02/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome. Six people have been arrested


at the site of a protest outside an oil and gas


exploration site in East Yorkshire. It follows a High Court ruling


earlier this week telling environmental campaigners to remove


a tower they'd built at the entrance to land owned by Rathlin Energy.


The tower has now been dism`ntled by bailiffs, but protesters insist


their demonstration will continue. Taken, down by the authorities,


following a High Court ruling this week, which said it had been


illegally placed on private land. The removal, though, was a source of


frustration for the campaigners We are not happy as the wooden


construction has stopped access to the drill sight for over five weeks.


That is important as this is a very high`risk operation.


But those are claims that the site's operator, Rathlin Energy, rejects.


operator, Rathlin Energy, rdjects. Insisting that there are no plans to


fast`track. The company saying: fast`track. The company sayhng:


There is nothing to prevent protestors protesting legally, if


they can find somewhere to do it from legally. Not on public roads


and theirs and the farmers' lands. The protestors campaign will


continue to say that they c`n use continue to say that they can use


the verge to camp and protest against Rathlin Energy. Thotgh the


site is about to be cleared. We have held them off for months. A


real achievement. We have cost them money. That is also a real


achievement. And raising awareness. achievement. And raising aw`reness.


We will not stop. So, the tower may have gone but the


stand`off alone the country lane remains between an energy company


exploring for gas and campaigners exploring for gas and campaigners


who believe that tests would lead to an environmentally harming


extraction. their demonstration will continue.


Farmers say they're worried that an early harvest could lead to more


hare coursing in the county. Traditionally the season has started


after the crops are brought in during September.


But the warm weather means some harvest have started alreadx.


harvest have started already. Police say officers will be


on hand to respond to any rdports on hand to respond to any reports


of hare coursing. Lincoln's Georgie Twigg will be part


of the England hockey team which will play for a gold ledal


which will play for a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.


England play Australia in the final this evening.


They secured a place in the final of the competition with a whn


They secured a place in the final of the competition with a win over


New Zealand on penalties yesterday. Lincoln's Joe Dunderdale missed out


on a place in the final of the javelin.


He threw just over 69 metres in qualifying but it wasn't enough.


Hull KR can move above their opponents Widnes with


a win in the Super League tomorrow. The Robins will look to build


on last weekend's 62`10 thr`shing on last weekend's 62`10 thrashing


of London Broncos. They're currently ninth in the


Super League. It is like a play`off game. That is


how we are playing it. We get It is like a play`off game. That is


how we are playing it. We gdt the how we are playing it. We gdt the


two points. We have been relying on the teams around us to lose, you


know, we know that if we get a win this weekend, it is all on our or in


our hands. Super League.


And BBC Radio Humberside will have full commentary


of Hull That game kicks off at 3pm. of Hull That game kicks off at 3pm.


Last night Hull FC kept their slender play off hopes alive


with a 19 points to 12 win against Super League leaders St Heldns.


Super League leaders St Helens. The Black and Whites are


three points off 8th place. Tens of thousands


of people are expected to vhsit a free music festival that's been


taking place in Hull today. The Humber Street Sesh will continue


in the Fruit Market area this evening.


the Fruit Market area this dvening. 180 acts will have performed by the


time the event finishes tonhght I love the street Sesh. I prefer it


to any of the festivals. It draws in the local talent. You don't have to


pay big bands big money. We are really enjoying oursdlves!


We are really enjoying ourselves! The rain is terrible.


Amazing for the city. Everyone talks about the Leeds Festival but for a


similar experience we have it in our similar experience we have it in our


own town. And with the weather forecast


for the rest of the weekend, here's Kawser Quamer.


Good evening, the showers continuing to push to the north. Lows of 14 to


to push to the north. Lows of 1 to 15 Celsius, the winds picking up by


the coast. A breezy day tomorrow but a bright one. By the afternoon there


could be decent sunny spells and feeling warm. #2r67s in the low 20s.


Throughout the course of thd week, more in the way of brighter


spellings `` brighter spells at times.


Goodbye for now. It has been one of those days, Sony


for some and pouring with rain for others. Locally there has been


intense downpours. Further west, resolutely cloudy and wet across the


heart of Scotland and much of Northern Ireland, brighter skies


feeding into Belfast, the process will continue, with rain edging away


West, it will become confined to the northern half of Scotland, peeling


back in again, to the far north of Wales, into the Irish Sea. Much


quieter night further south, breezy, but becoming mostly dry.


breezy, but becoming mostly dry Pressure night. 13 of 14 degrees.


The wind will be a key feature, blowing a gale,


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