30/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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First look at the morning papers on the BBC News Channel in just is a


few minutes too. Now Good evening. The leader of East


Riding Council is warning Hull to back off over its plans to expand


the city. Stephen Parnaby says it looks like a potential hostile


take`over. But Hull has hit back saying it needs to expand into


places including Hedon, Cottingham and Hessle because its tight


boundaries are holding back development. Our business


correspondent Sarah Corker reports. The East Riding's pretty market


towns and green spaces encircle urban industrial Hull. City leaders


say it needs space to grow and want the boundaries redrawn. Now the two


neighbouring councils are locked in a war of words. It is a hostile


takeover, or a potential one, by the City Council. And there is


absolutely no need for it. Isn't this petty squabbling? Well, we


didn't start it. Um, and of course, we need to work together, and we do


work together. One idea Hull City Council wants to


consider is expanding its boundary into the East Riding. Including


Hessle, Cottingham and Hedon. Another possibility, a single


authority covering the whole of East Yorkshire. There is a dearth of


developable industrial land in Hull. I mean, it was an issue with


Siemens. We have had to do a lot of work to free up sufficient land near


the Siemens development to make it viable. Is this a hostile takeover?


Or is this a land grab? Er... The East Riding have been asked to


take part in the commission's work. And the only answer we've had so far


is the Councillor Parnaby shouting at us from Beverley. It is land on


the outskirts of the city that is at the centre of this debate. Hull City


Council owns this site near Hedon. And there are plans for an energy


park. But it is in East Riding's boundaries. And those living in


Hedon don't want it to be swallowed up by the city. We are a separate


little market town here. And that is how it should be. I think the


services will get worse. The rubbish won't be empted as regular. I think


they just want us for the money. Really. But could a change help both


councils prosper? If you can increase the overall number of


employment opportunities, it is possible you could also get


spill`over effect. That might mean you could have benefits to both


sides of the boundary. Hull has now set up a commission to look at its


boundaries. The East Riding is holding a referendum in September.


But ultimately, the government has the final say.


I'm joined by the MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart. Good


evening. Thank you for coming in. I know you disagree, but can you see


Hull's thinking? It is strange to go about it not inviting the east


riding to have a position, not consulting, which is what is


annoying my constituents. `` East Riding. Doing something to them,


rather than with them. What about boundary changes making things


prosper, would you just take that out? The thing is having the support


of the people. Steve Parnaby is right to ask the people, so there


will be this referendum in September and I would add my constituents in


the Hedon area, make your vote, you will have a choice on two things, to


be part of Hull and have Hull City Council providing services, and do


you want places like Hedon airport developed? Many people think that


Hull's land grab allows them to exploit the green belt, build on it


and is not done in the interests of the people they wish to take over.


Is Hull wasting their time? Setting up the way they have is


counter`productive. Not working with people I think will put backs up.


This referendum is costing ?60,000, another is costing ?40,000, ?100,000


of taxpayers' money wasted? Hull City Council should have worked to


have a joint approach, did not do that, then this up as a land grab,


and I think Stephen Parnaby handled it well, seeing to give the people


said. Abie get the MPs together and stop the squabbling? See what the


people have to say. And if the people overwhelmingly vote against,


that will send a strong message whichever government is in power


before and after next May. Thank you very much.


Some other news tonight. A man has appeared in court in


Beverley charged with the murder of a landlady from Bridlington. Bei


Carter was found stabbed to death in a bedroom at her guest house on


Friday the 18th of July. John Heald was also charged with ten rapes in


Sheffield on the 13th of July. Magistrates ordered him to appear at


Hull Crown Court this Friday. Police are increasing patrols in a


part of Lincoln after a suspected arson attack. The fire destroyed two


flats in Westwick Drive early this morning. No`one was hurt.


Lincolnshire detectives want help from the public to piece together


the final days of a man found dead in a caravan. The body of Shaun


Scholes was discovered at Freiston near Boston at the weekend.


A former Education Secretary attended the start of construction


work on the new Humber University Technical College. The school for


14`19 year olds in Scunthorpe will teach engineering skills, and is the


first of its kind in the area. It's very necessary for industry. Because


these companies that are supporting this college find it very difficult


to recruit technicians and engineers locally. And that is what they need.


These are big operators. Maritime experts say Hull could see


a shipping boom because of global warming. Ocean experts say Arctic


ice is thawing, opening up the shipping route north of Russia. It


would mean a cheaper, faster route from one side of the world to the


other. The rate at which ice is melting in


the Arctic is alarming environmentalists. But presenting


opportunities for shipping companies. The breaking ice has


opened up routes which have reduced journey times between the East and


the West. At the moment, ships travelling between Asia and Europe


go the long way round. Through the Suez Canal, with journeys taking


around eight weeks. Going via the Northern Sea Route, through the icy


waters north of Russia, cuts the journey by a third. Experts believe


Hull is the best placed UK port to take advantage. Hull is about the


only one I've thought of. And looking at it, because if you come


much further south, you might as well go to Rotterdam. Um, so you've


got to be relatively far north. You've got to save the big ships


that additional day's sailing. Hull has a rich maritime history.


From fishing and whaling, to shipping goods to and from the UK.


Those involved with the shipping industry today said the increased


use of the Northern Sea Route could be a welcome new chapter for the


city's port. The John Good Group was founded in Hull in 1833.


Specialising in shipping and logistics, it's exactly the type of


company that could benefit. Hull, as a natural gateway up and down the


East Coast, clearly needs to take advantage of that. And tool up to


make sure we can capitalise on any such opportunity going forward. By


2020, it's believed the Northern Sea Route could be used 60 days a year.


If the port of Hull is to be a viable option, experts say get the


infrastructure would need to be vastly improved, so that cargo could


be distributed efficiently beyond the port.


More potential good news for Hull. That is the news tonight. Now the


weather forecast with Paul Hudson. Good evening. It looks as if we are


in for an unsettled spell of weather over the next few days. Tomorrow has


sunny intervals and scattered showers. It is dry at the moment.


Quite a bit of cloud at times streaming in from the west. It might


be thick enough for the odd shower in places. But most of us will be


dry and we will see those temperatures around 13`14 degrees.


`` lowest temperatures. Tomorrow, then, a day of variable amounts of


cloud. There will be some sunny spells at times. One of two showers


from the word go. But sunny spells and, as temperatures rise into the


afternoon, we will see those showers turning a little bit more frequent


and potentially heavy. But good dryer, brighter spells in between


those showers. Top temperatures 20 or 21 degrees. Friday, a fine start.


Showers later. Saturday, very unsettled. Heavy and at times


prolonged showers. That is the forecast.


Paul, thank you. Newsnight has just started on BBC Two with a special


programme on the Middle East in crisis. We are back in the morning


from 25 past six, as usual. I will see you tomorrow night. Take care.


Goodbye. heavy in the north of the region.


24-25 Hello again. Will it be happy


campers or happy gardeners? You get different responses when you mention


rain at this time of the year. I will try to remain neutral and talk


of an increasing chance of showers developing tomorrow. There'll be


further mentions or rain for Friday and over the weekend. Most of the


showers have been over northern parts but they will work southwards


through tonight. And at the same time begin to turn heavier as well.


Creeping southwards all the while but not reaching south-eastern


parts. Starting the day dry with temperatures in the mid to high


teens in much of East Anglia, southern England and the Midlands.


Showers are beginning to show their hand. One or two in the Bristol


channel. And in southern and central England and Wales. Random across


Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the odd patch of brighter colour


means that some of the showers will be heavy.


Injects some heat and energy from the sun and the showers develop more


widely as the day wears on.


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