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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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still the potential. Quite nasty weather. To keep an eye on the


forecast. Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. There is anger as the closure


of the M180 leads to long delays Why did they not do it at night? I


have wasted an hour so far. With the roadworks set to continue,


a row breaks out between North Lincolnshire Council


and the Highways Agency. I am cross, they have not listened


to was. We are not proud, we are sorry for the congestion and we are


trying to put it right. `` they have not listened to us.


The outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease in Grimsby.


We have all the latest on the investigation.


They are the only two still capable of flying,


now these Lancaster Bombers will be brought together in Lincolnshire.


I am at RAF Coningsby where final preparations are underway for the


historic meeting of these two aircraft.


And Steve Bruce and his men get ready for Hull City's


Tomorrow, a draw in Switzerland takes place and Hull City want to be


there. Unsettled weather over the next


couple of days, I will be back later with the details.


The Highways Agency has told Look North that long delays to


journeys caused by its own roadworks in North Lincolnshire are


Drivers have spent another frustrating day in traffic jams


and queues around the M180, which has been completely closed


for more than five miles in one direction for the last two days.


Traffic is being diverted onto the A18. Congestion is being felt.


The Agency has apologised and says it is hoping to open one


We will be hearing from them in a moment.


The plan was straightforward, to re`surface the M180, but its


full east`bound closure yesterday from Junctions 2`3 brought chaos.


Today, they have closed the M180 from junctions one to three, and


behind me, you can see where they are diverting the traffic off, but


that is the beginning of today's chaos, because that has now started


a queue which is stretching over ten miles long from here all


This was the queue at the Scunthorpe end, near Keadby Bridge, where


two`way traffic over the bridge had been stopped and alternated instead.


I had been stuck here 45 minutes, I tried another road but no other way


to go, it is horrendous. Anywhere else in the country, they resurface


roads to keep traffic moving. This is just utter chaos.


And another five miles along, a solid queue of traffic,


and people were getting out of their vehicles in frustration.


Why did they not do it at night? I cannot understand it. We have been


on the roads since seven o'clock. It is shocking. I have a booking at


nine o'clock and they will refuse this container now. Really bad,


this. And again at seven miles,


we heard more effects of not getting I am running a clinic at Grimsby


hospital which starts at nine o'clock and I will be late for the


patients. North Ferriby and the A16


around Grimsby At the Humber Bridge, they lifted the tolls to help try


and ease the congestion. The bridge will continue to be


free until midday tomorrow. But nothing could ease the fury


of councillors. The Highways Agency have not


listened to us. We know vehicle flow and the villagers, they should have


listened. We cannot have this chaos again, they have to look at the


situation and work at night or in the evening.


The Highways Agency have apologised for the delays, but work is expected


Their current plans, however, are now being reviewed.


I spoke to Roger Wantling, from the Highways Agency.


I asked him whether he was happy with the way things have gone.


No, we are not happy. We would prefer it to be a lot better and we


are working hard to get it right. People are livid, blaming the


Highways Agency and saying it is an absolute disgrace and things I


cannot say on air, would you agree? Yes, I accept `` totally


unacceptable level of congestion. Who thought it was a bright idea to


close all lanes on a busy motorway? Who thought that would work? We did


a full assessment to ensure queues were no more than 13, 15 minutes,


that is clearly wrong. It was a rubbish assessment. What about the


council? They advised you to do it at night and you took no notice and


did it in the day. We consulted with all the councils and the police and


emergency services and other partners. Before we went ahead. So


everybody understood. So it was the right thing to do it during the day


rather than at night? Yes, because in fact, based on the figures, and I


do apologise that the figures are not correct and we will have that


review to `` reviewed to learn from this, but because we are doing


excavation work and repairing the concrete, we would not have been


able to completely renew the motorway section. Do one lane at a


time, why all in one go? The plan would have been to do the roadworks


on four weeks but that would take four monster. 3.5 hours from Leeds


to Scunthorpe, what is your message to those who have been caught up in


it watching tonight? Genuinely very sorry for causing


this. We are working hard and we hope to open one lane first thing


tomorrow morning. We are looking to complete the works by Monday and


future works will not be allowed to close the motorway in less we are


certain they will not cause these problems.


If one is well handled and ten is a complete fiasco, what figure would


you give it? I would say at the moment, that is probably, the scheme


itself would be a ten. The delays we have caused would be a three.


So it is a complete fiasco? We are not proud, we are genuinely sorry


for the congestion we have caused and we are working hard to put it


right. Thank you.


Let us know if you have been affected by the traffic delays.


And are you reassured by what you have heard from the Highways Agency?


We look forward to hearing from you in the M180. Thank you for watching.


A special look at the rugby league legend who


Health officials in Grimsby are still trying to trace


the source of a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in the town.


Although there have been no new cases confirmed today, four people


They were all taken ill between last Friday and Monday this


week, and doctors believe there could be further cases in the area.


Well, there is some relief that no further cases have been identified


since Monday, and those four people who were taken to Grimsby Hospital


I spoke to the wife of one of the patients at lunchtime and she


Meanwhile, scientists at Scunthorpe General


will continue to test possible cases, but if none are found,


this cluster of four will be put down to an unfortunate coincidence.


It does happen with things that RF. Sometimes we say, you wait for a bus


for seven hours and things `` and they come together at once, it is


the same statistical quirk. `` things that RF. We are looking out


for cases and consultants at the hospitals are aware of what to look


out for and what to do if they suspect a case.


What happens now? Doctors' surgeries will stay


on alert for another two weeks, and in the meantime,


possible sources for the infection Although there is no evidence


cooling towers at local businesses are to blame, they are


all carrying out extra cleaning to Legionnaires' has


an incubation period of up to 19 days, so people who are


unusually poorly and feverish are Thank you, we will continue to


follow that story. A 46`year`old man has died


after he was assaulted outside Darren Lee Barton was taken to


hospital following after being assaulted outside


the Rutland Arms pub in the town. 27`year`old Nathan Newland was


charged with assault earlier this Nine different organisations have


come together to try to improve the health of the people of Hull


and help them live longer. The Hull 2020 project is made up


of emergency and health services, We all behind the health outcomes


for the people of city and Humberside. `` we are. If we can


keep people living healthily and independently in their homes, we


have less emergencies to go to so we are at forefront of this project. ``


the forefront. Final preparations are being made


in Lincolnshire for the arrival of one of the last airworthy


Lancaster bombers in the World. The aircraft left Ontario in Canada


on Tuesday and should arrive at The journey will unite


the last two flying Lancasters. Thousands of people are expected to


turn out. Gemma Dawson reports from


RAF Coningsby. The team here


at RAF Coningsby have spent the afternoon servicing their Lancaster,


and now she is being towed into the hangar ahead of tomorrow, which


really will be an historic day. It is now more than 50 years since


Lancasters have flown in formation over Britain, but tomorrow,


the Lancaster here will join up with the only other airworthy Lancaster


in the world, which is currently RAF Lancaster, of Bomber Command,


flies through a curtain of heavy flak to blast the Luftwaffe


equipment depot near Paris. They were a familiar sight


during the Second World War, but now there are only two


airworthy Lancasters left. One is based here at RAF Coningsby,


where final preparations are being This is


a once`in`a`lifetime opportunity. There are only two flying Lancasters


in the world and we are fortunate The only other is


the one coming over from Canada, so it really will be something that is


very, very unlikely to be repeated. The Canadians' Lancaster finally


left Ontario on Tuesday. On`board is a man who bid ?43,000


for the only passenger seat We spoke to him in Canada


before take`off. The experience


of being able to fly and be part of a team bringing it to the UK was


just an amazing opportunity. It is not so much


about flying a Lancaster, Pam is part of the support crew


and told me she will be relieved when their aircraft finally joins up


with the one in Lincolnshire. This is probably one


of the most historic times. To fly over the ocean


and visit England is amazing. Over the next few weeks, the two


Lancasters will appear together at a One of the highlights will be when


the two aircraft fly here at East Kirkby, giving people the chance


to see three Lancasters together. But


for those wanting a bird's eye view, a company based at this airfield


in Kent is preparing to take paying passengers on flights within 50


metres of the visiting Lancaster. We will be able to provide positions


of the aircraft alongside, so we can get very nice shots


of the flank of the aircraft. And we want to position


the aeroplane in`flight over the At the pods in Scunthorpe,


I meet David, He would have liked to have


seen it cross the Atlantic. I thought it was


a one`off chance to do it, Back at RAF Coningsby,


the team knows thousands of people will be holding out to catch


a glimpse of this historic moment. Well, more than 100 bomber command


veterans have been invited here tomorrow for a Great British Tea


Party and for the chance to see But the event here tomorrow is


closed to the public, so organisers are advising anybody


who wants to see the two Lancasters flying together to attend one


of the 60 organised events over the If you are taking any photos or any


film of the Lancasters as they fly over the Lincolnshire countryside,


please remember to tweet us, e`mail Steve Bruce and his men get ready


for Hull City's first ever European Full house, if we play with the


energy levels we know, hopefully we will be better than we were a week


ago. Thank you for the stunning


photograph from Cleethorpes. Good evening. We thought is always


stunning! And I have another picture from you `` for you tonight.


This is from Turkey. He went into the local bar and look what was on


the television in Turkey! Thank you, Stephen. It must be terrible


television in Turkey! Maybe they were mating `` waiting to


see me! It was before you what on TV.


The weather is unsettled with heavy showers. `` you were on TV.


This area of low pressure is the remains of Hurricane Bertha. It will


bring showers and a windy spell of weather overnight into Monday. It


has been nice today and the cloud has been broken. Pleasant smells of


sunshine. The cloud will melt away this evening and it will be largely


fine. Dry with clear spells overnight before they could cloud


spreads later in the night, temperatures around 13, 14 degrees.


`` thick cloud. The sun will rise in the morning at 5:27 a.m.. The next


high water will be in Cleethorpes. There will be some dry weather


tomorrow, it will not be raining all day. There is a window of decent


weather at first but showers will spread from the South East. Some of


them are slow`moving and heavy and persistent at at times. Heavy


downpours. But it will not rain all day everywhere. Temperatures up to


19, 20 degrees. Looking further ahead, Saturday looks pretty decent.


Light showers or the risk of them, and a fair amount of sunshine.


Sunday, more unsettled, heavier at showers `` heavier showers, strong


winds overnight into Monday and Monday looks unsettled.


Chucking it down! People know what that means. You can


take the girl out of Cleethorpes! How dare you? !


See you tomorrow. Tonight, the Tigers will play their


first ever home European game. It is 0`0 after last week's first leg


against AS Trenshun in Slovak year so all to play for tonight. More


from our sports reporter. This was the defining moment in some


IKEA. Even those who saw it first hand could not believe there were no


goals. And AS Trenshun remain a threat so Steve Bruce has stepped up


training to improve his team. I am hoping we have a full house, we can


play with the energy levels we know we can play at because they are not


used to that. That is what the Premier League is about, that is


what makes it a spectacle, it is played at a pace not many teams can


play at. He will not be drawn on weather new


signing Robert Snodgrass will play today but a long serving players


says they have added a lot. To see somebody like that is a big lift. It


was the same last season when the boss did well to ring in other


players. It lets your levels because you want to be seen in the same


light as those players. `` it lifts up your levels.


The visitors strained at the Stadium last night. A far cry from their own


4,500 capacity ground. The stadium is beautiful and it is


in a very good condition. The majority of the players have not


played in a stadium like this before. And that stadium advantage,


finds hope, will see the ball on the net and not over it. `` the fans


hope. A big stadium. Simon, how big is the


threat from AS Trenshun? We saw them last week, a very tidy


side, the visitors from Slovakia. This is also a very big day. But


nowhere like the date the people of Hull have seen. People here have


come from all sorts of communities. `` the day. This is a day when Hull


is getting behind Hull City for an historic day out in Europe.


And BBC Radio Humberside will have full coverage of that game.


Build`up starts at seven o'clock, and goals from the game on


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after our story about tougher


action on landlords in Boston who let out sub`standard housing.


When Jack Harrison signed up to fight in World War One, he was


But his actions on the front line during


the war would see him honoured not once, but twice for his bravery.


Caroline Bilton looks at how a sportsman made


It is 2005, one of rugby league's oldest clubs, whole FC, winds the


most prestigious competition. `` Hull FC. The Challenge Cup. In its


history, the club has lifted this trophy just three at times. The


first was 100 years ago, in 1940. This was their home, the humble


surroundings of the boulevard. And at that time, Hull was on a roll. It


was one of the top teams. They had appeared in successive challenge cup


finals in 1908, 1909 and 1910. Four months after their wind, war was


declared and a decision had to be made, should the game continue? ``


their wind. War broke out in 1914 and the rugby league Executive


Council met to discuss what attitude to take. There were calls for all


types of rugby to stop. But they decided it was important for morale


to have recreation and so the game continued. And one player would


leave a lasting legacy, his name was Jack Harrison. He had it all, speed,


great speed, a great swerving ability, sidestep in both feet. To


this day, a record held by Jack Harrison still stands. In the 1914


season, he scored 52 dries, nobody has ever done that a game in the


club's history. `` dries. A year later, you volunteered for the Army


and he joins the East Yorkshire Regiment. `` 52 dries. He was


involved in an attack which saw him awarded the military Cross and he


showed courage again months later, but this time, he paid the ultimate


price. In 1917, his platoon was attacking German lines in France.


They were under heavy machine`gun fire and after numerous attempts to


take out the enemy position, Jack took control. And with a pistol and


a grenade, he dodged through the shelves and the barbed wire and he


took out the machine`gun. `` the shells. It fells island and he was


never seen again. `` it fell silent. Jack was posthumously awarded The


Victoria Cross for his bravery and today, a memorial to him sons


outside the KC Stadium `` stands outside. A trust fund has been set


up in his name. He was everything, not just a sportsman but a great


sportsman. Not just a citizen but a great citizen, not just a soldier


but a great soldier. Because of that, we need to look up to him and


hold him in memory and inspiration. Jack Harrison will be remembered not


only as a war hero but to fans of Hull FC, he will be a legend the


likes of which we may never see again. `` Jack will be remembered


not only as. And well done to Nancy Bartwhistle,


from Lincolnshire, who was named star baker in last


night's Great British Bake`Off. Nancy, from Barton,


beat thousands to secure a place in this year's competition,


which is in its fifth year. One of the judges, Mary Berry,


described Nancy's Jaffa Cakes as "perfection" and a "


sheer joy to look at." She also triumphed in the technical


challenge, making a cherry cake. Next week,


the bakers will have to create Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines: Police in Malaysia say four men have


confessed to killing two British There is anger, as the closure


of the M180 leads to long delays We are not proud, we are sorry for


the congestion we have caused and we are working hard to put it right.


From the Highways Agency. A cloudier day,


with showers spreading from the A maximum temperature


of 20 degrees Celsius. More stories on the road closure,


Sue says, they would not shut a road down South, why here? A joke. Emily


says, it is astonishing that with such a big project, no second plan


was put in place. Why don't they do the roadworks one lane at a time


instead of causing chaos? I asked Roger that before. Caroline


says, at least the Highways Agency has apologised.


Rather than trying to make out the situation was acceptable as many


others would do. Could we invite the French or


Germans to show our lot how to do it? They do things better and they


do things quicker. Finally, Trudy and Lewis, we live in a place and it


is like being a pleasant `` a prisoner in our own village, the


Highways Agency needs a big rethink. Thank you, we are back later. Have a


nice evening.


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