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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Reunited with the children she never thought she'd see again, after their


A warning that young people are putting their lives at risk jumping


I am here were the extreme activity known as tombstoning has been taking


place on these cliffs. Move them or we'll confiscate them `


a council takes action The first new sails


for a century for this windmill There are some heavy thunderstorms


out there. I will be back later with all the latest.


A woman from East Yorkshire has been reunited with her children


after they were kidnapped and taken 3,500 miles away from her.


It took a team of lawyers here and abroad more than year to track


They finally arrived back in the UK this morning.


There are no words needed to express the emotion of a mother


It is overwhelming that I have got them back. To think that not last


Thursday but then one day I message my solicitor saying, I don't think I


will ever get them back. They arrived at Manchester Airport


this morning and for legal reasons the family can't be named but


the effort to bring them home began in East Yorkshire, where the mother


contacted this lawyer after her children were taken to Afghanistan


by their father in April last year. When you are dealing with a country


like Afghanistan, we are then looking at how on earth we can


correspond and liaise with authorities in the country and there


is all sorts of difficulties about whether they would uphold the orders


that are made in the courts in this country.


So the team contacted authorities in Afghanistan to begin the daunting


We were in the dark completely. We did not know which area of


Afghanistan the family might be in. So it was a really long shot finding


them. A search for the children was


carried out across the country, ending just last week when they


were found by an American lawyer. They haven't had any schooling. That


is an issue. They have basically been in hiding.


They now speak little English, but today they boarded


It hasn't just been as, there has been police and other authorities,


there has been barristers, just a real team effort and it is fantastic


and unbelievable, it really is. And the team say it was


all worth it, for this. It has been very hard. I am just


overwhelmed that they are back because I never thought this day


would come. So, Sarah,


what happens now for this family? Well, as I said in my report,


there's very little we can say about the children,


because they need to be protected. They've been through


a long legal process. This is their home country, but


a country they don't really now. At the reunion, the youngest was


scared, didn't want to hug his He was only six weeks old


when they separated. But really just the beginning


of this family rebuilding Calls for Hull to have a


Boris Johnson`style mayor to attract Lifeboat crews


and coastguards say young people could be killed jumping into the sea


from cliffs on the East Coast. It's called tombstoning


and is already banned But the authorities are unable to


stop people jumping from cliffs Last year


a teenager suffered serious spinal injuries after jumping


into the sea at the same spot. Phillip Norton is at Thornwick Bay


tonight. Speaking to people here, they claim


this activity has been going on for many years but it is becoming


increasingly popular. In the last half hour a whole group of young


people have arrived and they are jumping off the cliff and this


outcrop behind me. After some fairly high`profile accidents, there are


continuing safety concerns. A job that could kill. This is the extreme


activity known as tombstoning. A photographer captured these pictures


near Flamborough in the past week. We took a few photographs. At the


corner of my eye I saw this man standing on the rock and I thought,


he is never going to jump. The next minute, she jumped. In the last ten


years the Coast Guard has dealt with over 200 incidents involving


tombstoning, they have resulted in 70 injuries and 20 deaths. Even


while we were filming yesterday our cameras captured people jumping from


the cliffs. The RNLI said the activity should only be enjoyed by


those who know what they are doing. The RNLI's message would be that it


is dangerous and if you are going to do it, there are things you could do


to make yourself safe. You should check what is in the water. You


should never do it if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or


peer pressure. You should remember the safety of others, there might be


youngsters watching you who makes try and copy your activity which


could be dangerous. You must check you can get back out of the water


once you are in there. Last year a 19`year`old man suffered spinal


injuries jumping here, he jumped 80 bit and landed in shallow water and


hit the bottom. Those who live and work around here say it is people


from out of the area who are most at risk. John has run the cafe here


with his wife for 45 years. The people who do it, most of them are


locals. They know what they are doing. It is not the locals that get


into any trouble, because no harm, they are wearing wet suits and have


done it for generations. A lot of the parents have shown them where


and when and they understand what they are doing. With school and


university summer breaks in full flow, the fear is that more thrill


seekers could become casualties on this part of the coast.


If young people want to jump off a cliff into the sea is there anything


the council or the coastguard can actually do about it?


A bit further down the coast in Bridlington, the council has brought


in by laws to stop people jumping off the promenade and to help


officers and borstals rules. The rest of the coastline is very


difficult to police, it would be difficult to enforce those rules and


in any case be king to people here today, they say it is so popular


that even if there were new signs are new rules in place, people would


still come down here to take part in this controversial activity.


Do you think more needs to be done to stop people taking part


Or should young people be left to their own devices regardless


The former chief executive of a chain


of Lincolnshire academies has been charged in connection with fraud.


Police started investigating The Priory Federation two years ago.


63`year`old Richard Gilliland has been charged


A former finance director, Stephen Roger Davies, has also been charged.


An East Yorkshire farmer whose cattle have been trapped


by floodwater says he's managed to catch some of the animals today.


Stuart Saunt's herd was cut off by rising water yesterday afternoon


Around 60 cows still need to be caught.


A hospice in Hull has had one of its vans stolen.


Managers say three men got into the Dove House Hospice


distribution centre on Malmo Road in the early hours of this morning.


The vans were used to collect and distribute donations.


We will let you know what happens on that one.


Hull should have a Boris Johnson`style mayor


in order to attract more big companies to the area.


That's according to the research organisation


Policy Exchange, which claims that cities with directly`elected mayors


They say it could reverse the so`called


More from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


He's the man who runs London and is arguably the nation's most


But would voters in Hull welcome the chance to elect


a Boris Johnson`style figure to run their city?


I think so. Someone like Boris Johnson, he would have a laugh with


the public and get involved. Boris Johnson has been good for London and


we need someone similar for the city. . Hull need a mere? No. It is


not big enough. Some English cities


including Liverpool and Bristol But other cities such as Leeds and


Sheffield have rejected the idea. And remember we are talking about


a directly`elected figure here, not the ceremonial type of mayor we see


all blinged`up in robes and chains. Figures revealed that more than half


of graduates in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire leave the area


to find work. That is more than any other region. Researchers at one


think tank claimed that having an elected Mayor in some of our cities


would attract more high`tech companies which would in turn create


jobs. I want the people of Hull to be able to make that decision for


themselves. We think elected Mayors would provide an easily visible


direct line of political accountability and good work with


them to get things done to remove the obstacles that are getting in


the way of business. Some would say there's


a cautionary tale here. Back in 2002 voters in Hartlepool


elected a man dressed a monkey, the town's football mascot,


to become their mayor. Sometimes the battle to become


king of the political jungle Earlier I spoke to Neil Foster from


the Trades Union Congress, who have campaigned against elected Mayors,


and asked him why he was opposed. We believe there is too much power


devoted to one individual, they are expensive


and they are not actually the answer But that one person has been elected


by people, it is no different from someone like yourself being elected


to run the TUC, no different at all. We have councillors who are elected


and they still exist so there is potential for a logjam


between a mayor and local councils but there is little evidence it


would make a difference. It was tried in Hartlepool


for 10 years and Hartlepool had high unemployment


when they had an elected mayor But it was treated as a bit


of a joke there. George Osborne says business will


benefit from mayors, that has got to be good


for places like Hull, hasn't it? There is no evidence to suggest why


business would benefit and when it has been tried in other areas there


has been no real difference made. It has been a tremendous success


in London, everyone knows who the Mayor of London is even


if they do not live there. The trouble is there has been too


much investment in London Well before there was even


an elected mayor. And it has 10 times


as much transport investment as in the North of England, we can


change that now if the government changes its policy without having to


go through having an elected mayor. What people want is,


the boss of Siemens wants to be able to know he can pick up the phone


and ring Hull and speak to the Mayor of Hull and get straight through,


that has got to be positive. You can pick up a phone to


the council leader, he used to be able to pick up the phone to


the regional development agency But there are many people who can


pick up the phone to the boss of Siemens and I think we have got


to be really serious about the severity of the challenges facing


some of the northern economies. The idea that having an elected


mayor is the answer is not the case. This has come from Policy Exchange,


they say action is needed to stop You are happy for clever


highfliers to leave the North? The Policy Exchange a few years ago


said the North was beyond revival. What we need to be doing is


obviously improving investment in skills, boasting good quality jobs


and investing more in transport. They are


the things that don't depend on a mayor but the government has no


interest in doing it at the moment. Do you think we could benefit from


an elected Mayor? Thank you for watching.


Celebrations for many teenagers getting their A`level results today.


I got some very good results and I am off to the University of


Sheffield to do law. I am going to the University of Oxford. I am going


to the University of Oxford to do modern languages.


Humber Bridge, Barton Upon Humber, taken by Sam Witherwick.


Thank you very much for sending that picture in. The night before last


when I introduced you, this is what they called you on the subtitles.


They got your name wrong. You didn't even know what the word was. I think


it is something to do with the way that I speak. You need to speak more


slowly. I have been called a few things in my time. I will speak


slowly and clearly. Thank you. As we head through the rest of the evening


we are expecting heavy showers. We have a weather warning in place.


Most of the showers are not producing thunder and lightning but


there is still heavy downpours in place and there is the risk of


thunder in the short`term. Tomorrow there could be a few showers later


on in the day but for most of us it will remain largely dry, Saturday is


not too bad and further showers through the day on Sunday. It is


windy and cool next week, not very promising. Here is the satellite


picture from her letter, you can see the clouds, they have spread down


from the Northwest and will affect us for the next couple of hours,


some very heavy downpours in places. They will tend to ease through the


night, still the odd warning that generally a lot or places will lose


the showers and the showers will lose their in 20. Temperatures down


to 12 or 13 degrees. 13 is 55 Fahrenheit. The sun will rise in the


morning at 5:39am and setting later, water in Skegness will be at three


minutes past ten tomorrow morning. The odd late shower at first but


generally as we head to the morning and for most of the afternoon it


looks like there will be dry conditions with broken cloud and


sunny spells. In the afternoon the crop of showers could push eastwards


and they could be heavy in nature but I don't think it will be equal


to the conditions we got is a moment. Temperatures tomorrow


reaching 18 or 19 degrees, 1966 Fahrenheit. The breeze will be


gentle from the Northwest. `` 19 is 66 Fahrenheit. Sunday does not


look, Saturday does not look bad, it is quite breezy next week.


Thank you very much indeed. You did not have a clue what that word was.


Is it rude? No. It is a Scottish dance. Owe, I see.


As thousands of students from across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire get their A Level results, careers advisors say young


people have never had so much choice about what to do next.


They say university isn't the only option.


And while application numbers for university in Hull are up this


year, there's also more demand for apprenticeships or teenagers


After years of hard work and an anxious wait it was all worth


it today for these students at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe.


I've got four A stars, I'm going to Oxford to study medicine.


I woke up at four because I could not sleep but once I


The college is celebrating a 98.5% pass rate,


for some there was triumph and relief, others disappointment.


I put my all in, really tried hard and it has not paid off.


But careers advisers here say whatever your grades students


They really do have the world at their feet, they can study


They can get apprenticeships, employment,


jobs where they can do their degrees while they are at work.


We currently work with over 150 companies, we are covering


And in Hull too students came early to pick up their brown envelopes.


This trio at Wyke College getting top results.


I'm off to the University of Sheffield and international law.


I got two A stars and four As and I'm going to the University of


I got four A stars and an A and I am going to Oxford to do


For thousands of students this is seen as


A gateway to university or the world of work.


So BBC Look North has been to meet last year's school leavers to see


how their results affected their career choices.


For many, university is still the preferred route.


Lydia's a year into a medicine degree.


If I didn't do my A`levels I wouldn't have been able to get


But I know friends who didn't do A`levels, worked and now have gone


So it is not necessarily the only option.


For Matthew it was a choice to do an apprenticeship at Siemens


I was quite lucky in that I already had the place


here, I already had it guaranteed and I was able to then progress


And colleges say learning is more employment focused.


Universities want students to fill the places, employers want good,


industrious, keen individuals so the opportunities are fantastic.


So these teenagers are now looking to the future with range


I have had many e`mails from people about their results. I cannot go


through all of them but I hope you got the results that you wanted and


well done. Some businesses in Lincoln could


have their advertising boards confiscated and even face legal


action if they refuse to remove Lincolnshire County Council is


giving traders a week to remove On many streets in


Lincoln city centre, a`boards But last week more than 30 shops,


mainly in Guildhall Street, received letters telling them


the boards would have to go. Many businesses,


like this cafe and craft shop, For a business such as ours


who have events regularly, we need to put that information outside, we


also have a variety of cakes such as gluten`free and vegan, it is


important for people passing to know what is available here


and obviously in the other places. Shop owner Trevor Gibbs


says the ultimatum is There is no room for negotiation,


just sit down and chat about it, it is very black and white,


this is how it is going to be and it almost feels


like they are all wearing jackboots But Lincolnshire County Council


considers the a`boards to be We do have the right to be able


to go and removes those a`boards. Clearly that causes issues and


animosity, we try not to do that. But ultimately, if we believe those


boards are an obstruction and are a danger to pedestrians,


we have the right to remove them or There are questions as to


whether the council's policy is Here on this street,


none of the traders I have spoken to said they have been told to take


their a`boards down. Shoppers in Lincoln can see


both sides of the argument. I think it is a very bad idea to


remove them, When I park my motorcycle


on the pavement I am often told that you must not do that because blind


people stumble into it. And so I am in favour


of the a`boards being abolished. They should go because I think they


cause obstructions to the public. A`boards and street clutter are


a big problem for people who are As you can imagine, walking along


your High Street having to avoid advertising boards and static bins,


street furniture, is very difficult. Despite the council ultimatum,


the boards are still there. Shop owners say they've yet to


decide what action to take. Jake Zuckerman, BBC Look North,


Lincoln. Are you bothered about the signs on


the streets? Do you agree with the council that they are a danger to


people walking past? Do you care one way or the other? Get in touch and


tell us. Thanks to everyone who got


in touch about rural banks closing. Michelle in Hull says,


It's all well and good telling people to use their post office but


they charge for some transactions. Thank you very much indeed for all


of those. Hull City forward Shane Long has


completed his multi`million pound move to


Southampton, paving the way for Manchester United's Danny Welbeck,


who played for England at the World Cup in Brazil,


is one of the players linked with Hull KR will be hoping to keep alive


their Super League play`off hopes And BBC Radio Humberside will have


full commentary of Hull KR The match kicks off


at eight o'clock. A landmark windmill in Lincolnshire


that's thought to be the last of its kind in Europe has been


getting new sails today. The Heckington Windmill, near


Sleaford, is unusual because it will Manoeuvring the next sale into


position. The team here in Heckington have been working since


early morning, with each sail having half an hour to install. Everyone is


impressed by it. It is nice to see it. The old sails were removed from


the Windmill in June but today they were put into position before fixing


them into place. They are part of the only mill of its kind in the


country and it is over 100 years old. The Windmill was built in 1830.


It's eight sails were installed then. This is the first time the


Windmill has received a whole set of new sails in a century. It is iconic


to have this in the village and I hope it brings a lot of tourists. By


tonight, all eight sails should be installed on the Windmill and the


team are hoping that by next weekend it will be able to start milling


again for the first time in five years. Pecking tin is an incredibly


important site. `` Heckington. It makes an enormous difference to have


this mill working again. It is part of a 1.5 million refurbishment


project for the sake and after one day here, the Miller rates have now


installed all eight of the sails. If you have a story you think we should


know about, think of us and send us an e`mail. A re`cap of the main


headlines from the BBC. Sutcliff rest `` Sir Cliff Richard 's home is


investigated by police investigating sexual assault. And entered a 18


month legal fate, her children are returned to East Yorkshire after


their father took them admit to Afghanistan. Tomorrow's weather,


sunshine and showers but later than today, most of the showers will be


later than today, top temperatures in the afternoon getting up to 19


Celsius. We were talking about jumping off of cliffs into water. Of


the promenade, they call it tombstoning. George said, no matter


the risk, teenagers will still jump into the water because they don't


think anything bad will happen. Someone else said, if people are


silly enough to jump off the cliffs, they deserve everything they get.


Such a dangerous activity. Matthew said, if these people are stupid


enough to jump off the cliff, it is their problem. Don't spend taxpayer


money to try and solve the problem. If they get hurt, they should be


charged for the rescue and the hospital bill. Michael said, it is a


nanny state, let kids play and take risks. Mrs Holland said teenagers


were tombstoning from the prom a Billington at the weekend even


though it is banned. They have not got any brains! Thank you for that.


Have a nice evening. See you at 10:25pm later on. Goodbye.


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