03/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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of Australia. That's all from Hampden Park. Do


Students at Hull College say they're shocked the cost of some


Short courses in jewellery have gone up by more


than a third, and those in ceramics and glass have almost tripled.


Hull College says it needs to make the changes to cover the costs


But some students fear it will put people off enrolling.


Here's our Arts Correspondent, Anne`Marie Tasker.


Making ceramics and glasswear is Simone's passion.


In her spare time she has taken the ten`week long courses at


But when she went to enrol again for September, she was shocked to


find the cost had increased from just over ?100 to ?300.


I appreciate that everything is getting more expensive


but I'm just surprised that it is going up by about 200 percent.


I am concerned that the course may not survive the depending on how


many people will enrol because they need a certain amount of people to


No`one from Hull College would be interviewed, but in a statement


it said at present the course is not under threat of closure.


But it seems the high costs of running


a ceramics course are affecting colleges across the country.


In 2007`8, 440 ceramics courses were running


The Crafts Council said that might be in part because ceramics has been


absorbed into wider design courses but it could also be


Simone says she too hopes turn her craft into a business


and worries how long there will be a course in Hull to support her.


A 46`year`old man is in hospital in Grimsby with life threatening


injuries after he was assaulted outside a pub.


It happened yesterday evening outside the Rutland Arms pub


Tomorrow sees the 100th anniversary of the


During the conflict, Hull became a frequent target for German


Now, a local playwright has written a radio play about the effect it had


Described by children as silver cigars,


German zeppelins brought wonder, then terror to the First World War.


Three people were killed here on Porter Street in their first raid.


And the effect of those bombings is being reflected in a play specially


Matt Sutton plays a soldier, called Samuel.


Apparently there were Zeppelins floating over Hull and there were


German soldiers literally chucking bombs over the sides `


It must have been absolutely terrifying.


Between 1915 and 1918 Hull was bombed eight times


Often struck unintentionally, the Zeppelins jettisoned bombs if


The play Yearning Hearts looks at the effect the raids had


Its ideas came from people living in Hull now`imagining the past `


I had a very moving experience meeting someone who had had a trench


For me, that was the point at which I realised we are going to get


The result is an 8 episode long drama ` imaging the effects of


And you can hear the play on BBC Radio Humberside starting this week.


And with the weather forecast, here's Kawser Quamer.


Dry with clear spells for most overnight, and the wind


A few short`lived mist patches will form in places like Stamford


Most parts will stay dry with bright or sunny spells,


but one or two isolated afternoon showers may develop.


Feeling a little warmer in the light winds.


Warm with sunny spells and scattered showers for Tuesday


and Wednesday, with some quite heavy showers possible.


Considerable uncertainty for Thursday with a risk


We'll be back tomorrow morning from 6:25am.


Good evening. Many of us had a decent second part of the weekend,


particularly so for England and Wales, rather different from


Scotland and Northern Ireland. We saw our whole rash of showers across


Scotland and Northern Ireland, some thunder and lightning swirling


around. There was a huge curl of cloud, indicative of an area of low


pressure. That will work its way northwards, taking its the wind and


rain with it. For England and Wales, may be a shower around the coast but


rural spots make it a bit on the chilly side. Through the day


tomorrow, fine in dry weather on offer, some


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