19/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Passengers' anger at an above inflation rise in train fares.


I think it is disgusting. For people in the north it could mean their


fears are arising by four times their salary. ``fares are rising.


A murder suspect is accidentally let out of jail ` a high`level


Fishermen banned from fishing, after wind farm bosses take them to court


I'm at Glanford Park, after a difficult start to the season can


Scunthorpe United turn their fortunes round tonight.


Rare Spanish birds make their nest at a local nature reserve.


As rail fare increases are announced today, a transport campaign group


says passengers in this area are not being fairly effective.


Based on our estimates, is season`ticket prices go up as


expected, some passengers could pay hundreds of pounds more. Those


travelling between Grantham in London would be almost ?7 for the


year of those using the Hull to Leeds route could be charged almost


?400 of a season`ticket over ?2000. ``Grantham to London would be almost


?7000. So news today that passengers could


pay hundreds of pounds more for their season tickets next year


has not come as any surprise to If they can't afford it, they


will shut them down in the end. It goes up every year, services


are being cut, and really it should For people in the North, will try


the Mac to find a way to avoid avoid paying for affairs which are rising


much more than the rate of inflation. We cannot create wages


which go everyone unless we invest in our vital railway infrastructure.


Labour say that customers are being ripped off. They want the government


to pay more so that taxpayers pay less. More than a quarter of every


ticket bought goes to investment in the network. This year the


government capped fee rises keeping them in line with inflation. `` fear


rises. `` fare rises. Here is how to get in touch if you want to give us


an e`mail. We would like to hear from you if


you are a regular train user have to buy a long`distance season`ticket.


Train passengers and the North of England have been promised a


world`class rail network by the government. Three companies have


been short listed for Northern Rail and TransPennine.


His wife thinks he should keep his head down ` now Austin Mitchell's


views on women MPs prompts more reaction.


have reacted angrily to legal action banning them from part of the North


Sea. The High Court injunction has been taken out by Dong Energy which


wants to carry out survey work for a new wind farm in local fishing


grounds. Here's our Environment Correspondent, Paul Murphy.


This is the first time Dong Energy or I think any other wind energy


take this course of action. An investigation is underway after a


Banning of fishermen. There are plans to build up to 90 wind


turbines here that the developers need to fishermen out of the way to


complete the initial survey work. The relationship with the fishermen


has become increasingly strained. Dong energy offered some packages to


fishermen but fishermen here say they have been offered nothing at


all. When that failed, an injunction was sort and was one. `` was sought


and was won. Dong Energy has said that


the failed negotiations left them with no choice but to get the


fishermen banned. We have made a number of offers, we have increased


those offers, we have done rather a lock to reach a settlement. It is


worth pointing out that this is the first time that Dong Energy, or I


think, any other wind farm developer offshore has had to take this course


of action. And so, attempt at offshore has had to take this course


of action. And so, attempts at negotiation are


continuing between one of the East's oldest industries and one of


its newest. near Scunthorpe this afternoon


after the M180 westbound had to be closed when a lorry hit a bridge.


It happened at the junction with the M181 northbound at about two


o'clock. The lorry ` which was carrying a forklift truck ` hit an


overhead bridge, leaving debris and oil in the road. Diversions are


still in place. The last of a group of travellers


have left a site in East Yorkshire. They've been camping at the King


George the fifth playing fields in Hessle since last week. East Riding


of Yorkshire Council had given them Hull's borders say they'll take


their campaign to the streets to ensure voters give a clear message


to the Boundary Commission. Yesterday saw the launch of a group


called "Hands off the East Riding". Hull City Council says a bigger city


would bring financial benefits. But many insist there's no need to


change the boundary. Phil says this. While Dave is an


howl and says says this. `` Dave is in Hull. Austin Mitchell told a


Sunday newspaper that women focus on family rather than on complex issues


like Iraq. I think they are more concerned with family issues and


local issues than with ideas. Diana Johnson joins me in the studio. What


do you make of his comments? He is talking absolute nonsense. The idea


that women MPs are not combat in the Commons is rubbish. I think he's


using stereotypes here and it does not reflect what is happening in


Parliament today. He was elected 37 years ago and is leaving at the next


election and we have a great new female candidate in Grimsby and I


think he is simply wrong. I have spoken in nearly 300 based of this


Parliament and he has spoken about 40. I thought you Labour MPs stuck


together but of a slipknot. Not when he is wrong on this. `` but


obviously not. He says you are only issued on small issues. All members


of Parliament are interested in big ideas, of course we are. He says


that it's time to call it a day on all women selections. This was


viewed as a way of getting more women into Parliament and is a


short`term measure to get some women in. When Austin Mitchell was elected


in 1977, I am sure he was on an all`male short list then. If the


best member of Parliament as a man, then so be it? Having an all`male


short list is not the way to get the best person and by taking this step


we have a short`term measure to get a more representative parliament. I


think these short lists serve a purpose here.


women in the commons will weaken Parliament? Or agree with Diana's


comments? Also are you supportive of all women shortlists for selecting


The Ministry of Justice is investigating how a prisoner,


accused of murder, was accidentally released earlier this


month. He was found a number of hours later and taken back into


custody. The jail has recently been criticised by inspectors. And today


the government has been defending the prison system against claims it


How did a prisoner held within these walls come to be accidentally


released by prison officers. It's a question the ministry of justice are


trying to get to the bottom of. Martynas Kupstys was supposed to be


on his way to Lincoln Crown Court to face trial ` accused of committing


murder earlier this year ` instead he was set free.


It's been reported he was let out after a mix`up with another prisoner


and that he tried to tell staff but the mistake was only discovered when


he didn't show up at court. A number of newspapers have reported that he


was found three hours later sitting opposite the prison.


Mr Kupstys and his fellow defendant's trial collapsed for


legal reasons, they'll face a retrial next March.


Lincoln Prison's already been criticised this year ` a report in


April said there were problems with drugs, violence and prisoner safety.


It's also one of the most overcrowded prison's in the UK.


On a day when the government's defended the prison service and says


its not in crisis, the charity the Howard League for Penal Reform says


a mistake like this suggests otherwise.


We have seen all sorts of issues at this point in time. We have


challenges it with an increased population that was not expected in


the last 12 months. That is not a crisis in our prisons. There are


pressures we are facing but there is not a crisis.


type of incident where a prisoner is accidentally released is very rare


and regrettable. It's appointed a senior governor from another prison


This sort of matted mess, as it were, is unique, being the first


This view over Hull was taken by Steve Wright.


It has been a chilly day and that will be the same tomorrow mostly


drive. .``mostly dry. The candidate is not look too bad after some


showers on Thursday and Friday. There are still some showers around


but they will die out through the course of the evening leaving us


with largely dry conditions overnight. It will be a cool night


temperatures around nine or 10 degrees. It will be somewhat cooler


in the countryside. Your next high water will be just before three


o'clock tomorrow morning. It will be a chilly start particularly in the


countryside but largely dry with broken cloud and sunny spells. Most


places will avoid rain and will stay dry. Temperatures will still be well


below average. We should be around 21 degrees 22 degrees but out of the


sunshine it will be around 16 degrees. Looking further ahead, it


will be a cool day on Thursday and will close or from the north and at


times there will be some showery rain around. On Friday it will be


sunny spells and scattered showers. There will be a few early showers


for Saturday but it will dry out for largely dry weekend and temperatures


will recover slightly over the course of the weekend. A little bit


cold at night but not too bad during the day.


A 21`year`old showjumper from Lincolnshire has been selected


to represent Team GB at the World Equestrian Games.


Spencer Roe from South Hykeham near Lincoln is


If his team jump well, it could secure Great Britain an


Jill Archbold has been to meet him and his horse.


Practising at home ` a young horse and a young rider,


At 21, Spencer Roe is at the of beginning


of his career as a professional show`jumper, but already,


he has been called up to represent his country at the highest level.


His competitive career started at age 12, competing on ponies.


But Spencer's family never thought this was the beginning of a career.


If you had told me a year ago that we would be standing here,


saying my son was going to compete, I would have laughed at you, because


The other Lincolnshire member of Team GB is Spencer's horse,


called Wonder Why, but known affectionately as Disney.


We have to trust each other to jump these bigger fences.


He has been with the family for six years.


At the end of the day, if you don't have that, you can be


as good a rider as you want, but if you haven't got the horse,


So we have a big partnership between us two,


and we have to trust each them, and he does not want to throw me.


The pair have already competed for their country in the


Nation's Cup, the equestrian equivalent of the Premier League.


Their jumping has helped the team avoid relegation.


For a 21`year`old to break through into a senior championship team,


that is an outstanding achievement, and it shows not only his skill,


but also the support package that surrounds him.


If Spencer's team jump well, they could secure their Olympic


qualification, and this 21`year`old could be


a step closer to representing his country in Rio, 2016.


What is behind the pools start for Scunthorpe? ``poor start. It seems


to be the meet up in class that has led to the defeats. `` the leap up.


They are a good team. He is a good manager. I think by the end of the


year we will stay up. Is it time to hit the panic button yet? I don't


think so after two games but I think there is a sense of disappointment


after the euphoria of coming up from the lower division. It has not quite


content van which is one reason why the manager has acted and brought in


three new players in the last 48 hours. Today he brought in as


goalkeeper on loan from Peterborough. The regular goalkeeper


is injured. I wonder how difficult they found it to make the transition


between leaks. I think perspective is a big word to use at this stage


of the season and the quality of opposition with a Swindon and


Preston being in the top six has been hard. We will see where we are


in a week. That is the diplomatic answer. They are playing Fleetwood


tonight. And BBC Radio Humberside will have


commentary of Scunthorpe United You'd normally need to travel to the


Mediterranean to see one of these. But we only went as far as Frampton


Marsh ` to film this Glossy Ibis. And we weren't the only ones `


trying to get a good view. spotted in places like southern


Spain. But with European wetlands being


drained ` it's thought this one flew hundreds of miles in favour of a


life in Lincolnshire. We have managed to get fairly close


to him and he does not seem phased by all the attention he is getting.


He arrived here in June along with a female who ascends left and not


before a team here could film flirting. `` who has since left.


And then they made an even bigger discovery.


But his partner has been spotted recently in Spalding and Rutland.


Maybe next year we might even have some checks. ``some chicks. Rail


fares are on the rise. Tomorrow's weather will be dry and bright with


sunny spells and occasional showers. It will be warm in the afternoon.


Response on the subject of train fares which were talking about at


the start of the programme. This lady says she was told it would be


?32 from hole to Doncaster for me and my grandmother who is disabled.


``from Hull. This correspondent says the only people who can afford to


travel by train and members of Parliament on their announces.




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