13/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all from the BBC News at 6.00. Now on BBC


Very good to talk to you. There we are. If you live in a rural


part of our world, you might have a view on this. What do you think of


what you have heard? Do you think the banks are right to close down if


they are being underused? Maybe they should be kept going by those that


are flourishing. Official figures show unemployment is at its lowest


since 2008. The breakdown in East Yorkshire and Humberside. In East


Midlands, there are 126,000 jobless people, down 29,000.


Humber Bridge tolls could be frozen for longer beyond 2017 if traffic


levels continue to rise, according to a new report is to be discussed


this week. Charges were halved in 2012 and frozen for five years. The


number of vehicles using the bridge has increased. Almost 70% of


prisoners released from Hull prison return to crime within a year,


according to the Ministry of justice. Work has started to repair


a second to it at Lincoln Cathedral. It will take two and a half years to


complete the work. It is a sight not seen since the 1960s. To Lancaster


bombers flew together for the first time over Lincolnshire. The Canadian


aircraft and the bomb from the Battle of Britain Memorial flight


took off from RAF Coningsby after bad weather postponed the flight.


Gemma Dawson is there. Has it been worth the wait?


Plenty of people turned out again to see this historic flight. There were


cheers from the crowd when they took to the skies. There was a short


delay again because of the wind. A moment in aviation history. This


is the first time Lancaster 's have flown in formation here for more


than 50 years. To see these together is


unbelievable. That was fantastic. To be disclosed


to them is amazing. It sends shivers up your spine. It


is truly amazing sight. Bad weather meant it had to arrive


at RAF Coningsby last Friday alone. They were finally able to fly


together. They are inclined to be blown around


a lot, and the pilots have to work extremely hard to keep them in the


correct position. Lancaster engineer watched the


flight. When I heard the engine, the hairs on the back of my neck stood


up. I felt a shiver wreaked sensation. It brought back a lot of


memories. After a short wait, time for another test flight, and another


chance to see these two aircraft together in the skies above


Lincolnshire. It is not over yet. The Lancaster 's are due to fly


together again in the next hour, hopefully alongside a Spitfire and


the hurricane. The crews are hoping that they will get a public display


approval tomorrow so the aircraft can fly together at events across


the country over the next few weeks, giving more people the opportunity


to sing them flying together. Thank you.


Thank you for all of the photographs. We appreciate everyone.


Still ahead: A record deal for Hull City as Shane Long is to leave for


Southampton. I will be taking a look around one


of the first dog hydrotherapy spires where pets and their owners can swim


together. Tonight's photograph is of


Cleethorpes, taken by Mike Whitaker. I will be going to a spa later.


Where is my cigar invite? Don't go there. We talked about


pictures taken abroad last week. Somebody said, this was taking in


China. Really? It looks more like


Cleethorpes. Don't you start. They didn't believe


it. I don't think we have that many


viewers. You are big in China but not so


popular in China `` in Cleethorpes. We are looking at further showers.


Sunshine and scattered showers. As we move into Friday, the risk of


heavy rain. Saturday looks like the better day of the weekend before


unsettled weather again. We have had a mixture of sunshine and showers


today. They are starting to ease away. It is a fine and to the day by


and large. It will stay quite breezy and temperatures will fall back.


Tomorrow we'll start off on a pretty pleasant note. Through the morning,


the showers will be very hit and miss. The shower risk increases in


the afternoon. The breeze is still going to be quite brisk from the


West. Still the risk of the odd heavy downpour on Friday. The better


day of the two at the weekend looks like Saturday.


Thank you to everybody who pointed out that Neville Hill is a diesel


depot. You learn something new every day.


See you tomorrow. Faulty sluice gates are being blamed for flood


which has trapped dozens of cattle in East Yorkshire. Farmers are


trying to save the cows which have been caught in rising water on


land. They have managed to move 30 animals, but almost 100 still in


danger of drowning. The Environment Agency say it is too early to say


what has caused the problem. Almost 100 cattle are stranded.


Stuart rescued around 30 but cannot get the majority of his life stock


to safety. If we don't get them out, it is


likely some will die. This trend carries water off the


land and answer the Humber. Sluice gate are meant to open when the tide


in the history is low so the water can go through, went close when the


tide is high, so water from the Humber does not come back until


alarm. Farmers hearsay these photos show the drain bug read, and they


think the sluice gate are not working properly. They say it is


stopping the flow of water along the drinker the Environment Agency is


not being alerted to the high levels.


It wouldn't disappear overnight, but it would help the situation.


If the gates are working properly and if a pump was there, like in


2007, and they had clinched the drain out, this would never have


happened. Some said they are concerned about what might happen


nearby. Hedon is at risk of flooding and the more homes they built there,


the more it will be at risk. The Environment Agency are looking


into the possibility of using a pump. Stuart says he will be back at


his farm every half`hour through the night.


We will follow the story. Hull City have agreed to sell Shane Long to


Southampton for more than ?12 million. If the deal goes through,


it will be a record sell for the Tigers and almost double what they


paid for him six months ago. Shane Long with one of four Premier


league goals for Hull City last season. Signed for ?7 million in


January, now up for sale for 12. Is it's good business or a relegation


risk? I think it is wrong. We need good


strikers. It is a good price, but I don't want


to see him go because there are not many good strikers out there.


We have lost a good player. Last season, he made 30


experiences, scoring a total of seven Premier league goals. Rickie


Lambert scored 13 goals. Good business?


Other clubs are aware of that money having come in. It may be the right


scale. Only with benefit of hindsight might we really be able to


judge. Hindsight comes around quickly. Hull


City start their season away at Queens Park Rangers. The transfer


deadline day is August 31. Perhaps only then we will know if this could


have been a good deal whether we will have to wait until the end of


the season. Scunthorpe United athlete of the


second round of the capital one cup after beating champion side) Rovers.


The draw for the second round of the competition will be made later


tonight. The new health spa has opened in East Yorkshire offering


all the latest Pampa treatments. Nothing unusual in that, but this is


a spa for pet dogs. It is thought to be one of the first to offer a


hydrotherapy service. Owners can share Pampa time with their pets.


Who is going to Lovage so much time and attention on their God? If you


asked Paris Hilton, a pooch can never be too pampered. And Mariah


Carey is rumoured to spend nearly ?30,000 grooming her dogs a year.


Paris hate ?200,000 for a custom`made house for her pets. For


?20 a session, pets and their owners can enjoy a heated pool. There is a


treatment room as well and a grooming parlour.


Swimming is very therapeutic for dogs, like Drupal. It is pure


indulgence. She would come every day if she could. British people send


more than formally in pounds on their pets every year. Natasha


opened the spa for months ago. I worked in the hotel trade and run


a spa for people and thought, why not open one for dogs.


Next to the spa is this kennels. Pets also get a first`class.


It is a home from home experience. Like televisions, DVD players,


fires. They aren't people's children.


's Natasha says a daycare service for dogs may be her next venture.


They will be having Botox next. A recap of the headlines: Britain


joins an international mission to rescue thousands of people from the


mountains in northern Iraq. Fresh criticism from Mark Simmons,


who says he is stepping down because it cannot afford to continue in


Parliament. Response coming in on Mark Simmons,


expenses and pay. John says, there are no shortage of people trying to


become MPs, and that suggests their remuneration packages more than


adequate. Says, he does not live in the real world. Somebody else says,


I believe he is saying all his money does not compensate for a lack of


family life so he is giving it up for his family life. Ian says, if


you can't manage to live on his salary and expenses, how does he


think pensioners manage? Somebody else says, pensioners should `` MPs


should not be at a profit like this. Some strong worded messages. Join me


for the late programme. Goodbye.


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