08/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Through Sunday and inch or two inches of rain, gales are possible


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Arriving in Lincolnshire after a transatlantic flight `


the world's only airworthy Lancasters are brought together.


But there was disappointment here at RAF Coningsby where heavy rain and


thunder storms meant their historic flight together had to be cancelled.


More than half an inch of rain in less than an hour ` flash floods


The worst of the bad weather is over for now, but more storms are


I'll have the full forecast later in the programme.


The motorway closures which tourism bosses say will put


The last minute goal that kept Hull City's European dream alive.


As unique to the area as the Humber Bridge and white phone boxes,


but is Chip Spice one of Hull's best kept secrets?


It was supposed to be a unique moment in aviation history,


but today thunderstorms and heavy rain meant the flight


of two Lancaster bombers over Lincolnshire had to be cancelled.


Thousands of people had turned out to see the world's last two


A flypast over Lincoln cathedral accompanied by


the Red Arrows had been planned, but the weather put a stop to all that.


Gemma Dawson has spent the day at RAF Coningsby where


Gemma, how much of a disappointment has this been?


The Canadian Lancaster has travelled 3700 miles. But with 100 miles to go


a thunderstorm hit preventing the fly`past taking place. But many


people were happy to sleep off of the Lancasters together even if it


was just on the tarmac. `` were happy to witness the Tang Castor ``


witness the Lancaster together. Sometimes on the way to read you


could see at the Lancaster is underneath you.


To commemorate the wartime efforts and the lives lost the Canadian


Lancaster is set off for Lincolnshire. They stopped in a


slant last night. Back in Lincolnshire crowds had gathered


from early this morning. We were on our way to a wedding and we heard


about this. To see one is fantastic, to see two is out of this world. It


is once in a lifetime. At 11 o'clock the Lancaster was taken into


position. There have been false starts over the years to try to get


both aircraft together. Finally it has come together. But it was not to


be. The weather turned. EV Asian enthusiasts waited for news. ``


Aviation enthusiasts waited for news. We were waiting for so long.


40 minutes late their Canadian aircraft arrived. It is a momentous


day to have these aircraft together. I am disappointed that they have not


been able to fly together. But it is a very exciting day. It would have


been nice to see them fly together. But I am happy enough. The aircraft


were finally united on the runway. The historic flight is still to


come. The Canadian Lancaster needs to be


serviced after its long journey. The aircraft are now due to fly together


next week. There will be a number of events


where both aircraft will appeared together.


So there are still plenty of opportunities to see the aircraft


flying together. With three quarters of an inch


of rain falling in an hour it wasn't just today's historic fly


past which was affected. Flash flooding has caused damage to


homes and businesses in several places with Louth being


the worst affected. Our reporter Jill Archbold has spent


the afternoon there A torrential downpour that didn't


last more than half an hour which overwhelmed this Lincolnshire


market town. The rain described


by those living here as biblical. It's just flooded from three


different directions. It was coming in under The Doors.


One street in Eastgate looked more like a river.


Luckily for Michael O'Hara sandbags saved his home ` his garden taking


It is fair rather than anything else that that will get worse and come


into the house. What can you do? Contractors in Louth working


for Anglian Water rushed with They saw what was happening to us


and came to our assistance. We were within two inches of it coming into


the house. There is going to be further rainfall but we hope it will


not be on the same scale as earlier on. But we have taken the


opportunity to do further planning. Water poured through the ceiling


at this sewing shop ` and business owner Valarie rushed to


save wedding dresses. I have a dress that cost a lot of


money. It cannot be replaced. With more rain forecast `


emergency services in Louth watch closely to see if their help will be


needed once more. Mark Welsh is from


Lincolnshire County Council. I asked him what problems


the rain had caused flooding. In years gone by we would


down? not `` either councils letting as


down? Fire and Rescue have been there


through the day. This sort of rainfall, where ever it would fall


would cause a problem. One of the water companies has said this will


be the norm for the future. Have you got the resources to cope? Some


people see the likelihood of summer five times as likely. I think that


is true. In terms of resources we are prepared. There was some heavy


rain today for a short period of time and then we see those pictures.


Do you have the resources to cope? Yes we have. Had that rain fallen


somewhere else it would have caused the same problem. What advice do you


have for those affected today, and also over the weekend? I am very


sorry for anybody that has been flooded. We will be investigating


that. Over the weekend, heavy rainfall tonight, Sunday, a storm


coming through. Be prepared. Check the Environment Agency for online.


Check the net office warnings. Have you been affected


by the flooding today? A man accused of murdering


a Bridlington guest house owner John Heald appeared at


Hull Crown Court Bei Carter died at the


Morayland Guest House on He also faces ten separate charges


of rape in South Yorkshire. Health officials trying to trace


the source of a Legionnaires disease outbreak say four people


recovering from the disease had all visited Freeman Street in Grimsby


prior to being ill. The source of the infection


hasn't yet been identified. Doctors? surgeries will stay


on alert for another two weeks A man has been charged


after a laser`like beam was shone at a police helicopter in


North East Lincolnshire. Simon Pearson who's 40 and from


St Nicolas Drive in Grimsby, has been charged under the


Air Navigation Order. He was arrested in the early


hours of yesterday morning. The first female commander


of a Royal Navy warship, who was born and raised


in Lincolnshire, has been removed from her post after claims she had


an affair with another officer. Commander Sarah West from Grimsby


took charge of HMS Portland in May 2012,


but left her vessel last month. A Royal Navy spokesman said that


she would be assigned a new role. That's the message


from business leaders who fear that visitors won?t come to the town this


weekend because of the traffic chaos Part


of the motorway was reopened today after the Highways Agency admitted


it was wrong to shut the eastbound More from our


Political Editor Tim Iredale. Throughout the day yesterday


national radio stations warned of the problems caused by the closure


of this section of the M180. Although only one lane eastbound


reopened today traffic was moving. And that meant


a less stressful journey for drivers Where have you come from? What was


the motorway like? Not too bad. But some Cleethorpes business owners


fear this week's traffic chaos in North Lincolnshire will deter


many weekend visitors. The gentleman said he would give


himself the eight of ten for the destruction. I would give him too.


On behalf of of the traders, please, it is a storm in a teacup.


The Highways Agency admit they got it wrong by closing the whole


They've spoken to business leaders and politicians in


North East Lincolnshire to avoid a repeat performance.


The traders and the tourist industry are outraged. These problems can


easily be avoided. The message is that we are open for business. The


agency has promised to try and put alternative traffic arrangements in


place. Of course if you are heading to


the seaside this weekend other modes Tim Iredale, BBC Look North,


Cleethorpes. Thanks to everyone who got


in touch about the roadworks taking faced the axe in the World War I.


He showed a picture last night of me in Turkey. There is a picture of me


in France. The director says it is dull.


Maybe they cannot understand what you are seeing.


Still some very heavy showers around. Still the potential for a


heavy downforce over the next few hours. After a fine day tomorrow


there is this area of low pressure from the South. Sunday night into


Monday, strong winds as well. Further thunderstorms spreading


northwards. It will be a dry ends to the night. Temperatures will fall


back to 13 Celsius. Tomorrow, a much quieter day. The clothes will be


broken. There will be sunny spells through the morning. `` the clouds


will be broken. On Sunday heavy rain will spread out from the side. Very


windy overnights, Sunday into Monday.


And somebody has contacted us to see that you are Mary Poppins of whether


broadcasting. Have a nice weekend.


Goodbye. Hull City face a trip to Belgium


to play KSC Lokeren in the next The Tigers beat AC Trencin


from Slovakia in front Here's our Sports Reporter,


Simon Clark. Another day at UEFA headquarters,


another European draw for Hull City. This time their journey takes them


to Belgium to face face Lokeren. But Hull's first taste of European


football was nearly its last. Tomas Malec ensured


a difficult night for the Tigers That away goal meant the home


side needed two to progress. It was a frustrating effort until


Robbie Brady's cross found a superb So just the one needed


but it wouldn't come. Not until substitute Sone Aluko


latched on to Robert Snodgrass's They stack at it after an. It. The


crowd were fantastic. Thankfully we saw it too.


Around 60 had made the trip to Hull from Slovakia,


It was very exciting. The hull city supporters were very nice.


So expect a busy time around King George Dock in Hull


around the 20th August as fans make the short hop to the continent.


It's the start of the league season for the rest


Scunthorpe United manager Russ Wilcox says his side will go into


The Iron travel to Swindon tomorrow in their first game back in


League One after they were promoted last year.


The players we have brought to the club will make us competitive. It is


difficult to see where we're going to finish. We want to finish as high


as we possibly can. You have got to make sure you stay in that league.


And BBC Radio Humberside will have full commentary of


Scunthorpe United's trip to Swindon tomorrow afternoon.


In the Conference, Grimsby Town start their season


That game will be on earlier with a 12.45 kick off.


BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary of Lincoln City's


In Edwardian times, Bridlington offered elegant


escapism, and the jewel in its entertainment crown was the Spa.


But when war broke out 100 years ago, the venue's star


faced being axed because everyone thought he was German.


Jo Makel has been looking at how even the world


of entertainment couldn't escape the realities of war.


Edwardian piddling ten combined seaside fun with elegance. `` Eduard


Ian Bridlington combined seaside fun with elegance.


German and Austrian bands playing light


Just before the war The Spa had attracted


He would perform to the Royal Family. He was eight mast for people


visiting the seaside. `` he was an essential for people visiting the


seaside. But Kandt's future at the Spa was


at risk. The outbreak of war meant


attitudes were changing. Seaside fun was


about to get serious. For one thing the Government wanted


everyone to boycott German goods. But the worry about German


influences put the spotlight He was from a Russian immigrant


family, called Kantovich and had But his adopted name ` Herr Kandt `


was a problem. It was a disaster to be branded as a


foreigner, especially if you were in military uniform. There was a


feeling in favour of him in the town because of commercial reasons.


Loyalty to King and country crashed against commercial success. Energy


and the council decided to keep him. He was on a new wartime contract


which could be changed at any time. A lot of effort was made.


Even the elegant escapist world of the Spa could not avoid


You may not have heard of chips ice. We went to find out by chip spice is


such a hit. It is a phenomenon. Its appeal seems


to be spreading. I am sending it to my son who emigrated to Australia.


It is good to. This person is one of those credited with starting the


clays. We saw products of the same style in America. That puts the idea


into our heads. It has inspired a line of clothing. They sold out


straightaway. And now this entrepreneur has brought out his own


brand. Who better to explain what it is? You can put chilly or carry on


your chips. It is healthy. But in Lincolnshire at no one has heard of


it. Have you ever heard of it? No. It is not something we have been


asked for. It has not spread over the bridge


yet, but one day Lincolnshire could be as mad on chip spice.


Here is a recap of the headlines. America attacks Islamist militants


in Iraq launching an air strike. And the last to hear worthy


Lancaster bombers are brought together in Lincolnshire.


And the weather bash big easy along the coast. Top temperature 22


Celsius. We were talking about the flooding


that has happened today in Lincolnshire.


And one viewer has said he is fed up hearing how the agencies are working


hard and still the floods occur. Many of the messages seeing a


similar thing. Another message says, it is always


the same places where it flat and they want to build new homes where


it floods. Another message says, too many


houses are being built without sufficient infrastructure such as


drains. And another message says, as houses


were not squashed into small pleasers without renewing the drains


then they would not be an overflow of the drains.


Buying queue for all the messages. `` thank you. Goodbye.


Martin Freeman presents a Gaza Crisis appeal on behalf of the


Disasters Emergency Committee. Over the last month the crisis in


Gaza has captured the world's attention.


Military conflict has been taking a devastating toll on a


densely-populated area. So tens of thousands of people have


nowhere to live and nowhere else to go.


The conflict means that the people of Gaza are in great need.


Thousands of exhausted families are living in temporary shelters ?


facing a very uncertain future. The DEC estimates over a million


people don't even have access to enough clean water.


These people desperately need your help.


That's why The Disasters


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