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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Claims plain cigarette packs will cut smoking and boost Hull's


Senior health officials in Grimsby and Cleethorpes are investigating


four cases of the serious infection Legionnaires' disease.


Experts made the outbreak public four hours ago.


Tonight, they are trying to find the source.


Legionnaires' causes severe pneumonia, but so far all the people


Amanda White is live at Grimsby Hospital.


Amanda, what's being done to find the source of this outbreak? If


people are unusually truly, go to your GP, don't come here to the


hospital. the source of this outbreak? If


people are unusually truly, go If the symptoms time out to be


legionnaires disease you cotld people are unusually truly, go If


the symptoms pinpoint what could turn out to be a severe outbreak.


A man and a woman in their 70s have been killed in a crash in Driffield.


It happened at around one this afternoon


when their car collided with another one close to the golf club.


Police have named a cyclist who died in Hull on Monday night.


57`year`old Wendy Roberts dhed after she was hit


on a pedestrian crossing on Raich Carter Way, which is near the


The 21`year`old driver of the car was not injured. Building


work on a new football stadium of the car was not injured. Building


work on a new football stadhum in work on a new football stadium in


Boston could be approved tonight. There have been long delays on the


M180 today because of roadworks The motorway's eastbound carriageway


is closed between junction two and three to allow major


resurfacing work. Health experts say plain packaging


for cigarettes would have a huge impact in Hull,


which has the highest rate Public Health England says research


in Australia shows a signifhcant fall in smoking ` especially


among young people ` when the brand The British government is still


considering the idea, but in a city where


the average smoker spends almost ?2,000 a year on the habit, it's


claimed plain packets will hmprove Over


the years huge efforts have been made to stop people smoking, from


increasing the age it's legal to buy cigarettes to changing the law about


where you can and can't do it. And most shops now have to keep


their packets hidden away. Here in Hull it's estimated


that around 70% of those who In our experience, the people that


access the service do want to stop. They're motivated to quit btt they


need the services and they need easy access to those services to give


them the opportunities to quit. But now public health offichals here


say they want to follow Australia's example and introduce non`branded


packaging which, it's claimed, has What difference would this


make to the city of Hull? Recent figures show more th`n


60,000 tpeople smoke in Hull. Spending in total ?111 millhon


on cigarettes a year. And if plain packets were


introduced, with fewer people smoking it's estimated savings


of 4.4 million could be made. Apparently are around 49% of people


here still smoke, so what are some of them make of the idea of removing


branding from cigarette packaging? It does not make any differdnce


branding from cigarette packaging? It does not make any difference. You


should remove all cigarettes from shops permanently. It will make no


shops permanently. It will lake no difference at all. Plain packaging


is not the only solution. We need to reduce the amount of


illicit tobacco that is in the city. We need to look at how we can


support people that want to stop smoking and we need to provide


support for children to become much more resilient and make healthier


choices. The Government still hasn't made a


decision on standardised packaging. But with 51 children under


the age of 15 taking up smoking every day in the Yorkshire


and Humber region alone, calpaigners Earlier, I spoke to Simon Clark


from the pro`smoking group Forest, who are part`funded


by the tobacco industry. I asked him whether a change


in packaging would stop young There is no evidence plain packaging


would stop children smoking. Children don't start smoking


because of the packaging. They start smoking because


of peer pressure, because But the director of


Public Health England says standardised packaging is a powerful


measure that would help savd lives. The Australian Association


of Convenience Stores says it has affected 70% of their members,


and they are losing business. The other argument


in Australia is since December 2012, they have seen the fastest decline


in smoking rates for 20 years. Yes, but plain packaging was only


brought in in December 2012, so you can't claim it's because


of plain packaging. There's huge opposition


in this country to plain packaging. We handed


in over 50,000 letters to Downing Street from people who are opposed


to it, and we're going to give the Department of Health a further


petition of over 100,000 nales. If it has the potential to work,


like in Australia, First of all, this government said


it would only bring There's no evidence to


suggest this will work. We have still got the display ban


to be fully implemented and that The year after that,


the EU will introduce a revised tobacco directive


which will see health warnings We've got to do something to


reduce the smoking rates. In this city alone, the numbers


have not come down at all. The Government is already


introducing a display ban. In 2016,


health warnings will get larger Surely we have to wait


and analyse the impact on those measures before introducing


something like plain packaghng. Do we want to see plain packaging


on alcohol or fatty foods or sugary This is a slippery slope and we


have to say we don't want it. Do you think smokers are


being stigmatised with this? You seem to be worrying mord


about the newsagents that I made that point because


Public Health England today have said it won't have any impact


on newsagents, but if newsagents and local convenience


stores go bust, it has a huge impact on people in rural areas and small


villages, so it is important. I am concerned this is further


stigmatisation of smokers. Tobacco is


a completely legal product. Everybody is aware of the hdalth


risks of smoking, they don't need These packets will be coverdd


in disgusting images, Are un`branded packets


the answer to reducing stubbornly Should the Government introduce


them? The pensioner who landed a plane in


an emergency finally meets the teams And we look back at how the


First World War shaped faming Alistair Rose took this of `n


Air Sea Rescue Helicopter over Jean says, I think K Donovan needs


to show Peter a bit more respect. Yes, I should. You should rdspect


your elders. I gave you that on a plate.


I will be polite from now on. We have had some really heavy


thunderstorms through the afternoon. Most of them have


thunderstorms through the afternoon. Most of them havd cleared


afternoon. Most of them have cleared away, leaving those with a fine


night. As we go into Friday, more unsettled weather will settle ``


will come from the south. It is causing the few problems. There will


be some heavy rain. The showers have now more or less pushed off. It will


be largely dry through this evening and overnight. Temperatures dropping


to around 13, 14. We will start the day and a decent note. It will


to around 13, 14. We will start the day and a decent note. It whll be


dry with broken cloud and stnny spells. That is more or less the


story for the rest of the day. spells. That is more or less the


story for the rest of the d`y. Most story for the rest of the d`y. Most


places trying, sunny spells. It will not be as humid as today.


Temperatures will be down btt it will feel very pleasant in the


sunshine, with temperatures of around 21. Friday and the wdekend,


around 21. Friday and the weekend, the theme is an unsettled one. We


may not get too much wet we`ther on Friday but later, there will be


heavy rain. Showers and potentially heavy rain. Showers and potentially


longer spells of rain on Sunday. Peter.


A message from somebody sayhng, is A message from somebody saying, is


the weather girl taken for because I would like to take her for a


the weather girl taken for because I would like to take her for ` meal?


would like to take her for a meal? Was that from Peter?


In your dreams. People who live in privately rented


houses and flats are welcomhng tougher action against rogud


landlords who let out poor housing Boston Borough Council is now


prosecuting the worst offenders. It says


a minority are taking advantage Rent on a two`bed property there


is nearly ?600 a month, and even This was the kitchen


in this property Just one example


of what's now being described Gerda and her family were


in another house. They've now moved,


but say these pictures show some of the problems, including the back


door, which they couldn't lock. When we used to go out as a family,


we couldn't leave anything Zivile and her daughter


have also moved house. Mould was everywhere,


even in kitchen cupboards. She wasn't happy because shd


couldn't ask friends to come because It's because of problems like these


that Boston Borough Council has Since February, they've visited


hundreds of properties. 89 of those visits led


to formal inspections. Three prosecutions are under way


and the council says there could be In three cases,


they found people were renting Zivile's former landlord told me he


had "no comments" to make, while Gerda's ex landlord said he


believes a lot of the probldms, including the "broken back door and


damp" were "caused by the tenants". He added he thinks the term


"rogue landlord" is misleadhng, but said the team is helping


"improve properties" in Boston. The reason we describe them


as rogue landlords is that these are the people who are basicallx taking


advantage of the vulnerability of their tenants to make


as much money as they can. This is not by any means


the vast majority of landlords. The council says there's a lot of


demand for housing in Boston, and in The council says it can run


the project until 2017, hoping to make properties


like this a thing of the past. I'm joined by Richard Lambert from


the National Landlords' Association. Good evening. What is a rogte


landlords? It is somebody who exploits are


tenants, doesn't provide a decent standard of housing and makes


tenants, doesn't provide a decent standard of housing and makds as


standard of housing and makes as much money as they can from it.


How many landlords are letting How many landlords are letting


properties out that not suitable and they adjusted it for profit?


That is difficult to find ott. they adjusted it for profit?


That is difficult to find ott. We have done a tenants survey for the


past 18 months and we found about 13% of tenants say they havd had


some contact with what they described as a rogue landlords.


You said 80% of tenants are happy. That means 20% are not.


We said 80% of tenants are happy with their current tenancy.


Why is a place like Boston so bad? The rents are high compared to


earnings. I don't know if Boston is


significantly worse than other areas. Boston has a significant


increase in population over the last ten years. There are a lot of


migrant workers and they tend to be people who have to look at the


lowest quality housing. When demand is high, do landlords


feel they don't need to bother as much?


The majority of landlords are responsible people. Some believe


they can exploit people. We need enforcement against those, `s


they can exploit people. We need enforcement against those, as the


enforcement against those, `s the council is trying to do.


Good to talk to you. If you are a tenants or a landlord, you light


tenants or a landlord, you might have a view on that. Here is a


reminder of the e`mail addrdss and reminder of the e`mail address and


text number. The day World War One was ddclared


Britain's farmers were It meant their workers were


sent to fight, but they still For our World War One at Hole


series, Jo Makel looks at how life 100 years ago, entire communities in


Lincolnshire depended on farming. When World War I broke out,


men swapped the harvest fields In the tiny hamlet of Dalderby near


Horncastle, nearly three quarters earning it the title of


Lincolnshire's bravest vill`ge. Tom Scholey and John Garner's


grandfathers had the two farms Five of them went to the


First World War and the sixth one stayed at home, helping


with the farm. While the families were proudly


patriotic, losing their sons, their neighbours


and their horses to the war effort Even though


the power was provided by horses, in those first few weeks of the war,


there was quite a shortage Farmers required a lot of people


at harvest and at times like potato picking and other big


jobs for the local farmers. When conscription started,


the shortage of labour became The role of women became


even more important. Women and children had traditionally


helped, but in 1917, recruitment We hear about them a lot


in the Second World War, but they were there in the First World War,


and you've got people who had nothing at all to do with f`rming,


who were recruited from the cities and told, "How about a nice job in


the countryside and fresh air?" They worked as an organised team


and they did a fantastic job. Irish gangs, wounded soldiers and


even prisoners of war One change was to have


a lasting legacy. The government helped to brhng


in more tractors. It not only replaced horses,


but also to a large extent, Instead of the 20 men,


you might have six. That has been the biggest change


and that really started to happen during the First World War


and has continued ever sincd. Four out of the five Garner brothers


made it safely back to the family f`rm,


although the horrors of the trenches


had left one badly shell`shocked. Their families' lives


and the industry they were returning to had been changed


for ever. A grandmother from Lincolnshire will


be hoping to make it past the opening round of the Great British


Bake Off on BBC One tonight. Nancy Birtwhistle, who used to be a


GP practice manager, beat thousands to secure a place in this year's


competition. The sixty year old bakes regularly for her eight


grandchildren at her home in Barton. The programme starts at eight


o'clock. A 78`year`old passenger who took


control of the plane when the pilot died and successfully landed it has


finally met the helicopter crew who helps to guide him down. John Wildey


made several attempt at landing last October, guided by the voicd of


Flight Lieutenant Becca Bethell and her crew. Today, they spoke again,


this time on the ground at RAF look and feel.


Standing shoulder to shoulddr with Standing shoulder to shoulddr with


his heroes and watching the helicopter that helps to save his


life. John Wildey made headlines around the world when his friend and


pilots died alongside him. He met the rescue crew that guided him down


to safety. It is nice to see you. I wanted to


say hello to them and thank them, because they did a lot for le.


say hello to them and thank them, because they did a lot for me. It is


because they did a lot for le. It is nice to put faces to the voices.


nice to put faces to the vohces The last time I saw John was on the


evening of the event. He was in shock. To see him on a nice, can


they today is fantastic. As night fell, the search and rescue


helicopter was used as a beacon As night fell, the search and rescue


helicopter was used as a be`con for helicopter was used as a be`con for


John to aim for and follow in helicopter was used as a beacon for


John to aim for and follow hn his John to aim for and follow hn his


attempts to land. They said, the helicopter is not


fast, can you see it? I saw flashing lights, but it was Flamborotgh head


lights, but it was Flamborough head Lighthouse. Then I looked to my left


and I saw the helicopter. They homed in on me and let me. Throughout


this, John said the reassurhng voice this, John said the reassuring voice


of Flight Lieutenant Becca Bethell kept him calm.


It is nice to hear him say that we made a big difference. We dhdn't


made a big difference. We didn't really do that much and we were not


sure how much we helped him. Hearing him say we were a massive help and


him say we were a massive hdlp and he felt more relaxed is really good.


Both John and the crew said their thoughts remain with the late


pilot's family, but today at least, transport and shakes, smiles and


grateful thanks. Incredible story. We salute those.


Now cup of the headlines. The Mayor of London into years of speculation


by confirming he wants to stand as an MP. An investigation is launched


as for cases of legionnaires disease are confirmed in Grimsby and


Cleethorpes. Response on the subject of plain


packaging for cigarettes. Gdorge says, the matter of cigarette


packages on playing. People smoking Graham says, it is not about


stopping this generation are starting the next generation. Andy


says, the government could not afford five runs. Smoking. Luke


says, I do not believe changing the packet will make any effect


whatsoever. Thank you for watching. whatsoever. Thank you for w`tching.




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