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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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very much. That's all from the BBC News at Six. Goodbye from me. On


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines:


Banks leave our high streets and are replaced by payday lenders and


Abused as a teenager ` now this woman wants a change in the law to


stop abusers living near to their victims.


He is over the road and carrying on as if nothing has happened. I was


home alone and terrified. The oil worker from Hull trapped


in Iraq as fighting spreads There are tens of thousands of


refugees. All the clients of my company have left.


The scarecrow traffic cop who's slowing down motorists through a


And why villages want the scarecrow to stay put.


And we've got the Lincolnshire sausage and Grimsby's smoked fish `


now Beverley wants its own famous food.


That special food is the Beverley bun.


The closure of bank branches in poorer, urban areas, in cities


and towns like Hull and Scunthorpe, means there are now as many pay day


lenders and pawnbrokers on the high street as traditional banks.


New, unpublished research shows Hull has lost a fifth


of its bank branches in the last decade and they're being replaced


by alternative lenders, like the Money Shop and Cash Converters.


Our business correspondent Sarah Corker has had exclusive


The big banks have been shutting up shop on the high street for decades.


A trend put down to our changing banking habits


More of us are choosing to do everyday banking on mobile phones.


On the move from just about everywhere. 30% of us are doing


this, regularly visiting the bank branch.


Research shows the big banks are pulling out of poorer, low`income


You have less affluent communities. They do not buy as many products and


they are less profitable for banks. We are getting the segmentation of


the high Street where we have affluent high Street with bank


branches and less affluent ones where you have payday lenders.


In the last decade, the city has lost 21% of it's bank branches.


New research shows there are now nearly as many alternative lenders,


like the Money Shop or Cash Converters ` as traditional banks.


While in Lincoln, there's been a 10% increase in branches.


Three and a half banks to every alternative lender.


We open a new bank every few weeks. We have no call centres and


customers deal with us here. They can bring us and get straight


through to us. But for those


on the very lowest incomes ` I did use them, but I was regretting


it. I used them once one I was desperate. I got a ?25 loan. Did you


not go to a traditional bank. I was 16 at the time. The banks dispute


that they have lost that abandon customers. They will always be the


cornerstone of our business. I only know of one closure in the area.


The banks say they only close underused branches `


but the reality for some is that these higher cost lenders are


Richard Griffiths is from the Consumer Finance


Association, the organisation which represents pay day loan companies,


Do you accept that the lack of banks is pushing people to payday lenders


where the interest is higher? Payday lenders provide a different range of


services. You could not build you get a small amount of money for a


short time. And they have their stores in the local communities.


That is a good thing because they offer different products and


services services through those stores. They also offer foreign


exchange as well. Are they prospering on the back of people who


are in difficulties, down on their luck, preying on those who are in


debt? Absolutely not. The point of this is that they are responsible


lenders. They are all regulated and there I whole new set of rules.


There will also be a cab on the amount of interest that they will be


allowed to charge from next year. `` there will also be a limit. Do your


customers see the payday companies as a devil, or a life`saver? The


vast majority of people do repay their loans on time. So for many


people it is a lifeline. But for others, and more in the past, people


may have got into difficulties with their loans because they could not


afford it. That is happening less and less because the lenders are


doing more rigorous affordability checks. Just because you apply for a


loan, you will not necessarily get one. From next year, it is expected


payday lenders will have a limit and will be more tightly regulated. Do


you welcome that? Absolutely. It is something that we put in place with


our members. A higher set of standards, affordability checks, the


limit to a number of times that people could roll over their loans


so we could not become a long`term debt. We have figures on the number


of people in hull`macro are `` you are waiting to repay, do you not


find people regret their loans? No, our customers have a high level of


satisfaction. That will only increase. We want to make sure that


people can repair it because it is good for their business and also it


is good for customers. Thank you very much, Mr Griffiths.


Why do you think the number of bank branches is declining


Have you ever used these alternative lenders?


Do you think mainstream banks need to more flexible


Maybe you have thoughts on that. Get in touch.


Inspired by volunteers who helped with the


London Olympics ` the ambassadors welcoming visitors to Bridlington.


A man from Hull says he's trapped in Iraq while Islamic militants


Kristian Nicholson's passport was confiscated by police


The 39`year`old father of three says he fears for his safety


and has asked the British government to step in to help him return home.


For those staying prayers for the safety of Irbil.


The oil capital of northern Iraq, now facing attack from Islamic


State forces which have been advancing towards it from the West.


But it's here that Hull oil worker Kristian Nicholson is trapped `


unable to leave without a passport, confiscated


because he faces court for being involved in a fatal car accident.


It should not have taken several months over a road accident which


was not my fold. The town is like a ghost town. There is nobody year.


But for Kristian's family it's been a year of Skype`only contact.


News headlines creating the fear that he'll be caught up


I would like Christian to come home now while this is going on and if he


has to return, then he would return. We can talk to him, but we don't


know what is happening. He was OK up to all this that is kicking off.


AmeriCan Air Strikes making a difference.


The fear that forces advancing has been lessened off two Americans have


helped. We have to make sure that people are evacuated and special


procedures put into could place to help cases like Kristian Nicholson.


But after seven months of dealing with the legal system


of a country in turmoil, neither Kristian or his family will


A 37`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault,


after a woman was found with serious head injuries in Goole.


Police were called to Broadway early this morning, where they


discovered the injured woman. She remains in a critical condition.


A new waste disposal plant in Sleaford is up and running again,


Council bin collections have not been affected.


The cause of the fire is still unknown.


Campaigners in Lincoln ` fighting for a limit to


the number of houses with individual rooms to let ` will put


The West End Residents' Association has handed


They want to see more families living in the area rather than an


We were not short of volunteers and we finished with 20 people going


around the area getting people to sign. I can say that over 99% of the


people asked to sign, did so. That shows the strength of feeling. We


will be live at the meeting tonight with the campaigners and


councillors. A woman from Bridlington,


who was sexually abused as a 13`year`old says she's been forced


to move away from her family because the man who abused her has returned


to a house in the same street. Demi Bowers ` now 18 `


has waived her right to anonymity to She wants paedophiles to be banned


from living anywhere near their victims after they are


released from prison. Forced to move hundreds of miles


from her family, Demi says her life has been destroyed twice, after the


neighbour who abused her when she I just saw him there, smirking. I


was terrified, thinking what he is going to do. Whether you would do


something to my family, or get revenge.


Demi was abused for five months by the father of the child she babysat.


She says the law favours abusers over the abused.


I was hurt. He has his life back. He didn't have his job and he didn't


have any friends anyway but it wasn't `` it was only in the cloud


about. Potentially, this could happen again in the future.


Demi's mum Angela, still lives opposite her daughter's abuser.


The effect has been catastrophic. It has separated our family. I don't


see my daughter any more. And neighbours too say


they too feel let down. People have to shepherd their kids


out and this is a family street that there was nobody playing on the


street because we are in fear. Let's allow our children the freedom and


the innocence of a reasonably safe childhood and let's put our


resources into making sure that happens and the considerations of


the offender need to be a clear second.


More than 1,000 people have now signed Demi's online petition


And she hopes if passed it'll mean other victims won't have to endure


Would you favour a change in the law to mean paedophiles cannot move back


Or would you worry that could make it harder for police to


track offenders if they are forced away from a place they know?


Please get in touch. Still to come, the scarecrow dressed as a


policeman. And Beverley tries to create its own favourite food ``


special food. This picture was taken by a rail


enthusiasts. Stunning picture, that. Good evening to you, ceilidh.


It's like your hobby, Trainspotting. I think that's what the binoculars


for. People asking me about Beverley races ladies Day, what will that be


like? Another one of your hobby is! It


doesn't look too bad. If you are heading down, take a brolly. It


looks like it will be an OK day. But it could get breezy. At the moment,


it looks to be quite showery. A few heavy showers to end the day. But


some spells of sunshine in between. On Wednesday, not too bad. On


Thursday, a greater risk showers. Friday and Saturday do not look too


bad, mostly dry. You can make out the shower clouds on the satellite


picture. They are pushing north to south east. There is a potential for


a heavy one this evening. Overnight, there will be a mix of variable


cloud and also a few showery bursts heading down from the North.


Temperatures dropping back. The sun will set at these times. The


greatest risk of catching a shower tomorrow is going to be first thing.


Afterwards we should see an improvement. Still the risk of the


odd shower but generally dry and bright weather with sunny spells.


The breeze will be moderate and from the west or Southwest. Temperatures


cooler than we have been used to of late. On Thursday, the greater risk


of having `` catching a shower. Friday and Saturday do not look that


bad. Not knowing that the sun rises is


repayment for being so cruel to me! It is basic weather presenting! Even


Paul get that right. The tomorrow. A team of volunteer guides are


greeting people as they arrive in The students are showing visitors


the town's attractions and answering any questions they


have about the resort. East Riding Council says it's come


up with the idea after seeing the success of volunteers during


the London Olympics two years ago. The East Riding of Yorkshire's


busiest tourist destination. The town's population triples


during the summer season to One thing. But not any more. The


best thing about religion is the gardens. The best thing is the


beaches. You should try out the fish and chips.


These students have been specially employed by the council to meet


There's 14 of them in total and we're going to see four


There is a spa and kids go free. They are good and we need that.


Great information about the fish and chip shop. Thank you. Yes, very


interesting. The more information you can find, it is very helpful.


The idea was inspired by the volunteers of


the 2012 Olympic Games and suggested by businesses in the town.


It was one of the marvellous thing that happened with our Olympics. It


is a memory you take with you when there is somebody to help you. It is


a wonderful first impression of the town. Most people like it because it


is helpful and they want to know where to go. It is a new way of


talking to people. It is like gaining confidence. We get a lot of,


which is the easy as way to get onto the beach and where you can take


your dog. And where are the nearest toilets!


So, enlightened and armed with extra info, visitors can now make the most


of their day and we can head for the best fish and chip shops.


Former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton is expected to be shortlisted as


a potential UKIP candidate for the Boston and Skegness constituency.


He was Deputy Chairman of UKIP and campaign director


Mark Simmonds' announced yesterday that he won't be standing


in the General Election blaming a "lack of support" for MPs with


And many have been getting in touch with us about Mark


James in Grimsby says "Nobody forced him to become an MP.


Scunthorpe United play Blackburn Rovers in the first round


Over on the station's AM frequency, you can listen to Grimsby's first


home match of the season against Nuneaton.


And Lincoln City fans can listen to their game against Altrincham on


People in a Lincolnshire village have put a scarecrow dressed


as a police officer on the side of their main road.


Locals in Glenworth say the scarecrow,


which has a florescent jacket and fake camera, is already causing


Do we know who has done this? It appears that the scarecrow was


created as part of a festival. And I guess people realise it would take


`` make a good deterrent. With his imposing stature,


steely glare and radar gun at the ready, He looks every inch


the traffic officer. And for the last few days Speedy,


as he's known, has been on patrol in the village


of Glentworth in Lincolnshire. At


a distance he appears frighteningly realistic, authentic enough to make


any speeding motorist slow down. And that, say villagers,


is exactly what's been happening. Everybody seems to be going, there's


a policeman, slowdown! Great idea. It has helped slow down the traffic.


Even if they take it away, put something in place as a deterrent.


Officer Speedy's origins are shrouded in mystery.


He's believed to have been created as part


The County Council's Highways Department says he has to go,


but Lincolnshire Police say they aren't too worried.


I have no problem with it being there. We are engaging with parish


councils to work on speed enforcement is used. The scarecrow


shows how seriously roll residents take speeding in Neville it is. ``


rural residents take speeding in their villages.


And although he didn't want to be interviewed,


speedy's creator did tell me he has no intention of removing him,


unless the police provide some alternative form of detterrance.


So it looks like Speedy will continue putting the wind up unwary


The police can see the funny side of this.


But we have a statement saying that it was funny, but it is not


something that could be left in place. They will speak to the parish


council with a view to having it removed.


He looks like George Michael! Kendal has mint cake,


Lincolnshire has the sausage and now the East Yorkshire town of Beverley


wants it's own food delicacy. It's called in some of the areas top


bakers to create a bun which will mark 300 years since the building


of the town's market cross. The people


behind the idea claim it could rival some of the country's best`loved


foods, as Phillip Norton reports. Stilton has its cheese, Eccles has


got its cakes. Now, Beverley once it's bum. `` Beverley won'ts its


barn. We thought, why don't we have a Beverley Bun. This is not just a


cake, it is serious. A Bakewell tart is made all over the place. It would


be great if Beverley Bun was taken on to that degree. Open to all local


bakers, this historic moment needed highly trained judges to whittle


down the finalists. There is this thing with icing on which is caught


my eye. Not, lovely Richard Owen. Springy texture. Gorgeous. This one


has rose water in it. After some intense munching... You can smell


the arm and is. It was time for the moment of truth. Sugar and spice. I


didn't think I would win! Not for one second. It doesn't have raisins,


it has cinnamon and it is sticky and moist and gooey. It is lovely. A


Beverley Bun. So forget your Eccles cakes, let us introduce the Beverley


Bun. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: The actor and comedian Robin Williams has


died. It's believed he committed suicide. He was 63.


A woman sexually abused as a teenager, forced to move after her


abuser returned to live on the same street.


Tomorrow's weather ` a few showers, generally fewer and lighter, with


sunny spells. A moderate westerly breeze and a maximum temperature of


20C. We were talking about payday


lenders. The reason for the growth of these lenders is due to lack of


understanding of interest rates. People do not understand the true


cost of credit. I go to the lenders because my bank


will not give me a loan. You should have pointed out that we


are lucky because we have secure and progressive credit unions which


offer loans which are cheaper than the alternatives you mention and in


some cases cheaper than high`street banks.


Payday loans companies just chart `` just target the poor and vulnerable,


they don't care as long as they are making a profit.


Your remarks on payday lenders. I showed this picture by Jim about the


train, and someone says, Neville Hill is a railway maintenance depot


near Leeds. You should have known that!


MUSIC: "It Don't Mean A Thing" by Duke Ellington


celebrating the music of Count Basie and Duke Ellington.


We've got factory boys and butchers' apprentices and office clerks


Don't stop moving! If you go back you'll die!


Espionage. Who would possibly assassinate him?


Deception. There's so much more to this story than I thought.


And even murder. With a knife! Real shock.


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