massive strain in at area altogether. And of course


your previous speaker mentioned a strain on hospitals and schools Of


course, if you look at a lot of the agency workers, they come over and


after 12 weeks of course, they enter the benefits system anyway. Many are


dismissed at 11 weeks but the workforce continues. What the


reporters at the migration hs a good dinner to be lazy people in in the


UK? Looe`macro I think therd may be a few lazy people, but, you know


what, a lot of the young people I speak to including school ldavers,


are desperate to work. Of course, they do not have that opportunity


because many of those jobs `lready led by the agencies so they do not


get a look in. But this report said there is little evidence of migrants


are displacing the workforcd? I m not sure I agree. This is not a


complete report, there are `n awful lot of areas it has not covdred and


it is not looking at the re`l effects to the economy which I just


mentioned. Have UKIP got it wrong and maybe been too alarmist? Here


the figures say that migrants had paid 34% more into the Exchdquer


than they have taken out. If are not a good thing? If it is good and put


something back into the Exchequer is good. But of course we have this


constant churn of a low skilled labour. That is putting an `wful lot


of people out of work here that are not even given that chance. So we


have reasonably enough low skilled labour ourselves work withott. We


have heard so many negative reports, do the party have often looks at the


cost of migration rather th`n the great benefits that it brings? Look,


controlled immigration is something that you came firmly believds in.


But we can't control that ott while remaining EU because we havd open


borders. But I think in the past certainly we have had very sensible


immigration and nobody wants to stop immigration from parts of the world


where we need doctors and ntrses. Seaward said the doctors and nurses


that you would stop and skilled people? No. No, I didn't sax that. I


am saying that when job opportunities that come frol other


parts of the world and their skills that the country needs, that is a


different matter. Of course, those people should be able to cole freely


into this country and take those very skilled jobs if they are on


offer. But of course I would like see our education system can give it


better so that we actually have more doctors and nurses in this country


anyway. Thank you Margo. Th`t is Margot Parker from UKIP. Has a mass


migration mean positive and helped the economy? You are further figures


in the report there. Or do xou agree with Margot Parker?


Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault in Hull


A 23`year`old woman told police at Osborne Street station she was


The road beside Staples and Maplin was cordoned off as part


Police are continuing their search for a missing


Lincolnshire woman, who dis`ppeared from her home yesterday morning


They've asked anyone who seds 65`year`old Patricia Lawrence `


who is from Stubton near Newark ` to get in touch.


Last night a police helicopter using heat`seeking equipment


The leader of North East Lincolnshire Council says that a new


bus station in Grimsby has brought the town "into the 21st`century .


The building, which opened in Riverhead Spuare,


has a cafe, an indoor waiting area and public toilets.


It's part of the ?6 million worth of investment


We have always said this is the final piece for us, bec`use


No longer do you have to sit in a draughty bus shelter w`iting


Now, you can come into the dxchange, we have real`time information,


you know exactly when a bus is going to come, where it is going to stop


One in five cigarettes smokdd in the UK is illegal, and now Hull


and Lincoln have been named among the worst places in the country for


In Hull, there's been a 10% increase in the


number of illegal cigarettes being smoked, according to a new survey.


And the same research found Lincoln has the fourth highest quantity


Smoking us become a costly habit and now it seems more and more people


are willing to buy illegal cigarettes in an effort to save


money. They are cheap. If you're on the dole and living unlimitdd money


and you smoke, why not? Thex are stronger. They still sell them. Do


you buy them? Yes. Is scand`lous. People can't afford them. At their


warnings illegal cigarettes which are unregulated can have serious


health implications. Some of them have been found to contain very high


levels of lead and other dangerous chemicals. They also have htman


faeces, rat droppings and glass Despite the warnings, new fhgures


show that more people are btying them. The figures come from a survey


of empty cigarette packets which were picked up in towns and cities


across the UK and examined to see if they were fake or smuggled. One of


five towns and cities were hnvolved in the survey. The highest


proportion of illegal cigardttes are found in Southampton, where over 40%


were found to be illicit. Htll came 14th in the survey with almost 9%


packets being counterfeit. Lincoln had the fourth highest numbdr of


illegal cigarettes in the country with over 30%. It is a concdrn


because not only is it but ht will fly the danger, it also affdcts the


industry. It is the safety implications as one of the health


implications of smoking these products. They are totally


unregulated and they are dangerous products. It is estimated that


illegal cigarettes cost the Treasury around ?2.9 billion a year hn unpaid


duty. But it is the cost to smoke ares' health which is warned is much


more worrying. How do peopld get hold of the cigarettes? Will be


buyers purchase today said they are very easy to get hold of. They said


there are said to be that pdople go around two and sell them to


customers. That is just one way To be illegal, a cigarette is dither


smuggled in with no duty`pahd and, or, it is fake, so you have no idea


what is in it. It is not safety regulators so it can burn down much


quicker and give a greater risk of causing a house fire. They smuggled


in from abroad generally, and it can be smuggled in by organised crime


groups or even terrorist organisations, so they fund some


serious crime. Another reason why you shouldn't buy them and one very


big reason why people do and that is the cost. A packet of 20 legal


cigarettes will cost you ovdr ? . A legal cigarettes cost around ?3


That is a very big incentivd as you saw in the report there. Kate, thank


you. Hull City AFC find out who they will


play in Europe. And working together to play the east coast, but in


Berlin ten and Scarborough put their old rivalry aside?


With temperatures reaching the high twenties in parts


of southern Lincolnshire late this afternoon, people have been cooling


off at this outdoor swimming pool in Woodhall Spa.


Public health officials warned people to stay indoors


and drink water because of the predicted high temperatures.


But at midday, swimmers werd wondering where the sun was.


Well, it isn't what we were expecting, but I'm hoping


Because it's supposed to be really hot today, isn't it?


The kids are covered in factor 50 hats with netthng on.


We thought we'd come out today because it's the last chancd.


It's supposed to be turning dreadful soon.


They say it's currently 32 degrees today.


So I thought I'd come out and enjoy the lovely hot we`ther.


It is shaping up a little bht, as you can see now.


Let me just read you one from John Walker, he said that man wotld be


better taking the whole year off instead of just half of it! Look at


the beautiful sunshine therd in whole! It looks more like a piece up


to me. You need to get your eyes tested. It didn't quite go to blunt


today, but we will move on. It could be some quite serious weathdr the


next 24 hours because we have had a next 24 hours because we have had a


lot of heat in areas to the south of East Yorkshire. But we have an amber


warning for the risk of somd torrential thunderstorms moving up


from the south, but all being well, those storms should be out of the


way by late morning and then we see an improvement into the aftdrnoon.


The storms will be hit and liss but if you catch on, there is a risk of


localised flooding. Low pressure is in charge. If you look on the


satellite picture, you can see on the later frames the first of the


thunderstorms now developing across Brittany and Normandy in Fr`nce


They are going to budge northwards in the next few hours. It is a


fantastic end to the day across Lincolnshire, 30 degrees at Hull


beach and you can visit the thunderstorms coming up quite early


in the early hours of the morning. You may be woken with a few bangs


and flashes of lightning. Temperatures very warm indedd. These


are the lowest temperatures to light, 19 Celsius, that 66


Fahrenheit. So, the sun risds at 455 tomorrow, the next high watdr timing


Cleethorpes at 1143. Just short of noon. So scattered it, intends


thunderstorms, tracking northward through the morning. But as you can


see, and improvement late morning and into the afternoon with some


hazy sunshine are developing. Always a risk with these thoughts of setups


of further thundery showers pushing back up from the south. But it


should improve into the aftdrnoon. Top temperatures of around 23


Celsius in Hull. Highest across central Lincolnshire where ht is


possible it is possible it will be 80 Fahrenheit. Scattered sons and


showers on Sunday. And that is the detailed and accurate forec`st. And


a second e`mail from Lynne says it is probably your time to bux drinks


at the bar. We will see you next week!


Prince William has unveiled a statue in London of one of Lincolnshire's


most important historic figtres ` whose name you may not have heard


before. A ceremony has taken place to recognise Matthew Flinders, who


was the first person to sail round Australia and who gave the country


its name. He grew up in the Lincolnshire village of Donhngton


before making his name as an explorer. Simon Spark was at today's


This report contains an flash photography. The arrival of his


Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge signify the importance of


commemorative unveiling. He was here at Australia House in London to do.


200 years since the early ddath of one linkage Anti`Social Beh`vior,


Crime and Policing Bill most important and yet under celdbrated


men. Matthew Flinders. He w`s just 27 when he was the first to


circumnavigate Australia. Hd defined the borders of the continent and


gave it its name. From what he did he will forever be in the hdarts of


Australians. But today's high`profile commemoration hs the


result of two yearss' work to build recognition in his own country. the


memory of Captain Flinders hn London. In closing, I would like to


make two observations about the figure. Or should say figurds. First


I appreciate the work and the way it communicates Captain Flinders as a


man of action, strength and determination. Will always surprised


how little known he was herd in the UK. That may have been becatse of


Cook, but we felt that he ddserved much more recognition here `nd


should be as loved in his own country as the years in Australia.


Where he is a recognised is in his birthplace of Donington in


Lincolnshire. At the Thomas Cowley high school he studied, he hs an


important part of their curriculum. I can't believe that he walks our


playground, he's got taught in the same classrooms as others. Ht is


inspiring to lots of people want to sail around the world. The challenge


of this new statue of our c`pital city is that he needed to tdll his


story. I had to design it so you could walk all the way around it and


for it to be interesting from every angle. It is like circumnavhgating


it. It wasn't in my mind at the time, but I might have meant that!


Sony arrears, but tomorrow, you ll be moved to Euston station where he


will be seen by over 70 million people every year. Euston is also


where he is believed to be buried. But maybe now his name will spread


with the recognition it desdrves. You've been getting in touch


after our story yesterday about campaigners winning a


High Court battle against ctts to library services in Lincolnshire.


A judge ruled the County Cotncil's decision to redesign


their services to save ?2 mhllion was legally flawed.


The council will now have to hold another consultation on the plans.


Liz says: "Very sad to think of all the County


Council's wasted money and time despite being told


for months they were out of order." Steve in Welton says:


"The councillors who were at fault in


the library closure process should be held personally responsible


and made to pay back the thousands of pounds that it has cost."


It's been revealed where Hull City will play in their first gale


Here was the announcement m`de in Switzerland earlier todax.


This means concretely that we have AS Trencin or Vojvodina versus


So a trip to either Slovakia or Serbia.


With more detail, here's our sports reporter Simon Clark


Simon, why where two names revealed to face Hull?


The first leg of a match between the two teams mentioned there w`s played


last night. The second leg hs week. So AS Trencin lead thd first


leg by four ` nil. So weathdr this take all city? We have drawn up a


little map. If Vojvodina gohng to Europe? Public to Slovakia where AS


Trencin play. But not if Vojvodina managed to get a five goal reverse,


then we will be off to Serbha. But Hull City AFC will be in Portugal


and they have been doing prd`season training and just got back `nd their


captain has been talking to me about the draw. I'm looking forward to


it. I convert end it isn't `n exciting tie in terms of thd team


and what players they have, but it it is exciting


BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Melvyn Prior will be live in Skegndss


for their event which takes place at the Esplanade on Tuesday.


A Lincolnshire`based charitx, set up after the death of a


Red Arrows pilot, says it's helping an increasing number of young


The first students to benefht from his trust are now


in their third and final ye`r and will soon be going on work


The pilot's widow who founddd the charity says she's seen


a transformation in the young people taking part


We met these young people b`ck in 2012, seeing them come on four


years later, their self`estdem has gone up, their self`belief.


For example, one young lady, Millie, she couldn't look you


in the eyes at the beginning, she was painfully shy, really


Now, she's decided she wants to be a counsellor, she has her hdad held


high, she's very proud part of Blue Skies and she's


Old rivalries between two e`st coast seaside towns are being put aside.


Bridlington and Scarborough have decided to work together to attract


tourists ` instead of trying to outdo each othdr.


Both have long, sandy beachds, busy fishing harbours, spas offering the


latest entertainment and of course they share the great British


weather. But both seem to think that one town is better than the other.


Scarborough is best because it has donkeys. Scarborough is wet and


damp. Scarbrough lots of amtsements and an open`air theatre. It have a


water park for the children. Bridlington is better because


Scarborough is too hilly. Anything Bridlington as got is better, the


people. The people that livd here. So the locals are clear views,


bought about outsiders? Mikd moved to Bridlington from South `` down


the south, to open a cafe. we have the cliffs and the seafront, it is


very popular. It is a gorgeous place to live. We looked at properties in


Scarborough before we chose Bridlington. And I call really think


of why except that Bridlington is the best. Seaside holidays became


popular in the 1920s. Traditionally, the towns have been


rivals fighting for tourists. Now, they are joining forces. Thhs web


and graphic design company hn Scarborough have been working on the


new marketing strategy. we have not just got to promote what ond town or


what one village has to offdr. We can go ahead and promote a whole


lot. So the two towns are jtst going to have to learn to love each other.


So Scarborough Bridlington? Somerville Facebook today s`id


Bridlington is less commerchalised. Another said Scarborough is a far


nicer place to visit than Bridlington, always has been. It is


more picturesque. Joanna saxs Bridlington for the seafront,


Scarborough for the shops. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes President Obama said the Malaysian


plane was shot down killing 298 people on board. A new report says


that migrants are less likely to claim benefits, more likely to work


and are good for the local dconomy. Tomorrow's weather, the clotdy start


with scattered thunderstorms. Very warm and humid, temperatures getting


up to 26 Celsius, that 79 Fahrenheit. Just a few of your


messages about migration. One says nobody disputes that immigr`nts


contribute. Why not highlight that immigrants have no intention of


working and that they adjusted for the benefits. David from Boston says


UKIP will not agree that migrant workers are fit, healthy hardly


putting a strain on local hdalth care. Another says the report is


propaganda. The influx has been catastrophic. Thank you for those.


Other peaceful weekend. I whll see you on Monday. Goodbye.


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