11/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all from the BBC News at 6.00pm. So goodbye from me and


Good evening and welcome to Monday's Look North.


The MP for Boston and Skegness resigns from the Government


and says he'll leave his constituency as well.


The thought of another five years staying in a different hotel every


week in London, where, family, fills me with horror and it is not


something I am going to do. It was a surprise announcement. I


As it's confirmed a tornado did hit Hull.


We hear from one woman who had a lucky escape.


He kept saying, are you OK? I kept saying, yes, are you?


"Unacceptable" care ` hospital managers in Grimsby,


Scunthorpe and Goole say they have lessons to learn.


And the quiet Lincolnshire village at the centre


It has been a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers. Join


The MP for Boston Skegness, Mark Simmonds,


has shocked the political world by announcing he's stepping down.


He resigned as a foreign office minister today and said he won't


stand again for election in the Lincolnshire constituency.


Mr Simmonds blamed a "lack of support" for MPs with


Let's cross live to our Tim Iredale in Boston.


Well, it was a big surprise, especially considering that many


people thought that Mark Simmonds had one of the best jobs in


politics. I think its reasons for stepping down will also raise a few


eyebrows. He is effectively saying he can no longer afford to be an MP


because the Westminster expenses system does not cover the cost of


running both a family home both in Westminster and here in his


constituency. My report contains some flash photography.


constituency. My report contains some flash photography.


After 13 years representing Boston and Skegness in Parliament,


Mark Simmonds has decided to exit the political stage.


He blames a lack financial support for MPs


The situation has become intolerable. I very rarely see my


family, I very rarely see my children. I want to see my family


and be part of their lives. Mark Simmonds has faced


some criticism locally. After UKIP's success in the European


elections, the leader of Boston borough council said he should spend


more time in the constituency. He has not been the best at


communicating the working has done. My messages, get Boston back first


is your priority. In the county council elections last year and


European elections this year, UKIP would have won this seat. I suspect


people here will be getting a lot of visits from number crunchers in the


run`up to the general election. Thank you.


So what impact could Mr Simmonds' departure have on Boston


The head of the Trust which runs hospitals in Grimsby, Scunthorpe


and Goole has admitted that patient care was "not up to standard"


Karen Jackson has also apologised to the families of those patients.


The Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals' Trust will now look


at whether further action will need to be taken against hospital staff


Allegations of incidents in shortcomings in patient care are


about to be explained publicly. It is not good enough. We work hard


to make sure we learn from those letters. Today, the foundation trust


admitted that four of the ten cases involved care that fell below their


expected standards. Three of those cases have potential issues of


professional accountability that will require further investigation.


I am satisfied we took the necessary steps at the time. I am assured the


plans we have in place in we will learn lessons from this and take


appropriate action. For those individuals, the care that we gave


was not up to standard and I am deeply sorry for that. So what has


led to this situation? In October 2012, high mortality rate at


Lincolnshire hospitals make the headlines. In July 2013, the trust


was put into special measures. In June this year, the clinical


commissioning group went public about concerns over ten incidents of


patient care. Last month, the trust was taken out of special measures.


Today's report found no systemic failings in the quality of care, and


six of the ten original allegations were found to be unsubstantiated.


These included two deaths, fun to be from natural causes. There were


admitted failings. The health scrutiny committee will give their


reaction next. There are still indication that things need doing. I


have been showed on many occasions that hourly visits take place to


patients, so I find it very difficult to understand how


nutrition and hydration incidents can occur. The proof in the pudding


is in the eating. We will be talking to the public, listening to what


they are saying about their experiences, namely because we want


to see the action plan is affected. The clinical commissioning group


will raise the ten incidents in June said it was too early to comment on


the report, but what commentator in is the week.


Three people have been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder


34`year`old Steven Herbert, who was a father of two, was punched and


Soul Humphries will face a minimum of 13`and`a`half years in prison,


while Samuel Jordan and Tiffany Clark will be jailed for a minimum


We have got some sort of justice for Stephen. His true friends and family


have been here every day of the trial. Everyone loved him. He was


perfect. An inquest has heard that two


sisters from Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire died when the


poorly`maintained car they were in The accident happened on the A47


at Walsoken in Norfolk while their father's partner


Marie Easter was driving. Seven`year`old Jessica


and ten`year`old Tamsin Porter The inquest heard both rear tyres


were defective and pressures uneven. The children's dad hadn't checked if


they were wearing their seatbelts. Do not take someone was one word for


it. Physically check if seat belts are put on, physically check your


tyres. If you think something is not right, do not drive it. It is a


valuable lesson to be learnt. The cost of rural crime has


gone up in Lincolnshire. A survey on the problem shows that in


Lincolnshire it was up 28%, costing Charles Anyan, a farmer


in Lincolnshire, has been targeted We are sitting ducks. We have


high`value equipment. It is very frustrating. I did not go to


university to study secure my property, I studied farming, and


that is what I want to do. Rural crime takes it away from me. This


increase is fuelled by the very expensive track tours and other big


farm machinery that is in huge demand across the globe.


Unfortunately, things have cottoned on to this demand and are stealing


machinery to order. The search is on


after a ?12,000 diamond was hidden I am told there has been a possible


sighting in a nearby field which is being investigated. People here are


still being encouraged to keep looking.


Alan Galloway took this of North Bay at Bridlington.


Now the weather. Good evening. Today has been a


mixture of sunshine and showers. We are set to see the same tomorrow. It


will still be quite breezy. That is because the pressure still


dominates. It will be quite breezy and we will start to seek showers


coming through as we head into the afternoon. There has been plenty of


sunshine but you can see these shower clouds. Some of them,


especially in Lincolnshire, have been quite heavy. Lincolnshire will


become mostly dry. All parts will become dry as we head towards dawn.


There will be plenty of clear skies as we head towards the end of the


night. Temperatures will be down to about 12 degrees. It will still be


quite breezy. It will ease down slightly from stop `` it will ease


down slightly. Plenty of clear skies towards the end of the night means


it will be a decent darks. `` a decent start. Showers are likely to


become more widespread in the afternoon and heavier in nature.


Also the odd rumble of thunder again. Temperatures between 17 and


19. The breeze continues to freshen. As we head through


Wednesday, it is looking a bit dry and brighter. The winds easing ever


so slightly. There will be more in the way of sunshine. As we head


through Thursday and Friday, mornings look fine with plenty of


sunshine, but showers developing into the


Weather experts have confirmed that a Tornado did hit part of East Hull


Trees were brought down and cars were damaged in a storm caused by


The bad weather also left many parts of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


under flood water ` some for the second time in less than two weeks.


Hopewell Road still strewn with branches and parts of trees ripped


Watching the clean`up, June Stephenson.


Lucky to be alive, she'd just climbed into this taxi when the


as I got near the door, there was a sound, but I don't know what's. I


thought, what is that? I got into the car really quick and then the


tree landed on top of the car, went through the window. I was covered in


glass and blood. I was told if I had not got in the car when I did, I


wouldn't be here. The trees would have been on my head.


Everything blacken. It was like, is this the end of the world coming?


This thing appeared out of the sky. I thought, this is what you see in


movies. But it was there, it was a tornado. The winds was incredible.


As the remnants of Hurricane Bertha swept through our area,


In Grimsby, many parts of the town were flooded as drains


We have to complain about the state of the drainage. It is clearly


inadequate. I have been fortunate and my


neighbours have. Others have not. There is not a lot you can do. I


opened the door and it was six and a half inches. I could not open the


door after that because it was much higher.


North East Lincolnshire Council says 30mm of rain fell in 50 minutes,


and it's working with Anglian Water to see what lessons can be learned.


Homeowners in Hull are becoming accustomed to this kind of


situation. We will never built to sell our house. It is about six


times now? Seven times. What chance to have to sell our house?


Council workers now face days of work to make damaged areas safe.


We are making sure the trees are safe, claiming the debris is away


then we will plant more trees. The clean`up is expected to last until


the end of the week before all of these trees are assessed and made


safe. Fully grown trees were ripped in half by this tornado. It is a


storm residence here will never forget. I spoke to somebody from


Anglian Water. It is important we learn lessons


because we are looking at a future where we are going to see more


extremes of weather like that which we endured, we are planning for a


future where we can have a network that is able to cope with some


of the more extreme weather Do you think we have reached


a point where the current drainage system in this


country is not good enough for the We are constantly improving


the drainage network. We spend in the region of ?500,000


every single day on the maintenance A 1.2 million scheme is happening


in Louth right now to deal with There is more to do,


there is more money we need to spend, and we need to try to get


on top of some of the situations. It is not a case of wholesale


ripping things out and replacing them because that would be very


expensive and very destructive. What about people who feel they are


let down by the council not cleaning out the drains, and also that they


are building in Louth 900 plus homes, do you think you are being


let down by other people as well? We have a shared responsibility


to address these problems. That is ourselves, local


authorities, the Environment Agency. We are involved in many


of those forums already. Working together is something we are


keen to make sure we do Briefly, what hope is there


for people in places like Grimsby who have seen repeated flash


flooding in the last few weeks? Are they just having to accept


that is the way it will be now? We will carry out full


investigations in areas where there We want to make sure


our network performs as it should. If there are lessons to learn,


we will make them Another one you might have views on.


What more, councils and water companies do? Here is the e`mail


address and the text number. Thank you for thinking others and send in


your pictures in as well. Hull and Grimsby join a list


of places that have suffered flash These were the scenes in Louth


on Friday when three quarters of an The water blocked roads


and damaged homes and businesses. It's a big problem and many of you


have been in touch on this issue. Engineers have spent


the weekend working on a Canadian Lancaster Bomber after the


aircraft arrived at RAF Coningsby 25 hours of maintenance has been


done so far to get VERA ` as she's known ` ready to fly


alongside the only other airworthy The work, including an oil change,


should be completed today. Scunthorpe United manager


Russ Wilcox will be forced to make changes for tomorrow's League Cup


game at Blackburn Rovers. Dave Syers suffered


a serious knee injury and full back Marcus Willams was sent off


in the defeat at Swindon Town. Simon Clark saw United's


return to League One. It has at times felt like


a long journey but a five hour trip from Lincolnshire was nothing to


the dark days spent in League Two. days spent in League Two. League One


had brought the loyal Iron to Swindon. Quite excited. Can't wait


for it to start. I think they will be satisfied with a point.


But that optimism was snuffed out almost from the start


when the home side unlocked United's leaky defence.


Soon after Dave Syers suffered a knee injury.


And before long it was two nil as Swindon exploited space on the


Eventually the Iron found some of the spirit which had carried them


But Swindon made it safe seconds before half time with help from the


But Swindon made it safe seconds before half time with help


office, and received a red card. A long way back for 454 fans.


I am hopeful for the rest of the season.


They were an amazing team compared to others. Today has focused on a


return for Eddie. It is really good.


And it's league action again on Saturday as Glanford Park opens


In the Vanarama Conference goals were hard to come by


Grimsby Town were held to a goalless draw at Bristol Rovers.


And there were no also goals at Lincoln City's game with


Hull City goalkeeper Mark Oxley unexpectedly found himself


on the score`sheet whilst playing on`loan in Scotland this weekend.


His huge kick found its way into the goal after a freak bounce


It gave Oxley his first goal in senior football.


A village in Lincolnshire has found itself


at the centre of a race to find a ?12,000 diamond that was launched


The London based jewellery company had planned to track the diamond


using mobile phone technology but hadn't counted on the poor


They believe it landed close to Lea near Gainsborough at the end


of last week but nobody has seen the gem since.


It's normally X marks the spot, but in this treasure hunt,


the only clue is the loot is near the Lincolnshire village of Lea.


Somebody rang me up and told me about this diamond. It is supposed


to be in the village. I haven't found it. I have spoken with several


And this is what they're looking for.


The ?12,000 diamond was launched into space last week by a London


It's landed in Lincolnshire and is finders keepers.


You we know it is somewhere with no phone reception.


Here in Lea, I hunted out villagers to ask about the search,


but no`one seemed bothered about looking for the lost diamond.


Not seen anybody looking for it. It can't have come down in an office


place, otherwise somebody would have seen it, unless they are keeping it


quiet. Today's sighting turned out to be


a bag in a tree. And with a five`mile radius


of the village to search, it could a If you do find it, remember who told


you about it. and regional headlines. Tens of


thousands of Iraqis flee for their lives running from Islamic


militants. The MP for Boston and Skegness has


resigned from the Government. You response coming in on the


resignation of Marcus amends. Tim says, Mark Simmonds has been an


exemplary MP and always had my support. It is a sad day. Adam says,


the only time you saw him was on TV. Somebody else says, MPs and not the


inevitably work away from home, other people have to support


themselves and pay their own travel expenses so why should we fund MPs?


Alan in Grimsby says, to new people work in London who commute much


longer distances every day and they see no need to live in London during


the week. Thank you for those. We are back at 1025 p.m.. See you then.


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