21/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's it. It all starts on Wednesday evening. We're looking


forward to it. Now The detective leading the htnt


for John Heald ` who's wanted in connection with


the murder of a guest house owner in Bridlington ` has appealdd to him


to hand himself in. Bei Carter's body was found in the


early hours of Saturday morning A lone officer stands guard


at the Morayland guest housd Bei Carter was found dead in one


of the rooms here on Friday night. Neighbours described her


as a wonderful lady who was always She was a lovely woman,


she was always out tending her flowers, cleaning the pathw`ys


and talking to people. It could have been her,


it could have been anybody. This man, John Heald,


is suspected of her murder. He had been staying


at the guesthouse. Humberside Police have put out


this appeal directly to him. I know that you left Bridlington


soon after the murder, and I know you have returned to


South Yorkshire. It is time to hand yourself in


at the nearest police station, Mr Heald is alsowanted in connection


with a separate serious offdnce When he arrived here in Bridlington,


he was already a man on the run Described as dangerous, anyone


who sees him should call 998. Marshall Avenue is close to the town


centre and has many guest houses. You are always aware that


when you open the door to someone you haven't had before,


you have got about 15, 20 sdconds to If you get it wrong, you don't


expect anything like this to happen. Bei ran the guesthouse with


their husband and leaves Detectives continue to search


for her killer. People


in Market Weighton say they're angry and frustrated after flood defences


failed to protect the town. More than 50 millimetres


of rain fell in less than an hour yesterday evening flooding


homes and businesses. On first look it was business


as usual in Market Weighton, It's hard to believe this vhew


of the high street looked like this yesterday evening


after torrential rain. Business owners like Susan Sissons


were left to see what stock they My friend opened the door


and it was full of water. We were wading around in water,


up to our knees, virtually. Many residents living behind the


high street had to evacuate their homes for the night ` today thankful


for a dramatic change in thd weather so they could start drying out


what's left of their possessions. We ran and got as many towels


and things to try to stop it coming in as we could, but as it w`s coming


in the doors, it was also coming up Upstream from Market Weigton,


millions has been spent on a facility to hold water


when levels in the beck are high. The Environment Agency says it was


not designed to prevent watdr surface flooding in the town,


causing anger locally that those millions could have been better


spent. We've had lots of work done,


but none of it's improved anything. We've still got flooding


and we will do until somethhng is Many living and working herd say


it's the first time they've experienced such flooding,


but concerns remain high thdy could qThis evening,


I spoke to Nigel Leighton, who's in charge of flooding for


East Riding of Yorkshire Cotncil. I asked what they'd been dohng


to help those hit by floods. We worked with emergency services,


police and fire services to clear up as quickly as we could. We have been


clearing up on site. We havd had teams visiting every property to see


how we can assist. A lot of local people are angry. They say the


drainage systems are not addquate. Are they right?


funding. Do you agree? After Dhaka. `` not exactly. We try to assist


small communities. Have you got to address things differently? We heard


from Anglian Water that this sort of thing will happen more


will become more frequent and I think we have to look at how we deal


with these circumstances. Your message to those people havd been


flooded ears? If the council can give any advice or assistance,


please contact us on 393939, or keep in touch with those on our website.


People in Lincolnshire are being asked not


to go to A departments at Boston and Lincoln hospitals unless they


The hospital trust says that it s experiencing a high demand


from patients, many of whom could be treated at a walk in medhcal


A lot of fine weather to cole tomorrow, although some are`s


coast. It'll creep a little further inland. Lowest temperatures tonight,


13 or 14. For some, a different start tomorrow with that cloud and


mist, but it will break up `nd it will burn back to the coast. So most


For some, a different start tomorrow with that


cloud and mist, but it will break up and it will burn back to thd coast.


the rest of the week ` a grdy start in places, then it warms up with


Very similar for the rest of the week ` a grey start in placds, then


That's all for tonight. We're back at 6.25 in the morning.


Good evening. If you were unfortunate enough to be at the


sharp end of the weekend storms you'll be pleased to know that the


atmosphere is less volatile now Temperatures of 28 Celsius on the


Sussex coast today. Most places were fine and warm.


In Scotland it was cool with the breeze off the sea. Some eastern


coasts will be cooler. They will be the exception. Most of us very warm


and the vast majority will stay dry. That is the way overnight. A lot of


low cloud drifting to eastern


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