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has been hit by a missile in northern Gaza. That's all from the


BBC News Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. 1,000 jobs secured and more


on their way. Chemicals giant RB announces ?100


million worth of investment in Hull. They could choose anywhere in the


world to take this business but they have chosen here in Hull and that is


a real testament to local people. We take a special look


at the company behind these household names, whose


roots in Hull go back 200 years. Also on tonight's show, an increase


in speed limits for lorries. Concerns it will make roads


in the countryside more dangerous. A power surge in Grimsby leaves


more than a hundred households The East Yorkshire landmark trying


to cash in on the success of It is a very special moving day here


as part of the Victorian Albert Museum's National collection of


furniture comes to East Yorkshire. And it has been another beautiful


day but what about the weekend? It's one of the biggest investments


in Hull's history, The world`wide drugs and household


chemicals company RB, known locally as Reckitts, is to spend ?100


million, creating what is says is Reckitts started in Hull more than


170 years ago and today boasts a list of top brands including Lemsip,


Nurofen, Airwick, and Dettol. The Chancellor of the Exchequer,


George Osborne, was at the site as the announcement was made this


afternoon and said the company is Here's our Business Correspondent,


Sarah Corker. It's already a place known


for its innovation. And at Reckitt's factory in Hull


today, chemists showed the Now a global research centre will be


built here, and a growing number of new health products will be


developed in the city. It is a huge vote of confidence in


what you do and a huge vote of confidence in Hull.


With operations in 60 countries, its CEO could have chosen any site


Disinvestment of ?100 million secures the jobs we have in Hull


today. Not just that, I think we have become a true magnet for


attracting top talent. This is a great proof of confidence that we


have in Hull that can still produce a great innovation. Lemsip,


Gaviscon, stencils, great brands that were all developed here in


Hull. Now the art focusing their research on these caves of health


remedies that you can get on the high Street.


The Damson lane site manufactures the world's entire supply of Lemsip.


It?s a global success story that start as the Reckitt's family


Nearly 200 years on, today's commitment to the city is seen as


Investors are coming here and approaching the City Council and


speaking to members of Parliament so the government must now recognise


that Hull, the city Hull, is a very important part of the Northern


economy. Workers on their way home beepping


in support of the announcement. We have massive talent here and we


are delighted for the employers and the city. It is brilliant news and


really good investment. It is really good for Hull as well.


It should be open by 2018, creating high skilled jobs for the city.


You saw the Chancellor, George Osborne in Sarah's report. I went to


the Reckitt's laboratory in East Hull to meet him.


Chancellor, how important is today?s announcement for Hull?


This is a record investment by a much loved local company


and it is further evidence that our long term economic plan is working


These are good jobs, jobs in science, exactly the kind


of thing we want to see more of in the United Kingdom, and it is part


of the vision I have of a Northern powerhouse where Humberside is


connected through to Leeds and Manchester and Liverpool


across the North of England, not just with better transport links


but with the kind of scientific investment we?re seeing today.


The thing is that they could have chosen anywhere globally,


And this follows on from Siemens just six months or so back.


Well, we have had a string of great announcements for Hull and


We?ve got investments in energy, investments in science


and research, and companies like RB or Siemens, they could choose


anywhere in the world to take this business and create jobs,


And I think that is a real testament to local people,


to Hull, but it is also a testament to what we are doing in the UK.


Turning our economy around and making sure we see growth


in all parts of the United Kingdom, rather than just in London


Why do you think Hull is on a roll at the moment then?


I think people see here a critical mass of skilled people, good new


Energy is a really big, emerging industry.


And then you have a company like RB, who have been here for hundreds


of years, literally, choosing to make their future here as well.


And what we have got to make sure is that Hull is connected to other


great Northern cities and that we hook up Hull as part of the Northern


powerhouse and we really maximise the potential of this area.


So we need the electrification, don?t we, to Selby?


We do need better transport links, that is part of what I have set out


In the past when we have talked about connecting up


the North it has been a conversation about Manchester and Leeds.


I wanted to make sure that Hull was not left out of that conversation.


You're a very good ambassador for Hull, aren?t you?


Well it's great to be here with this good news.


Do you get much of a headache as Chancellor?


Because if you do, they make Nurofen here!


They make great products here, Lemsip as well, if you have a cold.


It is great, one of the things about this company


is it is a much loved company with the brands very familiar to people


RB has a history in Hull dating back to the 1840s The Reckitt family were


Quakers who built a whole village of houses for their workers.


Generations of families have worked for the company, and it


still employs more than a thousand people at its east Hull factory.


With more here's our correspondent Vicky Johnson.


It was when the Victorians decreed that godliness was next to


cleanliness that the product first took off and some are still around


today. The family's first business in Boston had not gone well but it


was after they moved north to East Hull that it flourished into a


global empire. From the beginning be this new technology. In the 1950s


they were the first company in Hull to install a computer. They were at


the forefront of everything. New ways of building things,


computerisation, all sorts of ways. James Reckitt was like many Quakers


at the time the damage to improve the lives of those who worked for


him. We asked did you in the Garden Village, a wonderful group of


houses, and always is of high quality buildings built for the


workforce. In all sorts of ways they sought to improve the quality of


life for workers. Here we have the coppers. And no bars. Almost 100


years after his death, how is James Reckitt remembered? I don't anything


about it. Have you heard of James Reckitt? Not really, no. For


immediate biggest highlight was we used to get free passes to go to


Reckitt 's bats. And it was a short walk from here. The companies say


their purpose is to help people lead healthier lives and have happier


homes. That is now on a vast international scale. It is not very


far from James Reckitt original vision and he built more than 600


homes in garden village. Also today,


a multi million pound investment by Sainsburys could create hundreds


of jobs in Scunthorpe. It's joining forces with budget


brand Netto and is believed to have plans to build a brand new


distribution centre in the town. The two supermarkets want to open


a number of new stores Detectives hunting for a suspect


in the murder of a Bridlington guesthouse owner have released


a CCTV picture of him. This image is believed to be


John Heald in B Bargains in Mexborough in South Yorkshire


on Saturday afternoon. Police have been searching for the


fifty three year old for six days. Bei Carter was found stabbed to


death in Bridlington on Friday Police are appealing for help


to trace a man in connection with one of Lincolnshire's most


high profile unsolved cases. 50`year`old Alan Wood was tortured


and murdered at his home near Bourne Detectives want to find a foreign


national who worked at car washes in the Stamford and Peterborough


area at the time of the killing. Road safety experts in Lincolnshire


are worried about a government decision to raise


the speed limit for big lorries. At the moment HGVs are limited to 40


on single carriageway roads, but it's been announced today that the


limit will soon be increased to 50. While some hauliers


in this area have campaigned for the higher limit there are fears from


some it will lead to accidents. Some even take risks to get


on with their journey. At this cafe at Caneby Corner,


I met Gary, who says hauliers are I have been


a lorry driver myself for 30 years, in many ways the speed limit is one


of the worst restrictions. Vehicles these days are a lot safer,


and indeed the drivers are a lot safer than they used to be,


so I think it is time The current speed limit


on single carriageways for heavy goods vehicles over 7.5


tonnes is 40 miles an hour. But that's being increased to 50


miles an hour from early next year. A change, which the government


claim, could give hauliers But John Siddle


from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Those lorries at their maximum


permissible weight of 44 tonnes, the stopping distances involved at


50 miles per hour are significantly different to 40 miles per hour,


and that is a major concern to us. But surely this is good news for


motorists, who can get frustrated at Well it is good news


for those drivers who are frustrated, but the majority


of drivers are not frustrated. But motorists I've spoken to today


seem pleased with the changes. I think it is probably a good idea


if it means the lorries are going to Having just travelled down the A15,


I don?t think there is much chance of you going more than 50 anyway,


with the traffic. Still the Government believe letting


lorries go faster will get There will also be a debate on


increasing the speed limit for HTV is on dual carriageway is on dual


carriageways as well. Let through this open if you are in Lincolnshire


or a rural area. Do you support lorries being able to go at 50?


Should the increase the limit for dual carriageways? Your thoughts on


this one, you can contact us at the information here.


We thought swimming pool has reopened after a closure caused by


slightly flooding. It is the third time the poolside has been replaced


following a number of injuries. The council is confident the latest


forwarding is better. Police say a driver has been injured


after a car ploughed into a house in Lincolnshire, destroying a bedroom.


It happened yesterday afternoon. The house is no longer safe to live in.


Thank you for watching this Thursday night. Still ahead, there is a rough


start to the Commonwealth Games for Lincolnshire 's Georgi twig. And we


find out how this East Yorkshire landmark hopes to cash in on the


success of don't and Harry. `` Galton happy.


And if you are in Grimsby you may have suffered thanks to the power


surge. Tonight 's photograph was taken by


Steve MacLachlan, he took this photograph of Don and Grimsby. Very


nice it is as well. Good evening. Straddle the meals. You can't really


tell. David says actually, this weekend


looks good but can your weather can let us know?


In fact, temperatures will peak on Saturday, 26 or 27 degrees. Fresh


air on Sunday with the risk of one or two showers. Let's look at the


temperatures, it was 27 degrees in Sleaford with Skegness having a


better day. Bedlington Sophie Wood has had a decent afternoon as well.


The low cloud has helped us. Tomorrow we'll have a great start,


but turning sunny. There will be a drift from the north`east but by


Sunday we will have cooler fresh air across all parts that could lead to


one or two showers. It is beautiful out there, and a repeat performance,


an identical forecast to last night. We will see a low cloud and missed


in some coastal areas, at first gradually edging westwards over mate


with low temperatures coming in at around 14 degrees. That is 57


Fahrenheit but 16 in Hull. The sun rises in the morning at 504, the


high water time will be 5:27 a.m.. A great start in some places but the


low cloud and missed will break up and we will see what of sunshine


developing. There is a risk of some see Mr Cross caused, from time to


time, but like today there will be blue skies. Inland areas will be


hottest, 24 or 25 degrees in cool when Lincoln, similarly the mid`70s


in Fahrenheit. Saturday could reach around 80 degrees with plenty of


sunshine around, the risk of some showers on Saturday into Sunday.


Look at the drop in temperatures back down to almost normal values.


Paul said it would be sunny in the east coast and today I have not seen


the son of the! I said there would be sea fog that


would struggle to clear. Nice of you to be so touchy! Enjoy


your day off. A power surge in part of Grimsby has


left more than a hundred households Washing machines, TVs , and central


heating boilers, written off. Residents who contacted Look North


told us they are being offered ?200 in compensation, but many say that


isn't nearly enough. We'll hear what Northern Powergrid


has to say about that, Unloading the washing,


but this laundry is still dirty. Emma Last's machine is one of


several items left broken after a We?ve got neighbours washing each


other?s clothing and stuff like that, because there are no


updates or anything. There are still people who haven?t


had their boilers looked at yet. We got


a letter yesterday saying they are Next door one of the only ways


on the street to wash clothes. I am taking in the washing and I


am doing the washing for everyone. Which is good, because we have


a bit of community spirit. The cause of the power surge is


still under investigation The company has promised to repair


or replace heating, For Gary Norman the offer doesn't


extend far enough, he's lost the use I was in the fire service


and I have a pension, and it is a modest one, but I still have to


work part time to pay the bills. My partner, she works in a school


but she?s not paid very much, so why should I have to pay out


another ?300 or ?400 for a TV and For many living here


a ?200 good will gesture from the power company doesn't cover


the excess on their home insurance. A Northern Power Grid spokesman said


they would "Urgently look at further claims for financial assistance


on a case by case basis". Jill Archbold, BBC Look North,


Grimsby. Well the residents contacted us


on Tuesday. We went to film with them yesterday


but since then we've heard that Northern


Power Grid has started to offer full So just before we came


on air tonight I asked Geoff Earl from the company


if they had only upped their offer No, we haven't, but the first thing


I must say is to apologise to customers who experienced


electricity over voltage at the weekend. Why did Gary get told that


his big`screen TV and laptop will not be included, but today it is?


You have changed your mind. Has only happened on Sunday in our initial


objective quite clearly it was to make things safer for customers in


restore supplies and normality. That is what we have done. We have had


people on site who have listened to comments and yes we are going back


and we will make sure that all customers equipment that has been


damaged is replaced or repaired. That is changing your mind, isn't


it? You are now seeing it will be covered. It is not changing our


mains, it is a development. Our priority is to get on site and make


sure we do the right things by our customers. It doesn't matter if it


is a washing machine or laptop or TV, for all households they will be


replaced? Yes, initially we wanted to ensure that all of the essentials


where taking care of. Now we have done that we are in the process of


examining the other items damaged. Thank you. Very interesting story.


Do not forget we only got to know about that on Tuesday because the


local people got in touch with us and sent an e`mail. If you have a


story you think we should know about them always please think of us and


sent us an e`mail. Lincoln hockey player Georgie Twigg


faces a race against time after being injured in England's


opening match at the Simon Clark is there,


Simon how badly was she hurt? It looked like a really nasty


incident and it remains us that as these athletes at the Commonwealth


Games chase glory it can be tough and hard. Fewer things are harder


than a hockey ball being propelled at full pace and her injury


certainly took the gloss of an England victory over Glasgow Green.


It was supposed to be a game of redemption, a chance to forget the


terrible World Cup. But for Georgi twig of Lincoln it was a nightmare.


Just one minute into the match a serious knock it out of the game.


Time will tell if she is out of the games. The swimming competition got


underway today with Lincoln backstroke racer Lizzie Simmonds


making her debut tomorrow in the 100 metres. As ever with the


Commonwealth Games, competition in the pool. It appears to be a battle


between Australia and England for supremacy. This possibility for


England on the east Yorkshire shoulders of John Wright. We have


home`field advantage, I know we are in Scotland but it is Great Britain


and we feel part of that. We do not feel like we are going into foreign


claims that he would for other Commonwealth Games. There will be


more English support there, too. My mum and dad and panties are coming


out. I think they are staying in Edinburgh and will get the train


across. It will be good to have them in the crowd. A few Yorkshire accent


will be backing Scotland hockey tomorrow, when Dan shoulders makes


his Commonwealth bowl. It really important game that one


for Scotland, it could define their entire Commonwealth Games. Back to


Georgi twig, I have been speaking to England hockey. She will have an


examination tomorrow in the hope is that she can continue.


Hull FC coach Lee Radford says his side need a good result


in tonight's game to have any hope of making the play`offs.


The Black and Whites face in`form Castleford at the KC stadium.


Kick off is at eight, you can hear it on BBC Radio Humberside


They're hoping to cash in on the success of


the TV series Downton Abbey, which has been a hit around the world.


Historians are trying to return Sewerby Hall


near Bridlington to its 1912 heyday, before revealing it to the public.


And with the renovation nearly done, a very special shipment


Our arts correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker was there.


When furniture's as valuable as this,


And as the bubble wrap came off, it revealed some of the nation's most


important antiques ` on loan from one of the country's top museums.


This is a win dash win for members of the public and as museum


professionals alike. This is element of the national collection that has


come from the Victorian and Albert Museum. People have not seen these


pieces before. Boss, this makes 70 Holly Northern outpost for the


national collection, which is brilliant for East Yorkshire.


Using these photos taken in 1912, the team at Sewerby Hall have spent


five years tracking down similar furniture to that here


This room was used for weddings but it has been transformed into a


dining room. It features some of the national collection, like this


18th`century piece here. Worth ?100,000. The makers of some pieces


are very highly regarded, or they are quite rare survivors. We have


been collecting furniture for well over 100 years, 150 years, so these


are choice pieces that have, our way over that essentially a half. It is


hoped that these choice pieces will help return the halt to its former


glory and drawing visitors fascinated by programmes like


Downton Abbey. Put it is a big thing with the TV dramas and people


looking at their ancestry. It is a big thing in itself. We must


capitalise on that and we will. They have just two weeks to get that


Downton Abbey look finished before the whole reopens.


The time is five minutes to seven and the main national and regional


headlines are, a UN shelter in Gaza is hit by an Israeli missile, 15


people are killed over 200 injured. 1000 jobs secured and more on their


way, the chemicals giant RB announced a ?100 million investment


in whole. The weather tomorrow, a great start becoming sunny and very


warm. This tool continue on the coast with temperatures inland


getting up to 24 degrees. Talking about increasing the speed


limit from 40 to 50, a big response on this one. John says most


accidents on single carriageway is are caused by frustrated and


impatient motorists stuck behind slow`moving vehicles. Raising the


speed limit will make the roads safer. Stephen has tweeted employs a


stop to 40 on the road they would be safe as motorists would be able to


overtake more safely. Laurie these now travel at 50. Recesses I travel


in the a 15 everyday and the lorries travel at more than 50 mph anyway.


Slowing to 44 the speed cameras will little difference.


Too many worries already travel in excess of 50 mph' we roads, if the


limit is increased its full simply result in them driving at 60 mph.


At 10:25pm I will speak to a road safety group about this one.


Goodbye. Well, when did we start funding


projects in Gaza? How do you know people


are telling the truth? Well, when did we start funding


projects in Gaza? I should never have done this.


I should never have agreed to this.


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