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you might stay dry. The temperatures will still be in the


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


One of the biggest shake ups of the rail network in years `


concerns some services from this area could go.


We get the reaction from rail passengers ` and ask what


We know it makes a massive impact on the tourism trade. This is about how


we deliver ?1 billion of investment in the North.


We get the reaction from rail passengers ` and ask what


We'd be stranded in our own little community. We be better off on the


coach. I think we definitely need is more investments.


Pushing back the boundaries ` the East Yorkshire residents who are


The Grimsby MP who says the Labour party has too many women in it `


I think it's pretty antiquated and it's disappointing Austin Mitchell,


knowing that the Labour Party worked very hard to address this imbalance


in parliaments. And an East Yorkshire man's


remarkable weight loss ` how he lost And after today's heavy showers, and


lighter datacom tomorrow. `` day to come.


The economy of East Yorkshire will suffer


a "devastating blow" if direct rail services between Bridlington


That's according to a local rail expert,


who says there's a good chance the service could be cancelled when


Today is the last day of a government consultation


on rail franchises in this area, as they work out where to spend one


billion pounds of investment for the network.


In a moment we will hear from the transport minister


but first, here's our Business Correspondent Sarah Corker.


Holidaymakers heading to the seaside this morning.


This is one of 14 direct trains a day from Sheffield.


But there's concern this service could be reduced


They will not have the same passion about keeping


services at Bridlington, Grimsby and Hull that we have.


We know it makes a massive impact on the tourism trade.


If we lose these services, it will be a devastating blow.


This direct link is why some tourists visit Bridlington


Even just one change makes it slower than a coach.


It?s very important, or else probably wouldn't come.


There is no direct service for you to come?


The government has been asking the public how they?d like rail services


This consultation document warns there will be trade`offs.


Higher fares for newer trains and there could be a focus


Last month, we told you about proposals to scrap


direct services from Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport, with passengers


Now there is a worry that the direct route from Bridlington to


Sheffield and Doncaster could be under threat too.


Campaigners say some services could be moved to busier routes in Leeds


and Manchester, creating an East`West divide.


No decisions have yet been made, but today in London the RMT protested.


We already have some of the lowest investment


Railways should operate for passengers, local communities and


I don't believe that this particular document does any of that.


Some businesses here feel they already get


an inferior service compared to other parts of the country.


They need more direct links, not less.


They?re just leaving this part of the country in limbo


Bridlington would suffer just like other places are suffering


The government's pledge is better connections across the North.


Rail users here want to make sure they get their fair share


Earlier, I spoke to the transport minister


Well, we do need to look at how we can best serve places


like Cleethorpes and Bridlington, because currently the majority of


people that come from Cleethorpes, for example, will terminate


Whether we can have three services, which is possible, or whether we


should have more people changing at Doncaster remains to be seen,


but that is a very important route, particularly the route through


Cleethorpes to Barton and people connect to the buses to get to Hull.


It?s important that we maintain services in that part


Was asking people to read a complicated 90 page document


Well, it's a very complex matter, providing rail services


1100 is a large number of responses and of course we had responses


from organisations such as the trade unions and passenger groups,


In other cases, people will have just looked at the parts of the


document that refer to their own area and responded in that regard.


Final question, if we were to do an interview in five years? time,


do you think there would be more or less direct train services out


Let's see what the consultation response is.


I'm asking you, as Transport Minister,


We will be in a better position in December when we have looked


at the responses, but it's not just a case of through


services, it's a case of frequency of services, the quality of rolling


There are no proposals to close stations.


Good to talk to you tonight, Minister.


We'll have the latest on the injury to Hull City's big


summer signing ` and what it could mean for their season.


People in East Yorkshire are being urged to vote against plans


Hull City Council wants to absorb places such as Hedon,


Cottingham and Swanland into its control ` saying it would have


But the East Riding of Yorkshire Council claims it's


Now a campaign has started to get people


to vote against the proposal next month, as Crispin Rolfe reports.


East Riding towns on the edge of whole. The city council wants an


inside its boundaries but East Riding doesn't and has organised a


referendum. A new campaign is spreading here. Most are fighting


change. It's very important because if we


don't get the majority of the people engaging with the campaign is


joining in with the referendum, the city council will regard that as a


lack of interest. This is how they could expand into


East Riding, with 12 parishes being put forward for the boundary


commission to consider. Nine to the west of the city and three to the


east. Today, few seem to want to leave the East Riding to become part


of Hull. Leave it as it is. That's my


opinion. I think they want to say they are


bigger cities are making get a bigger cut of cash from the


government. The border with Hull is where the


East Riding wanted to stay. A postal referendum is being organised


between the eighth and the 26th of December to drum up support. The


referendum is not binding but could influence the commission. Hull City


council says the argument is clear, ``, the area is Better Together when


challenging for government investments.


This is about council is working effectively together. Is the


argument to remain the status quo? Know because every other area in the


north are combining together for the benefits of their area and we are


being left out in this region. Referendum's results will be


announced at the end of September with both sides saying that a low


votes will favour Hull's arguments, but ultimately any final decision


will be up to the government. We want to hear from you


on this story, do you think it would I have been speaking to the Mayor of


Hadden. And sure there are merits in the


arguments but unfortunately it is not all one`sided. There are lots


more disadvantages for the residents of East Yorkshire on a particularly


those communities potentially affected by the extension of the


boundaries. What is the main reason why you don't want to be part of


whole? There are a few reasons but lots of


identity `` loss of identity, loss of decision`making and a complete


change to our way of life. I natural issues because we fear that the ?50


million in council tax that the residents of East Yorkshire


currently pay will disappear. If it's not worried by people who


are traumatised at the thought of having Hull as their address?


I think not, no. We live where we live, we chose to live in parishes,


villages and market towns. We did not have any choice to live in the


city, it wasn't where we wanted to be.


People are happy to work, happy to shop, happy to go out in Hull. Why


don't `` why are they against being part of it?


That's how it has always been. We are happy to shop and those who work


in Hull and use the theatres and pay for the privilege. If we were not


actually doing that, many of them would close. It's an interdependency


thing. What about you, you are an estate


agent, so you are worried about property prices?


Not particularly. I am a chartered surveyor by profession so I have a


wide cross`section in the work I do with property and prices.


You have a lot of support those nights. What do you think the


outcome of this vote is going to be? As a guessing man, what you think?


I'm not guessing. We actually did a poll in the towel on the local


blog. 85% or thereabouts of people who took part says no to the idea of


the expansion of the boundaries. They also said no to the building of


the green fields between the city and the villages. We think it is a


foregone conclusion. What is your message to Hull City


Council? We have worked together before in


the past. East Riding and the city council work together in many


regards and there is no reason why we cannot continue to do so. Why the


need for this massive change? We can't fathom it.


Brilliancy talk to you. We want to hear from you


on this story, do you think it would Maybe you live in one of the areas


outside of the city and want to Work has started to build a


replacement ice rink in Grimsby. North`east ligature council says it


has had to increase prices to pay for a company to install a temporary


ice pads. It will open next month. A 24`year`old woman has been arrested


on suspicion of arson at these flats in Skegness. She has been released


on bail while police continue to investigate. Six people were rescued


from fire on Saturday. An elderly man has been taken to


hospital after his car crashed into It happened on the Market Place


in Donington at Police say the driver had


fallen ill at the wheel. Nobody else is believed


to have been hurt. The car was just into the wall,


into the window and lots Luckily, it is usually open on


Mondays but because of the school holidays, she is taking the kids out


to the lakes so she wasn't here. Coming up: Austin Mitchell is


criticised by his own party for saying that women MPs have made


Labour too soft. And East Yorkshire man's remarkable weight loss. How he


lost 11 stone in just 12 months. I always give you a good write`up,


Peter! Don't worry, Paul is back next week. We have had and still


have some heavy showers out there at the moment. Some fairly sharp


showers to end the day. The good news for tomorrow, with a couple of


exceptions, does looks largely dry. It will be cooler but without the


breeze it will still feel quite pleasant. Overall, much cooler than


average this week. The area is flowing down from the North show a


chilly feel, particularly by night where we could get down to single


figures. The mottled cloud, the shower clouds and this area is


producing some heavy downpour. It will develop into a largely dry


night. Temperatures falling back into single figures down to around


nine. Ten or 11 in the towns and cities. The sun will rise in the


morning at 5:46am. The next high water in Skegness will be at 1:17am.


As we go through the course of the morning, we might see a few showers


slipping into southwestern parts of Lincolnshire. They will tend to die


away. It does looks largely dry. Open cloud and sunny spells and the


breeze will be gentle from the north`west. Elijah Breeze and we


have had today but the error, particularly in the shade, you'll


feel quite chilly at around 16 degrees. These are the temperatures


we would expect in May. Cool for this time of year but if you step


into the sun, it will feel much warmer. I dry at school started the


day on Wednesday. We might see a few showers springing up. More organised


rain spreading down from the North on Thursday and it will clear to the


south on Friday. It will still be quite cold.


I think he will need retraining when he gets back! See you tomorrow.


The Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell has defended his comments about a female


MPs amid criticism from his party. He will stand down next year. He


told a Sunday newspaper that more women make labour weaker in


Parliament. His comments had been dismissed by a female in PE.


Austin Mitchell has been known for his flamboyant headline grabbing


actions and opinions for many of his 37 years as Grimsby MP.


But his comments in a Sunday paper, stating that increasing female MP


numbers was weakening Parliament, has upset even his own party. Today


he was standing by the comments. I think they change the tone of


Parliament is because they are concerned with different issues. The


lightning flash of three debates will be lost. I think they're more


concerned with family issues and local issues.


He says he feels enough has been done to realign the gender balance


and a local parties should be able to choose their own candidates.


What I said was true. I think a number of people recognise that it


is true. The argument has to be dealt with. If I'm wrong, it's ivory


busting the arguments that by `` people have said I am a male


chauvinist. You can ask my wife! As my daughters. Across the Humber,


the Labour MP for East Hollies angry.


The Labour Party try to address that issue and bring more women into


politics. I think we are doing a good job but this does not help.


Austin Mitchell should be out camping is not complaining.


He was chosen from a short list `` the next candidate for Grimsby


indicated she would be talking to Austin Mitchell about the article.


Here in Grimsby, there has been little support for his views.


We need someone more in touch with what is going on in the world, like


the cost of living. He's lucky he kept his seat here for


all these years. That has the more women to give our


point of view. Esther Mitchell said he simply


wanted to open debate. My wife thinks I should keep my head


down! A bit late for that now!


Ryan was hit while riding on his bike. He is making progress and his


family are getting ready to welcome him home. There was a big response


on this story is particularly the campaign to make bicycle helmets


compulsory. Former Hull City star Dean Windass


says it's time for others to step up if big`money


summer signing Robert Snodgrass is The Scottish international suffered


a knee injury in the first half of the Tigers' win at


Queens Park Rangers. Our sports reporter Simon Clark


has been speaking to Dean. It's not a sight any manager wants


to see ` a player limping Scottish international


Robert Snodgrass had played less than half the game when he was


replaced by Stephen Quinn. It?s not looking too great


at the moment, we have to say. We?re just going to keep


our fingers crossed. He?ll have a scan and an x`ray


and examinations over Speaking today, former Tigers star


Dean Windass said that the squad possessed enough quality to overcome


the potential loss of Snodgrass. Stephen Quinn came on, and they


played very well when he came on. You?ve got David Meyler


on the bench who?ll be chomping at It's unfortunate


but Steve will look out. Whoever takes Snodgrass's place,


they?ve got In Saturday's match, the home side


came closest to scoring, but Snodgrass ?compatriot Andy


Robertson was well`placed to clear. The deadlock was broken when Quinn


sailed in an inviting corner kick, Chester was at the heart


of things again when this was But as he had


on the opening day last season, Alan Every game, you want a clean sheet,


but the most important thing is It's not just me that gets credit,


it's the whole team. The performance


from everyone today was brilliant. That's the main aim ? to stay


in the Premier League and if we do that it?s another season and it?s


more money to spend as well because the longer you stay in the Premier


League, the more money Steve Bruce The Tigers next play on Thursday,


a European clash in Belgium, but there are changes afoot as


Alex Bruce also collected an injury, although it's not considered


as serious as that of the Scots. Scunthorpe United have signed a new


striker after a poor start to the season. They lost their first two


games in league two. They lost four nil to Preston on the weekends.


Radford says he feels left down by his `` let down by his players. You


will be able to see the highlights of the game on the Super League


Show, tonight at 11:35pm. An East Yorkshire man has been named


"Slimmer of the Year" by a national These pictures are of


Brendan O'Donnell from Fridaythorpe a year ago, before he decided he had


to change his lifestyle. Tolu Adeoye has been looking


at his transformation. 31 year old Brendan O'Donnell


was once known as Big Bee. Here he is at the Trib fest music


festival this time last year. At more than 25 stone he says


he felt tired and unfit. A week after the event he joined


a slimming club. I?ve always been pretty big,


even since I was a child, I?ve always tried not to let it hold


me back, but there was a voice in my head saying,


?You?ve got to this age and you?re OK but that might not continue to be


the case going forward.? After a year of healthy eating and a


new passion for running, Brendan's And his waist has shrunk


from 48 inches to 34. People expect me to say it?s been


really hard but it honestly hasn?t. Before we relied on processed foods,


whereas now we do a lot of our own That?s one


of the major lifestyle changes. I?ve also got quite heavily


into running. Brendan's wife Sarah has


also lost four stone. Back at the music festival


which sparked their journey. She says the change


in her husband is remarkable. He was always loud and outgoing,


but he?s just more confident and When we?ve had to go shopping,


just the way he can walk in Recently crowned 'Slimming World's


male slimmer of year, Brendan now wants to learn how to scuba dive and


fly light aircraft ` he says there's Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. David Cameron says there will be no


British troops on the ground in Iraq, as Kurdish forces retake a


strategically important dam. One of the biggest shake`ups of the rail


network in years, concerns that some services from this area could go.


Tomorrow is largely dry with some bright and sunny spells.


Temperatures getting up to 16 degrees.


A response on the subject of boundary changes,


. One very important point is that being


hull has very little spare land so the grab is about building lots of


houses. Tony says, people of the East Riding should ask themselves


whether or not they would rather see that young people enjoying well


paid, secure jobs in a prosperous and expanding hull or, like washing


on the dole, stacking shelves in the local supermarkets. Every other


northern city has expanded its borders to shout with a louder voice


for government money. I did watching. Have a nice evening.


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