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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A ?15 billion plan to improve northern transport links is


announced ` Hull is urged to get involved.


It's really important that Hull plays an important role in the


Northern economy by connecting into some of these mainstream fast


routes. A man is arrested after crashing his


car through a fence at Humberside It would have housed thousands


of chickens ` now plans for a giant poultry farm


are rejected in Sleaford. I've been getting reaction to a


decision over a controversial development.


And we take a special look at the impact World War One had


Some heavy rain to come overnight, but it should brighten up tomorrow.


A ?15 billion proposal to improve transport links across the North


of England will benefit East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


That's according to Hull City Council, which is supporting


a bid by five northern cities to improve road and rail routes.


But one MP has accused the other cities `


which include Leeds and Manchester ` of not inviting Hull to the party.


More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


Travelling across the North of England can often be


It's a familiar tale for these drivers. Time is money. Everyday we


have trucks delivering products for Liverpool Manchester. Our trucks can


be stuck in traffic jams for over an hour.


The One North report unveiled today has been compiled


by five leading northern cities ` Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds,


They want ?15 billion spent on transport improvements


across the North over the next 15 years, including better


road and rail links between the major population centres.


The proposals are supported by Hull City Council.


How will improved links in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool benefit


Hull? It gets people moving, goods and people. Some of the journey


times and abysmal, stream trains could do it faster.


trains come to Hull? Your Mac it might be a time coming. Only last


Some fear those five big cities will get the lion 's share of the


funding. One think tank believes Hull must be prepared to piggy bank


on the success of its northern neighbours. It needs to connect into


some of these mainstream, fast routes. It's not a backwater, but it


needs to make sure it's probably plugged in and connected to the


places where the most rapid growth is taking place. George Osborne


today said he wanted to create a northern powerhouse that would rival


the City of London, but many will argue that any new government


investment should be equally divided from the Mersey to the Humber.


I spoke to Hull North MP Diana Johnson, who gave me her


There's lots of very welcome proposals about improving the


transport infrastructure across the north, but it's disappointing that


Hull is not in there. The reason why it isn't included is because they


are as self`selecting group, they are the core cities, the big cities


of the North. So they don't want Hull? They've decided they are the


big cities and they will put forward what were ` what they want to see.


It's very short`sighted of them not to include Hull. So we aren't


invited to the party. We are making a very strong case as to why we


should be at that party. We have the renewables industry in Hull, city of


culture status, one of the busiest ports. Hull isn't very good at


pushing itself forwards. Ed Cox says it's up to Hull to get involved and


push themselves forward. He's probably right, we need to make a


stronger case for wide Hull needs to be in that core group of cities


across the North. The regeneration and the renaissance of the North


depends... How can we talk about the importance of East West if the port


of East is missed out? You're right, that's why... It's up to the council


now. It's not just about the council. The council have a very


strong role to play. Lord Haskins has. The MPs in this area are all


banging the drum to make sure the Humber is part of this. Are we a


Premier League city on not? Of course we are, we are in the


football Premier League! Why aren't we part of this group? You must be


hacked off. I'm not. You should be. They can't do this without Hull.


They are doing it without us. This is a proposal. There's lots of


reference to the Humber ports, the M`16 to add the train lines. They


recognised part of that, but we need to be part of the big picture for


the North. Good to see you, thank you. It's got everyone talking


today. Diana Johnson mentioned Lord Haskins


there ` I will be talking to him Meanwhile, you might have a view


on this story. Do you think Hull and this area


needs to more to be included in In a moment ` lights go out


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, as the area remembers


the start of World War One. It would have homed over half


a million chickens and supplied one of Lincolnshire's biggest food


processors, but plans for an industrial scale chicken farm have


been rejected by North Kesteven District Council despite the plans


being recommended for approval. This is one of the reasons why.


Hundreds of people living locally who lodged their objections. The


plans for an industrial scale chicken farm near Sleaford. The


plans which were approved in theory by the planning officers at the


District Council. They recommended that this development wouldn't have


a significant visual impairment. The people behind me today disagreed. 29


councillors voted against these plans. Two abstained on the basis of


its visual impact. We were influenced slightly by the number of


heartfelt protestations that we've had about possible smell, noise, all


sorts of things. We balanced it against the economic development,


the number of jobs. At the end of the day, it came down to the fact we


felt it was the wrong place. It's not just the visual impact of this


development which concerned residents and councillors alike.


There were also fears about an increasing number of HGV G`Mac which


could clog up the nearby road network. They would have to access


the site on an existing farm track which would be upgraded and that


added other concerns because a popular cycle route between Sleaford


and Lessing was used by a lot of schoolchildren. Forward Teva reason


people objected, there were many relieved to see them rejected.


Chicken farms per se, fine, it was the position. The position is to


close. It's almost as if an area has been picked. What will cause the


most disruption? The fundamental reason why I was against it was the


location and the visual impact it has on the area. Who misses out in


this decision? My Park is a chicken processor. They are one of the


region's biggest employers and they wanted the chickens from this farm


so they could expand production and employment or staff locally. We'll


have to wait and see if they appealed the decision. A second


proposal for a nano aerobic digester which would have turned that chicken


waste into biogas has been deferred so we'll have to watch closely to


see if that gets permission in the future. Thank you very much indeed.


We'll continue to follow the story. A typhoon


from RAF Coningsby was scrambled to escort a Qatar Airways plane into


Manchester airport this afternoon. The pilot had reported concerns


about a possible device on board. A man has been arrested on suspicion


of making a hoax bomb threat after A man's been arrested after crashing


a stolen car through the perimeter The airport say there was no threat


to passenger safety What happened here at around 8:45am


we don't know. Humberside Police are investigating, but we know a car


struck perimeter fencing at the end of Humberside airport. There is the


end of the runway and this is the per fencing, which has been


damaged. And the remains of a car thought to be a black Renault Clio,


which continued on. You can see tyre tracks into a field. Eyewitnesses


awoke to hear the sound of sirens. We live 400 yards away from the end


of the runway and we woke up to quite a large police presence. The


police helicopter was at the end of the runway, which isn't normal. A


large fire engine and lots of people. What could you see had


happened to the car? We saw the car in the field. Humberside Police have


said they've arrested a 39`year`old man in connection with the incident.


It follows a burglary in Grimsby this morning and the theft of a car.


But the authorities here at the airport are keen to point out


there's been no operational disruption today and all this took


place a long way from the passenger terminal.


The sister of a man who died while in police custody says she's


unhappy at the way the investigation into events


Christopher Alder died at Hull's Queens Garden station in 1998.


His body was believed to have been buried in 2000, but found


Humberside Police is investigating whether his body was used


15 people working for Hull city council received more


than ?100,000 a year ` the largest number of any council in Yorkshire.


Hull City Council say the figures from the TaxPayers'


Alliance are misleading and they're reducing 40 managements posts.


A ?100 million development near Boston which will feature


a football stadium and new homes could move a step closer


Supporters say it will help create 500 jobs.


Opponents says it's in the wrong location.


We'll be live in Boston at our late bulletin tonight. Thank you for


watching. We take a special look at the impact


World War One had on Skegness. And I'm with Scunthorpe United as


they prepare for league one. Keep your photos coming in. This is


old timbers by the Humber. Taken by Keith Drury. Let's get the forecast.


Some good news. We were expecting it to be very wet tomorrow, but a lot


of the rain will affect us tonight. Tomorrow it will be a wet start to


the day, but it should brighten up nicely with the rain clearing to the


north`east. You can see how that front is pushing away on the


pressure chart and Thursday looks like a decent day. A few showers


tomorrow and a decent day on Thursday. We have seen more cloud


spreading from the West this afternoon so a pleasant morning,


cloudy afternoon and quite showery in places, particularly south of the


Humber. This evening, a few showers, but later in the night this band of


rain pushes up from the south`west. It will be heavy and persistent in


places. It will be a warm and humid night. An uncomfortable night to


come. The sun will rise at 5:24am and set at 8:50pm. As we go through


tomorrow, we start the day on a wet note. The heavy rain will clear away


slowest to do so for the Lincolnshire coast, where it could


linger until early afternoon, but brightening up elsewhere. Sunny


spells through the course of the day. Scattered showers and it will


be a little breezy than it has been today. Sunshine and a few showers


and warm once again. Temperatures getting up to around 22 23 Celsius.


On Thursday, there will be unsettled conditions. Should be largely dry.


Turning showery with more persistent rain later on Friday. Not too bad


for Saturday. One of the National forecasters said this week is


difficult to forecast. Why do you think they've sent him away? We've


got you in instead. He's out of the country! See you tomorrow.


When the First World War broke out in 1914, the resort


of Skegness was just becoming a popular holiday destination.


The conflict brought that to an abrupt end and Skegness was


But as Caroline Bilton reports, salvation arrived from Scotland.


A day at the seaside in the early 1900s.


Resorts like Skegness were becoming the place to take a break `


the development of the railways brought people flocking


to get a taste of that ?bracing sea air? as depicted in the famous


People were relocating here from the Midlands. People were moving here to


set up business. It wasn't just the tourists. They came here to make


money. But then war broke out `


the trains were now used for troops, Skegness was in danger


of closing down. But the council had a plan `


Skegness could be used to offer billeting to soldiers `


something Southport had done They can earn up to ?15,000 a week


in income and this was going to be a huge saviour to Skegness. There was


political desperation. How do you keep this new seaside resort


functioning? And in November of 1914 the saviour


came in the form of Lord Lovat Their role was to protect


the east coast from invasion. The Lovat troops spent their time


digging trenches and laying miles of wire entanglements and trip wires


along the sand ` all in an effort to delay the enemy should they ever


attack, and on December 16th, 1914, that threat of invasion came closer


to home than many would have liked. For the Lovat troops,


Skegness was seen as one of Concerts and dances were laid on for


them and the luxurious Vine Hotel A bizarre change for the people of


Skegness that these guys wearing kilts, dancing, they weren't used


men dancing, and bringing these customs.


So the First World War brought a taste


of the Highlands to Lincolnshire and it?s thanks in part to the


Lovat Scouts that Skegness survived its fledgling years to grow into


Some of your pictures of the lights out coming up later.


A major tourist attraction on the Lincolnshire coast has gone


Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells will continue to operate as normal


while the company's financial position is reviewed.


The administrators say no job losses are expected.


The Deep in Hull has been voted the ninth best aquarium in Europe.


The arrival of the Jentoo penguins has coincided with over a quarter of


It's the only one in Britain to make the top ten.


Scunthorpe United manager Russ Wilcox says he's confident that


his team can take their promotion`winning form


The Iron are preparing for their first game


Our reporter Phillip Norton has been at their training ground


Kick`off, the World Cup has been and gone. Transfers and loans have been


secured, while the sun is still shining it's been a very different


summer for us Wilcox, his first with managerial duties. More work, more


phone calls, especially agents trying to bring players into the


football club, but it's been enjoyable. Very privileged to be a


manager. Have you had a break yourself? Went to Cyprus for a week


with the family and that's it. All guns blazing after that, preparing


for league one. Last season saw his side go on a record`breaking 28 game


unbeaten run. It clinched them promotion to league one and sparked


celebrations across North Lincolnshire. With last season's top


scorer Sam Winnall sold to Barnsley over the summer, are they confident


of taking their form upper`level? He's a loss to the club, but the


players I've got, Dion Burton, Paddy Madden and I've brought in Lyle


Taylor from Sheffield United, they will play a key role this season.


Optimistic? You have to be at the start of the season. From what the


chairman has done in the summer and what the manager has brought in,


we've got a right to be. Wilcox says a good start to the season is key.


The team and the fans are looking forward to a new challenge. We are


excited, you have to be. The fixtures come out and they are


always exciting. You are going to lovely stadiums, Bramall Lane this


year and a lot of local derbies, Barnsley and Doncaster. We are


excited as a football club. We are confident as well. We won't fear


league one, but it will be tougher. How does the season look for all of


our teams? We've just heard from... We've just seen Scunthorpe United


there, they're away at Swindon Town on Saturday, but other key dates


for the diary include the derby with Doncaster Rovers on October


4th, while that anticipated trip to Bramall Lane to play Sheffield


United is on 28th December. Our non`league sides also kick


off this weekend in the newly named Grimsby Town are


the first side to play with an early kick`off on Saturday away


at Bristol Rovers, who dropped out As for Lincoln City,


they start at Sincil Bank by hosting But the big Lincolnshire derby


between the Mariners and the Imps will take place on September 9th


and December 28th. Peter, you'll be guaranteed


some Vanarama drama. Certainly will be some drama if


you're involved! Tickets for Hull City's second round


European match at the KC Stadium Tigers could only manage


a goalless draw against AS Trencin in Slovakia last week after


Tom Huddlestone missed a penalty. They'll be looking


for the home crowd to give them Thanks for the messages


about a Lincoln hospital chaplain ` who's gay ` who wants the Church


of England to urgently examine why Let's take a look at some


of your thoughts. Lovely message from Angela, thank


you for that, and thank you for all of them.


Last night, to mark the 100`year anniversary of Britain entering


the First World War, lights were put out at churches, war memorials


and public buildings across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Just a single light or candle was left to commemorate those


Thousands of people attended large and small remembrance events,


In Skegness, the lights went out, the hour was frozen.


A poigniant reminder of the moment Britain went to war


Kids need to remember what the generations went through.


People that went to war were only kids like them.


To get slaughtered on the Somme, terrible.


In Sleaford, only candles burnt in St Deny's Church, where 200 people


# And they sent us away to the war. #


It was a gesture repeated across the country to mark


In response to the news the then Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey,


said the lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them


And what followed was among the deadliest conflicts


There were 37 million military and civilian casualties in total.


In Beverley it was a time to reflect on the scale of the loss.


It's vital that the people remember


In a town like Beverley where 441 men died, out of a population


It's a stark message for a loss of a generation.


After an hour the lights came back on,


but those who marked the centenary hope the horrors and sacrifices


of World War One are never forgotten.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines


The Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi resigns over the


conflict in Gaza ` saying she can no longer support the government.


As a ?15 billion plan is announced to improve Northern


transport links, Hull MP Diana Johnson tells


Look North the city needs to make more of an effort to get involved.


Tomorrow's weather ` a wet start with heavy spells of rain, mainly


Drier and brighter later, with sunny spells and scattered showers.


A response on the northern powerhouse, some of these are quite


negative. Hull is any as good as the MPs and they need to shout loud and


clear that we should be included in the plans. David says how can Hull


begin to compare with those five cities? Ian says Hull not invited to


the party because it is a road to nowhere. One road in, one road out,


one rail line in and one rail line out. Why would they want to include


us? We are stuck in the past. I told you they were a bit negative. Alan


says, put some huge gates across the road and let's see how all the


wagons get to the Hull docs. We'll be talking more on this so keep your


thoughts coming in. Join me later. Good night.


We don't tend to use the bathroom together here.


I leave the ashram, travel halfway across the world to find my father,


Oh, well. As Vashrati says, gotta keep smiling!


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