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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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next week. Expect the temperatures to be lower than average. Make sure


you pack your jumpers if you are going away.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A brain damaged teenager prepares to come home to Lincolnshire more


than a year after the accident that almost killed him.


He has been away from his friends and family for a long time. I


believe this will spur him on even more.


Four days after becoming trapped by floodwater, there's still no sign


of stranded cows being rescued in East Yorkshire.


The problem is you can entice them with food, but you can't tell them


what to do. It is not likely to go chain. I am live near burst wake or


another attempt to bring them to safety is under way.


Hull City fans are told the club will spend money to strengthen


The singing Skegness bus drivers who are spending the summer


And I will be back later in the programme for a full forecast.


They've spent thousands of pounds driving to Surrey to see


their son, and now the family of a Lincolnshire teenager who


suffered a brain injury after he was knocked from his bike are getting


Ryan Smith from Chapel St Leonards has been receiving therapy


at a specialist centre is now ready to live with his family again.


Jill Archbold has been to see the changes and meet his Dad Mark.


These are the doors to his bedroom. Unfortunately, you can't get


upstairs now so we have had to change the games room into his new


room. A new build to mark a new start,


Mark Smith is modifying his home ready for the return of


his son Ryan, who's spent 13 months He has been away from his friends


and family for a long time. It is a labour of love and I'm enjoying it,


helping him to get it done and ready. We are on a tight schedule.


He was hit by a van whilst cycling to work.


His recovery, learning to live with a brain injury, has been aided


by staff at the charitable Children's Trust in Surrey.


Very strong lad. Very strong lad, I know. What position to be like to


come? First. The support of Ryan's family


has been constant and they have Back in Lincolnshire,


financial help from East Lindsey District Council means


the family can build an extension, Much of the work is being done


by two lifelong family friends. Every time I went to see him, it was


like Christmas, it was getting better every time I went to see him.


We knew he was there still, we could tell, even in the early days. You


always want to do something to help, if you can. And we are doing it the


way we can help. His sister Rachel has driven


thousands of miles completing He has made loads of progress. So we


are hoping that when he's home, there will be more. He will become a


lot better at home, in his own environment.


Mark built this house years ago and now he's helping put the finishing


touches to Ryan's room, he only has to wait two more weeks to have


I'm joined live in the studio by Ryan's dad, Mark.


Good evening. Nice to see you. When the accident happened, the prognosis


looked horrendous. Is it hard for you to believe that he is going to


be home again? Yes. It has been a roller`coaster of emotions over the


last year. The prognosis was extremely poor to start with. But he


has done... He has overcome some massive obstacles and he is doing


really well. He has defied the odds, really. Yes, the prognosis was


poor, we were told he wouldn't be able to do anything for himself and


he has proved them wrong. Where did he get that drive from? He has


always been a winner. Coming second isn't an option. And we are all a


bit driven like that in our family, so it is probably a bit genetic.


That moment when he came out of the coma, it must have been 80 Joker. It


was. We never expected him to speak again. And to hear him speak, it


blew us off the ceiling. Ryan didn't want to mess up his hair so he


didn't wear a cycle helmet. Did you try to persuade him that he should?


I have always advocated the wearing of a helmet and Ryan was no


exception to that. Unfortunately, that day, I couldn't get him to wear


one. As a paramedic, how much difference do they make?


Substantial. I'm not saying he wouldn't have had a brain injury,


but I am sure it would have been less severe. It is the small impact


as well. The brain is extremely vascular and bleeds profusely, so


they do make remarkable protection. Should cyclists be made to wear


them? In Jersey, it is 14 and under, so it is a step in the right


direction, but should we be made to wear helmets? I believe so. The


roads get busier. The road conditions are deteriorating, and


there is more traffic. Cyclists are exposed as it is, so a little bit of


protection on the head, the part of the body that can't be repaired, it


is vital. Coming into work today, knowing I was going to be meeting


you, you see so many people without helmets on their bikes. What would


you say to them? Unfortunately, Ryan had the attitude of, it's not going


to happen to me. And it did. That is the sort of... Thought processes


people go through that it isn't going to happen to us.


Unfortunately, a split second decision can change our lives. And


you wouldn't want anybody to go through what you have been through.


Certainly not. It has been a terrible year for us. It hasn't all


been doom and gloom, but we have a different boy now. He's never going


to be the boy we had. So it is a difficult pill to swallow. It is


good to see you. Thank you and I wish you and your family well. Thank


you. We do like to throw this one open.


You have heard Mark's views on cyclists wearing helmets, so is it


time that wearing a helmet was made law in this country? We look forward


to getting your views. Those who are against it, they say that drivers


tend to drive closer to bicycles. Tell us your thoughts.


The Hull West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson has accused the Boston


and Skegness MP Mark Simmonds of giving politicians a bad name.


Mr Simmonds has announced he's quitting his job next year


because he claims his expenses don't cover the cost


Our Political Editor Tim Iredale joins us live.


Well, Alan Johnson is the only MP in our area who has so far been willing


to comment on Mark Simmons decision to step down. He announced earlier


this week he would not be contesting the Boston and Skegness constituency


at the general election. He said one of the reasons he was leaving


politics was because his Westminster expenses did not cover the cost of


renting a home in London, which is big enough to accommodate his whole


family. Remember, he could claim ?27,000 on top of his ?90,000 a year


ministerial salary. This is what the former Labour Cabinet minister Alan


Johnson had to say. My worry is is it besmirches us all. The ball will


say, what are MPs doing? They get their salaries, they get an


allowance, and you get an extra salary if you are a minister. So it


becomes what are MPs talking about? But this is just about Mark


Simmons. My conservative colleagues would be saying the same thing. We


have no gripes about our pay all conditions. Meanwhile, the


Conservative Party has said that it could take some time to select a


successor as the Tory candidate in Boston and Skegness because they


want expecting his resignation. UKIP,


which is targeting the seat heavily, say their candidate should be


in place by next month and there's speculation the former MP Neil


Hamilton will throw his hat into The former Lincolnshire schools head


teacher Richard Gilliland says he'll fight charges brought


against him for fraud. Yesterday,


the former chief executive of the Priory Federation, a chain


of academy schools in the county, Today his solicitor said


his client denies all wrongdoing and will vigorously contest


the charges in court. The priory's former finance


director, Stephen Davies from Lincoln,


is facing three similar charges. Both men will appear before Lincoln


magistrates next month. A ?280 million project will


mean trains run faster and more That's the promise from Network Rail


as work to modernise the line between Gainsborough


and Doncaster begins this weekend. The line will be closed


for a fortnight from tomorrow. A replacement bus service


is being provided. A herd of cattle has been stranded


on`farm water in East Yorkshire. We first bought you this story on


Wednesday, but today the situation is becoming cruising a difficult for


the livestock and also for the farmers trying to catch them because


of rising water levels. `` is becoming increasingly difficult.


Our reporter Phillip Norton is in Burstwick for us tonight.


Let me show you the problem. There is a group of cattle over there,


more than 50 heifers. Over here is their pen, the key to getting these


animals onto dry land. If you take a look back over there, you can see


the farmer, he's desperately trying to lead his cattle to dry land, but


his cattle are giving him a hard time.


Every day, every three hours, this is how Simon Saunt is trying to


I think they are enjoying themselves. Hello, lads! Come on! ,


! Every day, every three hours,


this is how Simon Saunt is trying to While many have been rescued,


there are still more than 60 cattle A bag of food


the tempting treat to them into We have made a lovely crowd last


night, stretching from the gate right into the sheds. Inside the


shed, we made a lovely pen where they can go in. And they went in.


Unfortunately, no one was here to keep them in because it must've been


2am or 3M. Heavy rain from the remnants


of Hurricane Bertha combined with a clogged up Burstwick Drain and high


tides to create the perfect storm ` Every day, you can see them losing


flesh. They will not eat the silage here, they won't eat the silage on


the other field, and there is very little grass to eat.


As the cattle approach the pen one more time, Simon holds his breath.


Plenty of water, straw, silage, TLC, but all they want to do is... Here


they go! What did I tell you? You can't wind, can you? And they will


just carry on standing in the water. Another miss,


and the battle goes on. Come on! I give up for three hours.


Yes, that will do me. Well, that was earlier this afternoon. He is now


back out there. He has walked along that far fence. We have spoken to


the Environment Agency. They save this water here, the levels are not


high enough to use pumps but they are sending a boat and a team of


workmen to come down to clear those weeds out of the waterways, and,


hopefully, drain the water off the land.


Thank you, and a lot of people have mentioned the cows to me this week.


The cows are enjoying that water! Still ahead tonight, the man running


seven marathons in seven days And the bus drivers from Skegness


whose singing is causing a stir Thank you for this photograph. My


favourite e`mail, I would like to give my partner a surprise present.


Does Keady give out photographs? He thinks she is adorable!


You've been a very good PA, Peter. It'll quieten down in a week or so.


Well done on your promotion to my PA. This weekend, we continue with


the theme of breezy and cool. It will get very cool with


temperatures just about struggling in the mid`teens. The good news is


that it is going to be largely dry tomorrow but cloudy. Overnight,


Saturday into Sunday, a band of rain. Writer on Sunday but a windy


day, and very windy overnight Sunday into Monday. We have had a few


showers earlier on. They are still affecting Lincolnshire, they will


fade away through the evening. It will be a dry night with clear


spells with temperatures falling back to around 12 or 13. So, the sun


will rise at 5:41am, setting just before 8:30pm. Tomorrow, it doesn't


look like too bad day. It will be windy cloudy, at largely dry.


Variable amounts of cloud, broken up, most places staying dry, but the


breeze will freshen and it will not feel that warm. Temperatures are


getting up to around 18 or 19. Overnight rain into Sunday, clearing


away to the south, brighten up `` brightening up later. On Sunday, the


wind will be stronger and we have an alert Sunday into Monday for very


strong winds. So if I send this on to anon, can


you deal with it? Of course. You realise the flood


gates are open! Would you like a signed picture as


well? Have a good night. A Lincolnshire man running seven


marathons in seven days has just completed


the latest leg of his challenge. Ben Gibbons is running


from the North West coast to Skegness, raising money


for a sports foundation set up in his brother's memory after he


died of a brain haemorrhage. Jessica Lane has been


following his progress. Supported by friends and almost back


in his home county but Ben Gibbons doesn't stop until Sunday afternoon.


I keep looking at the map, keep looking at where I am, where I have


to go. It looks better than it did on Monday. So, I'm going to check in


now, get a cold bath, have something to eat.


Ben started in Morecambe on the North West coast of England


He's run through Preston, Manchester and the Peak District.


He's raising money for the Adam Gibbons Sports Foundation.


It was set up in memory of Ben's brother.


Adam was just starting a course in sport coaching when he died


in 2008 from an undiagnosed brain haemorrhage.


Adam was very keen on a wide range of sports, football, badminton,


golf. It put a big grin on his face. He's probably looking down on me


thinking what are you doing? But I think he would be proud of me.


The foundation provides funding to pay for equipment, training


In the past six years, it has donated over ?40,000 to


The training costumes can cost 30 `?40. And the other costumes can


cost anything up to ?100. The goggles might cost ?40. It turns out


to be quite expensive. Now Ben is on the home straight back


in Lincolnshire with just two more Traders in Lincoln have been given


a week to remove advertising boards Should they be removed? A big


response. Small businesses cannot afford high`end advertising so why


not have a sign outside? Keep the signs.


Hull City Manager Steve Bruce says he has


"irons in the fire" as he looks to spend the ?12 million earned through


The Tigers go to Queens Park Rangers for their first game


Looking ahead, here's our sports reporter Simon Clark.


The season has already started for Hull City.


A European win over the Slovak side Trencin means that they should


In today's news conference, though, questions for Steve Bruce were not


so much about QPR, as his plans to replace ?12 million pound striker


The offer which came in was too good to turn down. Now we have to find a


replacement, you're right, but we hope we can and will invest the


money into the squad, and make the squad bigger and better, and we hope


we can find a replacement that can be the equivalent of Shane Long.


And fans are queuing for tickets for the next European tie in Belgium


are generally optimistic about their team's Premier League


It is nice to have a good feeling about it. It really does lift your


spirits. 11 or 11 or 14 or 14, big names don't wind anything in


football, it is what happens on the pitch. I think it has put pressure


on us. If we cannot replace, I don't know.


Bruce has been active this summer bringing in Harry Maguire


from Sheffield United, Dundee United's Andy Robertson, the


talented Tom Ince of Blackpool, and the well regarded Robert Snodgrass,


But the question remains, who replaces Long?


With the money we have, we invested back into the squad. And that will


make is bigger, better, stronger. It is a curious start to the Premier


League season. But given their cup final appearance last season, there


is a real sense of optimism amongst their fans about this team and this


manager. And there's coverage of Hull City's


trip to QPR on FM on There's also coverage of Scunthorpe


United's first home game of And on digital and the BBC Sport


website it will be Grimsby against Dover Athletic


in the conference Premier and on The match between Barnet and Lincoln


will be broadcast Hull KR's hopes of making


the play`offs were dealt a blow The Robins had led by ten points


following Ben Cockayne's second half try, but the visitors hit back


with a try of their own in the Rovers are two points outside


the play`off zone with just three Meanwhile, Hull FC travel to


the Bradford Bulls on Sunday. You can follow that match on


Radio Humberside's FM frequency. Or you can listen online via the BBC


Sport website and follow the links A boxing gym in Hull has been


reopened today following The budget to transform the


Kingston Boxing Centre was ?5,000, but with the help


of local businesses and the charity the Smile Foundation, ?80,000 worth


of work has been completed. I am totally astonished, what it


looks like now. The transformation exceeds anything I had in my head.


It is a boxing club, but I wanted to be more community`based Welby can


open the communities, we can get the elderly to come in, have breakfast,


breakfast, tea, coffee, whatever. For the last month, bus drivers from


EYMS have been loving the TV cameras as stars of a series showing life on


and off the roads of East Yorkshire. Tonight's episode is called the Road


to Hull. That's good, there are cones all the


way across it. There you go, see? It was meant to be on, it is closed.


Love it. So what is it


about bus drivers because now a group from Skegness are making their


own bid for celebrity stardom. The men who all work for Stagecoach


came up with the idea to form a pop And now they're


about to release a single. If you are catching a bus in


Skegness this summer, be prepared to be entertained by the town's newest


boy band. We were in the pub one Saturday night, we got up to sing


karaoke, and we did it as a laugh. Do you think you can cope with


stardom? I do know, I am trying, trying. The members of no direction


at bus drivers by day. I have the experience of a lifetime now. And


then we wrote a song on the back of a menu, it came up that way. The


band and their friends have now Britain's three songs including


this, their own version of dream lover, which they are releasing for


charity next week. For David, it is a world away from the day job. We


have a bit more fun. The band certainly seemed to be enjoying


today's ride and they picked up a few extra fans along the way. There


we are, the strikers are at it. Now a re`cup of the headlines. Britain


is to supply arms and aid to those under threat from Islamic militants


in a rock. They Lincolnshire teenager prepares to come home more


than a year from an accident that nearly killed him. A bright day,


sunny spells, top temperatures up to 19 tomorrow.


After the story about Ryan talking to his dad Mark Martin says, my


older brother wouldn't be here today had he not worn a helmet. Make them


compulsory. Mandy says, I never wear a safety helmet but now I have heard


about this story about the accident, I'm going to start wearing one


because you never know when it could be you. Carroll says, I always wear


my helmet when cycling and I cannot understand those that don't. John


says, cyclists should be made to wear helmets. Richard says, drivers


have to wear seat belts, cyclists should wear helmets. Thank you for


those. Have a peaceful weekend. I will see you on Monday. Take care.


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